tagIncest/TabooSean Meets Vanessa Ch. 03

Sean Meets Vanessa Ch. 03


Sean awoke to a mouth sucking on his cock. He groaned in appreciation, lifting the covers to peer underneath. Vanessa's eyes smiled up at him as she move her mouth up and down the length of his shaft, sucking his erect member.

"Damn, that is a good way to wake up," Sean said as Vanessa continued to suck away at him, her hand pumping his shaft up and down as her lips clamped over the head of his cock. Sean lay back and enjoyed the sensations as Vanessa expertly applied her mouth to his member. He loved it when she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could and then swirled her tongue around it before sucking back up its length to let the tip of her tongue tickle at the sensitive underside.

Vanessa closed her hand around his balls and pulled on them gently as her mouth worked his cock to the point of eruption. She slurped at his cum as it burst from the tip of his cock to splat against the back of her throat.

"Mmm, thanks for breakfast," Vanessa said, peering up at him and licking her lips.

"Well I think the least we can do here is ensure that I get a nice hearty meal too", he said, reaching down to pull her back up from under the covers. He leaned over her and started to feast upon her wonderful breasts, sucking on the nipple, biting and grabbing, enjoying their size and weight, devouring them before making his way further down her body. He plunged his tongue between her shaved pussy lips to dip in the nectar that lay between them, twisting and turning it in his efforts to pleasure her.

Vanessa moaned as his enthusiastic pleasuring sent rushes and thrills through her body. She buried her hands in his hair, pulling him into her pussy, urging him to bring her to her orgasm, to drive her over the edge. She loved the fact that this boy took to her pussy so delightfully and with stamina too. There had been no hint on any of the occasions they'd been together so far that he'd ever stop licking her unless he was asked or she came.

Sean attacked her clitoris with vigour until he heard her cry out and she pushed him away, her pussy clenching and releasing in the throes of pleasure.

"Now that makes us even. What a lovely meal to start the day," laughed Sean as Vanessa slowly recovered.

"I think we should probably go down and have some real breakfast though," Vanessa said to him, clambering off of the bed and grabbing a t-shirt. Sean pulled on his boxers, jeans and t-shirt and followed Vanessa down to the kitchen, noting that the t-shirt that she wore didn't even manage to cover all of her arse and that she hadn't any panties on. He was curious now to see the front, because the thought of her bald pussy peeking from beneath the t-shirt was giving him a boner again.

They walked into the kitchen and Monica and Megan were already sitting at the table, eating cereal. Vanessa walked over to her mother and gave her a kiss good morning. It still amazed Sean when he saw their tongues dart out to meet each other and the kiss extend well beyond what you would have normally expected from a mother and her daughter. Monica's hand also snaked out to cup her daughter's butt as they kissed, fondly the bare cheek beneath the edge of her t-shirt. Then Vanessa went to Megan and repeated the exercise, Megan commenting on what a nice t-shirt she was almost wearing, laughing.

"Good morning Sean," Monica said, "Did you manage to sleep well?"

"Yes, I most certainly did thank you," Sean replied as he took a seat.

"What time is Daddy due to come home?" Vanessa asked her Mother.

"I doubt it will be until after lunch, they'll probably be cooking up one of their disgusting beer breakfasts knowing that lot. And you know what that means … it'll extend to lunch, then on to the football. Actually if we're lucky, he'll be home for dinner," she said, laughing at the logic and how it all panned out.

"Oh well, I guess you'll have to meet him another time then," Vanessa said to Sean.

"Hey, I'm happy that you said another time," laughed Sean, "at least it means that you're intending to see me again.

"Sean, if she didn't bring you around here again, Mum and I would go out looking for you just so we could share that nice big cock of yours again," Megan laughed at him across the table, licking and sucking her finger seductively. Monica gave her daughter a playful smack to the back of the head.

"Don't you ever thing of anything but sex?" She accused Megan.

"Not really, no," admitted Megan. "Its all about where that next big orgasm is going to come from. Got any ideas on that Sean?"

"Well, I don't know about the next one, but I know I've had one today thanks to this studly guy," teased Vanessa, "and I got my morning 'milk shake' too!"

"Well, I don't know that that's fair. I think if you're going to go around making one of us cum in the morning, the least you can do is help us all out," Megan said, standing from her chair. Sean looked up and down her body. She was wearing a t-shirt that exposed her belly and a pair of pale blue cotton panties. As she stood, she pulled the panties down to reveal her shaven pussy before making her way around the table to where Sean had sat. He had just put an empty bowl before him on the table and Megan moved this out of the way as she climbed up to sit before him, spreading her legs as she perched on the edge of the table.

"Come on sweetie, make me cum," she pleaded coyly.

"well, with such a lovely presented meal, how could I possible turn it down … unless someone wants to share?"

"No no, you go ahead I'm having cereal," laughed Vanessa. Monica told him that she'd eaten breakfast but that she thought she'd be able to supplement his meal once he'd helped Megan out with her problem.

Sean pushed his chair back a bit from the table and ran his tongue along Megan's inner thigh towards her pussy. He teased her by licking all around her slit without actually touching it, occasionally biting at her thighs or her bald mound above her slit until she was squirming and pleading with him to give her the pleasure that she desired. Sean relented, running his tongue from the bottom of her slit, straight up the middle and over her clitoris, causing her to shudder before he ran it back down the other way and pushed it inside her hole. He worked it in and out before moving back up to her clitoris for a bit.

"You know what I really like with my breakfast?" Monica asked Sean, "banana. There's nothing better than a bit of banana with breakfast. You should try it Sean. And with that he handed him a banana. Sean looked at it, obviously a bit lost as to what Monica thought he should be doing with it.

"Don't bother peeling it to start with, just slide it in," she said to encourage him.

Sean looked at the banana in his hands and then at the pussy spread before him. He placed spread Megan's lips with one hand and pushed the tip of the banana towards her hole.

"Oh yes, push it in me, put that banana in my pussy," she said, encouraging him as he slid it further and further between her wet pussy lips. He pushed it right in before pulling back on it, watching Megan's lips cling to the skin of the fruit as it slid back out of her hole. He pulled it almost all of the way out of her pussy before turning it so that the bend in the banana was towards the floor. This time when he slid the fruit back in he leaned forward so that he could lick her clit at the same time. Megan leant back on the table, knocking things out of the way as she moaned and squirmed, the banana penetrating her pussy and Sean's tongue caressing her clit to a state of bliss.

"You two sure make it hard to concentrate on breakfast," laughed Vanessa. "You're going to make me leave a wet spot on the seat at this rate."

Monica moved around to the opposite side of the table to that which Sean sat at and pulled up the t-shirt she was wearing to spill her large breasts into the open air. She leaned over Megan's head where she lay on the table and lowered her nipple into her daughter's mouth. Sean was watching from between Megan's legs, his cock all but bursting in his jeans as he surveyed the sights before him. First there was Megan's bald mound, then her small breasts with their nipples reaching for the sky they were so erect and finally Monica's breast dangling in her daughter's mouth, the nipple being teased and pulled by her tongue and teeth. He jammed the banana in and out of Megan's pussy and concentrated on his tongue work until he heard her cry out at him to stop around the flesh of her mother's breast as she convulsed in her climax.

"Make her cum again, don't stop," Vanessa urged, moving so that she could help her mother hold her sister down. Give her another one, Sean, make her pussy explode again!"

Sean continued to attack Megan's clit. Megan was writhing beneath the weight of her mother and Sister as the held her to the table so that Sean could lick her pussy beyond her usual endurance. He attacked her clit, flattening his tongue over it and rubbing back and forth, back and forth sending surges of pleasure through her body that she could barely endure.

Megan screamed as she came this time, it was so intense she could barely take it. Finally her mother and Sister released her and she just lay spread eagled on the table, her orgasmic fluids oozing from her pussy as Sean withdrew the banana and allowed her to recover.

Monica walked over to Sean and took the banana from his hand. She lifted it up and sucked the end of it into her mouth, sucking her daughter's juices from it.

"I told you that I like bananas with my breakfast," she laughed. "Now I think that its time you helped me out here. She slid down her long cotton pants and sat up on the table beside her daughter, spreading her legs so that Sean would have access. Sean resumed his position leaning forwards on the edge of the chair and this time proceeded to apply his oral talents to his friend's Mum.

Monica passed Sean the banana. "Don't forget this," she told him. He took it from her and slid it deep inside her pussy. He fucked her with it, driving it in and out of her well lubricated hole. Monica lay back as the fruit penetrated her over and over again. As he pushed it deep inside her again, he moved his tongue back to her clitoris, devouring it, driving her closer and closer to orgasm, wiggling the banana around deep inside her love tunnel.

Monica cried out as her pussy exploded, her orgasm sweeping through her and she collapsed upon the table

"Are you all quite satisfied with breakfast now?" laughed Vanessa.

"Actually, I don't think I am," stated Sean, standing up from his seat, his massive cock clearly straining for freedom in his jeans.

"Well we can't have that, Vanessa said, moving over to him to strip his jeans down to his ankles, his cock springing to attention. "We'll have to do something about the terrible stress that we've obviously left you under. I think I know just what we should do with you too. Bend over Mother dear," Vanessa said turning to her mother who had stood from the table as they exchanged words. She pushed her mother down over the table, her breasts crushed on the surface of the table, her arse proffered for whatever delights might happen to be offered. "Megan, I think Mummy would like to feel your tongue now," Vanessa said as she dropped to her knees and took Sean's erection into her mouth. Monica groaned as Megan took up a position behind her mother and slid her tongue between her moist pussy lips. Sean moaned too as he looked on as the young woman tongued her mother's pussy while her sister sucked his cock like a pro.

Vanessa stopped after a second and went to the cupboard. She came back with a squeezy bottle of honey and dribbled it over the end of his penis before sucking and licking it off of him. Then she moved over to where her sister was licking her mother's pussy and dribbled some down over her mother's butt so that it ran down her pussy lips and over her sister's tongue. Megan moaned appreciatively at the flavour that was being added to her little snack.

"Fuck my mother's arse," Vanessa said to Sean suddenly. "I want to see your cock stuck up my mother's butt until your balls slap her pussy." Megan stopped licking her mother and commented on just how much she would like to see that too. Sean was only too happy to oblige and moved in behind Monica, plunging his erection into her pussy. He pumped her a few times before withdrawing and positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to her bum.

"Do it to me Sean, fuck my arse," Monica encouraged him. Vanessa dribbled more honey over her mother's butt hole and Sean's cock and Sean pushed his cock inside her, slowly spearing his way inside her anus. All the women encouraged him as he worked his big cock further and further inside her butt until as he had been instructed, his balls rested against Monica's pussy lips. Then he started to fuck her, sliding his cock in and out of her hole as she begged him to fuck her butt harder and faster. Megan and Vanessa kissed and fondled each other as they watched the young stud plunge his cock into their mother's arse again and again.

Megan picked up the banana from where it had been left on the table and moved around behind Sean. "Spread your legs and stand still for me," she told him.

Sean was a bit worried, thinking she was intending to stick it into his arse, but she reached below him and started to push the fruit into her mother's pussy. Sean felt it through the membrane as her pussy was filled with the fruit and he eased his dick back and forth in Monica's arse some. Monica was groaning with pleasure telling them that she'd never felt so full in her life. Megan sat on the floor between their legs, working the banana in and out of her mother's pussy as Sean stuffed his cock into her arse repeatedly.

Megan decided that it was time for revenge on her Mother for her earlier merciless attack on her clit and moved her thumb to rub it against her engorged love button. Monica screamed in pleasurable reaction to her daughter's touch on her clit. Sean felt Monica start shaking as her body erupted with orgasmic bliss. He held still but Megan and Vanessa told him to keep fucking her so he pushed and pulled and rammed her arse with his stiff cock.

Megan kept ramming the banana into Monica's pussy and fingering her clit whilst Vanessa moved around to the other side of the table and pulled Monica's hands out in front of her so that she didn't have any leverage to escape her pleasure with. She was squealing and squirming and begging to be released, but the three kids kept her going, woring her until again her body convulsed and came.

"One more time Mummy, Megan said from below,"

"I can't … stop, please," Monica whimpered.

"No way Mum, you're going to cum again and Sean is going to pump his cum into your anus," Megan responded as she rammed the banana deep into her mother's pussy and touched her clit again. Again Monica screamed, convulsing as her body was forced beyond her endurance, her pussy convulsing and pulsing and spasming as another orgasm rushed through her body on the back of her previous pleasure. All of the writhing and squirming was too much for Sean and he too came, spurting his cum into Monica's arse as she collapsed on the table.

Megan took pity on her mother and gently removed the banana from her pussy, allowing her to recover.

"You know, Nessy, you're the only one here who hasn't been serviced for breakfast," Megan said, moving to where Vanessa had sat back down in her chair to straddle her sister's lap.

"Oh, that's ok, I was serviced nicely before we came down for breakfast," Vanessa replied as Megan took her nipples between her fingers and started rolling them, drawing them out nice and hard.

"No, I think you need some special servicing from your loving family as well as Sean. What do you think Sean, can you get it up again for my little sister here?"

"I'm sure I could at least try," he said with mock concern.

"You're a rat!" laughed Vanessa, looking at him.

"Yeah, but I'm a horny rat," he laughed in return as he moved over to the sink where he washed his cock. He returned to the chair where Megan and Vanessa were now kissing intimately while their hands aroused each other's breasts. Sean jabbed his cock at their faces and they broke apart their kiss to take it in turns sucking on his semi erect member. Megan then told Vanessa to get up on the table and lay on her back. Monica assumed a position near her head, playing with her breasts, dangling her own into her daughter's mouth. Sean stood between her legs and plunged his cock into her sopping bald pussy as Megan climbed up onto the table alongside her sister, using her hands to play with her clit and her mouth to suck on Vanessa's nipples.

Vanessa was in heaven with so much attention being applied to her body and started moaning and groaning in accordance with the avalanche of pleasure that was cascading over her senses. Sean thrust into her again and again, delighting in the visual feast of debauchery before him as his cock slid again and again between her bald lips. Megan fingered Vanessa's clit and it wasn't long before she had her squealing with her orgasm, but as had been done to her and Monica, they did to Vanessa. Monica pulled her daughter's arms out straight and megan lay across her sister's body, their breasts crushed together as Vanessa was driven into second and third orgasms one after the other, her body bucking as it sought release from the intensity of the pleasure.

Sean gave one final thrust and pulled himself from her pussy to shoot a stream of cum over Vanessa's body. Megan lapped at it before sucking Sean's cock clean. He flinched at the intensity that he too was feeling as he came yet again so early in the day.

They all sat about the kitchen recovering until Megan suggested a revitalising dip in the pool. The others agreed and they wandered out to cool down before Mark headed off home where he slept most of the afternoon away exhausted.

It wasn't until about 10 that night that Phil returned from his boys night. Monica and Vanessa had gone off to bed and Megan had been left alone watching the television. Megan hugged her father as he entered the living room on his way upstairs.

"Hey Daddy, did you have fun?" she asked him.

"Yeah it was a buzz, too much to drink though and there wasn't any sexy women around the place like there is at home," he laughed

"Aww, you just say that so I'll like you," Megan teased.

"No I say it so that you'll fuck me," Phil corrected her, laughing even harder. "Tell you what though, I need a shower, care to come and wash my back for me?"

"Any time Daddy," Megan said. They wandered off upstairs to the bathroom. Phil tossed his bag in the bedroom. Monica didn't wake up so he decided to leave her sleepering … at least until he finished having fun with his eldest daughter.

They stripped off their clothes and chatted while Phil adjusted the temperature of the water, Phil asking Megan what she'd been up to while he was away.

Megan happily told him about Vanessa's friend Sean and the fact that he'd been happy to get to know all three of the ladies in the house. She went into great detail about the session that they'd had over the breakfast table, watching as her father's cock grew more and more erect with the recounting. By the time that she'd finished telling him about the dual banana and cock penetrations they were under the cascading water and Phil was stroking his fully erect dick. Megan grabbed the soap and started stroking it for him as Phil leant back against the wall of the shower. She loved the way the lubricated dick slipped between her hands as she moved them up and down its length, rubbing her bare pussy against it occasionally.

Megan allowed the water of the shower to wash away all the soap from her father's dick and dropped to her knees to suck his length into her mouth. As she sucked away at it busily, Phil saw the door to the bathroom open. As he stood there, enjoying the head job that Megan was giving him, Vanessa stepped into the bathroom, wearing a pair of panties and a t-shirt. She looked over at the shower and seeing her sister and father engaged in their fun, quickly slipped off her clothes, advancing on the cubicle.

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