tagSci-Fi & FantasySearch for the Goddess Ch. 04

Search for the Goddess Ch. 04


After that night it was decided that Chris would travel with Alexis and Lana. They spent their days travelling and Alexis and Chris usually snuck away at night. Alexis felt bad leaving Lana alone, but she wasn't just having sex for fun. She hoped that by doing it so much, she could hopefully avoid whatever it was that made her act like some whore whenever something fucked her. It was not perfect logic, but it was not like Alexis had much else to work with. And besides, Chris was very attentive to what he knew her situation. She had not told him much about her mission at all, only enough to convince him they needed to go to Sabacc. She doubted he would believe that he was sleeping with a half-God Knight on a mission to save her divine mother anyway. So she just told him that without her armor, she was more susceptible to Lust magic, and that her mission in Sabacc was none of his business. The hunter was none too concerned, so long as he got to Sabacc with them.

Chris had kept his word at the Temple of Jar, which the new group returned to the first day of their trip. The maps pointed out several natural routes into Sabacc, the closest of which was a mountain pass beyond a small town. Chris had announced that was their route, to Alexis' slight annoyance.

"That way, are we? And why is that?"

Chris had shrugged, "To bring the minotaur horns to the buyer, of course. We did so much to get them it is a waste to not finish the job."

"We? We got raped by the monster and all you did was fire two arrows from safety!"

"Ah, but those two arrows killed the beast. All even then."

No matter how good at sex he was, Alexis could never seem to get over his casual attitude to everything. But in the end she relented when the hunter pointed out how much he was being paid for those horns. More than enough to pay for supplies and horses. And maybe new armor. The leather armor she wore was nothing compared to her Heart Knight armor. Lana seemed content in the grey robe she wore over nothing, since the minotaur saw to that. Her group consisted of a perverted hunter and former sex slave. Perfect.

The days since leaving the Temple went by without interruption. Alexis had warned Chris that they might be followed, but the hunter had not detected anyone. He had assured her that his tracking skills were honed and ready. She remained slightly unconvinced. It was on the sixth day that trouble reared as the group came to a village called Meadowgreen. Named, unsurprisingly, for its green meadows and generally bright atmosphere. Meadowgreen was a week from the town they were travelling to, and as good a place as any to rest for the night.

Chris strode down the street with his usual cheerful gait. He had offered to look around town while the girls settle into the inn. This may have had something to do with the apple in his hand. On their arrival, Chris had flirted with a standowner and gotten a free apple from her. Even more satisfying was the irate glare Alexis had given him the whole time. That and the sharp agreement for being away for a bit, and the hunter knew that the Knight was jealous. Jealous was a good emotion depending on your view. For Chris, it was a sign to her feelings. Oh yes, seeing that beautiful woman jealous over him was very good. Chris bit into the apple and glanced around without much interest. Meadowgreen was about as interesting as a mud pile. It was green, and had meadows. All done scouting. Better to let Alexis stew in her feelings alone. He would make it up to her when they snuck away.

Chris was just thinking over what position they should try next when a cry caught his attention. It had been full of panic and cut off, two things that rarely went well together. Tossing aside the apple the hunter crouched down under a nearby window. The sounds of struggle were no different from the sounds of a deer to him, and he could hear the sound of someone hitting what sounded like wood. They were in a house. Chris crept down the street until the sound was right above him; he poked his head up and looked through a window. A dark haired woman was tied to her bed and thrashing about, the source of the noise as her mouth was stuffed with a cloth. She was still clothed; her captor didn't seem too interested in her body right now. Instead he was tearing the room apart and tossing anything valuable in a sack. Chris recognized the leather armor he wore. A Blue-Steel Bandit. They were nothing special compared to any other gang, though this one was pretty confident to be breaking into homes during the day. Or pretty stupid, which was Chris' guess. A particularly loud noise from the woman caused the bandit to drop the bag and turn on her with a curse. Chris ducked his head lower to avoid being noticed as the bandit stomped up to her.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up? Well fine, I know a way to keep that mouth from giving me away."

Chris could follow this idea pretty well. Seemed to be a common idea in the world lately, now that he thought of it. Sure enough the bandit pulled out his dick and stroked it to hardness. The woman began thrashing in panic. The bandit just drew a dagger and held it to her neck, quieting her quickly. Chris cursed now that jumping in would risk a blade in her neck. The bandit pulled the cloth out of her mouth and before she had time to cry out pushed his dick in.

"Come on woman, suck me. Don't want to die do you?"

The woman shook her head as much as she was able and sucked off the bandit. The bandit smirked but pulled out quickly and gagged the woman before going back to work. He seemed more interested in looting the place then sex, which worked fine for Chris. Once the bandit turned his back to the window, Chris climbed in and motioned to the woman to stay calm. She nodded urgently and glanced fearfully at the bandit. The rest was easy for someone who lived to hunt. Chris crept up to the bandit as he searched through some draws and kicked up. The bandit cried in pain as a boot connected with his groin and swung wildly. Chris ducked under and drove his elbow into the man's gut. As the poor guy doubled over, Chris grabbed a metal pot and slammed it on his head. The thug hit the floor hard and stopped moving.

Chris dropped the pot on the bandit's head for good measure and quickly untied the woman. Once free, she clung to her savior and thanked him over and over. It took a supreme amount of willpower from the hunter to not take advantage of the situation. Alexis would not be pleased if she learned he was screwing villagers with a knocked out criminal nearby.


"Blue-Steel?" Alexis looked at Chris then at the bandit, who was being carried off by the guards. Once the woman had calmed down, she and Chris had called for a guard and met up with Alexis. The woman was off answering questions, while Chris faced a slightly annoyed Knight.

"Just some bandit group around here. I hear the boss is pretty big, but they are just like all the other robbers and thugs."

"And you know of them how?"

Chris shrugged, thankful that she was interested in that and not why he had ended up in the situation, "You hear things where we are going. Blue-Steels tend to try and leave their mark. Meadowgreen is a pretty isolated place to leave your mark."

Alexis scowled, "Then people would know where to find their hideout?"

"Suppose. Not like there are that many places to hide around here....why?"

Alexis smiled at him and gripped her sword. Chris sighed, "Really?"

"I am sworn to aid others. I cannot let these bandits terrorize the people without punishment."

"We DO have places to be, Sir Knight. Aren't you the one that said we might be followed?"

Alexis turned and walked back toward the inn resolutely, "The bodies of our enemies will tell anyone trailing us what to expect."


No matter how Chris tried, Alexis would not give up on fighting the bandits. Lana was no help, she just agreed with anything her reluctant Mistress said. Numbers? A Knight of the Heart is more than a match for robbers. Lack of armor? It only made her more aware in battle. Her 'problem'? A glare and a curt answer that none of them would get the chance.

And so they had set out almost at once, Chris leading the group based on what the villagers knew. The ringleader, Fread, was a cocky one to make his home in an old tower on the plains. It was easy to spot and obvious that it was occupied. The Blue-Steel Bandits seemed to dare anyone to come after them. The open plains also meant that the bandits were quickly spotted. A group of them, five in total, was on patrol. Alexis waved Chris and Lana down before they were spotted and quickly charged. The bandits noticed the moving shape in the open terrain and rushed to meet her. One of them was quickly disarmed and cut up the arm before the Knight spun and swung at another's legs. Two lunged at her at once as she traced the rune of lightning in the air. Bolts struck them both and sent them flying. The last bandit and one of the injured ones swung from either side at the shield less girl. Alexis met one of the blades with her own and knocked it off path. The momentum sent the injured bandit's sword right through the arm of his friend. Alexis looked around at the fallen thugs with a certain mix of solemn duty and odd pleasure. Walking up to one, she pointed the sword to his neck.

"Is your leader in that tower?"

The bandit was silent, only smirked up at his enemy. Alexis did not like the look of victory on his face, so she spun around. A rune flared before her, a symbol of wind she did see often. What felt like a cannonball hit her gut and knocked her into the air. She hit the ground gasping for air as a black foot came into her view. Alexis felt the tingle of magic in the air as everything went black.


Alexis woke up to find she was naked, again. She kept her eyes closed; hoping anyone watching her assumed she was still out. Unlike last time, she wasn't on the ground since she could feel her feet on the floor. A dull pain in her arms...why were her arms not at her side? Alexis cracked an eye open slightly to glance around. Rope bound her arms above her, a twitch told her that her fingers couldn't move or cast spells. She was at the top of the tower, by the looks of the light coming in through the windows and cracks. Looked even worst then from a distance for a bandit hideout. The next sight caused her to open her eyes with anger. A muscled man with reddish hair and a growing beard sat on a chair and leered at her. From his iron armor and war paint she guessed him to be the ringleader. A greatsword was slung over the top of his chair, showing how secure he was with his captive. And why not, given the source of Alexis' glare next to him? A woman with ebony skin and white hair leaned against the chair, her lips curved into a mockingly seductive smile. Just like at the manor of Lord Andrew, she wore a tight red dress which showed off her every, and many, curves along with the largest breasts Alexis had ever seen. The woman who enchanted Andrew and her into sex, the woman who bought her Knight's armor and weapon from the Orcs. Alexis lunged at her, vainly tugging at the rafter she was tied too.

The bandit laughed in amusement, "This is what the fuss was about? You promised me a woman, Sandra. Not some reckless little girl."

The ebony woman, Sandra, stepped over to and behind Alexis. Alexis hissed as the woman's hands wrapped around her and cupped her own naked breasts. Her touch felt warm and oddly comforting.

"Believe me when I say she is not a girl, Fread. And she already has a body most women only dream off. Your men did not sound disappointed when they stripped her."

Fread grunted and looked her over thoughtfully. Sandra continued to play with Alexis, squeezing and caressing her breasts as the warrior continued to try and break free. Her tits were already hard; the woman was trying to use Lust magic on her. Alexis refused to let that happen again.

"She is too fiery. My men want a wench to use after a day's work, not have to fight her."

Sandra smiled and blew a hot burst of air in Alexis' ear, "That is what Suran Ulric sent me here for. To help turn this meddler into a nice little sex doll for you."

"Choke and die, witch. Bloodrose as well." Alexis aimed an awkward kick behind her. The kick hit nothing as Sandra spun to the side and moved in front of Alexis. The ebony woman smirked before kneeling down and pressing her tongue above Alexis' pussy. Did she lose her mind? Her tongue felt oddly good on her skin, but Alexis did not feel anything out of the ordinary...the Knight's eyes widened as the tongue licked a perfect circle. An unknown rune flared to life on her skin, Alexis did not recognize the symbol at all. This became a secondary problem as a burst of sexual pleasure hit her body so hard it brought her to a shaking orgasm right there and then. Panting, she looked down at the still active rune above her now wet pussy. Her body felt on fire, like she was being touched everywhere by some skilled lover.

Fread whistled in surprise, "Now that's something new."

Sandra nodded, a pleased smile on her face as another orgasm shook Alexis, "A rune of Lust. So long as it is active, she will be pushed to cum constantly."

"Amazing! Any chance one of the boys down stairs can learn that."

Sandra shook her head as she took one of Alexis' breasts and pulled at the nipple. Amplified by the rune, the feeling made Alexis moan loudly.

"It is the magic of my lord Makon. Any magic user you have here is completely unable to grasp it."

Fread had a look of actual disappointment, a look almost lost to Alexis as her hips moved in another orgasm that left her panting heavily. Her pussy was soaked, her juices flowing down her legs or dripping to the floor. Seeing Alexis still struggling with the rune, Sandra leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth. Alexis moaned as her tongue flicked and prodded it before the ebony woman sucked on it. Her other hand dipped two fingers into Alexis' pussy and began pumping with ease at the well lubricated hole. The room was soon filled with the panting and moaning of the blonde Knight as Sandra brought her to three more orgasms. By the time Sandra removed her fingers from Alexis' pussy, they were coated in her juices. Sandra put her own fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. In her state, Alexis wasn't sure if the moan of amazement came from her or Fread, who now had his dick out and stroked to erection as he watched the two females. Another orgasm left her slumped down, ignoring the feeling in her wrists from the extra weight as she gasped for breath. Sandra chuckled before tilting her head up into a kiss. Alexis could taste herself on the ebony witch, but she didn't care. Only wanting the rune to vanish she grudgingly opened her mouth and let Sandra's tongue tease her. Sandra pulled away, causing Alexis to mindlessly whine.

"Fread, are you convinced yet?"

"Damn Sandra, you Sabaccans keep your word."

"Of course. Besides, she would have ended up like this anyway. She may come off as tough and strong, but push the right buttons and she turns into a whore. Come and see."

Fread practically leapt off his chair and rushed to them. Sandra directed him to stand behind Alexis, while she began kissing and licking at the Knight's neck. The bandit grabbed Alexis' hips and rubbed his tip against her soaking entrance. Powerless to stop either of them, Alexis came again and opened her legs a bit. Fread got harder just seeing how wet and willing the young girl was. His cock slid in easily, though the feeling of his length filling her sent Alexis into a small orgasm. Fread himself almost came as her inner walls clenched around him in orgasm, but he held back and thrust into her. Alexis shot daggers at the ebony woman standing before her, even as she moaned lustfully as the bandit leader carved into her. Alexis came two more times before Fread reached his own limit and filled her with his cum. He was about to pull out when Sandra held up her hand.

"I don't think she is broken in just yet."

"Gonna have to wait then. That had to be the tightest pussy I've ever fucked, but I am spent."

Sandra shot him a knowing look before kneeling down. Blocked by the blonde girl's body, Fread couldn't see the witch until he grunted at the feeling of her tongue on his dick. Sandra knelt back and inspected her handiwork as another Lust rune activated on his dick. Alexis cried out as her pussy was stretched even further. Fread himself was confused, the girl felt tighter than before. Then it both hit them. Alexis groaned as the bandit leader began fucking her with a harder and bigger cock. Lust magic rushed through Fread like a drug as he screwed the blonde. Pounding into her wildly he grabbed her legs and lifted her whole lower body up for a better angle. Alexis' body was overloaded with pleasure as the cock in her hit deeper. Her pussy clenched around the enchanted cock as she came for who knows how many times. And again, and again. Alexis screamed under three straight orgasms before Fread came again. As even more seed then before poured into her everything went black.

Fread pulled out of Alexis and marveled at his new package. The rune had indeed made it bigger, and it seemed in a state of constant erection. Good for now, but he hoped it wore off. Would be hard to order the boys around with his pecker sticking out all the time. He only then noticed that the girl hung unmoving with quite a bit of his seed spilling out of her pussy. Sandra tapped the blonde's head and smiled. The rune on her vanished as a sign of her state.

"Seems you literally fucked her senseless."

"She may have the body of a woman, but she is still a teenager. Still, the boys should like her well enough. Want another go with her before the others get their hands on her."

Sandra nodded and started playing with a strand of Alexis' hair, "Go and rest for a bit then. I will let you know when she wakes up."

Fread nodded and turned to go before stopping, "Er...by the way. This rune on me..."

"It will wear off in time. If the girl wakes up after that, I will just renew it."


Consciousness came back to Alexis slowly, something new to her. Her entire body felt tired and spent from that bandit's abuse. She was still at the top of the tower and, to her disgust, still standing in a small puddle of cum. The ebony woman sat on Fread's chair, a pleasant smile on her face.

"That was fast, Knight. A normal woman would be out more than fifteen minutes after that kind of sex."

Alexis struggled weakly to her feet as the pain in her bound arms hit her, "If you think some common bandit will keep me down...."

Sandra stood up and walked over to her captive, "That common bandit fucked you so well you were cumming over and over."

"Your foul magic..."

Sighing, Sandra cupped Alexis' chin and raised her head to look at her, "Lust magic is just what it sounds like, child. Magic of lust. One cannot just generate lust out of thin air. It takes lust, nurtures it, and kindles it. You came like a wonton whore because you want it deep down. You slept with Andrew because you wanted it. You had sex with the border guards because you wanted to. And you took the Orc up the ass because you wanted to."


"Oh? And why is it that whenever someone or things pulls out a dick you turn into a slut? You give into the lust so easily because it is deep within you."

Alexis narrowed her eyes and glared at Sandra. It was lies, work of Makon that made her like that. Her mother Alexandra was missing, that was why the God of Lust was spreading his evil. Looking deep into Sandra's eyes, Alexis frowned. Those grey eyes were slitted. Like a cat that prowls around without being noticed. Humans touched by Makon developed red tinted eyes, but never slitted.

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