tagNovels and NovellasSearching for Love Ch. 07

Searching for Love Ch. 07


"Caitlin, you can't do this!" Jessica exclaimed as she watched her friend frantically throwing clothing into a duffel bag.

"That psycho whore has my mother and Craig! I have to do this," Caitlin said as Danny strode into the room.

Jessica had called him the moment Caitlin had left the kitchen to go pack her stuff.

"Caitlin, you need to stop for a minute," Danny said, pulling Caitlin away from the bed. He held her hands tightly as she struggled to free herself; but Danny was stronger and with a sigh, Caitlin settled down.

"You're pregnant Caitlin, the minute Marisol finds out that you're pregnant, she'll kill you; she may even keep you alive long enough to deliver the baby safely before killing you. Do you really want to make Jake live through that?" Danny asked as gently as possible.

Caitlin slumped against Danny as the tears streamed down her face.

"But I have to save my mother, and Craig," she whispered.

"We'll get them out Caitlin, but we can't risk your life or the baby's life," Danny murmured.

He waited for Caitlin to compose herself before letting her go.

"How are you going to rescue my mother and Craig?" Caitlin wanted to know. Danny grinned.

"I'm sending Cal in. He could use some time in the field," Danny answered. He gave Caitlin's hand a gentle squeeze before turning to Jessica. "If she leaves, call me right away," he said softly before giving her a kiss and leaving the room.

-36 hours later-

"Are you sure this will work?" Cal asked Danny.

"It'd better," Danny whispered. His face was expressionless, but there was a cold anger in his eyes that gave him away. If given the chance, he would kill the bitch that dared take innocent people in hopes of getting what she wanted.

They watched silently on the infrared feed as Caitlin walked up to the meeting site.

"I was beginning to think you were not going to show," Marisol said with a dangerous purr.

"Where is my mother and Craig?" Caitlin demanded to know, crossing her arms over her chest.

Marisol let Caitlin into the warehouse, looked around behind her and closed the door. Marisol led Caitlin to the room that her family was held in.

Caitlin gasped as she felt Marisol's hands on her back; pushing her. Caitlin closed her eyes and let her body go through the motions she'd learned during training, tucking her head and knees into her chest and upon hitting the floor, went into a roll. She came to a stop within an arms reach of Craig who looked up at her as Caitlin pulled herself into a sitting position.

Marisol smiled a cruel smile. "I'll leave you to get reacquainted with your son," she said, leaving the room, closing the door and locking the dead bolt behind her.

"Has she hurt you?" Caitlin wanted to know, checking Craig over for injuries.

Craig stared at Caitlin in surprise. "Craig, has she hurt you?" Caitlin repeated.

"She tried to get me to have sex with her ... she didn't care that I'm as young as I am ... mom ... grandma, whatever the hell she is to me now, stopped her," Craig answered.

"Where is mom?" Caitlin asked. Craig pointed over to another mat a few feet away and Caitlin started inching towards her.

"Don't bother trying to wake her up ... I've already tried," Craig told Caitlin. Caitlin checked her mother's pulse and she sighed as she stood up, her eyes flashing.


"We should be in there," Danny growled.

"Relax. From what we saw, Marisol didn't search Caitlin which means she hasn't found the radio or the weapons," Cal told his friend. Danny nodded and checked his watch.

"This is taking too long," Danny grumbled as Caitlin's voice came over the speaker.

"Are you okay?" Cal asked.

"Physically, I'm fine; it's a good thing I know how to take a fall. My mom's dead," Caitlin answered.

"How?" Danny asked.

"Marisol. I'll tell you later. Right now, I'm ready to create the diversion," Caitlin said, her voice surprisingly calm. She knew the stakes involved, but she knew she couldn't leave Craig to suffer at Marisol's hands.

"Be careful Caitlin. If anything happens to you, Jake will have my hide on a platter," Danny said. Caitlin smiled. "I'm always careful," she assured him, shutting off the speaker. Danny would be able to hear everything that was happening, and he'd be able to give her tips but it wouldn't be overly loud; nobody else would be able to figure out she had an out.

"What are you going to do?" Craig asked, sounding much younger than his twelve years. Caitlin put a comforting hand on Craig's shoulder.

"I'm going to get you out of here. I need you to go sit by mom and stay away from the door. Cal will be coming from the window; when he gets to the window, let him pull you out," Caitlin told him. Craig nodded and watched silently as Caitlin opened the window just enough for Cal to be able to get his hands through then pulled out her gun and fired once at the door. Marisol ran back towards the room, her own gun drawn and cocked.


"You aren't going to hurt anyone else," Caitlin said when Marisol pulled the now dented door open. The two women stood facing each other, guns pointed ahead of them.

"If you pull that trigger, I'll still have enough time to shoot you," Marisol reminded Caitlin. Caitlin smiled coldly and dropped to her knees as Marisol cried out.

"Why do people always forget about me?" Danny asked, the barrel of his gun in between Marisol's shoulder blades. Caitlin burst out laughing and the two friends hurried outside as backup hurried in to secure Marisol.

-Somewhere in the desert-

"Well well well, I was wondering how long it would take for you to find me," Juan sneered as Jake, Jeff and Paul surrounded him in the compound they had found not far from the Oasis.

"It wasn't soon enough," Jake growled, hatred flowing through him.

"How is Caitlin? Marisol told me that she is pregnant with my child," Juan asked, trying to bait Jake. Jake grinned.

"Yes, well, did Marisol also tell you that when she shot Caitlin, she caused a miscarriage?" Jake asked.

"Liar! Marisol is supposed to bring Caitlin to me, so that I can raise my son!" Juan yelled. Jake resisted the urge to grin at Juan's outrage. Jeff and Paul confirmed the shooting and the miscarriage, driving Juan into a rage.

"Give up Juan!" Jake exclaimed. "It's over."

"No, it's far from over. I'll just take her again and again until she has my child," Juan said, chuckling. His eyes going from angry to devious. Before anyone knew what was happening, Jake's gun was in his hands and the barrel was poised right between Juan's eyes. Juan moved to knock the gun away and Jeff stepped in; knocking the butt of his own gun against the side of Juan's head.

"Let's get out of here," Paul said. Jake nodded as he tied Juan's hands together with a zip tie.

"I found a horse," Jeff called. Jake grinned as Paul helped Jeff get Juan on the horse.

"Let's go home," Jake said, patting the horse on the rear, getting him to start moving slowly.

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