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Seaside Frolics


With out going into too much detail my ex was a controlling bastard and as soon as we were married 7 years ago he moved me and my son from a previous relationship to the other end of the country and by hook or by crook made sure that I lost contact with my old friends and pretty much my family. As soon the house was sold and the details were sorted out we moved back 'home.' Apart from my re-uniting with my elder sister I didn't know where to start finding my old colleagues and friends.

I'd never really bothered with Social-Network sites on the internet like Facebook and Friends Re-United until my divorce just over a year ago but my 15 year old son Frankie suggested that I look up with some of my school friends and old workmates. He set everything up for me on the computer and I more or less forgot about it as I searched for a new job. After a couple of weeks he asked if anyone had responded to my profiles and we checked them out together. I was amazed at how many people remembered me and I spent a couple of hours a night for weeks chatting online and by e-mail to friends from my schooldays and offices that I'd worked in years before. It was heart breaking to find out how many were in the same single parent/divorcée status that I was in. One woman, Pauline had kept in touch with a couple of other school friends and eventually suggested that we all get together for a Girlie Weekend at her caravan at the coast. Four of us were interested but two couldn't get away on their own so it was suggested that we had a 'family break' the next Bank-Holiday weekend and we should book our own caravans on the site. I asked Frankie what he thought and he was 'up for the idea' if it made me happy. We booked a small van that had two separate rooms and four weeks later drove to the resort on the Friday afternoon.

The site was quite small and very homely with a shop and was only a ten minute walk to a village that had two pubs and a small supermarket. There was a beach with a few coves at the bottom of a small cliff. After 10 years of marital confinement it seemed like a little piece of Heaven on earth.

As agreed we all met in the Cock and Hens pub at 7 (the pub name obviously got lots of laughs when it was suggested). There were tears and hugs all around as we greeted each other for the first time in 10 years and introduced the kids to each other. Pauline had two girls of 11 and 9; Janice had three sons between 10, 12 and 18 with the eldest being adopted and Tiff had an 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son.

I don't know why but I was surprised to see that Janice's adopted son was black and had 'learning difficulties'. It wasn't a problem as he was a bit of a gentle giant and very sweet and courteous with a welcoming smile for everyone and instantly became a 'big brother' to the younger children.

The evening flew by as we drank our way through 7 bottles of wine as the elder kids played pool and the younger ones amused themselves in the adjacent play park.

I was more than a bit tipsy as we made our way back to our caravans and agreed to meet at the park gates in the morning for a day on the beach.

The following morning as I recovered from my first hangover in 10 years Frankie told me how happy he'd been seeing me laugh so much the previous evening. We chatted about the different people he'd met especially Janice's sons; Coby who was 14 and Jared who Frankie told me, had been ogling me all night; but basically he had no problem spending the weekend in their company.

As arranged we all met at the gates and made our way down the steep steps to the beach then wandered for a couple of hundred yards until we found a cove that we claimed for our own. It took half an hour to spread out the towels, deck chairs, loungers and assorted inflatable toys then smear as much sun tan lotion onto the children's pale skin while I stored the food chillers in the shade before the kids were allowed to play in the surf and rock pools.

I was surprised to hear Janice ask Jared to rub the lotion into her back, and then when she was satisfied he had covered her, without saying a word lay on her back and let him smear suntan lotion onto her stomach and legs. I tried not to stare but was a little uncomfortable when the boy carefully rubbed the lotion into the inside of her thighs and she began gently purring. I busied about then turned to see Jared performing the same duties with Pauline and my friend even dropped her bra straps for him to administer some to her shoulders and down to the top of her floppy chest.

Nothing out of the ordinary was said but I was sure I saw the women exchange smiles and winks.

As the kids ran away from the adults I slid my shorts off and as I lifted the hem of my t-shirt I had a slight panic attack as I realised that I was wearing a bikini and not a swimming costume like Pauline; but breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that both Janice and Tiff had bikinis on too; with Tiff's being quite small and revealing; which was no surprise as she'd always been a flirt in the office many years ago.

I couldn't help it; but began checking out the others in their swimsuits and was quite pleased that I had aged well and my 37 year old body looked quite good compared to my friends even if a bit too much soft tummy hung over my bikini bottoms. It didn't go unnoticed that Tiff looked like (and later admitted) that she'd had a boob job since I'd last seen her.

After an hour chatting on the loungers I went down to the waters edge with Pauline to cool off in the freezing seawater while we watched the kids playing a game of catch with a football in the waves. In due course the ball landed next to me and as I threw it back Jared shouted for me to join in as the sides were uneven.

"What the Hell." I thought and made my way out until I was waist deep in the cold water as my son pointed to the kids that were on my side. It was great fun as the kids crashed about; tackling each other for the ball and everyone was laughing hysterically. Eventually the ball was thrown to me and as I went to catch it Jared came from my blind side and pushed me over as he swiped the ball from my hands and threw it to his brother in one movement before falling on top of me.

As we thrashed about in the salty brine I swear he deliberately grabbed my boobs before helping me to my feet. As I was brushing my matted hair from eyes the ball was thrown to me and Jared knocked me over again as he passed the ball to one of the girls. For the second time he landed on top of me and his hands definitely went straight for my largish boobs. I was too busy trying to stop myself from drowning to stop him, but as I finally got to my feet one boob was hanging out of its cup, much to the kids' amusement. As I tucked it back in I thought 'this is WAR!'

As I manoeuvred myself behind the tall, thick set teenager I thought back to Frankie's comment about him 'ogling me'. He was quite pretty, in a chubby kind of way for a boy and had short curly dreadlocks and a big diamante earring in one ear. His handshake the previous evening had been a bit limp and he had a sweet lisp when he spoke but when he next got the ball I pounced; jumping on his back and tried to pull him over but he was too strong and just carried me through the waves as I tried to punch the ball. As I did this Coby appeared from nowhere and tried to pull me off his elder brother; so I wrapped my legs around Jared's hips and clung on as he jumped the waves trying to shake me off. Undeterred, Coby grabbed the back of my pants and when I finally pulled Jared over into the water my bikini pants got pulled down to my knees at the same time.

As they pretended to 'help' me, Jared calculatingly pulled at the back of my bikini bra and tried to push his hand between my legs and finger me under the water at the same time as his brother held my shoulders keeping me trapped under the water. Pauline and Janice were howling with laughter at the waters edge. The boys soon made their escape, leaving me to try and rearrange my bikini as the waves crashed into me. When I finally made it back onto my feet I shook a fist at the brothers and made my way towards my friends on the sand.

"You look like you were having fun." Pauline laughed and nudged Jared's mother to confirm her point.

"The buggers tried to pull my bra off!" I panted as I spat out sea water; conveniently forgetting to tell them that the elder boy had tried to force his hand between my legs too.

"You looked like you didn't mind too much." Their Mother grinned as I stood with my hands on my hips looking out at the kids playing in the sea.

The three of us went back to the loungers to join Tiff who was now topless and rubbing in lots of suntan oil. Pauline recounted my story to Tiff who pushed her sunglasses onto her head and looked out to where the boys were still playing; "Hmm...." She purred, "He is over the age of consent I suppose." Then smiled and winked at Janice. Pauline then opened a couple of bottles of beer and we chatted about our ex's.

Hungry and tired the kids eventually drifted back to their mothers and we all ate lunch together. Coby regaled everyone with his tale of pulling me off his brother and made it sound like they'd defeated some great Giant. Jared didn't say a word but sat nonchalantly with his legs parted to dry his shorts and occasionally discretely adjusted himself when he chatted to me.

The 'battle of the ball' cropped up again and the kids all wanted their mothers to join in but Tiff told them that she had a suntan to top up and Pauline and Janice said that they were going for a wander along the rocks, so the youngsters insisted that I join them again to finish off the game.

As I prepared myself for the shock of entering the water I noticed Pauline and Janice hold hands as they disappeared behind some large rocks.

The water was still freezing as I tip-toed in upto my knees as the younger kids splashed me. As Frankie told me that the sides were the same as before I turned to see Jared grinning at me then winking.

"Is the water too cold for you?" He smirked and nodded towards my large chest. I looked down to see my nipples sticking out like Chapel coat pegs; making me instantly cover them with my forearms as two kids splashed me from behind making me even more self-conscious of my large nipples. The game started and Coby and Tiff's youngest; Morgan targeted me when I received the ball. It was easy to shake off the 7 year old but Coby was a different matter but I gave him a tough time, upending him a couple of times, until he swam between my legs to trip me up. As I stumbled Jared appeared from nowhere and deftly flicked the clasp on my bra as I gulped in a mouthful of sea water, and pulled off my bra.

Topless and embarrassed I chased after him with one hand covering my bouncing double D's much to everyone's delight. As he got cocky he stopped and waved his prize above his head. I got to about 6 feet in front of him and stopped as I worked out what to do. Unknown to him my son had made his way behind the coloured youth and as I pounced Frankie knocked him over. There was loads of splashing as I grabbed for my bra but Jared clung on. Frankie was soon involved and playfully grabbed the boy by the neck. Jared laughed out loud as he firmly held onto my bra. As we tumbled about in the surf I grabbed the waistband of his shorts and, tugged them down! The ball was now some way off as we frolicked in the water for a minute or so as I tried to get my bra but accidentally touched his teenage cock. In my limited experience, the English Channel has a detrimental effect on male appendages but Jared's felt HUGE!

Eventually I found my booty and dived away from the two boys to put it back on. Frankie looked at me then winked at Jared before giving me a 'knowing smile' and went back to the game.

I slightly turned away from the dreadlocked teenager to allow him one last 'accidental' look at my large middle-aged boobs while I slowly clipped my bikini bra back on but as I slyly looked towards him as he pulled his shorts up. I froze for a second when I saw that his thick black dick was dangling out of the front and stared in awe at his tail for a few seconds. Even in the cold sea I'd never seen one as large as that before. Satisfied that I'd seen enough he slowly tucked it away and grinned at me before swimming back to the other kids.

I half-heartedly joined in for a few minutes but couldn't get the image of the teenagers cock out of my mind.

When I flopped down onto the lounger next to Tiff she lowered her ever present sunglasses and smiled; "And I always thought that you were the boring one!"

"I'm sorry." I looked shocked as I dried my hair, "what do you mean?"

My platinum blonde friend just smirked and went back to reading her book. I knew exactly what she'd meant as I lay on the lounger and had to fight of the Demons that wanted me to frig my kitty thinking about my friend's teenage son.

Eventually the kids drifted back for food and drinks. After eating we played beach cricket for an hour or so. Although I was wearing a t-shirt I was painfully aware that my large boobs were attracting male attention as I ran between wickets or trying to catch the ball; even from my son who was fielding close by Jared. As the clouds started to cover the warm sun we packed everything away before making our way back to the caravans.

Dressed in our finest casual clothes we all walked into the village at 6.30 for a meal and a few drinks. As a special treat I allowed my son to have a couple of glasses of cider but at 10 o'clock when the younger ones began to get sleepy Frankie was noticeably unsteady on his feet. I'd had a big drink and was a bit tiddly myself but my son was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Jared was volunteered by his mother to help, and half carried him the mile or so back to my caravan.

As we passed Pauline's then Janice's caravan Frankie was half asleep and struggling to stand without Jared's help.

After saying 'goodnight;' Janice whispered something to Jared which made him giggle, then she turned to me.

"I've told him," his mother slurred, "that he might as well stay with you tonight...... in case he's sick in the night. That'll be okay won't it Megs?"

"Yes." I waved and smiled without thinking, "thanks....Goodnight."

It was another few minutes walking in the dark before we arrived at my caravan. Once inside Frankie was as sick as a dog into a bucket; with everything he'd eaten all day appearing to come up.

I undressed him and washed the excess from his mouth before Jared and I lifted him onto his single bed; making sure that he was propped in the recovery position.

In my concern for my son's welfare I'd forgotten about Jared.

"Where do you want me to sleep?" He nervously smiled and lisped.

"Oh...ehm...oh...." I stammered then pointed to the other sofa which would convert into a bed, "I'll get a quilt and a pillow for you." I suddenly couldn't make eye contact with the teenager as I turned away and bent over at 45 degrees accidentally pointing my large arse in his direction, to pull the bedding from a big box; then handed them to him.

I quickly walked to the tiny bathroom and washed my face and cleaned my teeth. As I did so I caught a glimpse of my reflection; I don't know why but I was smiling from ear to ear.

When I stepped out of the bathroom Jared was standing about four feet away and only wearing his loose white boxers.

My stomach felt all tight and knotted as I looked at the half naked teenager. He was an inch or two taller than me and probably a good couple of stones heavier with a paunch hanging over his pants and the start of some man-boobs on his completely hairless chest.

"Do you mind?" The boy asked as he pointed to the door that I was blocking.

"Oh shit!" I timidly laughed, "sorry...ehm....thanks for....you know....well.....I'll...I'll.....see you in the morning." Then I stepped to one side to let him into the bathroom.

"No problem Mrs Vickers......it was my pleasure." The boy then flashed an ultra white toothy smile, which made my heart flutter.

"Goodnight, then" I said after what seemed an hour; then turned to go into my own room.

As I undressed it sounded like a drayman's horse as his piss splashed into the shallow water only inches from my small room.

I was pulling my short nightdress over my head when I heard him close the bathroom door.

"Goodnight Mrs Vickers." The youth repeated himself; "thanks for letting me stay."

I remained silent and climbed into bed; but I wasn't sleepy. Far from it....I was wide awake; with 'things' on my mind.

Sleep just wouldn't come and no matter what tricks I used (counting sheep -- counting backwards from 100) nothing worked so that only left one option. I was still stroking my hairy kitty when I heard footsteps in the caravan.

"Frankie?" I thought as I looked at my door wondering if he needed any help. The footsteps stopped but the bathroom door didn't open. I was now jabbing a finger into my under used hole and gently pressing my palm against my love-pearl.

"Oh.....SHIT!" I thought when I realised that it must be Jared just outside the door as my orgasm began building up.

My eyes were glued on the handle but it didn't turn, so I convinced myself that I must have been wrong about the footsteps, and continued frantically fingering myself. Then the handle slowly turned and the door eased open by a couple of inches...... then stopped.

My heart was thumping and I suddenly felt quite nauseous as the door swung open and Jared filled the frame.

His eyes and brilliant white teeth lit up the room.

"I thought that you might......want some.....company.......you know........if you are.......lonely....like." The boy grinned and walked forward.

"I'm.....I'm okay thanks." I whispered as I removed my finger from my pussy and pulled the bed sheets up to my chin.

"Are you sure?" He insisted then lifted the corner of the sheet and began climbing into my double bed.

"Jared......" before I could finish the sentence he gently pressed a finger against my lips and whispered Sssshhhhhhh.

Speechless, I complied as he curled one arm around my head and began caressing my neck with the finesse of a master violinist. His eyes never left mine as his other hand slowly slid down my chest and cupped my unfettered boob before slowly squeezing it making me let out a little frustrated sigh.

Jared continued stroking and squeezing my boob for a minute or so then eased my nightdress straps from my shoulders and down my arms. Without a word I moved my body until my they were free and he could see my prized assets. Jared dipped his head and began licking my already stiff pink nipples. Again I sighed but didn't move. The boy knew what he was doing because he alternated between licking my nubbins, sucking them and teasing them with his teeth seamlessly moving from one act to the other.

No one had ever been this gentle with me during lovemaking and I liked it. Satisfied that I wasn't going to repel him Jared moved his head upwards and kissed me. It was the most erotic and powerful kiss I'd had since I was a teenager. His big lips smothered mine and his long pink tongue soon found its way into my mouth. Jesus! Did it find its way in...it kept going until his tongue was virtually licking my tonsils.

I responded in kind and twirled my tongue around his until our faces were mashed together and my mouth was overflowing with saliva. I got so carried away I hardly noticed his hand moving up my leg and his finger stroking my pubes through my cotton panties.

Without a second thought I spread my legs for him as he continued kissing me. His tongue was amazing and felt like a big slippery cock in my mouth, so much so I began sucking it as it wriggled around.

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