tagLoving WivesSeasons Change

Seasons Change


Fall means many things to people, but to us it meant an end to the summer fun of the cabin. Snow would soon come and the trip would change from an easy drive to only accessible by snow machine or skis. Often the wind would completely bury the trails and restrict access all together. Still it was a precious time. The leaves would soon turn from emerald green to crimson and gold. The air would become crisp and the animals would turn from play to eagerly eating everything they could.

The cabin had to be cleaned and winterized. Bears could smell out anything edible and would tear down a door or break a window and raid whatever they could. Wood would have to be cut so that our winter trips would have heat fuel to cook on. I loved this time as it meant a time to be alone with her and enjoy her sweet body as much as I could.

We started out early in the day having taken the afternoon off from our respective employers. The traffic was light and we soon reached the entrance to the property. The jeep had automatic locking hubs and the trip often needed them and a good winch at times. The skies began to darken and now rain threatened. The road, well more a goat path, was not made for speed and I feared rain would swell the creek and delay our crossing. Soon fat raindrops began to fall and soon a biblical rain battered the windows as the wipers fought a loosing battle against the torrents. I decided that the cabin was unreachable and turned to a line cabin.

The line cabin was really a glorified shed but it was halfway to the cabin and the road. I had improved it so that if something ever happened on the way to the cabin there was shelter from the elements. Often we had stopped to warm up or wait out a white out. The tires cut a path into soil finding solid rock soon. We crawled up to the line cabin. The overhang just cleared the jeeps roof and offered some shelter as we scrambled into the cabin. The wind was blowing hard and soaked us in the short distance we had from jeep to front door. Slamming the door shut I was already chilled and moved to make a fire in the old stove. Luckily we always kept a small amount of wood for just such occasions. Soon the chill was taken away.

I turned to find you removing your clothes and wringing them dry. Your body glistened as your panties and bra became sheer. I felt my cock begin to harden as I watched. You smile as you glance up.

Well are you going to stare at me or do you have better plans for this body and that hard cock of yours?

I just smiled as I fumbled to remove my now unneeded attire. Soon we were both naked and I moved to kiss your tender lips. The heat of our bodies meshed as we locked in a passionate embrace and let our tongues explore each others mouths. The rain added hail to its arsenal and the metal roof on the shed made the cabin seem like the inside of a drum. You pulled me to the door and we are met by a sheet of rain. I wonder if you have gone mad, but the need for your body makes me follow you anywhere. Y

Your nipples push against me like granite pillars and I move to enjoy them. Sucking your right nipple into my mouth I suck it hungrily causing a soft moan to escape your mouth. We have turned and I now take the full assault of the rain that makes it in under the porch, but I have better things to worry about than the cold rain that pelts my back. I move from nipple to nipple as my hand moves south. I find your middle to be hot and slick with honey. I find your engorged clitoris and begin to stroke and tease it. You moan louder and louder as I enjoy your body.

Steam rises from us as my hunger grows. I put you on the hood and bend over finding your clit with my tongue. Swirling around it then flicking the very tip feeling your body tremble with each touch. Sucking your clit in and massaging it with my tongue as my fingers explore your fiery depths. Your breath quickens as you grow closer to the edge. A second finger joins the first as I work your g-spot and clitoris at the same time.

Slowing down and allowing your orgasm to grow as my finger slowly teases the rosebud of your sweet ass. The amount of nectar flowing from you provides ample lube and soon it slips inside. You tense briefly adjusting to the fullness then moan louder as I ravage your most sensitive areas. I move back and nibble and kiss up and down your thighs. I know this drives you mad and with you being so close I know you will not allow me to delay your need to cum very long.

Moans grow louder and soon rival the thunder. My fingers continue their assault as I watch you lovely face and then look into your eyes. In them is only need, they plead with me to bring you release. I smile as I kiss further up you thigh and away from where you want me most. Tracing small circles along your thigh and up to your knee is too much and you grab my hair, yelling make me cum you bastard I want I need to cum. I am pulled back to your clit and again suck it hard

Soon you plummet off the edge and your body shakes violently as you cum. You pull and twist your nipples as your wails of passion fill the air. Oh Godddd, yessss, suck my clit. Hell ya you love eating my pussy you scream. Mmmm I love how you work my pussy and ass. I want your cock soon baby, just make me cum again and again with your sweet tongue first.

How can anyone resist such a polite request? I nibble and suck her clit like a starving calf. One orgasm blends into another till finally she forces me from her sweet womanhood. Now I want you cock as she slithers to he knees and take my cock into her mouth. I struggle to keep my feet as she works my cock.

Let me explain that my wife give superb head any day of the week, but something about a storm and me eating her pussy while working her ass and pussy just makes her a animal. I lean against the jeep for support as her head bobs on my shaft. The dirt is now mud and her knees and legs are soon covered in it. Massaging my balls as she plays with herself and snakes her tongue around my swollen head I know that the freight train of an orgasm is not far off. She sucks my balls teasing them with her talented tongue as she strokes my shaft. I can feel my balls swell and she quickly moves back to my cock. I am so close now and she knows it too. Just as I reach the edge a finger drives deep into my ass and shuts me off. She works is slowly massaging me so that I need to cum, but have no ability too. I can feel my balls swelling and soon they ache with need for release. All the time I look into her eyes. I am being repaid for my earlier transgressions.

Please baby, please let me cum. I need it so bad; mmm yess baby please let me cum. You simply smile and continue to tease me. Extending your tongue you slowly circle my cock and gently nip at the tip causing my body to shudder with each nibble. You ease the pressure and soon the orgasm is racing down. You pull my cock our and jerk me frantically as my load erupts.

The fist blast is across you lips and tongue and then you aim the next across your tits. I feel my bones melt as I struggle to remain standing. You milk my cock dry and then suck me till I am rock hard again. I grab your hair and pull you up to me. We share a kiss. I can taste myself on your lips and so can you. Pushing me back I find myself lying in the mud. You straddle me an squat over my cock as it slowly disappears inside you. Using your hands for balance you begin to ride me twisting ever so slightly. I reach up to enjoy your breasts only to find my hands covered in mud. The feeling of my warm hands, the cold mud and the texture of it seems to heighten you sense of pleasure. Soon you are riding me faster and fast till you rear you head back and scream with the throws of an orgasm and collapse on top of me. We kiss again as you slide off and move slightly away. I grab your ankle and keep you from escaping.

Let go of me, you're all muddy and your getting me muddy, you yell then giggle.

Oh I'm getting you muddy am I? Well I move and grab your waist. We wrestle and soon find ourselves in the full grip of the rainstorm. I pull you to me and impale you on my cock. You moan and I feel your pussy tighten around my cock as I grab your hips and pull you to me harder. Your nipple cut grooves into the mud as you claw to remain upright. I find it slippery and have to really work at remaining upright myself as I ram my cock deep into your pussy.

Yes, mmmm yessss fuck me hard baby, that's it ram your hot cock into me. God I love you and what you do to me. Fuck me and fill me with your cum. Slowly only primal grunts are heard as we slam into each other. I can feel your body tremble and soon you cum again. Pulling you up I move you to the swing in the yard. I sit and you straddle me again as the rain washed us clean. I suck your nipples as my cock slowly moves inside you as we swing slowly back and forth. Each of us holding onto the rope as we gaze into each others eyes as the rain pelts our bodies. Soon I can feel my balls swelling and your pussy increasing its grip. We cum hard as both shout in ecstasy and collapse on each other just as a bolt of lightning and the crash of thunder shakes our bodies with its power. We wobble inside the safety of the cabin.

Our clothes are dry and we redress. The storm is letting up and the rain is nearly stopped. We eat a quiet lunch feeding each other strawberries and grapes.

I love you!

I love you too!

That was incredible and the rain just made it so intense.

Yes dear I love how a storm affects you. We both smile and laugh. Soon the sun is out and the birds are once again singing. The air is humid and sultry as the sun turns all to a sauna. We climb into the jeep and leave our little cabin.

The journey is slow as the trail is muddy. The creek is high but passable and soon we are closing in on the cabin. Smoke rises slowly from its chimney. We stop behind a thicket. Vandals and druggies while rare do occasionally raid a cabin. Ours being so secluded has so far been missed. Now it appears that things have changed. I reach into the console and remove my trusty sidekick. The cold metal of the 357 is heavy in my hand. You grab the cell phone and we sneak up to the cabin. Slowly using the brush and trees for cover we close the distance and are now on the porch near the back of the cabin. Being built into the mountain there are only three sides really and one way out, well unless you use a window. The cabin is basically on big room with the separate bathing area. Modesty is sometimes needed even in the woods.

We look inside to find a small fire and two bodies in front of joined as one. They are young probably not more than 20. He is lean and wiry while she is more full figured. Her large breasts bounce as he strokes into her. We look at each other and smile then turn to watch. She is a screamer too and her voice fills the cabin with the sounds of sex. He is really working her over and soon she pushed him off of her and exposes he ample cock. She pounces on it and begins sucking him off like a pro. He tenses and then explodes in her mouth.

She swallows every drop and then mounts him for a wild ride. She is bouncing up and down and her large breasts swing and bob freely as his cock slams deep inside of her. Her moans and cries grow louder as she describes in x-rated detail what he is doing to her. I find myself hard and soon feel your hand stroking my cock. You simply smile as my hand slips inside your shorts and plays with your pussy. She soon cums and then stands, grabs the mantle and orders him to fuck her hard from behind. He grabs her round ass and slowly sinks inside. She is spread eagle and his grip on her ass makes her body ripple with each thrust. I feel you take my cock out and begin jerking it. I pull your shorts and panties down as we watch. You move in front of me and I feel you guide me inside you.

Easy big boy I want to cum with them you whisper as we begin. This stud certainly can work a pussy as she cums like a machine gun. We move slowly watching them as our bodies enjoy each other. I can tell you like the studs cock and I know I love her tits and ass. We have never tried voyeurism, but it is fun so far. Soon he pulls out of her and then puts in against her forbidden fruit. She urges him on, hissing for him for fuck her ass really good. We both enjoy anal and have seen films with it, and have even enjoyed a threesome that included it, but have never watched a complete stranger do it. This sends us both over the edge. I need no assistance getting hard again though as we watch the two fuck like rabbits. Hell rabbits would take notes from these too.

I feel you guide my cock against your rosebud. My cum lubricates my cock as I slowly press the head inside. Resting while you grow accustomed to my cock then I slowly slide deeper. We begin to match the rhythm of our lovers inside and before long we all cum at the same time. They collapse on the rug in front of the fire as we slip away to clean up and decide what to do.

We decide to meet them and sit on each side of the door. After about an hour and some napping on our parts and probably theirs we hear the door start to open. They move to the railing and look out.

Beautiful view isn't it? I say in a friendly voice. They both jump and turn nearly falling over one another.

Easy now don't get hurt it's a long way to help. The look with fear realizing they have been caught trespassing.

We didn't mean to trespass, just the storm came up and we were afraid. My uncle owns the property on the other side of the creek to the west and we were fishing when the storm came up. He told me about your cabin and it was closer than ours.

Sshhh, its ok we don't mind. The storm was bad and you two had no other place to go. No harm no foul.

She spoke next asking, how long have you been here?

I winked and smiled as the two young lovers blushed. Please don't tell my uncle, he would kill us.

Don't worry, it will be our secret. Better run along though, there is another storm brewing and you may not be able to cross the creek till morning. We watched them walk off. I feel you hand on my shoulder. You had better get inside and take a nap, because if there is another storm after what we just saw I am really going to need you in every conceivable way, you whisper in my ear.

As I drift off to sleep I am praying for another storm and that my heart is strong enough to live through it.

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