tagMatureSebastian Ch. 01

Sebastian Ch. 01


Dear Readers: This is the first chapter in a series of encounters between Sebastian and Trisha. I hope you enjoy, comment and continue to read about what happens when an older woman completely surrenders sexually to a much younger man. Please Enjoy ... YogaKay, XOXO.


The young man flirting with me couldn't have been over twenty-five years old and I was caught off guard when he turned over my invoice and wrote his name and number on it. "I hope you use this, Trisha." His blue-green eyes appraised me boldly and I felt myself blush. The whole situation was absurd. At fifty-three I was more than old enough to be his mother.

"Thank-you." I looked at his blue work shirt and read the red-embroidered name, Sebastian. "I will."

"Oh my God, did I really just agree to call him?" I thought to myself as I glanced back up to the young auto-tech. Damn, he was hot. Sebastian's curly dark blond hair was cut short and his angular features were beautifully masculine. His mechanic's uniform did not hide how tight his body was and his short sleeves revealed tattoos that I found myself wanting to explore. Giggling like someone much younger, I grinned one more time and turned and left Lambs Automotive. The entire time I was walking I could feel the young man staring at my more than ample round ass. Much to my surprise I felt myself growing wet under his gaze.

When I got back to my small house on the north side of Austin I was still thinking about Sebastian. In fact, the entire time I was driving through my older neighborhood he was all I could think about. Him and his intense blue-green eyes. Parking my bright green Nissan in the driveway, I jumped and ran into my home. Turning around quickly I locked the ornately carved wooden door and headed directly to my bedroom.

There was no way I was calling the young man but he had awakened something deep inside of me. For the first time in a long time I found myself wanting to shed my clothes in the middle of the afternoon to masturbate. Oh, my vibrator got plenty of action at night but my midday horniness was something unique. Again, I heard myself giggle out loud.

When I stepped into the bedroom I was greeted by my full-length mirror. The tall wooden monstrosity had been my mother's and I hadn't been able to let go of it when I downsized. It took up an entire corner of my crowded bedroom and I stopped abruptly and stared at my reflection. Then I began to really study myself.

Standing there staring at myself I couldn't imagine what Sebastian was thinking. I knew I looked good for my age but that didn't explain the young man's attention. He could easily score with a woman his own age. "Yeah, Tricia." A voice whispered in my head, "but he wants you." I knew that voice. It was the voice that generally led to trouble and I shook my head at my image.

My highlighted blond hair was cut in a bob and tucked behind my ears. Though I could have done with a few less smile-lines, I liked my face just fine. I had my father's high cheekbones and slanted green eyes. My full lips came from my mother. The rest of me also came from my Mom. Like her, I was under five feet tall and curvy.

I felt a little naughty as I imagined Sebastian watching me as I slowly pulled my yellow sundress over my head. Smiling in a sexy way that was also kind of silly I began giving myself the once over. Since I hated bras my size-B breasts were bare. They were still plenty perky and had dark-pink nipples. Pretending my hands were Sebastian's calloused ones I roughly pinched both of my erect nipples. Instantly a thrill shot through me. I might have lost my mechanic but I was thoroughly enjoying the fantasy I had gained.

I ran my hands down my abdomen and hooked my thumbs in the sides of my peach colored thong; I wiggled the scrap of lace over my rounded hips and down my muscular thighs. Kicking the panties away, I stood, and again looked at myself. Even though it had been months since I had had sex with anyone other than myself, my pussy was bare except for a dark blonde landing strip. A gold ring glinted from my left labia. It was a reminder of a wilder misspent youth.

Without thought my blue-tipped nails moved to the gold ring and twirled it slightly. Then I returned to my fantasy. Leaving the mirror, I went to the small table next to my platform bed and opened the drawer. My pink rabbit vibrator was sitting right on top, waiting for me. First, I checked to see if the battery was good and then I crawled to the center of my red covers and rolled onto my back.

Closing my eyes, I nestled back on the pillows propped up against the dark headboard. Snuggling in, I took the latex toy and slid it between my open thighs. Then I slipped the Rabbit into my already wet pussy with a soft sigh. A soft hum entered the darkened room as I turned on the sex toy and adjusted the setting. As the tiny piece of pink latex began to strike my clit, I began to imagine. First, I imagined that one of Sebastian's strong looking hands was grabbing my breasts and I began to twist one of my engorged nipples. Harder and harder I pulled on the tender flesh as my other hand continued rocking the vibrator.

Then I began to imagine the buzz between my legs was Sebastian's tongue. The thought of him licking my pussy was too much and I felt myself tensing. In a short amount of time, it was over. Hips bucking, I moaned out loud as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me. Then I collapsed with a half-smile. I felt good. Really good. After a few moments, I pulled myself out of my sexual stupor and sat up. Standing, I stepped over my sundress, and headed to the kitchen naked.

For some reason walking around nude instead of throwing on a silk robe felt a little naughty, too, and I smiled at my silliness as I began preparing myself a protein drink. Since my last child had left for college I rarely bothered with cooking. I took my fruity drink and my iPad to my back yard.

My backyard is a small rectangular space and is heavily treed with shadows crisscrossing the green lawn. What I love about my backyard is that it is completely private. Which was good; I no longer felt like wearing clothes. There was a small free-standing patio to my left and I headed over to the black wrought iron table sitting on red bricks. Sitting down at the round table, I opened my i-Pad and then I opened Safari. I should have been working on an article, any article. Free-lance writing doesn't pay much, but I love it. After twenty-five years of teaching first graders to write, I had saved enough money to retire. Now, I was chasing a dream, becoming a known author. So far, success had been small and far between.

Instead of doing what I should do, I typed in Match.com. The dating website hadn't revealed the love of my dreams, but it had led to a few third date hook-ups and I was horny. Quickly, I scanned through the photos of the men that had reached out to me. Perfectly nice-looking men smiled back as at me as I scrolled by one after the other. None of the them were Sebastian and none of them caught my interest; I closed Match.com. and opened Word with a sigh. I was determined to get some work done despite my desires.

The next morning as I was searching through my leather messenger bag I saw the invoice with Sebastian's name and cell number scrawled across it. For a moment, I allowed myself to imagine myself as a much bolder woman, the kind of woman who allowed herself to do what she wanted, consequences be damned. Even though the thought sent a thrill shooting through me, I folded the piece of paper and put it on a stack of letters piled on the kitchen bar.

Two days passed without me touching the invoice, but every time I walked into the kitchen my eyes landed on the slip of paper. I wanted to call Sebastian SO BAD, but every time I looked at the invoice I unhappily acknowledged to myself I didn't have the nerve. Even though I never called Sebastian during those two days, it didn't matter. He called me.

I was sitting out back writing an article about vacationing on the Texas coast when the soft chime ringtone on my smartphone sounded. Looking down I saw Lambs Auto. Fuck! I froze. Intuitively, I knew it was Sebastian. It could have been about the recent repair on my Nissan, but I knew it wasn't. With much hesitation, I answered the phone.

"Hello," my voice was artificially bright.

"Trisha?" Sebastian's voice was low and had a slight accent I could not place.


"This is Sebastian." I didn't respond, so he continued. "You know...Lambs Auto."

"I know." I heard myself chuckle lowly. Fuck, I was flirting. "What can I do for you?" My question carried innuendo. Yep, I was flirting.

"You can let me take you out."

"Take me out?" The words flew from my mouth before I could stop them.

Sebastian laughed a little before he replied, "Yes...I want to see you."

"That's really sweet..." I could myself blushing.

"Believe me, I'm not being sweet," said with a slight growl.

The way Sebastian said "sweet" made my heart leap. "I don't think...I mean..."

"Listen, I'm attracted to you, and correct me if I'm wrong, you're attracted to me...we are both adults...why not?"

"I'm a lot older..." my voice trailed away. My reason sounded lame even to myself.

"Come on..." Now Sebastian's voice sounded boyishly charming and I grinned as I whispered. "Okay." Although my voice was quiet, the okay felt HUGE. I was saying yes to something I wasn't sure I could do and a forbidden excitement filled me.

"YES!" Sebastian's yes sounded triumphant and I felt my nipples tighten.

"But why don't you come to my house; I'm not sure I'm ready for a public appearance."

"That's fine with me Babe, how about tonight? I get off at eight...could be at your place around nine-thirty. I'll need to shower before I head your way."

"That sounds good...really good."

"See you soon, Babe," and he was gone.

I sent Sebastian my address and a winky-face emoticon and set my phone down on the metal table. It wasn't more than five minutes before I began to feel panicked. What had I agreed to? "Nothing," I told myself and glanced down at my phone. It was a little after seven p.m. and I stood and headed inside. I had some preparing to do.

I was nervous so I headed to the stash box I kept on an iron baker's rack in my small kitchen. The ornately carved wooden box had been a gift from my oldest daughter and it was where I kept my weed. Opening the teak container, I grabbed a small wooden pipe. It was full so I took out a blue lighter and brought the pipe to my lips and lit it. A few drags later, I felt myself calm slightly. Maybe, this was something I could do. Either way, I told myself, you need to look your best when he gets here. With that thought I headed down a narrow hallway that led to the master bedroom.

Looking in my closet, I tried to figure out what a fifty-three year old woman wore when she was planning on hooking-up with a twenty-something man. I didn't have a clue so I pulled out a black knit sundress that my daughter had said made me look hot. The short dress had a low back that made me feel sexy, and if I told the truth, I wanted more of Sebastian's attention. The way he had looked at me at Lamb's Auto had awakened a need I hadn't known I had, the need to stop doing what I should and start doing what I wanted. I had been a well-behaved mother long enough.

Getting ready for Sebastian felt like foreplay. Deep down I knew there was a possibility, no a probability, that this evening would end with my legs wide open and I prepared myself carefully.

First, I took a long shower. After I washed my hair and shaved practically everything, I gently rubbed a rosemary scented sugar scrub over every inch of my body. I wanted to be soft and I wanted to taste good. So, I followed my shower by rubbing a deliciously-scented coconut oil into my lightly-tanned skin. My fingers and toes had been recently manicured and were painted a light blue.

Quickly, I slipped on the dress I had previously chosen. The black clingy fabric highlighted my firm breasts and clung to my bubble-butt. Then I dried my hair and scrunched it in a "just fucked" look around my face. When I was finished styling my hair, I began applying make-up. After I was done I seriously studied my appearance. My slanted green eyes were heavily-lined and my full lips were a soft red. Even though I was pleased with the way I looked, I spoke out loud to my reflection, "You're an idiot, Trisha...he's too young." My reflection didn't seem to care so I went to my closet for a pair of shoes.

I slipped on a pair of black Birkenstocks. Looking at my feet I decided to wear something a little more enticing and traded the sandals for a pair of black strappy-spiked heels. Before I left my bedroom, I added a pair of large silver hoop earrings and an assortment of silver bracelets to my outfit.

Entering the kitchen, I glanced at the microwave. It was nine p.m. I only had thirty minutes till Sebastian arrived and I began to feel a little panicked as I waited. Before ten minutes had passed I heard my doorbell chime. "Fuck," he was early. Rapidly, I ran to the guest bathroom and rechecked my make-up and dabbed on a little scented Moroccan oil. Then I hurried to the front door. Taking a deep breath, I opened the thick wooden door.

There stood Sebastian. His work clothes were gone. Instead, he was wearing a white cotton shirt and a pair of blue cargo shorts. "Hey, beautiful."

Even though I was wearing three inch spiked heels, Sebastian towered over me as I looked up with a crooked grin and opened the door wider, "Hello, yourself."

He stepped into the living room and I closed the door. Sebastian walked over to a painting of Buddha in shades of blue that hung over my black leather couch and gave it an appraising look. "I really like it."

"Thank you."

Sebastian tuned around and looked me up and down. I felt myself get instantly get wet when he added, "and I really like you."

My face turned red. I didn't feel like a woman over fifty anymore, I just felt like a woman and I grinned. "Thank you." I motioned to the couch.

Sebastian sat and patted the couch next to him and smiled in a sexy sorta way. He was even more attractive than I had remembered. His blue-green eyes were deep set and fringed in dark lashes. His nose was prominent and his profile reminded me of a roman statue.

My eyes flickered over his cut muscles before I spoke. Heat was in the air and I felt a little dizzy. "Do you smoke?"

"Oh yeah." He put his muscular arm across the back of the couch and kind of leered at me. It wasn't cheesy, not one little bit, and his hungry look sent me scurrying to my kitchen. I grabbed my stash box and a cold bottle of Topo-Chico for my guest.

I returned to where I really wanted to be, with Sebastian. "Here." I handed him the frosty glass bottle. Placing my box on my slate-topped coffee table, I sat next to Sebastian. He kept leering and I kept getting wetter.

Opening the box, I pulled out my wooden pipe. I had already filled the bowl and I handed it to him with a lighter, "Guests first."

"Thank you." Sebastian took a long draw on the small pipe and then slowly released the aromatic smoke. Passing it to me, he watched as I placed the small pipe to my reddened lips. Nervously, I took a larger hit than I meant to and began coughing. Sebastian just grinned and took the pipe from me. We continued smoking until the pipe was cashed and I felt myself relaxing into the situation.

Despite our age difference our conversation flowed without any uncomfortable pauses. Sebastian was bright, and I was enjoying the young man, immensely. Slipping out of my heels, I pulled my legs onto the couch and continued talking. The entire time, I was waiting for Sebastian to make his move. Right and wrong no longer mattered. My body was aching for him.

Despite the heat filling my petite frame, I was nervous and excused myself to use the rest room. While I was there I touched up my lipstick and fluffed my blond hair. When I headed back to the living room Sebastian was staring into space with a serious look on his masculine face.

"What are you thinking about?" I smiled as he turned and looked at me. The desire in his eyes made me pause. I felt positively naked as he slowly studied my body. There was no pretense in his gaze and I felt myself responding to his obvious hunger. My nipples tightened and a tension started building deep down inside me while he slowly appraised my body.

"You really want to know?" Sebastian cocked his eyebrows as he spoke in a lowered voice.

"Now, I'm not so sure." I laughed as I continued, "Seriously, what were you thinking about?"

A lazy grin spread across his face and dimples appeared as he replied, "Your pussy."

I almost choked. Briefly, I wondered if I should be offended then I brushed off the idea. I wasn't anywhere close to annoyed. In fact, his directness was exciting me beyond any recent memory. I felt heat rush into my face as I laughed out loud and said, "Oh really?"

"Yes...I want a preview of what I'm getting." His voice was serious and his eyes intense as he waited for my reaction. I couldn't believe how bold he was and I tried to laugh off his suggestion. Sebastian wasn't having any of that and repeated, "I really want to see you."

Without thought I felt myself grab the sides of my black sundress. Staring directly into Sebastian's eyes I began lifting my skirt slowly. I wasn't wearing underwear and Sebastian's eyes widened as my small pink folds came into view. "There...happy?" I dropped the dress and grinned self-consciously.

"Yeah, but I want to see your ass too...hmmm, think you could turn around?"

I have always known I was an exhibitionist by nature. Being looked at turns me on, but I had never just exposed myself for someone else's scrutiny. My body was on fire as I turned around and lifted my dress. My ass is full, firm, and rounded. I knew I looked good as I shook my hips suggestively and dropped my dress.

"Get over here," his voice was almost a growl and I turned around with a smile.

"Come on," Sebastian patted the couch next to him. I only hesitated a second.

The minute I sat down Sebastian grabbed the back of my head and twisted his strong fingers tightly into my blond hair. He was firm as he pulled me to him. Our lips met and his were soft at first. As I began opening my mouth he began to nip at my lips. Nips turned into bites and I heard myself yelp as he alternated between kissing me and kissing me a little "too" roughly.

As he was consuming my mouth his other hand pushed between my thighs. Instinctively I opened for him as his fingers sought my lower lips. A coiling deep and primal surged through me as he parted my labia and inserted one finger into my dripping pussy. Abruptly Sebastian released me. I felt dizzy as he looked at me with hunger.

"Let's get you out of this." Sebastian tugged at the bottom of my knit dress and I stood and lifted my arms.

Self-consciousness struck as I felt the cloth being pulled over my head. "Oh my God," I thought, "I'm probably the oldest woman he's ever seen naked." Then my nervousness didn't matter. Sebastian wasn't looking at me with disappointment. No, he looked more like a kid in a candy shop and I cocked my head and grinned in what I hoped was a sexy way.

"You are so fucking hot." His words were like fingers stroking me and I wanted to return the pleasure. Reaching for his crotch I ran my hand over the cloth. His cock was hard and it felt big; I gave it a little squeeze. Sebastian took off his shirt and dropped his shorts instantly. He really did look like a Roman sculpture. His chest was cut, he had a six pack, and a light brown love trail. My eyes followed the curly hair from his belly button that led to his cock and I was pleased to see at least eight inches straining towards me. Looking up to him, I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and stroked him lightly. He groaned, smiled, and began kissing me again. My breast brushed his smooth chest and I sighed as my body yielded into his.

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