tagMatureSebastian Ch. 02

Sebastian Ch. 02



The night before would have felt imaginary if it hadn't been for how sore my pussy was feeling. When you are fifty-three years old, a night of being fucked by a twenty-five-year old can be a little overwhelming. And Sebastian had definitely rocked my world. The tall blond auto tech had spent last night bending my petite frame into one position after the other. The boy had been insatiable in his desire and my body bore the proof.

Now, the morning after I was surprised. I didn't feel guilty at all. In fact, I felt deliciously bad. Smiling to myself, I walked into my gray and white kitchen and I turned on my electric kettle. As the water began to heat, I opened a white cabinet and pulled out my four cup French press. The water began boiling as I measured four tablespoons of Anderson's espresso roast into the glass container. The local coffee roaster was my favorite place to buy the aromatic beans and I inhaled as I poured the hot water over the grounds. I grabbed an ivory colored mug that my father had used every day of his life and the press and headed out back.

Taking my favorite seat next to the wrought-iron table that occupied most of my red-brick patio, I sat the press and mug down on the metal surface. Then, I pulled my smartphone out of the pocket of my light blue silk robe and sat it next to the coffee press. I closed my eyes and stretched my arms above my head. My muscles had been used and used well and the stretch felt fabulous.

With a sigh, I released my stretch and sat up. Gently, I plunged the coffee press and poured myself a cup of the steamy beverage. I was taking a small sip when my phone made a small chime sound. I had a message. Without hesitating I sat the coffee down and reached for my phone. It was Sebastian.

"Morning Babe. Do me a favor. Send me a pic. Something sexy."

A jolt of electricity shot through me and I felt my folds quiver as I read his message. After the initial excitement passed, I was left wondering what to do. I wasn't a teenage girl that had spent hours practicing my sexy selfie pose. I didn't have a collection of readily available hot pictures on my phone. In fact, I didn't have even one. "Ugh."

So, I spent the next ten minutes taking one selfie after another. I looked deranged when I tried to make my lips look pouty. The nude photos I snapped in my full-length mirror were blurry from the flash and I didn't know how to turn off the intrusive light. It was frustrating but I finally got a shot I hoped would work.

Wearing a bright blue thong, I sat on my black leather couch, leaned back and placed my feet on the coffee table with my legs spread wide open. Taking my phone, I focused it on my crotch and adjusted it so that my full thighs came to a V at the scrap of lace and took a sequence of pictures. I picked the one that highlighted my blue-clad mound the best and attached it to a message that said, "Missing you," and pushed send.

A kissy-face emoticon popped up immediately with the message, "Thank you, beautiful." Sebastian was charming and I briefly wondered who had taught him his moves.

Sitting my phone down on the sofa, I wiggled out of the thong and sat back. My nipples tingled and I felt moisture building as I lightly stroked between my small outer lips. Despite being so well-fucked, Sebastian had started a fire burning between my legs and I was a little surprised to find myself masturbating before my first cup of coffee.

After I climaxed, I returned to my now cold cup of coffee and sat down. As I scrolled through my emails my phone sounded. It was another message from Sebastian.

"Hey. I want to cross off something else on my list. Make-out with a hot MILF in public." The message was accompanied by an emoticon with hearts as eyes. Oh, the list, I thought. Just the night before I had volunteered to make Sebastian's list of fantasies come true. Now he was reminding me of our agreement. It made me wonder if I knew what I was doing.

I sent a smiley face emoticon back, no message. I needed time to think. Even though I had recently downsized to a smaller house, I was still living in the neighborhood where I had raised my two daughters. The thought of running into one of my kid's friends or one of the many elementary teachers I had worked with before I retired was horrifying. I was well-respected in the North Austin neighborhood. People would think I had lost my mind.

"Where?" I texted Sebastian. I didn't have to wait long for a response.

"Dinner at the Domain. Dancing at the Rose Room, afterwards," was his response. A second message popped up immediately. It said," I'll pick you up at nine. Dress sexy!"

I hadn't said okay. I was sure of that and his text was a little presumptuous. It was true, Sebastian was cocky, but I acknowledged to myself that was why I liked the younger man. He had no hesitation. His boldness turned me on and I knew I was going to do what he asked. Submission to the well-built man felt destined and I glowed with the thought as I texted back a kissy-face emoticon.

Then I Googled, The Rose Room. The dancing establishment was three-storied and featured hip hop music and a roof top hookah bar. The place looked trendy and I didn't see one picture of a person my age. Great I thought, I must go shopping, then I remembered my youngest daughter's closet. Stacey had left it half-full when she left for college and if I remembered right, most of the garments had been "too short" club dresses. I had been relieved to see the slutty clothes left behind, now I was delighted as I headed to my daughter's bedroom.

Shiny tops and sheer dresses were piled on the floor of the walk-in closet. A few narrow dresses made of clingy fabric and a lonely black miniskirt hung lopsided from hangers. Looking at the clothes, I decided the black miniskirt was a good place to start. Then I dug through the discarded shirts. A sheer bright green blouse caught my attention. It was a simple cut, sleeveless and with a low V neck. Though it was wrinkled, I grabbed it and the skirt and headed to my room.

Tossing the clothes on my unmade bed, I dropped my blue robe on the hardwood floor. The room still smelled like sex and I smiled as I wiggled the tight skirt over my well-rounded hips. Slipping the silky shirt over my head, I turned towards the full-length mirror that dominated one side of my bedroom.

My blonde bob had a real just-fucked look and my slanted green eyes were smudged with mascara. In the tiny outfit, I looked like the slut I had said I would become. The tight black skirt only fell to mid-thigh and the green blouse clung to my erect nipples. Grinning at my reflection, I again imagined running into someone I knew. I immediately felt turned-on by the idea. Sebastian and his list were making me reconsider everything.

The rest of the day I spent getting ready for my tall muscular lover. First, I dropped off the wrinkled shirt at a "same day" dry cleaners. Then, I went to my favorite nail salon and got a fresh mani-pedi. I chose a dark aquamarine polish; the color was sexy and would complement my daughter's discarded green shirt. Last, I drove south to La Rouge Lingerie. The east-side store catered to strippers and I wanted a new thong to wear. While I was there I invested in some new teddies. On impulse, I also purchased a black leather corset. The tight corseted garment wasn't like anything I had ever owned and I was drawn to its overt sexuality. Before I left, I also grabbed a bottle of lube. I hadn't forgotten that I had promised Sebastian he could own my ass.

When I arrived at my house it was only three p.m. "Ugh," I thought. It was six hours till Sebastian showed up and I wasn't sure how I was going to keep myself distracted. Then I got a wonderful idea. I was going to make Sebastian and I a treat, THC infused edibles. I had the cannabutter left over from my birthday and loaded brownies should make the evening go smoother, I told myself.

I spent a couple of hours baking. After I was finished, I cut two generous portions and placed them on two blue-glazed plates. Looking back at the pan of brownies, I impulsively sliced a piece and ate the drugged dessert. I wanted to relax and the early dose seemed like a good idea. When I was finished eating, I headed to my bedroom. It would take an hour and a half before I felt the effects of the brownie and I wanted to spend the time preparing for my younger lover. "My much younger lover," I corrected myself out loud and smiled. Sebastian was an unexpected delight and I felt warmth fill me as I began preparing for the night ahead.

By the time I finished showering, I was high and horny. Putting on make-up was a pleasure as I imagined the way Sebastian looked at me. His blue-green eyes became positively primal every time he appraised my body and I loved that hungry look. After my eyes were heavily lined and my lips reddened, I wiggled into my new bright green thong and put on the outfit I had selected earlier with a pair of gold-spiked heels. Then I went to my full-length mirror. The image staring back wasn't familiar.

Gone was the retired elementary teacher. The bright green shirt hugged my perky breasts and the black mini accented my curved hips. My legs were flexed and my ass pushed out because of the three-inch heels. I looked like a woman who wanted to get laid. The thought made me laugh, I was a woman who wanted nothing more than to fuck her new lover.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a cold Topo Chico from the stainless-steel refrigerator. Then I grabbed my stash box and headed into my living room. Placing the stash book on my coffee table, I began to light candles. I took a seat on my black sofa and tried to occupy my mind with my iPhone. After a few bad moves in Words With Friends, I admitted to myself it was pointless. All I could think of was Sebastian and his plans for the evening.

My stomach began to ache as I thought of running into somebody I knew. I could only imagine the faces of my former coworkers. Despite my nervousness, I couldn't deny the sexual energy running through my body. My nipples were erect, and I could feel tingling in my core. Sebastian had pushed buttons I hadn't even known I had. It wasn't that I hadn't ever noticed younger men, of course I had. What's not to notice? But I had never seriously thought of taking one to bed. Now, in only twenty-four hours after my first taste, I knew I was hooked.

Sebastian arrived on time. When the doorbell rang, I had to prevent myself from bolting. So, with a measured calmness I crossed the small space. Before I pulled open the thick wooden door, I pinched both my nipples hard. I wanted them on show. With a smile, I opened the door. There stood Sebastian and he was better looking than I remembered. His short curly dark blonde hair was swept back. A slight stubble highlighted his square jaw and his blue-green eyes looked down at me with smile

He was wearing slim cut black slacks with a white cotton shirt unbuttoned at the collar. I was more than impressed, I was blown away. Once, again when I looked at Sebastian, I was reminded of Michelangelo's David. The man was stunning. In fact, he looked so good I didn't notice the box in his hand.

With a mischievous tone to his voice he held up the Amazon package and said, "Look what came early."

Fuck Amazon Prime I thought, and their 24-hour delivery. I had been so busy getting ready for my big date I had completely forgotten about the impending arrival of the invasive butt plugs. Trying to smile I said, "Yay."

Sebastian just laughed at my tepid response as he stepped into my living room. Closing the door, I turned and spoke, "I'm a little nervous...this is all so new." I wasn't being completely honest. Despite the loaded brownie I had consumed, I was more than a little nervous. My heart was racing and my breath short as Sebastian studied me.

His serious eyes slowly looked me up and down. My nipples tightened further under his intense scrutiny and I could feel my new thong getting soaked as Sebastian said, "You look amazing."

Giving him a once over I replied, "You look pretty good yourself." I wiggled my eyebrows at him and returned his leer.

"Turn around for me." His voice had thickened and my body's reaction to his obvious desire was instantaneous. Heat coursed through me as I lifted my arms out to my side. With a tiny laugh, I slowly twirled for Sebastian. When my back was to him, I wiggled my well-rounded hips in a silly manner. "Mmmm...you look delicious."

"Thank you." Suddenly self-coconscious, I looked away as I turned to face my new lover.

"Get over here!" His voice was a command, not a suggestion and I complied happily.

As I stepped towards him, Sebastian tossed the Amazon box on my leather sofa and reached for me. Grabbing my hand, Sebastian yanked me to him. I stumbled slightly and looked up with a giggle. He took my jaw in one hand and tilted my face upward, "You're so fucking hot." He sounded positively hungry as he spoke. Then his lips descended. I felt myself melting into his embrace as he held the back of my head with one hand and groped my ass with the other.

His cologne was subtle but the earthy scent surrounded me as I submitted to his desire. Soft kisses turned hard and I moaned quietly in response. I wanted him so bad. Pushing my body into his, I opened my mouth further. His tongue invaded as mine receded. My young lover was in charge and the thought of Sebastian controlling me made me even hornier.

Sebastian released me and I stepped back slightly. "Fuck Sebastian...do you know what you are doing to me?" I felt like a teenage girl with her first crush.

"Why don't you tell me." He stared at me as he raised his eyebrows.

"I have a better idea." I was hesitant to tell Sebastian how strong my feelings really were. The young man had gotten under my skin and it frightened me. "I made you a surprise."

"You did?!" The way he said it was boyish and it briefly reminded me of my daughter's male friends. Every time I cooked for one of my kid's parties, the teenage boys had flocked around me in the kitchen. Looking at Sebastian's young face made me wonder. Was it just the food I made that brought the young males in my kitchen?

"Have a seat." I motioned to my sofa as I turned, "I'll be right back." I hurried into the kitchen and grabbed the plates holding the two loaded brownies. Returning to my black and red living room, I held the desserts before me. Sebastian had taken a seat on the leather couch and was holding the Amazon box. "Look!"


"Not just any brownies...they're edibles..."

"Alright!" Sebastian sat the box on the coffee table and reached for the offered plate, "How strong are they?"

I laughed and replied, "Plenty. I ate a small piece before my shower and I'm definitely feeling it." It was the truth. Despite the nervous energy filling me, my body was relaxed.

Sebastian took a bite of the brownie. "Yum. I can't taste the weed at all...how long until it hits?"

"About two hours." I took a small bite and began chewing. "...Hope I don't regret this second dose. "Even as I said the words, I knew I was being a little irresponsible. But the truth was, I didn't really care.

We chewed silently and I shared my Topo Chico with Sebastian. When we were finished, I put the plates in the dishwasher and grabbed two more bubbly waters. When I turned around, Sebastian was standing in the doorway leering at me and he was holding the Amazon box.

"Think, I could get a pair of scissors?" His voice was playful and I felt myself blush. I knew I had agreed to let Sebastian open my back door. It had been easy to say after a night of fucking. But now faced with reality, I wasn't so sure anymore. So, I decided to buy some time.

"Why don't we wait...I mean, I'm already nervous...we could start my stretching when we're not going out?" Just saying the word stretching sent a rush though me and I looked away.

"No Trisha...I either own your ass or I don't." His eyes filled with heat as he waited for me to answer. Looking at him, I didn't want to say no. The man made me feel like a different person. I didn't say a word, I just sat the bottled water on the granite counter and opened the drawer next to my stove. Then, I lifted out a pair of black-handled scissors and offered them to Sebastian.

With a smile that brought dimples to his angular face, Sebastian took them. "Thank you," said with an exaggerated wink.

I smiled, grabbed the two bottles and scooted around him. I went back into the living room and took a seat on my sofa and placed the cold bottles on the slate coffee table. It only took a few moments before Sebastian entered the room carrying three black latex butt plugs.

"Stand up." His voice was low and hoarse with desire. Without breaking eye contact, I did as he instructed. I felt myself tremble. The website's description of the three sex toys had been small, medium, and large. Looking at the plugs in Sebastian's hands, I didn't see what I would have called small. They all looked big and threatening. "Do you have any lube?"

I nodded as I replied, "Yes, I bought some today. It's in my purse." I motioned to my red club chair.

"I think it would be a good idea to grab it." My heart was racing as I went and got the brown bottle that guaranteed an easy entry and handed it to my young lover. "Put your hands on the coffee table with your ass in the air."

"Sebastian..." he placed one long finger on my lips.

"Shh Tricia...no more delays. Now be a good girl and bend over." He removed his finger and gave me a small kiss on my full lips. "Now bend over."

Turning around, I bent over and placed my hands on the hard surface and pushed my rounded ass into the air. Without a word, Sebastian rolled up my black skirt. There I stood exposed and vulnerable.

"You won't need these." He pulled my new thong down over my curves and held it for me as I stepped out of the green panties. "Mmmm, these smell yummy." The way he said yummy as if I were edible made my dark-pink nipples tingle and I could feel my outer lips open slightly. My musk was in the air and I felt like a bitch in heat as I submitted.

I heard him squirt some of the lube and I clenched. Anal sex wasn't something I had ever done before and I was frightened of the pain. I jumped as I felt him part my cheeks with one hand.

"Steady." He spoke softly.

I willed myself to relax. I felt a wet finger touch my rectum and I jumped again. Sebastian patted me and began wedging one lubed finger deeper into me. I didn't move as I felt myself opening. The sensation was pleasant and I loosened my muscles. His finger started moving in small circles as he invaded me further. Without thinking, I pushed back.

"That's right...this is going to feel good." His voice was reassuring and I felt myself relax further. Then his finger was gone and I felt him wedge the smallest latex toy next to my tightest opening. "Ready?" I nodded yes and he gently pushed the plug into me.

The pain was instant and I yelped. Sebastian stopped and waited for me to breath. I whimpered a little and then told him, "Go ahead." He pushed it further and I nodded again. The next thrust made my tiny hole pop open and the pressure sent electrical jolts through me. I moaned in both pleasure and pain as the device filled me.

"There you go. That wasn't so bad, was it?" Sebastian squeezed my firm cheeks together and gave my crack a soft kiss. Then he stood, pulled down my skirt and gave my right cheek a hard slap. "Perfect."

I stood and turned around. Dizziness hit me as blood rushed from my head and I wobbled a little. The pressure in my bottom was uncomfortable. But there was no denying it was making me horny and I smiled up at him and said, "Happy?"

"Yes, very much." His voice was sincere and I stepped towards him. I didn't want to go out. I didn't want dinner and dancing. I just wanted Sebastian to fuck me.

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