tagMatureSebastian Ch. 03

Sebastian Ch. 03


Dear Readers: Thank you for following me through the Sebastian series. I truly appreciate all the kind comments and emails. YogaKay ... XOXO.


It was close to 3:00 p.m. and I hadn't heard from Sebastian all day. I knew it was silly to feel anxious but that didn't stop the chaotic energy bubbling beneath my tanned skin. It wasn't like Sebastian and I had made promises. That's not something you do when you are fifty-three and the object of your desire is only twenty-five. Not to mention, I had only known the tall blond physical trainer for a couple of days.

But the truth was I couldn't stop thinking about the young man. My obsessive thoughts weren't completely my fault. The small black latex butt plug that Sebastian had wedged into my tightest opening was keeping me agitated.

"You need to get a grip, Trisha," I spoke aloud to my empty kitchen. My admonishment didn't help and I continued thinking about Sebastian as I prepared myself a glass of ice tea. When the young man hit on me, I had paused. The age difference was just too large and I really tried to ignore my body's response. It didn't work, not for one minute. The charismatic young man had just been too persistent.

My phone sounded and I reached to grab it. The bonging sound blared again and my heart jumped. It could only be one person, Sebastian. I had given the abrasive text tone to my new lover earlier in the day. He wasn't someone I wanted to ignore. In fact, he was the only one I felt like speaking with.

Lifting my cellphone up, I tapped on the message alert. Sebastian's message opened. "Babe, bad news; won't be able to see you for long today."

My stomach did a little flip-flop as I continued reading. "Have to work both jobs today. I'll need to do a drive-by between shifts to change your plug." Sebastian's message was accompanied by a devil-face emoticon.

Great, I thought, I'm literally getting a booty-call. My agreement to let my new lover open my ass had been impulsive and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. Admittedly the small-sized plug he had inserted into my backdoor the night before felt good but that didn't mean I was ready to go up a size. Quickly I wrote Sebastian back.

"So soon?"

His response was immediate, "Yes! I'll be there around 5:30. Be ready!"

I wasn't ready, not at all but I sent back a thumbs-up emoticon and set my phone down. Despite the sense of dread I was feeling about the larger sex toy, my body was heating up. Thinking about how I had agreed to allow Sebastian to stretch my ass, I reached back and wiggled the plug through my blue cotton sundress. Tingling began immediately deep inside and I felt myself getting wet. I liked the small intrusion. It was embarrassing to admit this even to myself. I just hadn't ever imagined a day where I would bend over and wantonly spread my cheeks for someone younger than my eldest daughter. But I had and I was going to do the slutty deed again.

As I headed down the hall to my bathroom to prepare for Sebastian's arrival I was on fire. The muscular man made me feel like a sexual junkie. I NEEDED Sebastian's young body and I needed it bad. The feeling of want felt uncontrollable and I ached all over for his rough hands.

I stepped into my dark rose-colored bathroom and leaned into the free-standing shower and turned on the water. Pulling the cotton dress over my head I looked in the black-framed mirror hanging over the single vanity.

My short blond hair was smoothed behind my ears and my slanted green eyes studied me seriously as I waited for the water to heat. Reaching behind me, I grasped the black plug and slowly tugged it from my bottom as I continued watching a woman I didn't recognize. It made a delicious pop as I pulled it out and the feeling brought a rush of sensations swirling through me. I tossed the sex toy into my sink and stepped into the now steamy shower.

The hot water felt amazing as I tilted my head back. For a moment, I just stood there and let the water caress my well-used body. Then I began washing my hair with a rosemary-scented shampoo. A similarly scented soap followed. As I thought about Sebastian's impending arrival, I began scrubbing myself from head to toe. When My hands arrived at my rounded butt cheeks, I hesitated for a moment. Then I took one sudsy finger and gently inserted it into my sore rectum. Swirling my finger around I cleansed myself inside and out for my upcoming "date."

After I finished shaving my entire body, I gently exfoliated my lightly-tanned skin and rinsed off. I dried my flushed skin and rubbed coconut oil over my curves. Grabbing my butt plug in the sink, I turned on the hot water and washed the sex toy. Then I took a little of the coconut oil, and greased the tip of my plug. Pulling my cheeks apart with one hand, I placed the toy next to my rectum and pushed lightly. I felt myself open and the plug slipped deep inside of me with a small pop. Dirty sensations shot through me and I again wondered who the fuck I had become? In only three days, I had gone from being a respectable retired elementary teacher to being a woman who was willing to debase herself for a man's attention. I still felt a little shock over my behavior.

After I dried off with a fluffy red towel, I applied a little mascara and a rose-colored lipstick. Then, I dried my short blond hair and went to find an outfit to wear. I chose a short green sundress covered in small pink flowers. I didn't bother with underwear or shoes. Then I returned to my kitchen in search of a distraction. I grabbed my i-Pad off the gray granite counter and headed into the living room.

Taking a seat on my black leather sofa, I curled my legs up and began scrolling through my emails. Nothing caught my interest. So, I scrolled through Facebook. What everyone I had ever met in my life was doing wasn't any more interesting than my email and my thoughts soon returned to Sebastian. And when I thought of him, I thought about sex, the sex we had already had and the anal sex that I had promised Sebastian.

I opened Safari and typed in mature-anal sex, and video. I had promised Sebastian my ass and I wanted to see exactly what was headed my way after his planned three-plug stretching. I clicked on the first site. A video popped up and I pushed play. A middle-aged woman with long brown hair was lying naked on what looked like a hotel bed. Two Hispanic-looking men stood by the bed. One began to stroke the voluptuous woman's leg, while the other began squeezing her breasts. Soon, they were all over her. The men kissed her, sucked on her large rounded breasts and fingered her gaping pussy. My right hand moved between my legs as I continued watching. One man motioned for the horny woman to get on all fours. With a big grin on her face, she complied. Then the two men moved in with more serious intentions. The taller man nudged his short fat brown cock into her parted mouth. The brunette began gagging between slurps as he repeatedly thrust down her throat.

The other dark-haired guy crawled onto the bed behind her and grabbed her ample ass with both hands and spread her pale cheeks apart. The camera zoomed in on her dark-pink pussy and then moved to her rectum. The little pinkish rosebud looked so tight as a brown mushroom shaped head came into the camera's view and tapped on the small opening.

My hand found its way to my clit and began to make small circles as the video continued. I could smell my own sex as I stared transfixed at the scene. With one hand holding the woman spread open, the man held his rigid cock and with a thrust he pushed it into the woman's asshole. Her rectum stretched around him just as my doorbell rang. Fuck, I thought, and jumped up. Frantically, I closed the website and smoothed my dress. As I headed to the doorway, I hoped the scent of my arousal wasn't too obvious.

I opened the door smiling. Sebastian stood there with a cocky smile on his angular face. The tall blond man looked better every time I saw him.

"Hey, Babe." He spoke as I opened the door wider and I let him pass. As he walked by me I caught a whiff of his masculine scent and I groaned inwardly.

"Hey, yourself."

Sebastian turned around and pointed to the tight navy-blue t-shirt he was wearing. The shirt had the YMCA logo on the front. Sebastian turned around so I could read the yellow writing across his broad shoulders. Briefly I glanced at his muscular ass. The tight navy gym shorts hugged him and the view was worth noting. Catching myself I read the words, PHYSICAL TRAINER.

"That's fantastic!" Sebastian turned around. He almost glowed with happiness. This was the former auto tech's first day as a trainer and his delight was obvious. I reached up and gave him a big hug. Sebastian leaned down and held me briefly. Then he pushed me back.

His blue-green eyes looked at me with hunger and I felt myself respond. "I'm in a hurry Babe, sorry..."

"Don't apologize, I understand having to work." I started to reach for him and Sebastian took a step back.

"No you don't...now be a good girl and go get the medium plug." Sebastian cocked his eyebrows at me as he waved me away.

I started to say something but I was at a loss. So, I turned and left the room and headed to my bedroom.

"Hurry!" Sebastian's voice spurred me on and I grabbed the sex toy and a bottle of lube from my bedside table and hurried back to the man claiming my attention.

"Here," I held up the medium sized plug and the brown bottle of lube as I entered the room. Sebastian took the black latex plug and the bottle from me and grinned.

"Bend over...I only have a few moments." He sounded excited as he pointed to my slate-topped coffee table.

"Sebastian...," I paused.

"Come on Trisha, bend over...its time." Sebastian ran one finger down my neck as he added, "Bend over."

There was nothing to say. I had promised to make Sebastian's anal fantasies come true. So, I bent over and placed my hands on the slate table and pushed my rounded ass into the air. Sebastian didn't waste any time and immediately flipped my sundress over my pale hips. I felt so vulnerable as I waited for his touch.

He cupped one of my cheeks and gave it an affectionate squeeze. Then he pulled my cheeks apart and paused. I began trembling as I felt his gaze on my invaded ass. Despite the humiliating position I was in, I felt my dark-pink nipples tighten and my pussy beginning to swell. Sebastian noticed my building moisture and pulled my pale cheeks further apart as he said in a deep voice, "

"You really are a slut, Babe."

My stomach sunk at the sound of the demeaning word and I began to protest. Sebastian shushed me and I stopped. What could I say? I was a woman bent over a coffee table with her bare ass in the air letting a man she barely knew play with her butthole. "And you're enjoying it." A voice whispered in my head. Heat rose into my face as I realized that Sebastian was right. I was a slut.

"What are you Trisha?" His tone was coaxing as he squeezed my ass. I paused for a second and he repeated his question.

I felt shame, that was a fact. But that wasn't the only thing I was feeling as I replied, "A slut...your slut." As I said the degrading words it was as if something released inside of me and I pushed my hips out further with a soft moan.

"Ready?" Before I could reply I felt Sebastian pull slowly on the black plug. Tingling began as the toy began stretching me open. With a small pop, it was out. Sebastian sat the small-sized plug on the coffee table and I quickly glanced over at the toy. Clean. Thank God, I thought and returned my eyes to the red rug.

I heard the sound of lube squirting and Sebastian separated my cheeks with one hand while he lined up the medium sized plug with my small opening.

"Be gentle." My voice sounded a little shaky. I clenched without thinking as I felt the larger sized plug begin stretching my asshole further than it had ever been stretched before. My whimpering entered the air as he kept carefully pushing the intrusion further into my bowels. Pleasure and pain became one as Sebastian drove the plug home. I yelped as he wiggled it deeper inside of me and pushed back against his hand.

"You're such a dirty girl." Sebastian slipped a finger deep into my dripping pussy. He withdrew his now wet finger with a laugh. "Look how horny you are. You like being a slut, don't you?" I didn't respond and Sebastian slapped my ass, "Just admit it. You love being my ass slut." His voice was firm and I whispered.

"Yes...I love being a slut." When I heard myself say the words, I knew they were true. There wasn't anything I wasn't willing to do to keep the young man touching me.

Sebastian slapped my ass again and helped me stand. I wobbled a little as I smoothed my dress down and he gave me a sexy grin.

"Tomorrow, I've got to work a double again...I'll be by at the same time tomorrow to change your plug."

I nodded and he continued, "You fucking turn me on." Then with a peck on my forehead, he left. I just stood there, horny and agitated. My body was on fire and I needed to be fucked, hard. So, I returned to the video I had been watching and sought relief.

Except for the size of the plug, the next day went the same. Sebastian arrived around five thirty, swapped my medium sized plug for the large-sized one, made me admit I had become a slut and then left me with little more than a kiss on the forehead. It didn't matter how much I masturbated, I was more than frustrated and I felt crazed as I longed for the young physical trainer's perfectly chiseled body.

The next afternoon, I received a text message from Sebastian. All it said was, "Tonight's the night. Be ready by 9:00!

My heart started racing as I reread the message, tonight was the night that Sebastian was taking my ass. Immediately I thought of the anal sex videos I had been watching and my stomach tightened in anticipation. It made me feel dirty inside as I acknowledged to myself, I was exactly what Sebastian had said, a woman who wanted to be used and used hard. My surrender to the aggressive young man didn't feel like a choice, it felt fated.

Sexual tension kept building in me as I waited for Sebastian to arrive. The ridiculously large plug inside me had me feeling stuffed and agitated as I tried to think of anything but what I was about to do. No matter what I did I couldn't stop thinking about the anal pounding that Sebastian was going to give me. So, I called an old friend and asked her to meet me for an early dinner. Allison agreed immediately.

An hour later, I entered the Peached Tortilla. The trendy restaurant located in central Austin was filled with hipsters. A low chatter surrounded me as I glanced around the small space. Allison waved to me from a two-top table in the corner and I headed towards the forty-year old brunette woman with a smile plastered on my face.

Allison stood. She was wearing tight jeans, a sleeveless white blouse and dark-brown cowgirl boots. As always, my tall friend looked amazing. Reaching down, Allison gave me a quick hug. "I'm so glad you called...we miss you at Brushy Creek."

"I miss y'all too!" I was enjoying my retirement after twenty-years as an elementary school teacher but that didn't mean I didn't miss the school and all my friends there.

We both took a seat and I briefly glanced at my menu.

"So, how's retirement? What are you doing with all that extra time?"

Allison waited for my response as I froze momentarily. What had I been doing? I didn't know what to say so I said, "Writing." My pause had been too long and Allison's round brown eyes narrowed as she studied me.

Heat rushed to my face as Sebastian immediately popped into my mind and my friend noticed.

"Writing, huh? I've never seen you turn red about you're writing before." I didn't know what to say. I hadn't planned on mentioning Sebastian. I just needed a distraction. "You look different too." Allison sized me up as she spoke. "Hmm...must be a man involved...you're glowing...come on tell me." She leaned in and wiggled her professionally arched eyebrows at me.

"It's nothing serious." The large-sized butt plug was making it hard to get comfortable and I shifted in my seat as I replied.

"Who is it? What's his name? Where did you meet him? Come on Trisha, spill it." Allison leaned forward.

"Really, it's no biggie..." I didn't know what to say. Allison and I had been friends for almost twenty years and there wasn't anyone I trusted more. But I still wasn't sure I wanted to share what I had been doing the last three days. I felt my face redden further as I thought of my plugged ass. I started to speak but Allison interrupted me.

"Trisha...why are you blushing? What have you been up to?" Allison reached over and shook my shoulder as she spoke.

"Stop that...I'll talk...it's just not easy to say." I laughed a little and added, "Oh Allison, I've been bad...so bad." I leaned forward and the large plug filling my bowels shifted and I squirmed again as I continued. Before I could speak, a waitress appeared. The twenty something girl was dressed in black slacks and a crisp white shirt and told us the day's specials with a bored expression. I ordered the kimchi arancini and Allison got a Thai Chop-Chop salad. It was the same every time we met.

As soon as the waitress left, Allison spoke a little too loudly, "Who is this man that is making you blush like a teenage girl?"

"His name is Sebastian and I met him four days ago...he's, uh...younger." I grinned and cocked my eyebrow a little.

"How much younger?" Allison's brown eyes sparkled as she waited for my response.

"A lot."

"What's a lot?"

I ducked my head a little and whispered, "He's only twenty-five years old...I've lost my mind."

"TWENTY-FIVE!" Her voice was way too loud and I shushed her but she only lowered her voice slightly and I cast my eyes to the table next to ours. Yep, the trendy looking couple was eavesdropping. "I guess retirement does agree with you." We both giggled a little. "Now spill everything, how you met, what he looks like...everything!" Allison lowered her voice and added, "And how was the sex?"

"He used to work at Lambs Auto...I just went there to get my radiator flushed." I giggled at my own joke. "It was about a week ago...he wrote his number on my invoice...I choked. I never called him but it didn't matter, he called me and a couple of hours later...I was not wearing clothes."

"Oh my God, Trisha...I'm so jealous...I can't believe I'm asking this but...is he any good?"

"Too good...it's all I can think about. He's freaky and fucks like a maniac and did I mention, gorgeous?"

"Freaky, huh?"

"Really freaky!" Briefly I thought of the public fucking I had taken at the nightclub, the Rose Room and a smile spread across my angular face. I was enjoying the turn my life had taken.

"Like what...you can't just say 'really' and grin like the Cheshire Cat and expect me to shut-up." Allison looked a little sexually charged as she leaned forward.

The waitress arrived with our food and we both sat up as she served us the small meals. When she left, I grabbed my fork and began to take a bite.

"Oh no you don't...not one bite till you tell me something juicy." Looking at my friend I realized I wanted to tell her and I began to whisper. I told her about the public sex and I told her about the plug I was wearing. Then I told her about the booty call coming my way. My emotions were all over the place. I felt shame but that wasn't all I was feeling. I was also getting turned on by the moment and I wasn't the only one. Allison's lips were parted and a flush had risen to her face by the time I finished my little tale.

She carefully appraised me as she asked, "You've got it in now?" I giggled a little and nodded my head. "Do you like it?" Allison's nipples were poking through her white shirt and I couldn't help but notice as she scrutinized me.

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