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Secluded Surprise


For Sophie one of the pleasures of holidaying in Cornwall was the opportunity to take early morning walks along the cliff tops before everywhere became too busy. This morning she was out even earlier than normal after a restless night's sleep in the unusually high temperatures. As she set out at 6.30 a.m. the thermometer was showing 24 degrees. Deciding it was certainly not going to get any colder she set off wearing only a short pair of denim shorts and a little white crop top.

Strolling along the cliff top path she had a sense of wellbeing springing from a combination of a fit healthy body, fresh air and the sun on her back. She was reasonably familiar with this route, but after about 20 minutes she noticed what appeared to be a faint track leading to the cliff edge. Sophie had never noticed this before, and her sense of adventure made it inevitable that she would follow the track to see where it led. Shortly she was at the cliff edge and there she saw a path of sorts leading down the cliff to a rocky beach in a secluded cove. The path looked challenging in places but by no means insurmountable, so, having nothing better to do with her morning, she decided to follow it down to the beach.

Without ever feeling in any sort of danger she reached the beach with a sense of achievement and exhilaration following her efforts in negotiating the route down the cliff face. Now she was down Sophie decided to take a walk around the cove, checking out the rock pools for signs of life. So absorbed was she in search for nature that she was almost on top of the other woman before she saw her. As if this wasn't a shock enough, this other woman had just removed her little summer frock and was standing there in skimpy, sheer thong and bra. Sophie stood there, staring with her mouth open, having apparently lost the power of speech.

"Oh, hi" said the woman "I'm Maria. I've never seen anybody else down here before."

"Sophie. Hi." At least she had rediscovered the power of speech in part. Sophie couldn't believe how self assured Maria seemed, considering that she was standing in front of a total stranger in underwear that was almost totally transparent. She also couldn't believe how much her eyes kept getting drawn to Maria's body. She was about the same height as Sophie, with a similar slim, toned figure. Her brown hair reached just past her shoulders, framing a pleasant face that wore a ready smile.

Her small pink nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material of her bra, and Sophie could see that she was completely shaved beneath her thong. "Hope I'm not embarrassing you, dressed like this," said Maria.

"Oh, err, no. You look nice." Said Sophie, aware that not only had she been caught staring, but also she had given a really lame answer.

"To be honest I was just in the process of stripping off. I love coming down here because it's so secluded that I can lay naked in the sun all day if I want to. I love that sensation."

Sophie felt about as out of her depth as she ever had done in her life. Struggling to cope with the fact that she not only found Maria attractive, but also that she was getting turned on at the thought of seeing her laid there naked. She had casually observed other women in the showers at her local gym, but had never had these feelings of arousal. Try to deny them as she might there was no doubt that the dryness in her mouth and the dampness between her legs were caused by a feeling of physical desire for Maria.

"Care to join me?" asked Maria, jolting Sophie out of her musings.

"What, sunbathing?"

"Sure. Unless you're in a rush?"

"No. No rush. Guess it can't do any harm."

"Fantastic. We can share my towel."

Saying this, Maria laid a large beach towel out on a flat area of rock. Then, very slowly and deliberately, she looked Sophie directly in the eye and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. Even though the bra was see through, the sight of Maria's breasts as they were fully exposed to the sunlight brought an involuntary gasp from Sophie. Still fixing Sophie with her gaze she now slid her hands inside the waistband of her thong and eased it down her hips and legs, leaving her completely naked.

It was clear to Maria from Sophie's laboured breathing and the way her nipples were poking through her top that her new friend had enjoyed the strip show. Realising that she was going to have to take the initiative she stepped across to Sophie and, grasping the hem of her crop top eased it up over her breasts, and then after Sophie had obediently lifted her arms, over her head. Putting her arms round Sophie's waist she pulled her towards her until their breasts were pressing against each other's.

Confident that Sophie wasn't going to pull away she started to run her fingers very gently up and down her spine, while at the same time softly blowing into her ear and nibbling at the lobe. The impact amazed her as Sophie shuddered and held tightly onto her to stop her legs from buckling. Maria's fingers continued to trace their way up and down Sophie's back as her lips closed in on her partly open mouth. As their lips pressed together, Sophie's mouth opened further to allow access to Maria's probing tongue. Up until this very moment Sophie had only ever kissed friends and family on the cheek, and would never have contemplated kissing another woman. But try as she might, she couldn't find anything wrong with the way this was making her feel, and she returned Maria's kiss with passion and sensuality.

Meanwhile Maria's fingers had stopped teasing Sophie's back and were busily working at the waistband of her shorts. In no time at all she had unfastened them and let them fall to the ground. She was delighted to feel that Sophie was wearing nothing underneath them. Sophie's eyes widened and her body tensed as she felt Maria's fingers between her legs, but she offered no resistance as her clit started to receive an expert massage.

As Sophie's legs began to buckle once more Maria suggested that they make use of her beach towel, and helped her to sit down. They kissed again and this time Maria reached out to touch Sophie's breasts, at first just tracing the outline of her nipple with her forefinger, but gradually increasing the pressure and starting to tweak the nipple until it became hard and erect. She repeated the treatment to her other nipple, then broke off from their kiss. Taking Sophie's face in her hands she gently pushed her hair back, caressing her cheeks in the process and looking deeply into her eyes. With a smile she started to pull her head forwards towards her own breasts.

Sophie put up no resistance as her mouth neared Maria's breast. As she felt the nipple against her lips she parted them, allowing her tongue to flick at it. As she felt it harden she took it into her mouth, sucking it to even greater hardness, and continuing to work at it with her tongue. Sensing that there was no longer any need to hold Sophie's head to her breast, Maria took hold of her hand and guided it down to her own pussy.

Sophie resisted briefly, uncertain about touching another woman like this. However the situation soon overcame any doubts and she started to stroke Maria's clit. Emboldened by Maria's reaction as she started to moan and rock her hips back and forwards, Sophie slid two fingers inside her, feeling the moistness lubricating her movements in and out of her pussy. The dual assault of mouth and fingers soon had Maria on the brink of orgasm, and when it arrived her whole body shook and she grabbed Sophie's shoulders to support herself until the waves of pleasure ebbed away.

Sophie felt exhilarated as she removed her fingers from Maria's pussy and brought them up to her mouth to lick them clean. Maria leaned across to help her, so they were kissing each other across Sophie's fingers, with the taste of her juices adding to the excitement. With her fingers freshly cleaned Maria pressed Sophie's shoulders back, guiding her to lay down on her back. Once she had her in position she knelt between her legs and leaned forward to take her turn at pleasuring her new friend's breasts with her mouth. She mixed soft, darting movements with firmer sucking and firm, playful nips from her teeth. For Sophie the effect was fantastic and she could feel the pleasure running all through her body.

Eventually Maria began to kiss her way down Sophie's body, taking her time as she delivered little butterfly kisses all over her abs, until her mouth arrived at the point directly above her clit. Teasing she then kissed and licked everywhere but the most sensitive area, until Sophie was arching her back, forcing her hips upwards in search of Maria' tongue. At last Maria capitulated and started to lick with long, firm flowing strokes at Sophie's clit. At the same time she started to fuck her pussy with two fingers, slowly at first but building in speed until Sophie could take no more and with a loud cry thrust her hips violently upwards in the ecstasy of orgasm.

Without relinquishing her place between Sophie's legs, Maria worked her way upwards until she was laid on her, their naked bodies pressed together as they kissed once more. This time they shared the taste of Sophie, until, in need of a rest, Maria rolled off Sophie and lay on the towel next to her.

They spent the rest of the morning sunbathing naked next to each other, before making out once more before Sophie had to leave. Before she went she invited Maria to join her for dinner the following evening, to meet her husband who was travelling down that day to join her.

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by Anonymous02/05/19

lesbian nancy

great story and ish I'd be that lucky to find a girl like Maria to cuddle up with. This is almost perfect up til you added a man to it. Men are so yucky and un fleeing and don''t know how to trean amore...

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by Anonymous07/17/18

Take me to Cornwall

5 *, really enjoyed that! Well done

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