tagBDSMSecond Act Pt. 02

Second Act Pt. 02


Second Act: Preparation

The evening after their coffee meetup, Brett was careful to text Katie so that she felt as though he was excited and interested. He knew that she would need to feel affirmed and special after talking about such sensitive things for the first time with a complete stranger. He texted the only thing he could think of that would make sense:

"Dear Katie, you have made me so excited. You are a truly delightful young lady. Thank you for your pledge of surrender. I am lying here with it in my hand, having smelled your sweetness. Look forward to exploring every inch of you soon. Sir Brett"

He threw the "Sir" in because he had failed to bring it up earlier and felt it was a good introductory moment. As he thought about this young lady calling him "Sir" while he did all kinds of sexual things to her, his arousal grew and his cock ached to get things started. But he knew patience was essential, and he needed to take things very slowly. Much of this was new for him. It was certainly new for Katie. She would need a lot of encouragement along the way.

Over the course of the next week, he would text Katie a few times, just enough to let her know that he had been thinking about her, hoped she was doing well, and that she could rest assured that he was making arrangements for a special first meeting. He could tell she was very interested because she would always text back immediately with a quick but thoughtful response. It was funny to see her serious style of flirting. He knew that, as stern as he would need to be, he would also need to have lots of fun with this girl - to tease her, flirt with her, give her an adventure. That was going to be important to draw her out of our sexual shell. So, he tried to be both serious and flirty with his texts.

His parents were keeping his son this Friday night, as they did almost every Friday night, to give him a break. He figured this would be one of his best times to meet with Katie, along with some impromptu times during the day throughout the upcoming weeks. His work schedule was very flexible and he often worked from home while his son was at school. However, for this first meeting, he really wanted to show her the advantages of serving a professional, older man who had a great income, good tastes, and the means to show her some luxury while she served him.

Some of the things he had planned for her, things he had been researching and corresponding about with other doms online, were going to be very hard for her to bear. She was going to need some extra incentive to endure and break through. He also wanted the first occasion together to be a special one for her to remember, so he decided to forego having her come over to his house this time. Instead, he reserved a very nice suite at a local luxury boutique for Friday night.

After reserving the room, he texted with her and confirmed that she could be available from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. He imagined that she was pretty surprised that this was going to be an all-night affair. He was right when she wrote back.

"You mean like all night, like a sleepover?" she texted.

That was so cute - a sleepover. He texted back very acutely:

"There may not be much sleeping, but yes, kind of like a sleepover, just less restful, at least for you." He thought that was a very clever response. He asked for her email address and wrote the following email to her:


I am so looking forward to claiming you as my subject - your body, mind, and soul, this weekend. What an honor and trust you have given to me. I will not disappoint that trust and will take great care with you. I will pick you up at our agreed-upon location in front of your residence at 7 p.m. sharp.

Please bring the following and only the following with you: your phone, sundress of your choosing, matching heels, white lacy bra and panties on underneath the dress. In preparation, I want you to do a few things for me.

First, I want you to immediately email me with your exact size of your bras and panties. Second, I want you to shave every inch of your body from your neck down. I want your body shaven when I see it on Friday. I will be inspecting every inch of you, inside and out, Katie. Third, clean yourself out on Friday during the day, prior to our meeting. I am including a link on how to do this in case you are freaking out on this. Fourth and finally, do not wear any perfume, makeup, or artificial smells. I want to smell you, see you, as you are, without anything hiding you from me. I will pick you up and we will go out to a nice dinner and then begin our adventure together.

-Sir Brett"

Well, that ought to give her enough to stew on for awhile, Brett thought to himself. Her mind would be racing like a hamster. What he didn't tell her was that he would only use some of this information. He was not going to buy her a new wardrobe or tell her what to wear everyday, but it was okay for her mind to go there. The shaving predicament would be interesting, if she wasn't already shaven. He seriously doubted she was. The panty and bra measurements he would use. Again, he was not going to control all of her choices here, but in this case, he would be providing, to his liking, exactly what she would be wearing around him. That would be a nice surprise for her on Friday evening. Brett had some work to do to prep.

Friday came relatively quickly. Brett had never been so excited for a weekend in his life. He wondered what that said about him. He deserved some excitement...he had been through hell the last few years. It kind of felt good, as well, to know that he was not going on some date to find a replacement for his wife. No, he was going in as a mentor, a teacher, and to experience the fruit of having a young-bodied submissive who desired to awaken sexually. It provided a nice relief, enough to quell any rumblings in his mind about the situation.

After dropping his son off at his parents, he headed back to his house to change and get ready. He needed to look the part, in a big way. He showered and put on chinos, boat shoes, a nice button-down, and a semi-dressy blazer. He looked preppy yet professional. The most important thing: he looked comfortable and confident in his skin.

He also put together a small bag of play toys that he had bought, based on his research. He placed three pairs of lingerie, a collar and leash, and a thin sexy robe that he had bought just for her, in a gift box. He knew the gifts would fit, because she had completed one of her tasks by sending him her measurements. He would offer it as a present to her. Additionally, he bagged up some a pair of nipple clamps, four leather cuffs, a small butt plug, a wooden spoon, a belt, and a container of lube.. The bulge in his pants was apparent. He had to shift a few times as he was packing the bag.

He stopped by the hotel, checked in, and stowed everything away. Everything needed to be polished the first time, as this was all going to make an impression of one kind or another on her and their future. He turned some nice mood music and lighting on. He wanted to make sure the atmosphere was ready-to-go when they arrived back from dinner.

It was only a five minute drive from the hotel to her off-campus apartment. As he pulled up alongside the curb in front of her residence, he was astonished at how stunning she looked coming out of the front door. He immediately got hard, literally pulsing in his pants. His palms started to sweat. He slowly got out of the car, and she started walking to the door.

"Hold on there, Katie," he quickly remarked.

She stopped in her tracks and then seemed to absorb finally that he was coming around to give her a quick side hug and open the door for her. He could tell that she was not used to ever having done this for her, or at least not by a date. He complimented her on how beautiful she looked and she once again flushed with embarrassment. He shut the door and found his way back to the driver's seat. She seemed to be impressed with the Infiniti SUV. It was a very classy and upscale car, and spotless. Her car was a wreck, she would explain on the way to the restaurant. The car smelled of a masculine cologne that she could not make out, but it was intoxicating. It is how he smelled the first time he had met her and how he smelled outside of the car when he hugged her. She was already dripping from the smell alone and they had hardly even spoken.

He asked her a few questions about the rest of her week, about her classes, her upcoming test. He even got her laughing when he picked up on something funny she said.. Then, right of nowhere:

"Did you complete all of your remaining tasks, Katie?" He landed it just like it was one of the normal questions. She did not see it coming - a bit of cognitive dissonance performed perfectly.

She stammered and said, "I think so, I mean, I tried, but I'm not sure I did everything right."

It was very cute, and he smirked when she said it, which she picked up on.

"Don't worry about it, my cute girl, I'm sure you performed just fine. And if you didn't perform to my standards, you will just get another opportunity to learn how to do better next time. You're already not going to be able to sit tomorrow anyway, so what's a little more burning gonna matter," he stated in a normal, jovial tone.

Then, he moved on to asking other questions about her campus and her friends, and never picked up on the previous comment. But he knew she now knew that he had every intention of not only fucking her but of spanking her ass until she couldn't stand anymore. She now had to know.

Dinner was a wonderful affair. Again, he noticed that she noticed that he ordered everything for her. She was not used to being led around and told what to do. He did it in such a way that was kind and purposeful, as if to take care of her, so it wasn't overburdening. Plus, she didn't have to think about anything. She seemed to like what was ordered for her - a very healthy starter salad and a great cut of fish with fruit. He also ordered just as healthy. He chose this restaurant purposefully because he wanted to show her that he was very healthy and that she need to be just as healthy and take care of her diet as his subject.

He did order a few glasses of wine to pair with the meal as well but also plenty of water. The conversation was equally as refreshing. He enjoyed hearing all about her goals and also some lighter subjects. Every now and then, he would drop an anticipatory note or hint about what was in store for her later. He could tell that she was horny as hell, just by looking at her movements, face, and those damned hard nipples poking through her dress. He could not wait to get her undressed.

They pulled into the hotel to the valet, and he helped her out of the car.. He held the door for her and they found their way to the elevator. He took her by the hand for the first time, and she went mushy all over. He led her down the hallway on one of the high floors and invited her into the room. As she gazed into the room after entering, she seemed to notice him locking it. So, he emphasized the click on the lock.

"Don't want anyone walking in on you in your state later," he said with a smile.

It was a very spacious suite. There was a lounger, two chairs, a cushy rectangle ottoman in the middle of those four living room pieces of furniture. It functioned as a defacto coffee table. There was also a very elegant minibar, gas fireplace, and TV. It was wonderful. The fireplace was already lit and a glass of wine was in the ice bucket,chilling.

He told her to feel free to freshen up in the restroom and then join him for a glass of wine by the fire. She did not hesitate. She had not even seen the bedroom on the other side of the fireplace wall - the fireplace was two-sided and was viewable from both rooms. She also failed to notice the bag or gift box on the bed.

When she came out of the bathroom, she strolled over to him. You could tell she was very nervous, just not sure what to do next. Brett had some nice slow easy listening jazz on in the background to help her relax. He also had turned the heat up a lot when she was in the bathroom. He wanted her warm. He offered her a glass of wine and they sat by the fire.

"So, Katie, are you nervous?" He got straight to the point.

"Very nervous," she replied.

"Well, that's good. Because you can't do anything worth anything without being a little nervous. And we are about to embark upon a discovery, aren't we?"

She nodded and sipped her wine very slowly. He moved over to her and put his arm around her, both still fully dressed.

"You are a beautiful girl, and I haven't even seen most of you. I can't wait to see all of you tonight, to know you and begin to own every inch of you."

She was blushing red and melting into his hug. They were sitting beside each other on the couch. He took her wine and set it down on the table. He then softly grabbed her head, turned it toward his and brought their lips together, kissing her deeply. He kept kissing her past what was normal, while at the same time, he moved his hands to explore her body, down the sides of her breasts, to her hips, over her breasts. He then broke off the kiss that she was absorbed in.

He whispered, "are you ready to begin?"

She nodded.

"From now on, whenever I ask a question, whatever your response, it should end with SIR, everytime. If not, I will punish you, starting this moment. Do you understand, Katie?"

"Yes Sir," she stated, as her breathing intensified."

"Good girl," he whispered.

He then told her to stand up as he sat in a very studious pose and motioned for her to stand in front of him a few feet.

"We're going to go over a lot of rules and protocols tonight, my sweet Katie. You're not going to get them all right at first, but I am still going to have to punish you for every mistake to show you that every infraction is serious as I need a perfect subject who will do anything to please me, including taking any punishment I give. So, just understand, you're going to be punished a lot tonight...but it will get better and you will learn quicker as a result of my lack of leniency. Do you know how I will punish you, Katie?"

"No... Sir," she seriously almost missed the Sir part, and then quickly remembered, to her relief.

"Good girl. I have a variety of ways to punish you for your infractions: I might choose to spank that naughty cute ass of yours or to whip any area of your body, and you will not like any of these, trust me. Or, perhaps you will be made to endure something you do not like or have shown to detest, or perhaps you will not be permitted to wear an item of clothing or do something humiliating. I will find things that you don't like and will learn which you really don't like. These are the things that I will use to punish you."

"Stand straight up, shoulders up, good posture...you must always have good posture."

Brett got up and slowly walked behind her, touching her lightly with his fingers on her arms and shoulders, then down her curved back and ass. She quivered under his touch. Brett then put his whole body against her back. He could tell she could feel the bulge in his pants poking her ass. He took her hair and used it as a leash, tilting her head back and whispering in her ear:

"This is called STAND pose. When I say STAND, you need to get in this exact position, hands at your side, legs straight together, standing still. In case you might be wondering why in the world would I have to tell you to stand when the two of us are alone, it is because most of the time, you'll be on your knees, one way or another. Do you understand, Katie?"

"Yes Sir," she answered nervously, trying to do a good job.

He then began kissing her neck and nibbling her ear as he pulled her neck to one side. She was in heaven. At the same time, he began working his free hand, the one not holding a handful of her hair, around her right breast, lightly brushing it and then groping it, going back and forth over it. She was already moaning and rocking against him.

"I like the feel of your breast in my hand, Katie. I can't wait to see these beautiful things. I'm sure they are as beautiful as the rest of you."

He was really laying it on, he knew, but it was very important to make her feel good about her body from the beginning, so he would overdo it a little at first.

"Katie, now you have learned one position...let's move to a very close second position."

With that, Brett took her two arms behind her back and clasped her hands to her opposing wrist/forearm in a locking fashion so that our chest was forced out. My, how stunning she looked with this one modification.

"Now, spread your legs a little." He could tell she was getting nervous now. "Further...further..."

Her legs were now a little more than shoulder-width apart and she had lost a few inches on him at this point, but still, she wasn't uncomfortable in this position, just open and available.

"Katie, this position is called ATTENTION. It is called that because I want your whole body to be attentive and ready for me to explore when you are standing and this provides me that ability."

He moved around in front of her and admired his work from a few feet off. She didn't know what to do with her eyes. He noticed her confusion.

"I forgot to tell you, whenever you are in any position, I want you to have good posture with your neck and head up, unless I tell you otherwise. However, I want your eyes down and you will not look at me unless I tell you to do so, as your act of submission. Do you understand this, Katie?"

"Yes Sir" her reply came a little delayed, as if she was processing answers. He could tell she was getting this but he needed to begin to escalate a little. He went over to her and grabbed the bottom of her dress, now riding up her spread thighs a bit and moved it slowly up to our hips, now showing her lacy white thong. It was a thing of beauty and it was soaked.

"Katie, you naughty girl, you're so excited that you can't even keep your panties dry. That's a very slutty behavior."

He could tell that she was wetting them even more now. She couldn't help it. She was so embarrassed about it but all she could do was stand still, petrified, with her eyes down...she saw so much shame in her face, yet a need to keep going also.

"Katie, I already see that you want me to, but would you like for me to rub your slutty little pussy? If so, then you need to beg me right now."

She tried to put together a few sentences, asking him if he would please touch her down there, as she needed it, but she did not use any explicit words and she didn't even use the most important word. He backed away after she finished and told her to look up at him.

"My Katie, unfortunately, you did not ask me the proper way. You asked me to touch you down there...I have no clue where down there might mean. When you would like to beg me to do something, you need to really beg like you need it. Maybe you can whimper or ask me with nice words over and over again, and you say the words my pussy. Finally, you made one more mistake, Katie. You weren't respectful in your begging by not asking with Sir at the end or beginning. You should be using that word a lot, like every sentence. I'm afraid I'm not going to touch your pussy right now and I'm going to have to give you your first punishment before we've even gotten you clothes off, my dear."

He left her standing there, disheveled and her dress on her hips with her panties exposed. He took this chance to go to the bathroom and think about her first punishment. He would keep it simple. She was thinking probably a spanking but he was going to give her one whip right on her pussy through her panties with a small thin strap he had brought with him. He came back in with the strap in his hand and our eyes grew large when she saw it, but she dared not look at him.

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