tagIncest/TabooSecond Blossom Ch. 09

Second Blossom Ch. 09


Saturday marked the morning of something new. Lying naked on a bed of bath towels, they both felt it. The sun shined brighter, plants were greener, and even the air smelled sweet. Everything had come alive, and Chelsea was glowing.

Jake had been the first one out of bed. Reluctant to leave but not going far, he gave his sleeping beauty a kiss on the shoulder before heading for the shower. After a short while, Chelsea met him in the bathroom. They switched places, and while Chelsea cleaned up, Jake took care of the bed. The used sheets and towels went straight into the wash, and his mother turned off the water just as he put the finishing touches on a freshly-made bed.

Such a simple act flipped Chelsea's world upside down, and she was impressed. After six years of being the only one changing the sheets, it was like winning the lottery to discover the task was already completed. Expressing her gratitude with a quick thank you and a kiss, she tossed on a floral summer dress and followed Jake downstairs for breakfast.

Jake put himself in charge of toasting the bagels while Chelsea brewed the coffee and cut up fruit. They took the finished masterpiece into the backyard. Lounging on the outdoor couch, the couple ate and took in their fill of sunshine. Sometimes they fed each other. Other times one would dab cream cheese on the other's nose for a quick laugh. And when the food was finished, Chelsea leaned her head on Jake's shoulder while they both drank from warm mugs.

Chelsea couldn't remember the last time she had ever felt so happy. Was it when she was a little girl before growing up had complicated things? Or had it been her wedding day? The latter was quickly dismissed as she distinctly remembered her concerns marrying someone already married to his work. No, it had to be when she was younger. But that had been so long ago, Chelsea couldn't even remember what it was like. Today's happiness was fresh, and she was now old enough to keep this wonderful moment with her for the rest of her life.

"I was just thinking how perfect this moment would be for your movies," she commented while closing her eyes and lifting her chin to feel the sun's soft rays. "If you ever direct a romance film, make sure there's a scene like this."

"I'll keep that in mind," he said appreciating the idea and gave her a forcefully quick peck on the cheek. Chelsea kept her eyes closed but smiled exposing the whites of her teeth. "It might be easier said than done though. Putting the scene on paper is the easy part. Finding actors capable of making it look real is something else altogether. It's true that people gain ten pounds on cameras, and their egos gain at least fifty."

"I'm sure you'll keep their massive egos in check."

Jake suddenly had an idea. A spark of excitement flashed in his eyes, and he handed Chelsea his mug. "Hold this for a second. I'll be right back," he said getting up and quickly heading into the house.

Chelsea was amused. She knew her son well enough to know when he was up to something. She laughed under her breath and didn't bother opening her eyes.

Getting ready for his latest class project that would be a short film shot around town, Jake had driven around earlier that week scouting locations. It was his practice to snap a few shots from different angles so he could assess how well each would work for a scene. He headed straight for his car and pulled the camera and tripod out of the backseat.

"What's all this?" Chelsea asked watching her son setting up the piece of camera equipment right in front of her.

"It might be a while before I can get this scene into a movie," he told her. "And even then, it'll be slightly changed. I want to remember the real thing."

Jake set the camera on a timer and took a seat beside her. Chelsea handed back his mug and leaned on his shoulder. The camera began to flash time and again as they both smiled. Sometimes looking straight ahead, other times they focused on each other. They shared kisses and made faces before ultimately looking back at the camera with a glow that was forever immortalized. When the last click finally ended, Jake unhooked the camera and brought it over for he and Chelsea to review.

It was exactly what Jake had been aiming for, and the images took Chelsea by surprise in the best of ways. Initial concern that the pictures might look like a mom and son photo session instantly vanished when they saw the couple lighting up the screen. Both were positively glowing, and it was obvious that they were star-crossed lovers completely smitten with each other. Seeing this gave them both silent confirmation that being together had been the right choice all along.

"I want copies of these," she said instantly in love with each and every one of them. "In fact, I want copies right now. Are you up for a quick errand?"

Jake gave his mother a nod and pulled the memory card from the camera. Quickly downing the last sips of coffee, they left their dishes in the kitchen and were at the store and making their way to a print machine in no time. One by one, the images brought the blank photo paper to life with a story that was entirely their own. Chelsea flipped through her new collection and found one that stood out from the others.

"We need a frame," she said with pleasure.

The next stop was a frame shop. They looked at dozens of frames before deciding on the perfect shape and color to compliment the two featured lovers. Putting it all together, Jake and his mother returned home where she put it on display in the living room next to the couch.

"Are you sure that's such a good idea?" Jake asked seeing it in such plain sight. Though he knew everything about it was perfect, he had strong doubts his father would agree upon his return.

Chelsea smiled at him with a look that let her son know that she was going to be proud of her man whatever the cost. "It's exactly where it should be," she commented. "And when Peter comes home, I'll put it in my lingerie drawer. It's the one place in the house he never goes."

She leaned over the back of the couch and adjusted their first framed memory slightly to the left. Jake leaned over behind her and pivoted it back to the right.

"This way it catches the light better from the window."

"That may be," she said with a laugh. "But this way I can still see us from the kitchen."

Chelsea could feel her son growing between her ass cheeks, and she wiggled her ass playfully. It continued to grow.

"How about this?" Jake asked adjusting the frame ever so slightly to the right.

Chelsea had to admit, the minor change did make all the difference. It was still visible from the side, and this way it received enough light to look like it was on display for a reason. She gave him a nod of approval.

"You know lighting better than I do," she said while still moving her hips to stimulate her already very erect son. "But something is still off."

She pushed herself off of the couch. Jake watched her hands take hold of her hips, and they worked their way down until dropping below her knees. The woman stepped to the side and shook her panties off with a single kick. Then bending back over the back of the couch, she lifted the bottom of her dress until it rested on her lower back giving her son a seductive view.

"That's better," she said arching her back slightly and watching Jake's eyes fill with desire. Chelsea waited patiently while her son savored the moment.

Unable to keep away, Jake closed the distance between them and dropped to his knees. His teeth tenderly bit her ass while his hands ran up and down her thighs. He could smell the sweet honey fragrance of her bath soap and buried his tongue between her legs tasting something even sweeter. Chelsea let out a moan and felt her body getting wet. The doorbell began to ring bringing them both back to reality. Chelsea looked behind her to see that her son hadn't moved in the slightest.

"Someone's at the door," she said in between deep breaths.

Chelsea was about to pull her dress down over her ass when Jake's hand stopped her. Looking back at him, the woman realized that she desired him as much as he did her, and it was wonderful.

"Someone's at the door," she repeated with a grin and watched as her son unzipped his pants and placed the tip of hard cock against her.

With a single push, his shaft plunged deep inside his mother's burning pussy making her let out a moan. He covered Chelsea's mouth with his hand as her volume increased with each thrust. The doorbell rang again,

"Are you home, Chelsea?" Came a woman's voice that was instantly recognized.

Chelsea turned her head to the side freeing her mouth and trying to figure out what to do. "Just a second," she shouted as the sensation spreading across her body began to build. "I'll be right there."

"Take your time," the woman at the door shouted back as if this wasn't the first time she'd been left standing outside.

"I'm about to come, baby," she whispered reaching for Jake's hand and putting it back over her mouth.

"I'm coming too," her son responded with quick deep thrusts.

He buried his cock deep inside just as Chelsea's knees gave way. She moaned loudly into his hand while streams of wetness ran down her legs. She pulled Jake's hand away and reached around bringing his lips to hers. With his cum still being deposited deep inside her body, she needed to feel his mouth on hers.

It took a minute before Chelsea was able to put weight on her legs again. As soon as Jake pulled out, the flood was released. It dripped from her very satisfied pussy before puddling on the wooden floor at her feet. They noticed at the same time and laughed under their breaths.

"Are you alive in there?" The woman outside asked.

"I'm coming," Chelsea told her as Jake hurried into the kitchen.

He came back with two kitchen towels. Tossing one to his mother, he quickly wiped up their mess on the floor while his mother used the other to dry herself off. She climbed back into her panties and made the finishing touches on her dress just before opening the door. Jake quickly carried the towels into the laundry room and threw a load into the washer.

"It's about time," Megan said when her sister finally opened the door. Chelsea gave her a hug and was taken by surprise when her younger sister pulled away and looked at her with concern. "Your heart is racing. Are you feeling alright?"

"Everything's fine," Chelsea assured her at once. "I just did a few laps carrying laundry up and down the stairs. It was a bit of a workout."

"It looks like you just ran a marathon," the woman commented as she followed her sister into the kitchen. "Do you want to freshen up before we head out?"

A spark of recollection flashed in Chelsea's mind as she remembered their plans. She had known her sister would be stopping by, but agreeing to go out had happened while she and Jake had been in the middle of sending texts and pictures back and forth. It had been out of her mind five seconds after she'd agreed, and it wasn't until now that it all came rushing back.

"Give me a few minutes to get ready," she said offering her sister a glass of water.

"You have five minutes."

"I thought it takes thirty minutes minimum to make sure you outdo your sister," Jake commented as he came back from the laundry room.

"Jake!" Megan said turning to see her favorite and only nephew. "It's great to see you! But I thought you were still at college."

"It's the weekend," he reminded his aunt and greeted her with a hug. For a second, Jake thought he heard her sniff his neck. But he just as quickly dismissed it as paranoia. "I come back when I can and get a break from dorm life."

"No arguments from me. But you're still set to graduate in a couple months, right?"

He gave her a nod.

"Jake's doing far better than just getting by like you and I did," Chelsea told her sister. "His short film is being considered for an award," She gave her man a loving smile. "I know you don't want to make a big thing of it, but I'm still proud of you."

"That's huge!" Megan said before turning a sour face towards her sister. "Chelsea, your five minutes are ticking away."

"I forgot to tell you, Jake," his mother said coming closer. "I made plans with Megan to do some girly stuff."

"Go have a good time," he encouraged. "I'll try not to burn the house down while you're gone."

"I'll explain everything," Megan offered. "Hurry up because I don't want to be late for my massage."

Megan watched her sister disappear to the bedroom leaving her and Jake to keep each other company which was never a difficult thing to do. She had always been fond of her nephew and felt more at ease with him than she ever had around his father. She set her glass on the countertop while taking a seat on a stool.

"So, what's new with you?" She asked always interested in the latest news. "How are things going with Vivian or Valery or whatever her name is?"

"Vanessa?" Jake asked amusedly.

Megan nodded and swallowed a big gulp of water. "That's the one."

"She's doing alright, but we're not an item anymore."

"I'm sorry to hear that," she said slightly wincing as she braced herself for his response. "Is it still a sore subject?"

"Not at all," Jake said shaking his head. "It just wasn't meant to be - that and a musician."

"Was it recent?"

Jake shrugged his shoulders. "Last week."

Megan narrowed her eyes as she looked at her nephew's face. He wasn't the type to be so indifferent to something like that. There had to be a reason he was handling it so well. Triumph flashed in her eyes as she considered the only plausible explanation.

"Tell me the truth. Did you find someone else already?"

The thought of Chelsea put a light in his eyes that said she wasn't just anyone. Megan knew how people acted when they talked about their rebounds, and this definitely wasn't that. She watched as he grinned and gave her a nod.

"Good for you. Well don't just keep it all to yourself. Give me the details. What's she like?"

This was the first time Jake had ever been asked to describe his mother, and he found it to be incredibly easy. He had been keeping his feelings about Chelsea to himself for what felt like ages. Finally opening up and talking about the woman who had his heart was fantastic. The more he shared, the more he wanted the world to know about her.

Megan listened with growing interest as her nephew talked about a subject that was his source of pure joy. She accepted letting this wonder go nameless as Jake didn't want to jinx something so new, but it was obvious that sacred word was on the tip of his tongue. There wasn't any doubt about it - Jake was in love with the mystery woman. His aunt was confident the woman's name would've slipped out if it hadn't been for Chelsea distracting him with her sudden presence in the doorway.

"Jake," his mother said feeling her heart beating more forcefully than usual. "I didn't know you felt that way."

"You didn't ask," he responded as their eyes locked for a moment.

"Well now that it's out," Megan said watching them both. "The only thing I want to know is whether or not she has a brother. If she's that amazing, her brother has to be just as good. And since I'm currently on the market, it really is perfect timing."

"Sorry," Jake told her with a laugh. "She doesn't have a brother."

"Figures," his aunt said before finishing her water and getting up. "Are you finally ready to go, Chelsea?"

"Let's do this."

They said a quick goodbye to Jake and headed out to make the most of Saturday's reunion. Arriving at the day spa just in time for their appointment, the sisters pulled off their clothes and wrapped towels around their bare bodies before lying face down on the tables. Megan was in heaven while her sister enjoyed the experience but still preferred Jake's hands on her skin.

"So how is it having the house all to yourself?" Chelsea's sister asked while letting the heat from hot stones balanced along her spine soak into her body.

"It's a bit quiet during the week," she commented nonchalantly. "But fortunately, I've had Jake around over the weekends to liven things up."

"I wasn't expecting to see him today," she heard Megan say. "When did that start?"

"He started coming around a few weekends ago when Vanessa called it quits."

"Awww, he needed his mommy," Megan said making herself laugh. The hot stones wobbled on her back as she tried not to move. Chelsea smiled to herself at just how true that was. "Well if you ask me, Jake's way better off now than he ever was with her. And worrying about double dipping that tramp with a musician is no way to live."

"I agree."

"So, what's happening with Jake's cheating man-whore of a father?" Megan asked always ready to hear the latest gossip. "Is he still away on business?"

Peter's affair was no secret. When Chelsea had first found out, her sister was the first and only person she told. She had cried for hours soaking the shoulder of Megan's shirt, but neither one cared. They were there for each other no matter what.

"His business happens to be screwing his secretary," Chelsea responded finding a shred of humor in the cliché. "And yes, he's still gone which really is for the best. But he'll most likely be back in another week or two."

"That's a pity," Megan commented. "It looks like you and Jake have a good thing going at the moment."

Chelsea didn't bother to answer. She and her son had always had a good thing going. Even when arguments with his father had soured entire afternoons, she and Jake always found a way to stay on good terms. They had been a team longer than she realized, and her sister had seen this from day one.

After the spa treatment, the sisters got back into their clothes and took a seat on the patio of a nearby restaurant. They ordered a round of cocktails and shots of rum to keep things loose. Finally feeling their sibling connection strong enough to hold, Megan asked the question that had been on her mind since they left the house.

"I want to ask you something, and I want you to be completely honest with me," she said with a sudden mischievous seriousness. Chelsea grinned as she looked at her sister suspiciously. Already feeling the warmth of the alcohol, she gave a nod knowing nothing she could say would be a heavy topic after another shot. "How long have you and Jake been sleeping together?"

Chelsea coughed into her cocktail. Staring wide-eyed at her sister, she tried her best to recover. Megan viewed her sister's reaction as confirmation and watched as Chelsea wiped her mouth on a napkin prolonging the inevitable and trying to think of what to say.

"I'm not going to judge you, if that's what you're worried about," Megan continued indifferently. "I just want to get your side of things."

"How did you know?" Chelsea asked glancing cautiously at the many passersby.

"It wasn't that hard to put the pieces together. For starters, he smells like you. I can see the way you two look at each other, and it was obvious you both were making an effort to act like mother and son instead of a couple. And if that's not enough, the picture by the couch says it all. You know he's in love with you, right? I mean he's really in love with you."

"I know," Chelsea said feeling a shade of redness covering her cheeks.

"Well?" Megan persisted. "Are you in love with him too?"

She had known this question was coming and was already certain of its answer. "I am," Chelsea voiced barely above a whisper.

"Look," her sister said leaning a bit closer. "I'm all for seeing you happy, but I do need you to explain this one to me. Jake's a hot, young guy. Is it that he makes you feel younger?"

"That's not it at all," Chelsea protested. "I could easily find some young stud at the gym, but I don't care about that. He's not just some guy I'm using for sex."

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