tagRomanceSecond Chance

Second Chance

byB.B. Monroe©

He showed up early and she answered the door in a big t-shirt, tight jeans, and wet hair. He helped himself to a beer and made a few phone calls while she finished getting dressed. It'd be their last night together for a couple of years and she wanted to make sure he remembered her fondly.

They discussed work, relationships, and everything else until she made him turn around so that she could pull on her sweater. He laughed at her and said that after all these years, she shouldn't be bashful in front of him. She playfully swatted him and said it wasn't modesty but her knowledge of his libido that prompted her actions.

Over dinner they talked about his upcoming deployment and her future plans for whatever adventure she decided to get herself into this time. He asked her about her failing relationship and she teased him about the whiplash he was getting from checking out the waitress three tables down.

They sat through a movie and then went for a drive to check out the cool night breeze from the ocean one last time together. As they sat on the ground, his head in her lap and her hands in his hair, no words were really spoken but nothing needed to be said that hadn't been already.

He'd taken her back to her apartment for the night and was off to have a farewell drink with his buddies. She looked up at him, holding back the tears in her eyes and told him not to be a hero in the war because she needed him to come back to her. He said that he wasn't meant to be a hero and he needed her as well. He pulled her to him and kissed her with hunger and desire but she pulled back.

She asked him to see her for not what she could give but what he could give her. He said that she wasn't paying attention. She said if he gave a woman everything, the woman would give him the world in return. He said he couldn't explain what he felt and she said they'd figure it out together.

He kissed her again softly and walked out the door. She felt the latch catch under her hand and let her head drop to the door after it closed. She had a relationship she was trying to save and she knew her best friend's history with women as a Playboy. The last thing she needed was to have him break her heart. But she wanted more than anything to open that door and go after him. To live in that moment they'd created.

And she did...

She nearly ripped the door off the hinges as she pulled it back open and started to dash out the door, only to find him still standing there. She knocked into him with an 'oomph' and he lifted her over the threshold. The door slammed behind them as it closed and he pinned her back to the wood.

He kissed her deep and hard and her hands were on his shoulders, in his hair, and against his chest. He kissed down her neck and reached to pull her sweater over her head. She ripped it up and over so quickly that her hair fell from its clip and down her shoulders. She was pulling at the buttons on his shirt as he kissed down her chest to the apex of her cleavage.

His hands moved down her round bottom and pulled her hips into his. She could feel the hard bulge in his pants and she moaned with desire. She wanted him with all of her soul and it'd been a tension they'd built up between them for almost 5 years. His shirt hit the floor as the buttons popped open on her fly.

She stepped out of the jeans and he lifted her up in his arms. As he carried her to the couch, their kisses intensified with passion. He set her down softly and her hands went for his zipper. The bulge in front of her face made her involuntarily lick her lips.

As his pants hit the floor he leaned into her and her hair splayed out behind her head as it hit the couch. He propped himself on his arms as he kissed her so as not to crush her and her legs fell open to allow his a place to lay.

Their bodies slowly moved with each other and they were lost in the kisses. Small moans escaped her lips as he moved down her neck and across her chest. When he reached her stomach she leaned up and gave him a small push over.

She straddled the part of him that had now escaped his boxers and held his face in her hands as she slowly moved downward. He could feel her close in around him and the tightness was almost more than he could bear. His arms encircled her and undid the clasp on her bra. Her breasts fell free against his chest and he slowly rocked his hips against hers.

His hands moved up to cup them as she continued to rock her hips and her hands went to her hair. Small moans escaped her lips as his fingertips circled her hard nipples and he could feel her get tighter around him as she quickened her pace.

Her breath caught in her throat and she leaned into him. Her hands moved to his shoulders for balance and he put his hands around her bottom to keep her steady. She kissed him hard and hungry and he held her to him with all of his strength.

She quickened her pace as she moved up and down and he felt her body clench around him in small spasms. She threw her head back and her breath expelled her mouth in such a force it was like she had been hit.

He lifted her slowly over on her back and returned to the warmth he'd momentarily left. He thrust into her over and over and over with her legs in the air and her arms on his shoulders. She cried out his name and he covered her mouth with his.

His body shook and he knew he was close but he kept thrusting with every ounce of built up passion he'd carried for her. Deeper and Harder. Over and Over and Over until he moaned and felt his release into her.

He kissed her softly and she wiped the sweaty hair back from his eyes. The look in her eyes said everything. He held her there with his arms around her waist and his head on her chest.

She knew he had to go but she also knew that he would carry a piece of her with him. He knew at that moment just how much she meant to him and he knew he now had a reason to come home.

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