tagRomanceSecond Chance Ch. 03

Second Chance Ch. 03


Sorry it has taken so long, I have been changing some of the story as I go along rereading it. Special thanks to MaaddMaaxx for editing. Hope you all still enjoy it! - C

The ride to the lake was an interesting one. Jason had a SUV waiting to take them up to the lake. He told Jared that Jerry would go up later and that Trenton had already taken most of the crew up. He then handed Jared two high end cell phones; actually they were the new touch screen phones that are the craze of the cell world.

Olivia asked, "Why do you need two cell phones?"

"One of them is for you." Jason said.

"But I have one already."

"Yeah, and Tom has that number. Give the cell phone to Jason so he can give Tom an alternative target to follow." Jared said.

"I like this cell phone." she said holding it close to her.

"Olivia, give it to Jason!" Jared ordered.

"Has anyone told you that you are too bossy?" she asked in a huff.

"No one but you. But in the last 24 hours you have given me many firsts." He told her as he walked away with Jason.

A short time later, Jared, Olivia and Chloe were on their way to the lake house in the black, tinted SUV. Before they had left Olivia had questioned Jared ability to actually drive. Jared had given her a look and told her that he could drive rather well. In fact all of the guys there took exception to her questioning Jared's ability to drive. Jason made a smartass reply that even though they had money they did know how to do things for themselves. Olivia had responded that she was glad since she did not want to have to teach a grown man to do basic things.

Chloe was awake until they made it out of the city. The whole time she talked about everything that she saw. As soon as there were no more buildings or people to comment about, she fell asleep. Olivia leaned back in the front passenger seat and just enjoyed the peace and quiet for the moment. Jared was thinking that he had never heard one person say so much in such a short time before. He wondered if his niece and nephew would talk that much in another year or so. God he hoped so. It would drive Jason crazy!

It was then that he noticed that Olivia was sitting very quiet and looking out her window and he wished she was a little bit more like Chloe and just spoke whatever was on her mind.

"What are you thinking?" Jared asked her as he glanced at her.

"I am thinking that I love my daughter but I so love precious moments like this when she stops talking for just a bit and there is silence!" she said softly. She turned to glance at Jared. She was struck again with how much she physically found him attractive. "Do you have any kids?"

He turned and looked at her then turned back to the road looking in the mirrors to see if they were being followed. "My wife ended up pregnant when we first got together. But when she was 6 months pregnant she was in a really bad car accident and lost the baby."

"You two didn't have any more?"

"No, she was unable to after that. We always talked about adopting but for the longest time Jason and I just figured that we weren't intended to be fathers. Our lives are not the best environment for a child to be in."

"Well your brother obviously changed his mind."

Jared laughed, "No, he was so worried about getting Laysea back when she was kidnapped that he forgot to grab her diaphragm when he took off to get to her. Then once they were back together he didn't think it through and just went with the moment's flow. He died and she ended up pregnant."

"What!?!" she screeched at him.

"Yeah he had decided to pretend to be dead to get her out of danger. It was only supposed to be for a couple of months but by the time we went to get her, she had just found out that she was pregnant. Jason didn't want her to disappear just yet so she could receive doctor's care. Then we found out she was having a boy and, well, that changed everything. So we got her and brought her to Jason. Needless to say she was not happy to discover that he was alive. She did calm down though. We came back to town and Jason took his place again."

"I assume that was after that other guy's house was blown up and all those people died?"

Jared looked back at her, "Around that time. Mitch had kidnapped Laysea for a third time at that point she was a couple of weeks from her due date. He wired his whole house to explode at different times. I happened to be the one that found Laysea and she was in full blown labor. So I was with her when she delivered. My nephew Dylan was born but then my niece Trista came as a complete surprise to us all. Laysea named her after my wife because a few months before that Trista had jumped in front of a bullet to protect Laysea. Look Olivia, my life... well it is not simple to say the least. So if after all of this you want as far away from me as possible I will give you the money to get the hell out of here – no strings attached."

"Why would I need to go away? All I did was help you out last night. It is not like I have been in a turf war with you. Besides, once you and I go back to our normal lives what strings would be attached?" she asked him.

"I want you. I am not sure that once this is over that I can offer you what you deserve and want." He told her honestly.

"Wait, so you want to just get into my pants, right? Then what? Move on to your next conquest? Just let me know what you are wanting or willing to be involved in so I can have a better understanding of what you are looking for."

"I don't know what I want. I know I want to go to bed with you but I don't know if I want anymore than that."

"Well, I won't be someone's whore, so that leaves us just like we are."

"Something tells me that you will eventually be a willing bed partner." He smiled at her.

She smiled back, "Something tells me that you are wrong." With that she folded her arms across her chest and looked out her window.

The next 30 minutes were silent. Neither one talking to the other, Olivia started missing Chloe's nonstop chattering. God he is stubborn! She thought maybe I should try to be nice it may help with the next few days.

"Wait, how long are we going to be at the lake house?" she asked.

He shrugged his shoulders at her without even looking at her. That was the moment that she thought she was going to physically assault him!

"Pull over!"


"I'm going to get sick." She almost got thrown into his lap at the speed that he pulled over onto the shoulder. She got out of the truck and walked away from it. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out slowly trying to calm herself down. She heard the door open and close behind her.

"Are you okay?"

"No, I am not." She turned around and smacked him in the arm. "Damn it Jared, this is my life also! I am sorry that you got stuck with a woman that you can not just fuck and leave but I have a kid to worry about. I am not going to jump in bed with you just because you are hot and sexy! I need more, Chloe needs more! I can not be ruled by my sexual needs – did that already and got pregnant!" She faced away from him and bent in a squat, her head in her hands, "I just want to know how long I am going to have to endure you teasing me. How far behind I will be in work and paying bills. How long before I can claim my life back and get some sense of a routine again."

Jared stood there in shocked silence, "I'm not being an ass on purpose Olivia, I just really don't know how long it will be. I also know that you're not the type of woman to jump into bed with someone. Trust me your character values are screaming at me! At the same time I can't stop myself from trying. And I like Chloe plus she likes me, maybe if life ever settles down...hell I don't know. Don't worry about your bills – Jerry is taking care of them."

"I don't need Jerry to take care of them" she stood up, "I don't even know Jerry why..."

Jerad grabbed her and pulled her to him hard kissing her. At first it was just to shut her up but then she responded by kissing him back with as much passion as he was giving her. Then her hand went up around his neck, her fingers lightly entwining in the ends of his hair. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer then lifted her up to grind against her. Her legs wrapped around his waist as if they had a mind of their own. The friction that their jeans were causing in the overheated area was pure torture on them both. She groaned into his mouth while he continued to keep the pressure on her. He was not about to let her back away from him or lose the feeling of his cock next to her pussy.


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