Second Chances Ch. 07


Her fingers clutched his shirtfront, instinctively seeking his protection. Looking into her frightened eyes, Brian couldn’t resist the urge to offer comfort. He bent his head and gently kissed her lips, nibbling them lightly. She tensed for only a moment before she returned his feathery kisses, sighing with pleasure. Brian gradually deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth with bold strokes of his tongue when she parted her lips. She was sweet and warm, uninhibited in her response.

His mouth on hers was sweet delight, plucking at her senses. A nagging hunger began in her lower belly, and she squirmed against him. She slid her arm around his neck and threaded her fingers through the hair at his nape. Brian groaned with delight. He finally gave in to the urge to explore her bottom, and he kneaded the rounded globe. The heat from his palm was like a fiery brand, and her eyes popped wide open. She pulled free of the kiss and stared at him in horror. He could feel her heart pounding.

“I’m…I’m naked!” she squeaked in a weak whisper.

“Yes ma’am, you are,” Brian replied, struggling not to grin.

“Did you…,” she gulped down a breath before she continued, “did you undress me?”

“Uh, yes ma’am, I did.”

“So, you’ve seen my body…naked?” she asked, wincing with embarrassment.

Brian could no longer contain his grin, and he gave her bottom a fond squeeze to punctuate his answer. “Yes ma’am, I’ve seen every inch of your body, and it was as naked as the day you were born.”

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, groaning in mortification. Brian watched as her face turned red, and it was hard to resist the urge to see whether her blush extended to the tips of her breasts. His cock was twitching from the mere thought.

“This is dreadful,” she moaned, covering her face with both hands.

Brian chuckled and pulled one hand off her face to meet her cautious gaze. “There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You happen to have the loveliest body I’ve ever seen, and your virtue is safe with me. I have yet to ever corrupt an innocent.”

The thought occurred to him that he didn’t know whether she was an innocent or not, but he didn’t voice that conjecture at the moment. Not only would it increase the temptation to find out, but she was distressed enough without adding one more mystery to think about.

For some odd reason, his reassurance pleased her, and her renewed blush was due entirely to the effect of having an incredibly handsome man pay her a compliment. She bit her lip and reluctantly met his eye once more, clearing her throat nervously.

“You shouldn’t be here in bed with me. It’s entirely improper.”

Brian held her gaze for a long moment before he grinned again. “You’re right. I’ll go, but I want one more kiss before I do.”

He raised a questioning brow, and when she didn’t protest, he captured her lips again. He kissed her with more passion, showing her a hint of how badly he wanted her, as he explored her bottom with growing familiarity. She moaned into his mouth, wiggling her fanny and inadvertently rubbing her breasts against his chest. It was too much of a temptation to pass up, and he slowly skimmed a hand over her ribs to cup one mouthwatering orb in his palm. He grazed her nipple with his thumb and she moaned and arched her back. Her sweet responsiveness chipped away at his resolve, and hot blood flooded his cock.

She was similarly affected. The hunger in her belly grew with every stroke of his fingers. When he grasped her nipple and squeezed, sharp pangs of desire pierced her, making her gasp. Brian released her mouth and rolled her onto her back, suckling her nipple into his mouth. The shocking heat caused her to gasp again, and she pressed her breast upward, seeking more of the pleasure he was heaping on her.

Brian savored her breasts. He had seen her body only briefly when he undressed her, and he took the opportunity to fully appreciate her beauty as he nipped and suckled the succulent mound. Her breasts were generously rounded, perky and firm. Her nipples were pink rosebuds perched proudly at their tips. He devoured each of them in turn, torturing them with strong tugs from his teeth and then soothing them with lavish strokes of his tongue. The thrill he derived from tasting her was sweet. Her cries of pleasure were even sweeter.

She was gasping and writhing, beginning to feel desperate for some kind of relief, when she finally had the presence of mind to push gently against his shoulders. Brian reluctantly released her nipple, sighing as it popped from his mouth. He had never wanted to plunge into a woman so badly as he did at that moment.

“You said one kiss,” she said in a ragged whisper. “We must stop.”

Brian’s cock was aching in his breeches, throbbing painfully for release. He looked once more at her breasts. Her nipples were wet from his kisses. They pouted atop her rosy breasts, swollen and practically begging for more of his attention. He was dying to give it to them. Brian heaved a frustrated sigh and sat up on the edge of the bed, facing away from her as she pulled the covers under her armpits.

“You’re right, ma’am. I apologize for my behavior.”

“There’s no need to apologize,” she whispered, surprising him with her candor. He turned to search her gaze. “I enjoyed every moment. I just need to take things a bit more slowly. I don’t even know you.” She bit her lip, the worry returning to her lovely eyes. “I don’t even know myself.”

“You will,” Brian assured her, brushing her golden hair behind one delicate ear. “You will regain your memory very soon, and until you do, I promise I will take good care of you.”

She smiled at him, feeling entirely reassured by his promise. She had no idea where she truly belonged, but being here, with him…nothing had ever felt more right.

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