tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSecond Chances Ch. 08

Second Chances Ch. 08


Brian insisted that she spend the remainder of the night in his bed. He went to sleep in Aidan's vacant room. It took hours for him to fall asleep. He lay awake, remembering every detail of her naked beauty. She looked like an angel, but she felt like a temptress in his arms. His cock remained painfully hard, throbbing and aching as memories of her continued to assail him. It insistently tried to convince him to return to his bed and finish what he had started, but his conscience wouldn't allow him to betray her trust.

That trust had been evident in her warm brown eyes. She had smiled at him, and he had felt like he would die before he let anyone harm her. So, he resisted the urge to ravish her, and he eventually fell asleep.

It seemed like only moments later when he woke up, seeing the first grey streaks of morning light through the window. He donned his shirt, breeches and socks and went to peek at the woman in his bed.

She was sound asleep. Her long golden hair was spread in disarray across the pillow, one soft arm lying over the shiny tresses. The quilt was tucked around her shoulders, and her mouth was slightly parted in sleep.

Brian smiled and shut the door silently. He went to the kitchen to cook breakfast, as he thought about the sleeping mystery woman in his bed.

Liam was already sitting at the table, eating his breakfast. He eyed Brian closely as he reached for the coffeepot.

"How's our guest? Do you think she will be alright?"

"She's much better. She woke up last night," Brian said with a yawn. He sat down opposite his brother and sipped from his cup.

"Well," Liam prompted, "how did she end up lying by the road?"

"She doesn't know. She doesn't remember anything, not even her name."

Liam's eyes widened as he studied Brian's face. "Seriously?"

"I'm afraid so," Brian muttered. "I have no idea who she is, where she came from, or what happened to her."

Liam thought that over for a minute while he chewed on a biscuit. "So, now what? We can't just let her stay here indefinitely."

"I don't see why not," Brian said with a shrug. The thought of sending her away made his gut clench.

"Have you lost your mind? Someone must be looking for her, parents or a husband maybe. They must be sick with worry."

That had occurred to Brian during the night. He could barely stomach the idea that she could be married. He clung to the fact that she wasn't wearing a wedding ring as proof that she wasn't some other man's wife. He hoped to hell he was right. He looked at Liam, realizing he was waiting for an answer.

"For now, she stays put. She needs to rest after what she's been through. I'll go back to where I found her and see if there's anything there that might help us identify her. I didn't take time to look before."

"Well, shouldn't we notify the sheriff, maybe post a notice or something?"

Brian shook his head adamantly. "You said yourself that it would ruin her reputation if people found out she was staying here with two men. I want to try to find out who she is before I go spreading the news that she's here. If we aren't able to solve the mystery ourselves, then maybe we'll go to the sheriff for help."

Liam didn't look too pleased with his answer, but he grudgingly nodded his head. He rose from the table and shrugged into his coat.

"I'm going to work on Aidan's cabin. You know where I am if you need me."

Brian watched him leave before returning his thoughts to the mystery woman in his bed. Whoever she was, she had captured his imagination so firmly that he could think of little other than her. It would be in his best interest to find out her identity as quickly as he could. It wouldn't do to fall in love with her, only to find out that she was already spoken for.


She woke with a sigh, not wanting to rouse from the lovely dream she had been having. In the dream, Brian was holding her again, kissing her and teasing her breasts with his wicked tongue. She blinked her eyes open, reassured to find herself in the same room she remembered from the night before. Her breasts were tingling, and there was a strange throbbing sensation between her thighs.

She rolled onto her back, stretched and frowned slightly, feeling a multitude of twinges and aches over her entire body. She wondered what had made her so stiff and sore. She closed her eyes, concentrating hard to remember something about who she was or where she had come from? Her mind was blank, and she sighed with frustration. Her concentration was interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

"Come in," she ventured.

Brian opened the door and pushed it wide. His eyes met hers and he grinned, causing his deep dimples to appear. She gave him a glorious smile of welcome. He entered with a tray of food and closed the door behind him. He set the tray on the bedside table and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Good morning, angel. Did you sleep well?"

His deep voice sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine, and she nodded. "Yes, thank you. Did you?"

He nodded, deciding not to tell her that his lustful memories kept him awake most of the night. "I brought you some breakfast. Are you hungry?"

"I'm starving," she said.

She sat up quickly, forgetting her nudity as she dropped the covers to her waist. Brian caught a glimpse of her perfect breasts, tempting and rosy, before she remembered and snatched the sheet beneath her chin with a squeak of alarm. He couldn't help but chuckle at her look of apprehension, and he was glad to see her relax slightly. She struggled with one hand to rearrange the pillows so that she could sit up, but it was difficult while trying to preserve her modesty.

"Let me help you," he offered.

He reached around her, and she felt caged by his strong arms and chest. She caught a whiff of his clean, masculine smell. The temptation was strong to sink against him and luxuriate in his muscular body. When he was satisfied, he urged her to lean back, and she shyly tucked the sheet beneath her arms so that she could eat. He sat the tray on the bed, and she saw that he had prepared scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, peach preserves, and a large glass of milk for her meal.

"This looks and smells delicious," she said with a smile. "I confess, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."

He laughed, watching with interest as she took a bite and moaned her appreciation. The morning light coming through the window turned her sleep mussed hair into a shining corona that strongly resembled a halo, and he thought once more that she looked like an angel.

"This is yummy," she mumbled around a mouthful of eggs. Noticing that he was watching her intently, she frowned. "Have you eaten breakfast?"

"Not yet, but I will. There's more in the kitchen."

"There's more than enough here," she said. "Here, have a bite."

She scooped up a generous forkful of eggs and held her other hand beneath it as she guided the fork to his mouth. She failed to notice as she did so that the sheet slipped low over her breasts. The soft cotton drooped obligingly, providing Brian with a tantalizing glimpse of one pink nipple as she leaned toward him. He took his time accepting her offer as he savored the view.

"Mmmm," he moaned, careful not to alert her to the gift she had bestowed upon him. "Very tasty."

She laughed with pleasure, completely missing his meaning as she scooped another bite into her own mouth. She continued to share her breakfast with him. With each bite she offered him, the sheet dropped slightly lower, until Brian had an enticing view of both furled nipples. Eventually, she noticed the direction of his gaze, and she blushed as she yanked the sheet up to cover her nakedness.

Brian chuckled, noticing that her blush deepened further. He set the nearly empty tray aside and moved closer to her on the bed, placing one hand near her hip as he leaned close. He smoothed her hair back and brushed a thumb over her quivering bottom lip.

"Don't be embarrassed, angel. It was naughty of me not to tell you sooner."

"Yes it was," she said, thrusting her lip out petulantly. "You shouldn't take advantage of me like that."

"I can't help myself," he murmured, leaning close to pluck a kiss from her pouting lips. The raspy timbre of his voice made her shiver with excitement. "You're so damned tempting, that I can't resist you. Besides," he said, cupping her breast through the sheet, "I've already had the pleasure of seeing your breasts, remember?"

She released a pained groan of pleasure as he kneaded her boldly. His fingers were wicked in their purpose, squeezing firmly on her nipple as they coerced her to return his steamy kisses. She wrapped her arms around his neck, letting the traitorous sheet drop to her waist once again. Brian seized the invitation, leaning into her and savoring her soft body beneath him.

She felt consumed as he plundered her mouth, stealing her breath with his bold tongue. When he finally released her lips, she drew a huge gasp of air, only to release it again on a moan when he captured her nipple. He suckled hard, drawing it deep within his mouth. She clutched his head, riding wave after wave of pleasure as he feasted.

The throbbing ache between her thighs intensified, and she moaned as she squirmed to ease it. As if he knew the source of her discomfort, Brian slipped a hand beneath the sheet and skimmed it over the soft flesh of her belly. He toyed with the soft patch of hair, and she gasped, opening her eyes to meet his gaze. Her eyes were wide and startled, and he stroked her soothingly, waiting to see if she would stop him from going further.

Her emotions were easy to read in her lovely eyes. Confusion, passion, curiosity and fear were equally mixed as he gently explored her soft thatch of hair. He was poised to stop, thinking he had gone too far, when she gave a soft sigh and relaxed back onto the pillows. She held his gaze, her own eyes trusting once more, as he slid one finger further, until he was stroking her outer lips. The wetness and heat that greeted him were the ultimate feminine temptation. At that moment, Brian would have given his soul for a chance to sink into her lovely body.

She sighed once more and closed her eyes, letting her tense thighs fall slightly apart. Brian would have grinned in triumph, but his heart was pounding too hard in his chest. He explored every slick, swollen fold as he watched her. She was dripping with moisture, her wetness coating his fingers until they made a soft, sloshing sound.

He located her entrance and sank one finger into her, as far as he could reach. She gripped him like a vice. He wondered again whether she was a virgin, as he stroked her. He couldn't feel any barrier keeping his finger out, but he had never explored a virgin's pussy. He didn't know exactly what he was feeling for. Besides, he reasoned, he had heard that some women lost that barrier from horseback riding or other activities. The fact that he could barely squeeze a second finger into her made him think that she had never been with a man. The primitive, barbarian side of him prayed she hadn't. He wanted to be the first one, no the only one to claim her body.

He stroked her for several minutes, working to loosen her tight sheath. She looked so beautiful laying there, her upper body exposed, her nipples swollen and red from his mouth, her lips slightly parted as she panted in excitement. He was aroused to the point of pain, but he knew he couldn't take her, not with so many unanswered questions. She was growing increasingly desperate, mewling softly and pumping her hips toward his hand. He located her clit and gave it a few sharp flicks, sending her over the edge.

He gritted his teeth and held his breath as she climaxed. Her inner muscles squeezed tightly around his fingers, and her soft cries tugged at his heartstrings. When her contractions eased, he slipped his fingers from her pussy and pulled the sheet back up to cover her breasts.

She opened her eyes, blinking to clear the cobwebs as she stared up at him in wonder. He grinned, though it was difficult while his cock was ready to explode in his breeches.

"Thank you, angel. I don't think I've ever enjoyed breakfast so much."

She blushed hotly, but she held his gaze and gave him a shy smile. "Me neither."

He tucked her hair behind one ear, realizing the action was quickly becoming a habit. "Your clothes should be dry by now. I hung them up to dry last night."

She looked to where he had pointed, nodding her head when she saw her clothes. "Thank you," she whispered.

"I'll leave you to get dressed. My brother, Liam, will be around if you need anything. Just make yourself comfortable."

Her eyes clouded with alarm, and she clung to his arm. "Are you leaving?" she asked in a panicked voice.

"Not for long, angel. I'll be back before lunch."

Her relief was evident, making his heart swell. "Hurry back. I'll be waiting."

Brian nodded with a smile, swallowing a lump in his throat. He picked up the tray and left, closing the door behind him. As he walked away, he said a silent prayer that they could solve the mystery of her identity quickly. If she didn't already have a husband, he wanted that role, just so he could hear her say those sweet words every day for the rest of his life.


She listened to the sounds of Brian's departure from the cabin. Her body was still glowing from his lovemaking. Brian McKenzie was the embodiment of her ideal man. He was incredibly handsome, charming, thoughtful, and sweet. He wouldn't have to work very hard if he wanted to win her heart, it was already half his. She hugged herself, thinking that she was the luckiest woman in the world to have been rescued by him. If it weren't for the fact that she had no memory, she would have been floating with joy.

That unsettling thought prodded her to get out of bed. She padded to a large mirror and studied her reflection. Nothing about her appearance stirred any recollection, and she sighed. She unwound the bandage from her head and inspected the small cut underneath. She wondered what Brian thought of her appearance. She scanned her features and turned to view her naked body from different directions. She supposed she would be considered pretty, maybe even beautiful if she didn't have the cut and some small bruises on her face. She shrugged and reached for her clothes.

She quickly dressed, grimacing when she saw the dirt and stains on her dress. She wished she had clean clothes to change into, but these would have to do for the moment. She opened the door and peered down the hallway, curious about the rest of the house.

"Hello?" she called softly.

Only silence greeted her, so she decided to look around. Brian had said she should make herself comfortable. She peered into each room, finding two additional bedrooms, a storeroom, a bathing room, and a large family room with a kitchen at one end. There was a massive stone fireplace that heated the house, and peering up, she spied a loft tucked under the roof. She was impressed by the workmanship, functionality and neatness of the home. Still, it lacked a woman's touch.

Spying the dirty dishes from breakfast, she felt relief that there was something she could do to occupy her time. She rolled up her sleeves and looked for a wash basin. Finding one in a cupboard, along with rags and soap, she began to heat some water over the fire. Soon, she was scrubbing away at the plates and utensils.

A flashing memory assailed her, and she closed her eyes to see the details more clearly. In her mind, she could see herself in a large kitchen with an apron tied around her waist. The kitchen had all the modern conveniences, a hand pump for running water, a wooden tub that had been built into the counter, and a huge cook stove that looked big enough to feed an army of people. She was standing at the counter washing dishes, when a man slipped his arms around her waist and leaned against her back.

"Ah Sarah," he sighed, laughing at her startled cry. "I knew I would find you here."

He kissed her neck and reached up to cup both of her breasts, squeezing them in his hands.

Her eyes flew open, and she gripped the kitchen table until her knuckles were white. Her heart was pounding, and her breath was coming in hard pants. She tried to remember the details of the man's face, but somehow, his face had been a blur. All she could recall for sure was that he had dark hair and a neat mustache. She had the impression that he was tall and well-dressed, although she couldn't be sure. He had called her Sarah. Was that her name? Who was that man to her? Could he be her husband?

She instantly rebelled against the notion. Remembering her morning with Brian, she released an anguished groan. The things Brian had done with her body had felt so wonderful and right. She didn't want to think about the possibility that she may have been committing adultery by inviting him to do those things.

She finished washing the dishes, dried them and put them away. No other memories surfaced, but she remained deeply troubled. She made her bed, smoothing the sheets and tucking them neatly in at the corners. As she fluffed the pillows, another memory flashed through her mind. Once again, she closed her eyes, trying to capture every detail.

She saw herself bent over a massive four poster bed. She was fluffing the pillows and arranging them at the head of the bed. Suddenly, the same man as before gripped her waist and tossed her onto the mattress. He fell down with her, laughing as he gathered her against him. He kissed her long and hard on the mouth as he fumbled with the buttons of her dress, and she moaned against his lips.

"Sarah," he murmured. "My sweet Sarah. I've been waiting all day for this."

He opened her dress and unbuttoned her chemise, baring her breasts to his gaze. He grinned at her and then bent his head, sucking her nipple into his mouth.

Once again, her eyes flew open. She could barely breathe from the intensity of the vision. She felt a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she tried to recall more, but the image faded, leaving only a shadowy memory. She still couldn't put a face to the man, but she was sure he was dark haired and he had a mustache. The other details of his face were too indistinct for her to piece them together.

Tears prickled the backs of her eyes, and she fell back onto the bed, curling into a miserable ball. The man had called her Sarah again. She was fairly certain that was her name. He had handled her with the familiarity of a loving husband. She couldn't think of any other relationship that was plausible. Yet, try as she might, she couldn't recall any tender feelings for the man in her visions.

Her heart constricted as she thought once again about Brian. She already had tender feelings for him. He had been so wonderful and caring. She hated to think that their relationship could be so terribly wrong. She heaved a deep sigh, wondering what she had done to make Fate treat her so cruelly.


Brian scanned the road, looking for the exact spot where he had found his angel. He knew the path well, and he found the location without difficulty. As he tied his horse to a tree, he thanked heaven that it hadn't snowed anymore during the night. A heavy snowfall would have covered any clues to what had happened to his mystery woman.

He pinpointed the place where he had found her, and did a careful sweep of the surrounding area. Sure enough, higher up on the slope, he saw signs of where she must have tumbled down the hill. He retraced her path, finally spotting a small, cloth suitcase wedged among some rocks. He pried it loose and opened it. There were several dresses, women's undergarments, a wooden hairbrush, a small purse with money in it, and a bundle of books.

Brian frowned thoughtfully at the books, running his hand over the spines. The books included a bible, a cookbook, and a book entitled "Sonnets from the Portuguese". Intrigued by the title, Brian freed the book and flipped through the pages. It was a book of love sonnets. As he flipped through, he came across a small photo of a man. He was handsome, with dark hair and a mustache. Brian spied an inscription on the inside flap of the book, and he squinted to read what it said.

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