tagNon-EroticSecond Chances Won't Leave us Alone

Second Chances Won't Leave us Alone


Summary: a brokenhearted boy southern boy meets a city girl. Interracial. Story about true love when one least expects it, or is avoiding it.

"Jed Michaels! Get up! This is getting to be ridiculous; it's been seven months now-"

"And four days..." he said, rolling on his side, turning his back to his mother. She just didn't understand what it felt like, every single day getting up and looking out the window hoping to see her about to ring the door bell yelling at him. That was no more. No staring at the stars, kissing, laughing, no anything. Why she left-

"Get up and make the bed. Your dad has gone fishing and the barn needs to be taken care of. It won't do it itself...you hear me?"

"...yes ma'am"

Carolynn was about to close her son's door when she paused and looked back at her son. "I love you, alright?"

"I love you too ma"

She loved her second son just as much as she loved her first, third or fourth. He never had a daughter but he was the closest thing to it; not that he was feminine or anything. He was just a good listener and all that stuff. Jed was the only one who helped her with dinner, cleaning, and whatever else she needed. She hated that he was going through such pain. Heartache for someone who was not ready could be a dangerous thing. He had not eaten a meal with the family since Christmas...it was now July. He loved that girl more than anything else; his family, school, football. Carolynn hated Tenley for doing this to her son. She just up

and left without as little as a word. hmph wait –

"Mom, what's for breakfast?"

She looked at her youngest son, seventeen year old Cameron and rolled her eyes jokingly. 'its Saturday, make your own breakfast."

Cameron walked over to his mother and kissed her cheek. "I love you, that should count for some toast."

Carolynn laughed aloud and went into the fridge to get the eggs and butter. She loved her boys. Jared, who was twenty-three, Jed who was twenty, Mitchell, eighteen, and Cameron was seventeen. Her life was perfect just the way it was. She loved in a beautiful house on nine acres of land, a good husband, and amazing children. It didn't hurt that she never needed-or wanted- for anything. She reached for the teacups but couldn't get it. At that moment, Jed came up behind her and got them down. She looked at him to see that his eyes were as red as they were seven months ago; he also had to have lost twenty pounds or more. He smiled at her.

"You really should grow some more ma." Jed teased.

'Oh, I don't know, I've only ever been 5'3 since I was twelve, Mr. 6'3." Carolynn teased back, smiling. She pulled him down and kissed him on the cheek. One thing she made sure of was that he still felt loved and that his brothers and dad did not tease him about what he was going through. There just was no room to add insult to injury.

Carolynn, Jed, and Cameron ate breakfast while sitting and talking. Jared, Mitchell, and their father had left earlier in the morning for a fishing trip so her and her two sons had some work to do. She didn't mind though, was just more time to spend with her sons. She smiled as she looked at her two boys eating as though they were being sentenced. Growing boys...

Jed was the second tallest of the four boys, with blonde hair and blue-green eyes, just like Carolynn's. Cameron was 6'1 with dirty blond hair and the same eyes. She grinned, "My boys are so handsome."

"That's every mom's job" Cameron said through bites.

"Along with it being my job to tell you to close your mouth while you chew." She said

"Yes ma'am" he said, finishing his food. "What did the door say to the next?"

They all started laughing. It felt good to see Jed laugh..."don't you dare tell that dirty joke around the table mister!" she changed the subject. " I have a good menu for dinner tonight," She said eyeing Jed while sipping her tea. She really wanted him there again.

"Yeah Jed," Cameron said with a pleading look in his eyes. "I have no one to give my veggies to..."

"No one to keep my company" Carolynn added with tears in her eyes. "...please."

Jed looked at his mother and excused himself to his room; the last thing he wanted to do was see his best friend cry. He was heart broken and she was the only one who could remotely understand what he was going through but he still was not ready to face everything. Tenley left without saying a thing. They planned a future together...

He laid down on his bed and ran his fingers through his hair. Jed had changed so much since Tenley left. He dropped football, barely pasted his second year of college, no hanging out with friends, nothing. He looked up at the ceiling. "I wish I never met her...."


Jed sat at the windowsill, staring out the window, as he normally did, looking at the fields, dirt road, and the lake. He heard a knock at the door.

"You coming for dinner?" Cameron asked, as he always did, every day for the past seven months. Everyone else used to ask, but like his dad, they stopped after the third week. "I tell mom to bring your dinner up. Cam said with the look of defeat in his eyes. That was the most faithful brother anyone could ask for.

Jed didn't want to hurt his family but what could he do? He had his heart broken when he least expected it. Then again, nothing could prepare him for a heartbreak, not even a heartbreak. He looked out the window one last time before getting up. He had enough of feeling like this.

Carolynn sat at the dining table as everyone chattered away at the six-seat dining table set. five people present, she thought to herself, as she did every single night. Her husband was busy talking about his fishing trip when she saw JED come around the corner. As he walked toward the table, it fell beyond silent, mouths left open. Carolynn was in disbelief as she looked at her boy; she sprung up so quickly to pull him into a hug, crying.

"Ma, stop that, I'm here." Jed said as he let go and walked to his seat where his placemat was set. He smiled at his mom as he squeezed Cameron's shoulders. Those two never gave up on him, EVER. He sat and ate quietly as everyone stared at him. He looked up. "You know, I could always leave if you guys feel that I'm interrupting-"

"NOOO-" everyone practically screamed in unison.

Jed forced a smile as they all started talking at the same time.

"Miss Gwen's granddaughter is moving in next to go to University," Carolynn started "the girl is studying to become a doctor with a minor in law. She is quiet the looker from the photos I've seen. any who, Miss Gwen is inviting us all over for dinner to welcome her granddaughter to the south, with her being from Manhattan and all..."

"I'd love to go." Mitchell said, "Miss Gwen makes the best honey. Put that on some toast and call it a day."

"Count me in, right boys?" David, Carolynn's husband asked.

Three of the four boys answered, and then looked at Jed. He looked at them all, then at his mom. He sighed, "I'll be there ma, ok? Will it make you happy and the rest of you stop staring? Your food is getting cold; eat up." He said getting annoyed.

Caroline changed the subject to reduce the tension. She was happier that anyone would ever know. It would be the first time he's gone anywhere apart from school in the last seven months. Maybe she would get her boy back...



"Alana! You better hurry up! The Michaels will be here momen-"


Alana heard the door open and cringed. She'd be in trouble for sure now; her mother and grandmother had been calling her for the past fifteen minutes. But she was on a call to one of her best friends, what was she to do?. Alana had moved down south less than a week and her grandmother was wasting no time introducing her granddaughter to everyone she knew. In the time she'd been here, she'd gotten straight down to business unpacking because one thing she hated was clutter and not being organized. Alana had beat unpacking but she hadn't beat getting downstairs.

Her whole entire family was there; he grandmother, mother, father, grandmother, and two brothers/ they'd only be there for another week though, just to help her get settled in and then it was back to Manhattan for them.

She heard the chattering as her family met the Michaels. She took one last look at herself before opening her room door. Alana had shoulder length hair, not too long, but it was considered pretty good for a colored girl. She wore her hair in loose curls and was wearing a one-shouldered red cocktail dress that was almost knee length but not quite. Alana was just a normal girl that grew up in New York, had a love for fashion and full of class. She was five foot seven, straight smile, brown eyes, and brown skin; nothing above average until you got to know her.

She put her smile on and rushed down the stairs, almost in a run before she made it half way, slowing down when she made eye contact with her grandmother. She looked at the Michaels' children, her heart racing a little. Boys! Boys! Boys! That was all she could think of as she scammed each and every one of them. They all looked like the mother but had Mr. Michael's jaw line and height. "you all look alike," she said before she could catch herself. "uh, what I meant was, good evening everyone, I apologize for the wait."

Everyone but her mother and grandmother laughed as she made her rounds, personally introducing herself. Then she locked eyes with one of the boys, walking over to him slowly with a slight smile on her face as he extended his arm.

"I'm Jed." He said in a low southern drawl, deeper than the others. Hmph, thank goodness she was legal, and she hoped he was too because-

"I'm Alana" said introduced herself smiling shyly. Man, was he ever good looking; but then again, they all were.

"Lets get settled around the table," Alana heard her grandmother call over the chatter. That was Alana's cue to get in the kitchen. Miss Gwen was a very traditional woman, believing that housework and child caring was for the woman of the house. So as Alana, her mother, grandmother and Mrs. Michaels finished up last minutes, they mad small chatter about school, New York and fashion. They served dinner and got to know one another pretty well. She found out that she'd be going to the same University as three of the boys, well, Mitchell would be starting this year.

Dinner went well and after clearing the table and cleaning, the adults sat in the living room to talk and have a drink, I guess one of the boys would be driving them home. The Michael boys, Alana and her two brothers [Fischer, and Derrick] went into the Den/rec area to relax and play games. Alana sat on the couch with her legs crossed talking to the two youngest boys, Cameron and Mitchell. She looked over to see Jared playing pool with her brothers; then she saw Jed. He was wearing a burgundy dress shirt and jeans. His hair was cropped; kind of like Chase Crawford almost but with more fullness she was guessing. She laughed to herself, what a loser she thought to herself. Who comes to s dinner party and stands by himself looking out the window? She mentally dismissed him and returned to her conversation with Mitchell and Cameron; they had a few laughs before turning on the PS3.

About an hour or so into playing, Alana noticed Jed was no longer by the window. She skimmed the room with no sign of him. She excused herself to the bathroom with the full intent to find him. Checking if he was with the adults, seeing as to how it would be something he would do, she looked, but he was not there. She made a face as she went upstairs, looking for him to no avail. She was about to give up until she remembered she didn't check one room. Alana approached the door and creaked it open to see Jed sitting on the window seat with his head leaned against the wall; looking out the window again.

"What do you see?" she asked, looking at him then at the window.

Jed was startled. He hadn't heard her come in. he stood to his feet as quickly as he could; red in the face. "I'm sorry, I-I'm sorry, I just wanted some quiet for a while." He paused.

"I'll be leaving."

"Stay," Alana said. "What do you see?"

"What?" he asked.

"What do you-" she cut herself off midsentence as she looked into his eyes. How'd she miss that look? He looked away. "You've lost someone." She concluded.

Jed grew angry. He did not like her being aware of anything. "Who told you? Mitchell? Cameron?"

Alana touched his arm to calm him down. "No one told me, I just...know"

"You don't know a thing." He spoke slowly "you don't know me or my life,"

"You seem to know or think you have the right to know mine seeing as to how you're in my room." She snapped back, embarrassing him.

Jed made to leave. "No, wait! What's wrong? Let me help. It's not healthy you know that?"

"You couldn't help me even if I let you, my life is hard-"

"Compared to what?" Alana asked.

"Excuse me?" Jed asked.

"You just said your life is hard. Compared to what? You've only ever lived a life..."

"I don't have time for this philosophy sh-"

"Next time you complain, let it be worth while. Stop sapping around. Is that why your mother looks that way? With the pain in her eyes? Are you the reason?" she asked. Before she could take back what she said, Jed turned and ran out of her room, down the stairs and out the front door. As soon as she saw him run, she began running too. She could hear the commotion as she ran out the door. Alana kept running after him. For so long as she could see him, she would chase. Her lungs were burning, she felt dizzy but she was so close to Jed, she could almost grab him. That was until she screamed out in pain and fell to the floor.

A/N: hey guys, bare with me, I'm working in the characters and the set up. As you can tell, Jed is one of the main characters. Please, please, please let me know what you think.the story is almost finished so i can upload quickly.just need some reviews.


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