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Second Date Boi


When they say 'you can't go home again' I never realized they meant you could go home but everything will be different. As for me, well after getting out of the service and then bumming around LA for another couple of years with nothing to show for it, I decided to go back to my hometown. The city was the same, old and boring but my old friends had changed. They all had married or moved, hell even my old job had moved as the factory had closed down.

I was sitting in my old room looking through the phone book I had used since high school when I came across Mary's name. God she was a sexy number I think I had a hard on the whole time we were together. We had dated a little after school and although she had blown me off for another guy, she told me she had really liked me. Rather than call I figured I'd just show up at her door and if I got lucky I might worm my way back into her life.

After knocking, I started to feel silly, what if she didn't even live here anymore. I just started to turn around to leave when the door opened.

"Johnny, is that you?"

She threw herself into my arms,

"Come on in, I swear I didn't think you'd ever come back to this old dump of a town."

"Wow Mary you sure look pregnant, who the lucky father?"

"Oh, I don't know John, doesn't that sound bad? I hope it's my boyfriends but he loans me out to his friends a lot, so I really don't know. It doesn't matter cause he won't do anything to help raise it anyway."

"So do you think he might loan you out to me for a little fun?"

"Gee Johnny, I don't think so, I just do black cock now, I tell you it's like a drug I can't get enough, and Terry knows it."

She sat down next to me and her short dress pulled up enough to show off her large thighs. I guess I was staring and when she noticed instead of calling me on it she pulled her dress up higher. She leaned back to show me she wasn't wearing panties.

"I remember you use to eat me real nice, you know I do miss that Johnny. Would you like a little taste right now?"

She spread her legs showing off her gash and I was so turned on I just got down on my knees between her legs and as I was putting my face into her pussy, I saw the tattoo right above her clit. It was the ace of spades and below it said 'Black Cock only'

"Oh god that feels good, just like old times. I swear John you could never be my man but you sure could be my pussy boy."

Here I was between her legs as she was belittling me and instead of making me mad it was exciting me. I started rubbing my cock, when she noticed she realized she was turning me on.

"You like that don't you Johnny, well go ahead take out your little white boy dick. You wanna be my pussy boy, don't you?"

I didn't stop eating pussy but I nodded my head yes.

"OK pussy boy just so you know, I'm always full of black man's cum. Even as pregnant as I am they still fuck me every day so you gonna be eating a lot of spunk but hell I eat it every day and I like it so maybe you will too."

The next day I met her boyfriend and was that ever scary. Turns out, he was a gangbanger from the projects and he sure looked the part. Mary was just fawning all over him and she looked like a kid on Christmas morning when he took her into the bedroom. I sat on the couch feeling intimidated while I listened to her scream to the world that she was cumming, she was cumming. When he had what he wanted from her he left merely saying 'later' to me as he walked out the door. When Mary didn't come out of the bedroom, I went to investigate, only to find her on her back with her legs splayed and a glazed look on her face. Without saying a word, she crooked a finger to me, knowing what she wanted I knelt at her altar to black cock to get my first taste of a black man's sperm.

Her pussy looked red and sore and I could tell her lover had used her hard for his own pleasure. I watched his cum trickle out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. I lifted her massive thighs thus spreading the cheeks of her ass, and then with my tongue I cleaned her lover's issue from her crack up to her pussy. Once her ass was clean I put my mouth over her cunt and tried my best to suck out the cum left inside her. I guess the taste is an acquired taste but the more I thought of being made to eat this man's spunk the harder my cock became.

So that's my lot in life, I'm nothing but a cleanup boy and now I love the taste of Mary's pussy when it full of black spunk. Mary says her girlfriends call me the second date boy and all I'm good for is cleaning up jizz and I guess they're right. Also I guess I'll never get to fuck her, she says it's because she's stretched out so much by all the black cock she's had. She says there's no way she could feel my little dick inside her. Do I feel inferior, yes but what's strange is this is all such a turn on for me and it's what I want.

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by Anonymous06/28/17

Oh boi !!

He did enjoy eating the black mans sperm from his x girlfriends cunt.

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