tagIncest/TabooSecond First Time

Second First Time


This is a story of how my intimate relationship started with my mother. My mother Carol is 5' 9" tall with a medium build with brown hair. She is a very unassuming lady; she would not stand out in a crowd when it comes to looks. Don't get me wrong I am not saying she unattractive. She was married to my father for 21 years when he decide that he was not happy with what he had left one day for work and never came home. We got a phone call from him a day later stating he was seeking a divorce. I was eleven at the time and was devastating to us. My mother who had been a stay at home mom was now forced in to the work place to provide for my brother and I. My mother did a great job taking care of us.

At the time I did not realize what she had sacrificed in order to provide for us. She did not date much at all as we were growing up. Once I was in high school I would encourage her to go out with her friends and have a good time, but she never acquired any boy friends. I went into the military when I got out of school. I decided when I decided to get out of active duty at 25 which made Carol 60. Once I was discharged I came back home and mom suggested we share an apartment. We did and it was not long before we settled into a routine. I had been preoccupied with getting a job and adjusting back into civilian life, I realized I had not been in a relationship for about nine months and was starting truly feeling the effects. I had been masturbating on a regular basis but it was not fulfilling the primal urge and desire to have my hard erection pulsating inside of a woman. I had dinner ready when mom got home. We sat and enjoyed dinner and good conversation.

We clear dinner dishes and she went to change into night gown. My mother would always wear silky ankle length gowns and a robe. She returned to the living room and bent over to get her magazine off the coffee table, when she stood back up her robe had fallen open exposing her gown covered breast to me. The material wrapped her breast perfectly outlining its supple form for my hungry eyes. My mother wears a 36 B bra. The material was thin enough for me to make out her nipple which was brown and stood out about a half inch above her areola that was the size of a quarter. For a woman that was 60 her breast did not sag much at all, it still had a firm look to it.

I immediately felt my penis start to come to life. I directed my eyes back to the TV before she realized I was staring. I saw her readjust her robe out of the corner of my eye. No matter how hard I tried to distract myself with the TV show the movement that was started in my shorts continued until I had a raging hard on. I tried to be discrete in hiding it from her with out drawing her attention to it. I could see her looking up at me often but she never said anything to me. About 30 minutes later that she announced that she was tires and was going to bed. I quietly sighed in relief hoping I had avoided an embarrassing moment.

I went to my bedroom after I was sure she was in her room. I laid there in the dark surprised in part for getting so turned on at seeing my mother's breast under her silky robe. I pushed my underwear down to my knees releasing my hard on that has been straining to get free for the past half hour. My cock is right at six inches long and about an inch and half in diameter. What I don't have in length and girth I make up for in hardness and stamina. I started by running my finger along my shaft feeling the veins to the well defined head. I paid a lot of attention to the sweet spot under side of my cock where the shaft and the head meet.

With the vision of her breast burned into my mind I tried to imagine what it would be like to hold it in my hand and take the nipple in my mouth. As I rubbed my head it felt like it was on fire. The more I rubbed the burning sensation moved down my shaft to my balls. Every movement caused intense burning/electrifying pleasure to flow through my cock until I felt the pressure build in my ball and a stream of cum shoots out landing on my stomach then another. I laid there catching my breath as the orgasmic waves settle down.

As I cleaned up the mess I made, I started wondering how long had it been since she had had sex. I thought back and could not remember any men coming to the house growing up and she never stayed out all night. I said to my self that there is no way she has gone the last fourteen years with out sex. I knew then I had to find out and see if I could get her into bed. A couple of days later I made dinner and a couple of drinks for us to help loosen us up see if I could get her to talk. After a few drinks she seemed to relax and we start talking about when I was younger and some of the crazy thing we did when she was at work. She asked me if I had any girls lined up for the week end. I told her no that I really had not focused on the part of my life yet. She smiled; I asked her the same question. She laughed and state see had not been on a date since my father left. I said no way and she nodded her head saying it is true. Before I realized it I blurted out dang you got to hornier than I am. Blushing with a half shocked look on her face slowly responded with a probably.

After a moment of silence I decided to push my luck a bit more with the alcohol induced courage I stated that we should take care of each others needs. She almost fell out of her chair. She said sweet heart we can't that would be wrong. I said no one would know. I got up to go fix us another drink and realized my cock had started stretching the fabric of my shorts. I look up and saw her looking right at my crotch. I stood there letting her get a good look. I to toy with her I tensed up making my cock lurch against the material. I could see her eyes widen a little in response. I turned and left the room to let her stew over what had been said and what she had seen.

I returned with the refills and sat on the couch. I told her she look a little tense and come sit on the ottoman and I would rub her shoulders. She stated she did not think she should. I told that there is no harm in having me rub her shoulders and back. She thought for a moment and slowly got up and sat down in front of me. I told her to loosen her robe and let it fall to her waist. She reluctantly did it giving me a look of uncertainty. The night gown was thin and silky soft like the one from the other night.

I placed my hands at the base of her neck and started to rub gently outward to her shoulders. I felt her tense as I touched her but by the time I got to the caps of her shoulder her start to relax. I worked my way down to her shoulder blades I could see she had a birth mark on her back. She scooted back a little bit and rested her hands on my knees. I could tell by her low moan that she was getting into the rubbing and relaxing more. I looked around to see her face and she had her eyes closed.

I kept working my hands down her back and stop just below her waist band of her white cotton panties just above the crack of her ass and work my back up. Once I got to the top of her shoulders I had leaned in closer so the warm air from my breath would glide over the bare skin of her neck and shoulder. I could see the goose bumps rise up as my breath hit her skin and I run my hands down her arm. Her breathing got deep and the rhythm started to increase. I look around her side taking in the site of her breast moving with her breaths. Her nipples were hard and clearly defined by the material of her gown.

My cock flexed against my shorts at the site. I had to hold them; I moved in by rubbing her arms and slipping my hands along her side under her arms. Being so close I whispered I love in her ear and see smiled and stated she loved me to. I leaned in and placed a kiss on her neck and at the same time I slipped my hands under each breast and lifted them slightly with my fingers covering her nipples. It was heavenly feeling having her soft breast fill my hands; her nipples were firm and rubbery. I took each nipple between my fingers and lightly squeezed as I rolled them gently. This took her by surprise causing her gasp and it took her a few seconds to process what had just happened.

My heart was racing not knowing how it would play out. When she regained her focus she exclaimed "what are you doing"! I told her to relax I was going to take care of her needs now, you have been neglected for to long. She protested stating that it is not right for us to do this. I told her we are both adults here and that is nothing wrong with a son wanting to please his mother. She shook her head no trying to sit up, I held on pulling back gently squeezing her nipples and kissing her shoulder again. She stops struggling for a moment then states we cant placing her hands on mine. I told her that she sacrificed her sexual pleasure raising us kids. I feel you should be able to enjoy it now. She states again, less forceful this time, that if someone caught us... I cut her off, stating no one would know as long as we don't tell any one.

I stood and pulled her to her feet and told her that she has been telling me for some years now that I was the man of the house. I told I was going to take care of my manly duties starting tonight. I led her by the hand to my bedroom. I stood there in front of her and hugged her close I could feel her nipples press into me and my cock press into her stomach. I whispered that I love her and will not do anything to hurt her. I pulled back to me and looked into her eyes, she had a tear on her cheek and said in a broken voice she knows and she loves me to.

She looked into my eyes and said it has been so long since I have been with a man. I pulled her close and kissed her long and passionately. We kissed slow at first but picked up the pace a bit as my hands found their way back to her breast. As I caressed her breast and her hand made its way down to my raging hard on. She took it in her hand squeezing it up and down through my shorts. We broke the kiss and I tool a half a step back looking at her with her cheeks flush she looked so beautiful. Her hand had not left my cock and the other had made its way down to cup my balls. She smiled as she fondled me and said it is so hard. I smiled and said it gets even harder than that when it is free from the shorts.

She got this sparkle in her eye and smiled saying really. She put her thumbs in the waist band of shorts pulling them down underwear and all. My cock now able to reach it full potential right before her eyes: she reaches out and takes it in her hand. She starts stroking it slowly letting her fingers feel every bump and vein. I lean back in and embrace her in another passionate kiss. When we break from this my cock is throbbing with anticipation. I reach down and start raising her gown until I get it over her head.

Her breast finally in full view as I stroke the sides making goose bumps again. I lean down kissing her chest and take her nipple in my mouth rolling it around with my tongue. She lets out a deep primal groan and goes slightly weak in her knees. I stop and take her to the bed. I kneel down and pull her panties down to the floor. She steps out of them and I tell her to get on the bed. I climb in next to her and I start caressing her body. I kiss my way down to her mound and she jumps a bit as I brush over the hair.

She has a beautiful bush, it is covered with brown hair that is starting to turn grey and thin out. I can see her labia through the hair. The lips are very full and start to part even with her legs closed. I kiss the mound and the womanly musk fills my nostrils causing my dick to jump.

I spread her legs and start kissing her inner thigh starting at her knee and working my way to her pussy one kiss at a time. She moaned asking what I was going to do. I told her I was going to make her cum orally first. She started to protest saying she did not think I should. I told her to relax and enjoy it. I placed a kiss on her moist lips. I placed my tongue on her opening and ran it up her wet slit to her clit, coating my tongue with her wonderful fluid. Her clit was hard and poking out from under its hood. My tongue focused on it and rolled it around, flicking it up and down.

It did not take much to send her over the edge. Her legs clamped down on my head as she pushed her pussy into my face. I could feel the muscles in the vaginal opening contracting rapidly under my tongue oozing her fluid all over it. When she settled down I raised up moving my self between her legs. I looked in her glassy eyes and asked if she liked that and she nodded yes still breathing deep with a smile.

I placed the head of my dick at the top of her vulva sliding it down her slit and back up again getting the head all wet. After a couple of trips up and down I nestled the head at her opening and slowly applied pressure. Her opening started to give way to my swollen head as it slowly disappeared in to her pussy. As the head passed through I felt the her opening slam closed and the wall of her pussy clamping down trying to adjust to this hard invader as is snakes its way into areas that have not been touched in 14 years. I hold still as my balls come to rest on her ass. She tells me that I feel so good inside of her.

I let her have a moment to get use to having something hard buried in her tight hot pussy. I pulled out leaving only the head in and then push back in a little quicker. She gasped and tightened her grip on my rock hard cock has my pelvis grinded into hers rubbing her clit. We got into a good rhythm and her breathing sped up as her moans turn whimpers. She tells me between breaths that I going to make her cum again. I tell good I want you to cum on my cock... I am cuming she exclaims as her pussy clamps down on me. I can't hold back any longer, the feeling of my cock buried in her tight pussy that was milking me for all I was worth. I let go and the jets of hot cum exploded into her filling up her pussy spasm after spasm.

I kept my cock buried in her until I went soft and slide out letting my cum stream down her cheeks forming a puddle on the bed. I laid beside her on the bed rubbing her skin basking in the contentment.

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