Second Half of Life


Jeremiah made gentle thrusting and side to side movements as the throes of orgasm tapered off for both of them. He let his arms relax and bent down to give Jo a gentle kiss. He whispered, "Damn I needed that. It may have been the best I've ever had."

Jo giggled and pulled him tighter to her. She gave him another gentle kiss and said, "Me too but I want more. You may have created a monster here. I don't think I've ever cum like that before and I've cum a lot of times."

Jeremiah rolled to the side and collapsed onto his bed beside his woman. He was rapidly drifting off to sleep when his eyes popped open. Joanna felt his body stiffen and turned her head to him. She sleepily asked, "What's the matter?"

"I was drifting off to sleep and I thought how nice it was to be here with my woman."

Jo smiled and replied, "Ummmm. I'm glad. I hope you mean it and it just wasn't the pussy talking." She wrapped her arm around his chest and threw her leg over his then the two new lovers drifted off to sleep.

It was almost full dark when Jer and Jo woke. He was trying to get up to go to the bathroom without waking her. They both rose from his bed and walked toward the bathroom. Neither felt the need to dress. Jeremiah moved to the kitchen and made a pitcher of Margarita's while Jo watched. He walked toward the door with the pitcher and two glasses. She followed him to the covered porch and they sat in chairs drinking Margarita's and watching the sunset. Neither felt the need to speak.

Finally at almost full dark Jeremiah turned to Jo and said, "This feels right. I don't feel like I need to do or be anything except what I am when I'm with you. Neither of us feels like we need to dress and I like that. I enjoy being here with you just as we are. I like working with you and relaxing with you." He laughed and continued, "And I ESPECIALLY like having sex with you. I don't know how much sooner we could have started doing that but I sure wish we had started earlier.

"To answer your question from before though, 'YES'. I think I WOULD like to see where this goes. I've known you for years as you have me and I've never thought of you as anything besides a Lady and a great person. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for you that I sheltered never letting it grow to anything other than a good feeling when we were working together. I think, maybe, it could have been more but our duty kept that from happening. Now we can see where those feelings lead us if you still want to."

Joanna's eyes were glistening once again. She reached her hand out and gently held Jeremiah's as she said, "Oh, yes. I still want to. Maybe I want to even more after what we just did than I did before. I think I want to get closer to you very, very much."

Over the course of the next week the new couple did a lot of work on the farm but now it was interrupted by bouts of love making. Not all of the interruptions resulted in wild monkey sex but many of them did. Some were just gentle kissing, touching and cuddling. Now every day ended with a sexy swim in the river before the two lovers went into the house for supper.

A week to the day from the first time they made love Jeremiah and Joanna went to the family resort for a BBQ. This time when they arrived he walked around the front of the truck and held her hand as they walked toward the picnic area. Jeremiah's family watched as the couple walked toward them. Many of the family members were smiling and there were several nudges and quiet comments as they got closer.

Amanda, Charlie's wife walked a couple of steps toward the new arrivals and grinned. She placed her hands on her hips and said loudly, "Well it's about time you two got together. We were about to give up hope here." She reached out and grabbed Joanna's hand. She pulled her toward the rest of the women and said loudly, "You come with me Jo. We want to hear all about it. How did you finally get that big lug into your bed?"

Joanna felt the blush rush up her neck and across her face. Her mouth dropped open and she stuttered. Amanda and many of the other women laughed. Grandma Ann said, "Mandy you just hush now. You're embarrassing Jo." Then she looked at Jo and continued, "We're glad for you honey and we would like to know how you finally managed to open Jer's eyes though."

Many of the men were looking at Jeremiah and laughing. Charlie and Jeffery walked to him and slapped him on the back. Charlie said, "Just ignore Mandy Jer. She's been telling us for several weeks now that you two had it bad and just needed a little nudge. Hell, we're all happy for ya son. Now come on. The booze is evaporating in this heat."

When the meal was served Joanna and Jeremiah ate together. For the first time she sat close to him. They could not seem to keep their hands off each other. They left early and walked back to Jeremiah's truck arm in arm. When he opened the door for Jo she slid across the seat so she was sitting beside him when he got in.

That was the end of Jeremiah's freedom but it was also the end of Jeremiah's and Joanna's loneliness. Sometime during that evening the bonding became complete. Perhaps it was the full acceptance of their relationship by his family, perhaps it was something else but they were fully coupled. When he asked her to marry two weeks later it was almost anticlimactic. The question and her saying yes were almost as if it was a common question like "is the sun up".

Joanna and Jeremiah worked his small orchard and truck garden as a team. Of course during the busy part of the year they did hire seasonal help but they tried to keep it to a minimum. When they were alone they could run around nude and love whenever they wanted to do so.

Eighteen months after the wedding Joanna produced a son for Jeremiah then a year later a daughter. The small orchard prospered as they branched out to making jams and jellies, apple cider and drinks. They grew pumpkins and sold them, corn shocks and straw during October for Halloween. Both had found their niche in life. The Navy became a dim but fond memory for them as they sailed into the future with each other, the Commander and his good right hand, his Master Chief.

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