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Second Honeymoon


It was a fantastic honeymoon. A single week in a one room croft on a Scottish island in the middle of October would not seem to have a lot going for it but it was pure magic. Sarah and I must have spent the whole seven days with our anatomies conjoined in one way or another. We were particularly fortunate with the weather for that time of year and did occasionally venture out but even in the wild outdoors our carnal urge was not quiescent and consequently we fucked in the heather more than once.

For the next three years until the first of our kids turned up we certainly kept passion alive but without ever quite matching the wild hedonistic abandon of that first perfect week. Unfortunately since then our sex lives have imperceptibly but continuously declined.

On leaving college I secured a position with a small family firm. Sarah was the typist cum office girl who was instructed to help me settle in. She undertook this task very happily and I thought she was lovely. A purist would undoubtedly point out flaws in both her face and figure but to me she seemed perfect. A mere fortnight after meeting I asked her out and was overjoyed when she accepted.

While in college I had enjoyed two relationships, lasting a year and nine months respectively, but without ever envisioning an enduring connection with either girl. Sarah was different, call it 'love at first sight' or not but after one kiss I knew with absolute certainty that she was the woman that I wanted to spend my life with. We were married six months later.

Married life suited her and she began filling out with the transformation from girl to woman. At 5' 7" Sarah was three inches shorter than me but whenever she wore her really high heels she was the taller. Maybe she wasn't super model material but I'm sure that she has always got more than her share of lustful glances from other men

Then our offspring arrived, first Sophie followed by Duncan three years later. They are now aged seven and four and we both love them dearly but let me state categorically that young children are not conducive to an adventurous sex life. I've lost count of the occasions when, just as I was getting really amorous, there was the patter of tiny feel and a distressed small child slipped into bed with us.

There was also the tiredness to contend with. I was putting in the hours and effort to advance my career while my wife looked after the house and children and latterly did a part time job. We somehow got out of sync, whenever Sarah felt frisky I was exhausted and conversely, my randy moments always seemed to coincide with her libido lulls. I not saying that we didn't still have our occasions; especially when one or other grandparent took the kids overnight. Then we did the whole thing, sexy lingerie, toys, role play and even porn. Yes, those times did recapture the passion we had known but they were like oasis in the desert, growing ever sparser as time went by. Apart from that it was a Wednesday Saturday routine when it was more a matter of 'let's do it and get it over with before we get interrupted'.

With out ten year anniversary coming up I was desperate to use the occasion to put the spark back in the marriage but could not think of anything that I hadn't already tried. Then, while doing some work connected internet research on Scotland, I found myself gazing at a picture of our honeymoon cottage.

A quick check showed that it was free for the relevant week, which fortuitously was also the school holiday for the autumn half term. Sarah was ecstatic at the idea and both sets of grandparents were eager to share looking after the kids while we were away.

With everything arranged we still had just over a month to wait and we were both filled with eager anticipation. In fact, had the holiday fallen through we would still have derived substantial benefit from just the idea because our sex returned to near old levels, as if we felt a mutual need to get back in practice for a week hopefully crammed with continuous copulation. Actually, we rather over did it and this prompted Sarah to suggest that we try a bit of celibacy for the week before departure, to ensure that the new honeymoon was still something special. It certainly worked because on the train up north I was straining at the bit and there were many clues that my wonderful sexy wife felt exactly the same.

Arriving at the small mainland port we had just missed one sailing so with almost two hours to kill until the next, we parked our luggage at the ferry terminal and wandered round the small town. We quite enjoyed exploring the shops but then it began to rain and as a fierce wind was getting up I suggested that we collect our bags and spend the last hour getting some refreshments in the cafeteria near the ferry. Happily we collected trays and started making our way along the display of foodstuffs for sale and that is where everything went wrong.

"Gordon! Gordon Bradley, I thought it was you. Good to see you again Brad." a male voice said loudly and I turned to see a tall figure striding purposefully across the cafeteria floor towards me. My heart sank because this was the last person in the world that I ever wanted to see again.

His name was Alan Proctor and a decade before, throughout a three year college course he had been a disruptive element in every student's life. He was tall and good looking, very intelligent with an athletic physique and reputedly exceptionally well hung. When gifts and talents were being dished out by fate, Alan must have been right at the front of the queue and he used all of those attributes to further his role of sexual predator. When it came to seducing he was a phenomena and he seemed driven by a need to add more and more notches to his belt.

The college was coeducational with an even mix of male and female. Now with most young people, away from home for the first time sexual relationships should be in a state of flux, pick and mix with plenty of one night stands but for some reason it wasn't like that at all. Almost from the start everybody split up into fairly stable pairs. I'm not saying that there was no changing of partners over that three year period but most relationships lasted a minimum of several months. The exception was Alan. No relationship was sacred to him, he just moved in whenever he saw a chance and his success was phenomenal. I know of at least twelve separate occasions when he fucked another guy's girl. In some cases the relationship survived his intervention, most did not. I was included in that number but in my case I didn't mind too much because I had started thinking that my relationship had no future and I was rather pleased when he effectively let me off the hook. However, it didn't do my pride a lot of good.

Alan was big enough to beat any one in a straight fight so he had no real fear of revenge by jilted boyfriends but I wondered why several aggrieved males never ganged together to take him down. An unproved reputation for being a Karate black belt is the probable explanation. Possibly the most impressive thing about Alan is the speed at which he worked, he had no sooner seemed to appear on a scene when bingo, it was a done deal. He also had a wide range of targets such, as when he used some form of global warming to conquer the legendary ice queen, and I know that he seduced and fucked two girls who had persuaded regular boy friends to help preserve their virginity until marriage. Life in college was not unlike swimming off a nice beach on a beautiful warm day but knowing that there was a shark in the water.

Now seeing him again near the check out, I balanced my tray on one arm and reached out to take his outstretched hand, saying coolly, "Hello Alan, what are you doing here?"

"Same as you I reckon," he said avoiding the question but then seeing that this distraction was halting the queue, he muttered, "I'll catch up with you in a minute."

I paid for both me and my wife and carrying our respective trays, we carried them to an empty table. The moment we were seated, with an element of wonder in here voice, Sarah asked, "Who was that, he's very good looking, like a film star or TV presenter."

"He's a nasty, devious, underhand shit, "I told her. "I knew him at college and he made a career out of pinching other bloke's girls. He'll be coming to our table when he gets served so it will be best if we both give him the cold shoulder and perhaps he will leave us alone."

"Well he certainly looked pleased to see you," my wife argued, "I thought he looked rather nice. Don't you think it will be bad manners if we're not polite, especially when you haven't seen each other for so long?"

"You don't know what he's like," I protested. "Back then he could get any woman he wanted, almost like magic and he'd got no conscience at all about who he went after. He was a menace."

"I can certainly see why a lot of girls would be attracted to him. He's exactly what women's magazines describe as the ideal man." Sarah said thoughtfully.

"And I've heard that he has a huge cock," I added unnecessarily.

My wife smiled. "Well then, if he'd got so much going for him why not make use of it. If all that happened ten years ago, I don't blame him for sowing his wild oats, most boys do at that age or at least try to. He is probably happily settled down now with a houseful of kids. The least we can do is be pleasant, at least until it's time to catch our ferry. I think you're just a bit jealous of him. What did he do, pinch one of your girl friends?"

I just grunted, not wanting to admit that he had. At that moment I saw Alan heading towards us and just had time to whisper, "All right, we'll pretend to be friendly, just be wary of him."

Alan arrived at the table and then stopped, gazing at Sarah in awe. "Who is this absolutely gorgeous creature, don't say she's with you?"

"This is my wife Sarah," I said reluctantly, "Sarah this is Alan."

My wife held her hand out to him, her face glowing with pride at the complement. He put his tray on the table and they shook hands quite formally but my watchful eye saw both the way that his fingers curled round her small hand and that he caused the handshake to linger just that bit longer than necessary. Sitting down and turning to my wife, he continued the flattery by saying, "Gordon always did have excellent in females but he really has excelled himself with you. I only wish that I could be half as lucky."

"So you're not married then?"

"Sadly no."

Sarah looked puzzled. "I wouldn't have thought you would have much trouble attracting women," she said, joining in the flattery game.

"I can attract them alright, it's keeping them that's the problem," Alan said ruefully. "Unfortunately, for some reason females don't seem to regard me as what I think is called a 'keeper', perhaps because after just a few dates they realise how shallow I am."

Sarah was about to say something else but I broke in quite rudely to ask, "You didn't say what you are doing here?"

"I'm meeting someone across on the island so I'm waiting for the ferry," he said vaguely, "What about you?"

"We're going to the island too," Sarah answered for me. "We've rented a croft for a week. It's a second honeymoon to celebrate our anniversary and it's the very same cottage we were in the first time," she told him excitedly and divulging far more information than I was happy with.

"I'm pleased for you. It sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun," he said with a cheeky grin, placing a lot of emphasis on the word 'fun' and causing Sarah to blush quite prettily.

The conversation continued, with me mainly filling the role of spare part, during which my wife proudly told about our two children and Alan revealed that he had had a bit of luck on the lottery.

"I've got no real money worries now, so no need for a specific occupation," he added, "I pass my time doing this and that, in fact anything that sparks my interest."

It was amazing the way that he managed to say so little about himself and yet very subtly managed to pump Sarah for a lot of data that was nothing to do with him, such as the state of our marriage and whether we planned on any more children. She saw nothing wrong and responded you his interest by telling him everything he wanted to know. After a while he asked if we would like another coffee and getting two affirmative replies, he returned to the self service line.

The moment he was out of earshot I said angrily, "What the hell has got into you, I would swear that you're coming on to him? I know that you haven't looked at me once since he sat down."

Sarah answered with equal irritation, "I certainly am not coming on to him. I'm just being pleasant as we agreed. If you're not happy with me talking to him then you say something. You've hardly spoken a word up until now and I'm fed up with having to carry the conversation, I'm running out of things to talk about."

"I'm sorry," I said, realising that I was being a bit unreasonable.

Sarah smiled her forgiveness and said, "I think you are wrong because he could easily have changed since you knew him. I think he's nice and I actually feel a bit sorry for him. I know how happy we are and I don't think he is. I know he seems rather full of himself but his eyes aren't happy."

When Alan returned, despite his efforts to re-involve my wife in the conversation, I kept his attention focussed on me by talking about college days. While deliberately avoiding any mention of his many conquests, I concentrated the different tutors and various incidents that occurred during the three years.

Suddenly most of the other customers stood, almost in unison, and started moving towards the door.

Sarah took this as a sign that the ferry was boarding and started to rise to join them but Alan was not in any hurry. "If you want to queue go and queue but I've been here several times and there's never any problem getting aboard," he said confidently, "Personally, I don't intend standing outside in this weather a moment longer than I have to."

Quarter of an hour later we did venture outside to find only a few queuing at the gangplank. We made our way down there followed by a handful of stragglers who I think had taken their cue from us. We were walking straight into the wind but Alan stepped in front and his breadth shielded both Sarah and I from the worst of the weather. I was rather puzzled by the fact that an official looking individual was standing on the quayside very obviously counting the passengers as they moved in single file up the walk way onto the ferry.

The storm had intensified while we were in the cafeteria and I was concerned by the power of the wind. For a moment I considered staying on the mainland and finding overnight accommodation in the hope that the sea would be calmer on the morrow but just then Alan reached the head of the queue. Instead of moving forward he stepped aside in gentlemanly fashion, ushering Sarah to board first. I moved forward carrying the hold all, rather assuming that he would also give me precedence but Alan quickly stepped forward almost roughly to keep me behind him.

It seemed of little importance but as I moved forward to follow, the individual who had been counting held up his hand to stop me. "Sorry Pal," he said, "The boats full."

"But my wife is already on board," I protested, "Surely it won't harm to let one more on board.

"Fraid it will," he said. "Due to the weather we've had to cut capacity by twenty five percent and it's more than my job's worth to exceed the limit. You'll just have to wait a couple of hours for the next sailing."

During this exchange I saw Alan bustling my wife ahead of him away along the deck but at this point she looked back and, seeing the situation, tried to run back. Initially the big man managed to block her way but she managed to dodge round him. Unfortunately, she was too late because by the time she reached the gang plank it was almost fully retracted. I saw her pleading with the guy operating it but to no avail. I shouted that I would be on the next trip but in that weather I'm not sure if she heard me.

By this time the engine had started and Alan walked back to stand behind Sarah, waving confidently to me as the vessel moved slowly away from the dock. His whole posture betrayed his intention and for a moment I felt completely helpless but then I took the obvious action. I needed to tell my wife not to go anywhere with the seducer when they reached the island and instead to enter the hotel and stay in the bar until I arrived. Pulling out my mobile I typed in her number, with my over hasty fingers needing three attempts to succeed. My reward was to hear the sound of her phone impotently ringing from the holdall at my feet.

I stood on the quayside watching until the ferry had disappeared into the storm then made my way despondently back to the cafeteria. Knowing I had two hours to fill and a need to sustain energy, I selected several items from the food on display. I was concerned that Sarah was with Alan and not with me but for the moment I was more concerned about her physical safety because the magnitude of the storm had definitely increased since I left the shelter of this building. I calculated the probable arrival time on the island and resolved to return to the departure point to check on its safe arrival.

In the meantime I had the problem of a demon seducer who had somehow managed events so that he was alone with my wife. But had he arranged it or was it just a stroke of luck that had aided his nefarious plan? I could not see how he could have stage managed what had happened but I could believe that fortune had smiled on him. Long ago I decided that Lady Luck doesn't like losers, if you don't need luck then you get it in spades but if you need a little help from fate then you are a long time waiting. If a man has a sound plan to make a million then he will probably make five when everything favourable falls into place but if you need a thousand to pay the rent, taking what you still have down to the casino never solves your problem.

Knowing that Sarah was not a fool, I managed to keep myself calm by arguing that realistically there was not that much which Alan could do before I arrived to rescue her. When the time came, I fought against the now howling gale to reach the small quayside office and was told the good news that the ferry had just docked safely on the island. Unfortunately my euphoric relief was short lived because the Ferry master's next act next act was to pick up a notice which he went to pin up outside. The notice read, 'Due to inclement weather this service is suspended until further notice'. That's when my panic really set in.

Sarah takes over the story.

When Alan sat down at our table in the cafeteria I was very impressed. He had that combination of wavy jet black hair and intense very light blue eyes that always were my particular weakness in men. Just those two things would have been enough at one time to set my heart pounding but this guy had also the full set of other attributes that all women like. And if Gordon was to believe he had a large cock as well. It was very easy to believe that ten years ago he had been devastatingly successful at turning young girl's heads.

When I was young and relatively fancy free I would certainly have been in that number but now I was a very happily married woman. I had a doting husband and two wonderful kids and I cherished the stability of our lives so why should I think of risking it, even in a passing fantasy. I had a perfect marriage with the only flaw that sex had become rather mundane compared with our early years, but that was what we were here to cure. It was easy to see that Alan was a practised charmer but his superlatives didn't really cut much ice with me, even though I might have given a different impression.

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