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Second Honeymoon


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Bonnie saw the contest at local business. "Win a second honeymoon in the Caribbean all expenses paid. Let our Private jet fly you to the vacation of your dreams" it read. It looked fantastic. She and Don had not had much money when they married. Instead of a real honeymoon they had spent a weekend at a friends cabin. It was rustic but not particularly romantic. They both had to be at work on Monday so the time for romance was very limited. Now however, five years later, Don had a great job and Bonnie's had improved benefit and wage wise. A second honeymoon would be wonderful. It would be a great time to start working on a family.

The rest of their congregation at church was looking at them a bit strangely. No other couple there, married for as long as Bonnie and Don, remained childless. Bonnie had been to about twenty weddings over the last five years and every one of those brides, save one married six months ago. were either pregnant or already had one or more children.

Their childless status meant that they were the judges of the church's Holloween contests and the go to couple for last minute baby sitting. That was getting tiring. More annoying than the gossip at church were their parents. No matter the situation, either Bonnie's or Don's parents would steer the conversation around to the subject of grandchildren. But now Both husband and wife thought that the time to start a family was at hand. Bonnie filled out the detailed form and dropped it in the box next to the forms and thought nothing of it for the next two weeks.

The call came one Monday evening. A man who identified himself as the head of the travel agency offering the contest informed Bonnie that she and Don had won the contest! She could scarcely believe her luck. The only stipulation was that they had to take the trip by the end of the month. As luck would have it, both Bonnie and Don had some vacation time stashed away with their respective employers. Two weeks in the tropical sun! Bonnie and Don could hardly wait.

Clearing their schedules was not too hard. There was only a dentist appointment to move. Bonnie and Don bought new bathing suits and a few other things for the trip but according to several phone calls they had received since winning, there really wasn't much to bring. Certainly not more than one suitcase. At last the big day arrived.

Their friends had given them a small but sweet going away party in a nice restaurant. After that it was a drive to the international airport. About the only thing that Bonnie and Don would have to pay for was two weeks of parking at the airport lot. But even that cost vaporized when one of their friends offered a parking space at his uncle's house just outside the city. After making sure that parking there would be no problem, Don and Bonnie realized that a short cab ride to the airport would be the only thing they had to pay for. It seemed too good to be true.

After the Bon voyage dinner, Don and Bonnie drove to the uncle's house. He showed them where to park and Don gave him his set of car keys in case the car had to be moved in the interim. With that it was a trip to the airport to meet with Ms. Parker, the company representative, who was to help them board the plane and get off OK.

At the airport, Don carried their suitcases (Bonnie had over packed, as usual) through the terminal to the assigned office. The airline desk for the private jet was off to one side. It looked almost like an afterthought. But behind the desk an attractive blonde wore a name tag that said Parker so the couple knew that they were at the right place.

"Ah ... you must be the Hendersons. I am Jane Parker. I know who you are but I have to see your ID's Homeland Security strikes again."

Don and Bonnie produced their diver licenses and passports and Ms. Parker ran them through a scanner. An attendant appeared and toted off the Henderson's luggage.

"That was Mr. Woo, your steward. He will be flying with you."

In short order, the Henderson's were led to the tarmac and a sporty looking corporate jet, The Henderson's were a striking couple. Don stood an even six feet. He had blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He was in terrific shape from both his job which required lots of physical activity and by smoking the guys at the health club in just about every game of racquetball he had ever played. When he golfed he carried his own clubs and never took a cart no matter how hot the weather.

Bonnie, was five foot six. Her clear even skin stood out sharply under her long curly brown hair. Her bust was perfect for her frame. Her legs were long and shapely. Her green cat like eyes were perhaps her best feature, but all of her 116 pound was quite attractive. A firm believer in her church's philosophy that a wife should make herself as attractive as possible to please her man; she worked out at the gym four days a week. Champion spinner and fastest woman in the pool, Bonnie was proud of her physique.

Without a care in the world the two mounted the steps to the jet. As instructed, they turned off their cell phones and settled into the seats. The jet had seats for eight but, apparently, the Henderson's were the only passengers aside from Mr. Woo, the steward. The jet taxied down the runway and was airborne moments later. Mr. Woo opened a bottle of wine and poured glasses for the couple. He also had some hor dourves on a silver tray which the Henderson's also helped themselves to. Neither one thought it odd when they both became sleepy. It had been an exciting day. It was probably the good kind of exhaustion.

Don woke up first. He found himself in restraints! He and Bonnie were in a large warehouse or similar structure. Harsh light filtered down from the ceiling. Don's arms were cuffed to a pulley which had him stretched to his full height. His shoes and socks had been removed and his ankles were cuffed to the floor. There was no give in the line. A gag of some sort was in his mouth. Opposite and facing him was Bonnie in identical restraints.

Although he could not talk, Don made as much noise as he could in an effort to wake his wife. At last she awoke. Her eyes flashed with fear as she looked a Don and her realization, instants later, that she was in the same predicament as her husband.

After an interval two men and a woman entered the room.

"I see that you two are awake. That is good."

The man stood between Bonnie and Don. A huge powerfully built man, he carried a whip and he wore a pistol in a holster belted around his waist.

"Welcome to your new lives. We will be processing you shortly. We will be removing your gags momentarily. Any yelling and screaming results in a horsewhipping for BOTH of you. No one can hear you scream. We just don't want to deal with the ear aches. If we are in a good mood we MAY answer some of your questions. Please avoid obvious ones such as where are we and who are we.

Don noticed that the second man in the room, tall and wiry, approached him. He took out a knife an sliced away the tape holding the gag in his mouth. The tall beautiful red haired woman had done the same for Bonnie. The husband and wife sputtered and Don was able to gain his voice first.

"What do you mean by our new lives?"

"A very good question." Said the large man. "This will require some explanation. As you have by no doubt surmised your trip to the Caribbean was a sham. As far as the FAA and the world is concerned is concerned you two are dead. Our pilots filed a flight plan but deviated from it at one point and avoided radar until they arrived in this nameless country. IF you know what you are doing its not hard to have a plane send off false telemetry. At a specific location in the Atlantic an explosion was sited and your plane seemingly vanished, An oil slick and some convincing debris were released by one of our ships. The speed with which your plane apparently hit the water means that the black boxes were vaporized. There is no search and rescue mission, the depth of the water and the unimportant nature of your flight means that the authorities are NOT looking for you. I am sure that your church will give the two of you the most moving of funeral services however."

"Oh my God," said Bonnie.

"As a matter of fact," stated the large man, "You should view me as something akin to God. I will controlling your lives and conducting your training until you are sold."

"Sold?" Said Don.

"Yes, the two of you will bring quite the price on the market, especially your lovely wife. Well she is not your wife anymore really. Your marriage ended in death."

"Please tell me this is a cruel joke." Said Bonnie, "Why us?"

"I assure you it is no joke. We have already invested quite a bit of money in the two of you but your sales will easily double or , if we are lucky, triple our investment. As to why you two. Don is handsome and blond there is quite the market in some parts of the world for a well trained male slave although in all probability he will be sold to a very well off gay man. You better learn to develop a taste for cock Donald, and quickly. As for you Bonnie. You have every attribute of a high value slave. The only way you would bring a higher price were if you were a natural blonde but we have to take the best options we can."

"You can't sell us, we are human beings and free citizens."

"Correction. You are dead citizens. The cavalry is not going to come charging over the hills. Your parents will get a nice insurance payment. Your church will hold an empty casket funeral and that will be the end of things. And selling people is what we do. Of course its illegal. It is however very lucrative.

You are probably wondering about how we decided on the two of you. You can thank your wife for that. The contest forms are a sham that we have placed in several large cities. The name of the travel agency is always different but the particulars are usually the same. Some times its a cruise. Sometimes the couple reach their scheduled destination but are apparently swept out to sea or have other 'misfortunes' befall them. We check out the names and ages of the entrants. With the internet being what it is today it does not take long to find out everything and anything about a particular individual or couple. It was no great feat to hack into your Facebook and e-mail accounts. For example Bonnie, we loved the sexy photo of yourself in that pink nightie that you sent Don while he was at work to cheer him up last week. Other data we need comes from our investigators, most of whom have no idea what our real business is."

Bonnie, comprehending that she and Don were in this fix because of her began weeping.

"Oh get over it woman! You will have plenty to cry about later. Now its exposure time."

He nodded and the man and women switch places. The red haired woman approached Don and the tall wiry man neared Bonnie. Then with deliberation and determination the man and woman began cutting off Don's and Bonnie's clothing. Don was too stunned to react but Bonnie began crying and thrashing in her bonds. That brought a whip strike against her buttocks by the large man.

"Move one muscle and I whip you fifty times.!"

The pain was sufficient for Bonnie to compose her self. Her blue pants suit was in tatters on the floor. She was clad now only in her bra and panties. The tall wiry man sliced through the front of her bra, loosing Bonnie's spectacular breasts. A slice up either side of her panties revealed her full but sparsely carpeted bush.

The red haired woman cut through Don's khaki pants and polo shirt. Then she slowly sliced away his boxer shorts. His modest size penis hung loose in the cool warehouse.

"How big is he erect?" Asked the large man,

"I'll tell you in a moment." Said the red head. Before Don realized what was happening her cool lips were around his flaccid penis. The woman was far more skilled than Bonnie. Involuntarily Don felt himself harden. The Red haired woman withdrew her mouth and laughed.

"You're eager big boy," she said.

The large man eyed Don's engorged penis and said. "Big enough to attract buyers. I had fears he would be another pee wee like that one last month. What a disaster that was. We practically had to give him away. If not for the wife we would have lost money."

The large man stood between Don and Bonnie and eyed them up and down and all over.

"You will be released from your restraints now. Any movement towards my gun or whip will result in a severe thrashing for both of you. Once you are released you will place your jewelry in this basket. Yes that includes your wedding rings. Dead people are not married. You no longer belong to each other. You belong to us. We decide what you will and will not wear."

The wiry man and the red haired woman released the Henderson's. They groaned with relief at the easing of the stretching of their joints. Both Don and Bonnie rubbed their arms and legs to restore circulation. The large man allowed them to preform this activity for a few moments then indicated the basket with the handle of his whip. Don understood what was wanted. He removed his watch his school ring and his wedding ring. With hesitation Bonnie removed her earrings, bracelet, watch, and necklace. Her eyes filled with tears as she twisted off her wedding and engagement ring and dropped them in the basket.

"Now its time to get you two cleaned up and off to your next destination. He walked over to a chest in one side of the room. From the chest he brought opt two revolvers and holsters. He gave one to the wiry man and the red haired woman who in turn pointed the weapons at Don and Bonnie.

The two gun bearers directed Don and Bonnie to a door. There was a bathroom on the other side of the door. There was a shower stall with several heads. The Henderson's were instructed to shower and wash themselves with the soap provided. Bonnie kept staring at her naked ring finger. Aside from the occasional cleaning Bonnie had not taken off her rings even for a moment. Not even the night Don wanted her to leave it home before he rendezvoused with her for a scheduled dinner. He wanted her to play a single woman while Don played the wayward husband, Bonnie was usually tolerant of Don's games but she drew the line at that one. She did let him tie her to the bed that night however, as a compromise.

As they showered their abductors discussed the Henderson's as though they were not there.

"She will bring a fine price. The fact that she's never been bred but is fertile will increase her worth exponentially." Said the redhead

"The guys are going to cream themselves once he goes on the block." Said the wiry man.

Don and Bonnie washed themselves in stunned silence in the tepid water.

"OK you two," said the wiry man. "Time to turn off the water. There is one towel for both of you to use. Think of it as your last moment of togetherness."

Don allowed Bonnie to dry herself first. He did the best he could with the damp towel afterwards. While drying himself Don thought that he could disarm the wiry man, He figured he could take the gun away and get off at least one more shot. He had visions of the wiry man lying in a pool of blood.

Don made his move. Instantly he realized that he was hopelessly outclassed. The wiry man was far more powerful than he looked. He dropped the gun and placed his foot on top of it. Then he put Don into a wrestling hold and tossed him to the floor. Before Don had time to react he was on the floor and the wiry man was choking the life out of him. Don went limp and the wiry man retrieved his gun.

"That was very stupid meatbag, and totally expected. Don't do anything that stupid again or next time I throw your little woman around."

The wiry man and the red haired woman led Don and Bonnie to the toilet and ordered them to relieve themselves .

"If you have to shit, now is a good time."

Bonnie felt extremely humiliated using the toilet before strangers. As it happened she did have to go number two. With her embarrassment visible in her full body blush and her body language Bonnie did her business. Don was instructed to wash off again. Afterward the couple were led to the first room. While they were in the shower two large wooden boxes had appeared. Each was labeled "machine parts" and was rather large. The man with the whip was waiting for them.

"Your chariots have arrived."

The large man slid aside a board and a foam lined seat appeared. Don was ordered to get into the seat. Don noticed an IV bag hanging above the seat.

"You two will be asleep for the next phase of your journey." The read haired woman produced some alcohol and taped the IV needle to a vein. Before Don even had time to protest he felt himself losing consciousness. Vaguely he could visualize Bonnie being led to the second box. A gag was placed in his mouth and then blackness.

Don came to in a small windowless concrete cell. He was on a tiny cot under a blanket he was naked. The only change he noted on his person was that all of his pubic hair had been shaved off save for a small rectangle an inch or so above the shaft of his penis. He checked his face and discovered that he must have been shaved there recently as well for the five o'clock shadow he had at their last location was absent.

Don got up and explored the cell, It didn't even have a toilet just a round shit hole and a roll of toilet paper at the base of the far wall. Thick iron bars sealed him in. There was an formidable looking lock. Beyond the bars was an open court blazing with sunshine. Across that expanse was another cell which mirrored his own. Don saw a figure on the cot in the second cell. Hoping against hope Don yelled "Bonnie?"

Eventually the figure roused itself. And answered "Don?"

"Oh thank heavens!" said Don. "I thought I'd never see you again."

Bonnie kept the blanket wrapped about her self and approached the bars of her cell.

"I seem to be OK but I don't have any hair ... down there. I can tell that my underarms and legs have been shaved as well. Are you OK?"

Don and Bonnie assessed each other on their situation and then began speculating as to where they were and what was going to happen to them. Don said that based on the, heat, the intensity of the light and the angle of the sun that they were probably in the tropics. But that meant that they could be anywhere from the Caribbean to South America or even Africa, Australia and the East Indies were also not out of the realm of possibility. There was no way on telling how long they had slept of how far they had traveled since their time in the warehouse.

"We could be anywhere at all. Wherever we are I have a pretty good sense that it is well off the beaten track. Even if we could get out of these cells we would find ourselves in the middle of nowhere," He depressingly opined.

Presently a figure entered the expanse between their cells. Both Bonnie's and Don's heart fell when they recognized the large man with the whip and the gun from the warehouse.

"Good you are both awake." He sneered and then announced. "This is what will happen to you now. These cells will be your home between training sessions. Your training will take between two weeks and a month depending upon how difficult you make the process for yourselves. Under my tutorledge your wills will be stripped away and a compliant personality will take its place. When I am finished with you you will both be submissive, willing to please toys that will be sold to some rather high heeled clientele. When I am done with you all you will want to do is serve your new master. You will fuck on command, you will suck on command, you will offer your cock your asshole and pussy to any cock and pussy that has authority over you. The woman will no doubt be pregnant shortly after she is purchased. She has more value, for as a female she can produce more slaves on a regular basis, The male will probably be sterilized. Depending on the client he may be castrated after sale."

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