tagGroup SexSecond Honeymoon Ch. 01

Second Honeymoon Ch. 01


Jon and Michelle had been planning this trip for a long time and couldn't believe they were actually sitting on the plane as they flew over the Gulf of Mexico. They were on their way to Cozumel for a second honeymoon they had been planning for a few years now.

They had been married for just over five years and had no kids. Their marriage was solid and they loved each other deeply. Both were really looking forward to some time away from work and responsibilities for the next ten days in sunny Mexico. They had booked themselves a private cabin on the beach at a small hotel and were looking forward to some relaxation on the sunny beaches and some wild times in their cabin.

Jon poked Michelle as the tiny island came into view below them and they leaned over and looked out the window together. The plane touched down smoothly only a few minutes later and they gathered up their bags and walked through the airport. The plane had been mostly full, so they had to wait in line at customs for a while before they could go out and flag a taxi.

The taxi ride passed quickly as they watched the scenery pass by in the light of the setting sun. They pulled up at the hotel and began unloading their bags just as a second taxi pulled up and another couple they recognized from the plane ride stepped out. They exchanged quick smiles and a wave as both couples finished unloading their bags and walked together into the lobby.

All four of them walked up to the desk and were greeted warmly by the man behind the desk. "Buenos noches," he said before shifting into English and asking how he could help. They both answered that they had reservations and gave him their names. His wide smile became smaller and then vanished completely as he looked at the book before him very closely. He flipped the pages back and forth and seemed like he was looking for something he had lost. He looked up at them and excused himself before disappearing into the office behind the counter.

Jon could hear talking in Spanish but he couldn't pick up what they were saying. The conversation became more excited and then calmed back down. The man behind the desk returned followed by another man that Jon assumed was the manager based on his body language. The manager came up to the counter and quietly said, "Excuse me, but we have a problem." He then went on to explain that there had been some sort of mix up with the reservations. The end result of his long story was that the hotel was completely booked with the exception of one room. "The good news," he concluded, "is that our remaining room has two beds." He said this last sentence as if it made everything OK.

Needless to say neither couple was pleased with this news. Each couple talked and asked the manager to call other hotels to see if there were any other rooms available. He made about six or seven calls but each time was told the hotels were booked. "A room will open up on Tuesday night," he offered again as if that made everything better.

"But it is only Thursday," the woman from the other couple complained. The manager only shrugged as he tried dialing one last hotel. That one was also full. "It seems," the manager explained, "that there are several big tour groups from America taking up every room in town." He said this with a shrug and then stared at the couples clearly expecting a decision.

It took quite a while as each couple talked heatedly with each other. "What choice do we have?" Michelle reasoned. Jon was so mad that he couldn't really think straight, but as usual Michelle was offering the voice of reason. She finally got him to agree to offer sharing the room with the other couple until Tuesday.

As he turned to the other couple he saw they were taking longer to decide. Interestingly, it seemed that they were in much the same situation with the husband being completely irate and the wife trying to look on whatever upside may exist. "We're already here," she concluded, "what choice do we really have? We can either deal with this for a few days or sleep on the beach." The guy seemed to think this over before finally nodding.

The woman from the other couple looked over at Jon and Michelle and smiled. She stepped toward them and Michelle stepped forward and extended her hand. "Hi, I'm Michelle," she offered as the other woman introduced herself as Vanessa.

Jon watched them talk but couldn't hear everything they were saying. They talked for a while and finally they shook hands again as they exchanged smiles. Michelle turned back to Jon and said, "OK, so we've agreed to make the best of it and share the room."

"Marvelous," answered the manager. He produced two keys and took their credit card information. He gave them directions to their cabin and happily said, "Enjoy your stay," as if he had forgotten the huge inconvenience he had caused.

They all drug their bags to the room and tossed them on the beds. An awkward silence followed as the four of them all stood around not really sure what to say. Finally Jon extended his hand to the other guy and said, "Hey, I'm Jon." The other guy introduced himself as Sam. "Hell of a situation," Sam added.

Another silence followed that Vanessa finally broke by saying, "There's no point in standing here. Why don't we head over to the bar and get something to eat and drink?"

"Might as well try and enjoy Mexico now that we finally made it here," Michelle added.

All four walked over to the restaurant and took a table. They ordered some food and started talking as they ate. It turned out that Vanessa and Sam were also on a second honeymoon of sorts. They could only afford to take a long weekend to Niagra Falls after they had married three years earlier and had finally saved the money and had the time to take a real trip. By coincidence they had planned nearly the identical trip to Jon and Michelle. They were traveling on the same days and had booked a cabin at the same hotel.

After dinner the drinks continued to flow and all four of them began to loosen up considerably. As they drank together Jon began to really take a look at their new roommates. They seemed to be about the same age as Jon and Michelle who were both 28 years old. Both of them seemed to be pretty fit and trim, but Vanessa in particular had the body of an athlete. When he took a second look he realized that Vanessa was quite a looker. Her sandy blonde hair fell straight off her head just an inch or two past the tops of her shoulders. She wore her hair all in one length and parted to one side, so she often had to push or toss her hair off her forehead in a manner than Jon soon found very appealing. She was quite tall and appeared to be about 5' 10" with a very tight, athletic body. Her tight jeans hugged her ass closely, but her loose top revealed little of her tits.

Sam's body was generally fit although not overly muscular or anything. His hair was short and parted to one side. As the evening wore on he seemed to relax and become as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

It was getting pretty late in the evening before the four of them wandered, a little drunk, back to their cabin. They took their bags off the bed and took turns in the bathroom. Michelle had to scramble a bit to figure out what to wear as she had only packed some sexy lingerie for sleeping. She figured the rest of the time she would be naked as she and Jon had planned to use the nights for much more than sleeping. She finally borrowed one of Jon's t-shirts.

Vanessa did wear some lingerie, but it was in a fairly conservative baby doll style that came down to mid-thigh. In reality it covered nearly as much as Michelle's t-shirt, but Jon found that she looked very sexy in the black satin outfit. He looked at her smooth shoulders as she pulled back the covers on the bed next to them. Through the baby doll he could better see the outline of her tits. They were probably a hair smaller than average for her height, but there was something about their shape and the way they hung on her that drew Jon's eye.

She climbed in and got under the covers, but not before Jon noticed that her nipples had started to poke out against the smooth satin in a most tempting way. Sam followed her wearing only a pair of shorts, the same thing Jon had decided to wear. They flipped off the light and all four went to sleep.

At least Jon thought they had all gone to sleep. He was awakened a couple of hours later by Michelle poking his arm. "What?" he whispered still trying to figure out what was happening. "Look," Michelle whispered as she nodded toward the other bed.

Jon looked over and was shocked to see the covers moving and shifting on the other bed. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the dim moonlight coming through the windows but when they did he could see that Sam and Vanessa were fucking on the other bed. They had yet to make a sound but as his eyes focused more he could see that Vanessa was on top of Sam and riding him. She was leaning down on him so they were pressed closely together as her hips pumped up and down on him.

As their fuck became more intense and drew to a conclusion the springs on their bed started to creak and their headboard occasionally bumped against the wall. Jon watched eagerly not believing they were so bold as to fuck like this. He felt Michelle's hand creep across his stomach and begin to caress his hard cock through his shorts. Suddenly Vanessa let out a soft moan as she came. Jon watched her body shift and move as she rode Sam throughout her orgasm.

Michelle swiftly pushed his shorts down and began eagerly stroking his already excited cock. She leaned over and exaggeratedly licked his ear and breathed very heavily into his ear before whispering, "Give me some of that."

Jon would typically have been too shy to do anything like that, but clearly their new roommates had no problems with it. Besides, watching them fuck had gotten him very excited and Michelle knew just how to touch him to guarantee he couldn't say no.

He rolled over on top of her as she spread her legs wide and they settled easily into the missionary position. He smoothly guided his cock to her pussy and found it already very wet as he started sliding inside her. He laid on top of her and loved the feel of her under him. She still had her shirt on so he couldn't feel or see her beautiful tits, but the excitement of the situation more than made up for that. He fucked her steadily and silently for several minutes as he looked down at her.

Her short black hair was slightly tousled but it only served to make her look hotter at this moment. He could feel her large tits pressing through her shirt, but the fabric obscured his ability to feel her hard nipples. He couldn't see them but he knew that her nipples almost always became hard and tight as they fucked. It was one of those small little traits of hers that drove him wild in bed. Her tits were definitely big for her 5'5" frame. He loved spending many long minutes during foreplay caressing and sucking on them and Michelle always responded enthusiastically to his efforts.

The rest of Michelle's body was probably a little heavier than what would be considered normal for her height, but she had the most sexy way of carrying it that only seemed to amplify her curves. She never looked out of place wearing even the most revealing of clothes, but she usually didn't wear anything very risqué unless she was in her own house with Jon. In private she often wore sexy lingerie or other clothes that always drove Jon wild with lust. He loved her curvy body and loved it when she showed it off for him.

Michelle had her hands on his ass and was massaging him as they fucked. Both of them were so involved in their fuck that neither took notice of the other couple. If they hadn't been too excited in their fuck to notice they would have seen that Vanessa and Sam had finished their own fuck and were now watching Jon and Michelle with keen interest.

Jon knew that Michelle was nearing her orgasm and began to fuck her a little faster to bring about her conclusion. Their bed was now the one creaking and soon after Michelle's mouth opened in a silent cry she started to cum. Her pussy wildly clenched and released his cock and she dug her nails into his ass. Feeling her orgasm so totally under him almost immediately brought about his orgasm. He drove himself fully inside her and held still as he unleashed his cum into her waiting pussy. His orgasm was intense and he shot a big load of cum into her. By the time they both finished cumming and lay together panting to regain their breath her pussy was thoroughly soaked from their combined juices. Jon loved the warm, wet feeling surrounding his cock and lay on top of Michelle kissing her softly as his cock softened inside her.

Jon rolled off Michelle and they cuddled closely together before Jon almost immediately fell asleep. Michelle drifted off about the same time as Vanessa and Sam fell asleep in the other bed after excitedly watching Jon and Michelle conclude their fuck.

Jon and Michelle woke first the next day and shared a shower together before donning their swimsuits and heading out to the beach. Just before they left they grabbed some fruit out of the big basket that had been left in their hotel and leisurely ate that for breakfast as they got settled on the beach. Jon admired Michelle's body as she removed her robe leaving only her bikini covering her. It had taken some convincing, but he finally had gotten her to pack her sexy black bikini. Previously she had only worn this when sunbathing in their yard. He whistled admiringly and told her she looked hot as she sat down and smiled back at him.

For the next hour or so they relaxed on the beach before they where joined by Vanessa and Sam. "Morning," Vanessa said to them, "mind if we join you?" They pulled over a couple of the big reclining beach chairs the hotel had liberally placed all over the beach. They settled in quickly and sat for a few minutes soaking up the sun before Vanessa turned to Michelle and asked, "So how did you two sleep?"

There was something in her tone and expression that indicated to Jon that she wasn't really talking about sleep. Clearly, he thought, they had watched Michelle and him fuck just as they had watched Vanessa and Sam. Michelle seemed to also pick up on her meaning as she smiled and winked at Vanessa before she replied, "I think about as good as you two."

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing on the beach together and talking. It turned out that the four of them all seemed to get along pretty well. Jon thought to himself that, given the messed up reservations, things were working out about as well as possible. At least they weren't stuck sharing a room with people they hated.

Jon also spent considerable time admiring Vanessa's body in her very skimpy bikini. Her bikini was really nothing more than four small triangles of blue fabric that strained to cover her tits, pussy, and ass. In reality, most of her ass was left uncovered and that fact wasn't lost on Jon as he admired her.

The feature that most attracted Jon's lustful glances was her delicate looking tits. He had only caught a mere glimpse of them through her nightgown last night, but it wasn't until he saw her on the beach that he realized their wonderful size and shape. The blue triangles only covered a portion of them and left the smallest glimpses exposed to his view on all sides. They weren't nearly as big as Michelle's but they still excited him as they seemed so perfectly shaped on her lean body. The rest of Vanessa's body was very tight and athletic and she didn't have nearly the sensual curves of Michelle, so perhaps that helped emphasize how hot her round soft tits looked. Jon yearned to be able to wrap his lips around them and feel how soft they were and explore their perfect shape with his tongue.

He got particularly excited watching Vanessa rub tanning oil into her skin. She slowly and deliberately applied the oil to every part of her that wasn't covered by the bikini. Her oily fingers slipped up, over, and around her tits until they both glistened under the sunlight.

After wasting away the rest of the afternoon and the early part of the evening lying on the beach or swimming in the warm water they started to talk about what to do that night. They discussed some various options and decided to grab a cab into the city together and hit some of the local nightlife.

Each couple took their turn going back to the room and showering together before getting dressed and ready for the evening. Jon and Michelle had the second shift in the shower and Jon looked surreptitiously at Vanessa's still damp body wrapped loosely in only a bath towel.

He and Michelle fondled and kissed each other as they got all soapy and then rinsed off. By the time they emerged from the shower the others were already dressed and waiting for them on the small patio outside their cabin. As Jon got dressed he reflected for a second on how it was funny that they were now deciding to hang out with the people they had been forced to room with.

The cab ride to town was fairly short and they started their visit by walking around the downtown area. After more walking they found a small restaurant and had a great meal. They asked the hostess to recommend a good bar and they followed her directions down the street to a small, crowded bar.

They spent the evening trying some of the Mexican beers as they talked and relaxed. They stayed out fairly late and each got drunk to varying degrees. After they flagged down a taxi for the ride back to the hotel Jon climbed in the front seat next to the driver as the others piled in the back.

About halfway back to the hotel Jon noticed the driver was spending about as much time watching the mirror as he was watching the road. He twisted his head around and saw that Vanessa and Sam were engaged in a hot kiss. He could easily see Vanessa's tongue sliding around in Sam's mouth and then his tongue could be seen playing against hers.

Jon glanced at Michelle and saw that she too was watching the other couple. She and Jon made eye contact briefly and she smiled and winked at him before he turned back around. Just a minute or two later they reached the hotel and climbed out of the car.

As they walked to their cabin Jon held Michelle tight and felt her hand caressing his ass. She always got horny when she was drunk. He also noticed that Vanessa seemed to be quite drunk and definitely very horny. Sam also looked to be pretty drunk himself and he didn't seem to mind her hand groping his ass or her tongue licking at his ear as they walked back.

Once inside the room neither couple turned on the light as they each went directly to their bed. Vanessa and Sam entered the room first and hurried over to their bed before lying down together and engaging in a hot kiss. After last night Vanessa clearly didn't have any qualms about having to share a space with Jon and Michelle as they fucked.

Vanessa and Sam began groping each other as they wildly kissed. Sam rolled her onto her back and began to massage her tits as he sucked on her earlobes. She loudly as Sam continued his teasing. He took hold of the bottom of her shirt and began pushing it upwards. She lifted her torso off the bed slightly and helped him slip the shirt up and over her head. She lay back down and Sam started kissing her chest above her tits as he resumed caressing her tits through her sexy red bra.

Jon suddenly felt Michelle's hands on his hips. She had been standing behind him also watching the other couple and her hands began to slide up and down Jon's hips and thighs. As Sam opened the front clasp of Vanessa's bra allowing her tits to spill out into their view in the soft light of the room Michelle's hands crept around Jon and began to rub the large bulge in the front of his pants. Jon groaned quietly at her touch and turned around to embrace her in a wild kiss.

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