tagIncest/TabooSecond Time Around

Second Time Around

byJames Henry©

This story is strictly fiction. If you like this story or don't, please vote. The author would appreciate. Thanks. All rights reserved. JH-1

Setting: An East Texas lake.


My daughter, Tammy

My sister, Carol

Myself, Danny


My wife had decided she wanted her own space, which translated to another man.

Then there was my daughter Tammy.

During the divorce the judge decreed that since Tammy wasn't 18, she would stay with her mother. Tammy made it obvious she did not like the judge's decision.

After the divorce was all over, I was lucky to walk away with my truck, my clothes, my boat and my fishing gear. (I later had to sell my boat to make ends meet.)

I also had a twin sister, Carol, who lived with her husband in a small town in Louisiana.

Now, the story:

A little more than two years had gone by and I was lucky enough to win the lottery. After the government got their cut, I wound up with a little over 15 mil.

I contacted an investment broker and he helped me invest most of it in some stocks that were reasonably safe and paid a good dividend.

His comment was, "Don't get stupid with the money and you won't ever have to worry about running out."

I knew I'd have to spend some money or the government would eat me alive on capital gains.

I put about 2 mil. in the bank. I had always had my eye on a place at an East Texas lake that I wanted. The first thing I did tho, was to go to a Ford dealership and trade my old truck in and buy a really nice, extended cab pick-up, then I headed for the lake.

I drove to the complex where I thought there might be a place for sale. The guard let me in when I told him I was looking for a place to buy and told me where there was a place for sale.

Sure enough, the place I had admired from the lake was the one that was for sale. It was on a large lot that was sort of a corner lakefront.

There was a "For Sale By Owner" sign in the front yard with a phone number on it, so I called it and the man that answered the phone said he would be right there. He drove up and said he had only had the place for sale for about two weeks, then he started showing me the house.

The house was brick, had 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a large kitchen, a sunken den, large closets everywhere and a huge redwood deck as you walked out the back sliding door. Oh yeah, most of the deck was covered...nice and shady. Part was open to the sun for sunbathing.

All the furniture was to stay with the house. There was a dock and boathouse as well.

The lot itself had a number of oak trees around the house and quite a few pine trees all over the lot.

I said "Mr. Johnson, if you don't mind my asking why are you selling the place?" He started stammering and finally said "Well my wife just didn't like it so we moved." (Little did I know...)

After some dickering with the man we agreed on a price. I pulled out my checkbook and wrote him a check for the whole shebang. The owner had a look like, "Naw, this just ain't happenin." I grinned at him and told him to feel free to call the bank.

He did. When he got off the phone, he said "Well the bank said your check was good. My wife and I have already moved out, so you can take possession immediately. I signed all the necessary papers. He gave me the keys and left, with the check in his hand, shaking his head.

I walked out on the back deck to look at the lake. The view was magnificent. It made me want to go fishing. I walked to the dock / boathouse to look. It was all in good condition with a lift in the boathouse.

The owner had told me I could fish from the dock if I wanted. The dock was covered, so you could fish in the shade.

I just needed to buy me a boat.

I drove back out to the gate where the guard had been told that I had bought the place and he put a sticker on my windshield. I drove out to the main highway and turned left.

I knew there was a boat dealership a short distance down the road. I had bought accessories from them before, so they knew who I was.

I stepped onto their show floor.

The owner saw me come in and said "Hi Danny. What can we do for you today?"

"Well" I said, "I want a new boat"

He grinned and said "OK, we can do that. What kind of boat do you want?"

"Don't you handle Skeeter boats?"

"We do. I have one of their newest 20-ft. models here on the show floor.

I looked at it and it had a trolling motor, two Lowrance depth finders, a 250hp Evenrude outboard motor with a stainless prop, and a lot of other goodies.

"OK, I'll take it, but I want the biggest kick ass trolling motor you sell on it ."

"I think we can do that. Do you have a trade-in?


How do you want to pay for this? Are you going to finance this?"

"No. I'm going to write you a check, if that's all right. You can call the bank if you want.

He blanched. "You mean you want to pay the whole thing?"

"You got it."

"Uh, let me call your bank. He called the bank, gave them the numbers off the check and they evidently told him the check was good.

"If you're going to pay what might as well be called cash I can cut you a deal on price. What you're wanting is 32,000 dollars, but I'll let you have it for 30,000. As late as it is today, It won't be ready until tomorrow. Are you living here at the lake these days?

"Yes I am."

"OK, you tell me where and I'll just deliver it to you.

"OK." I started telling him where my new place was and how to get there.

"Oh, you bought old man Johnson's place?"

"Uh, yeah."

"I know right where that is. We did work for him several times. It won't take me long to run the boat thru make ready and I'll put it on the lake and to your dock. I'll put the trailer by the house.

"Give me a call when it's ready and I'll be there to meet you." I said.

By then it was after 5 and I was getting hungry. There was a chicken place across the road from the boat dealer, so that's where I headed.

After I ate I drove back down the main highway to the county road where I was to turn.

I noticed a large super market on one corner, so I stopped and stocked up on groceries and beer.

It had gotten dark while I was in the store and when I drove up to my new place a mercury light was burning in front of the garage. I triggered a small pad and the door opened so I could drive right in.

I got all the groceries put up and was sitting at the table having a beer, when my cell phone rang. I answered and it was my ex- wife.

With out any preamble, she started in "Your whore daughter got herself pregnant at her senior prom and I want you to come and get her. I won't have her living with me anymore."

"OK, not a problem. I'll be there tomorrow. Let me talk to Tammy."

Tammy got on the phone, and I told her. "Baby it's going to be OK. I'll be there by 10 in the morning. You get your clothes and anything else packed and I'll pick you up.

Tammy was sniffling when she said "OK daddy; I'll be waiting. Then she quietly said, "Mom's got a new boyfriend and I don't like the way he keeps looking at me. He gives me the creeps.

I was musing, as I drove to pick Tammy up. I had been 22 when she was born and now I was 40 that meant she was 18.

By 10 that morning I was at the place where Tammy and her mother lived. I was thankful her mother had gone to work so I didn't have to deal with her. Tammy was watching for me and we quickly got all her things and loaded them in the truck.

"Did you leave your mom a note?"

"Yes. It just says I'm gone. I didn't put an address on it or anything. I just signed it."

"Good. I don't live here in town any more and honey I'd just as soon your mother NEVER knows where I live."

As we got in the truck to leave, I noticed that Tammy had on the shortest pair of short shorts I had ever seen. The cheeks of her cute little bottom were clearly showing, along with a barely there top that looked as if it was struggling to cover her tits.

I took a good look and suddenly realized that Tammie was no longer my "little" girl any more. She had definitely grown into a beautiful young woman.

"God Tammy, I hope you don't get arrested for that outfit you're almost wearing."

"Do you like it Daddy? I wore it just for you."

I thought, "My god, my 18-yr. old daughter is coming on to me. I thought for a few minutes and decided I didn't mind a bit. I had missed this crazy girl.

I headed east on hwy.175 and as we were driving along, Tammy asked me, "Daddy, just where do you live?"

"Sugar I just bought a place on Palestine Lake and that's where I call home. I hope you still like to fish.

By the way I need to make a phone call. I bought a new boat yesterday and they're supposed to deliver it today. I want to make sure we'll be there when they do."

The boat place said they were going to deliver about three, so it seemed like it was going to work just fine.

As we were traveling along the highway, I asked Tammy if she had a driver's license. She told me that she did, because she had taken driver-ed in school and when she finished the course it came with a driver's license.

My next question was a bit more serious. "Tammy what's the deal on you getting pregnant?"

Tammy took a deep breath and said "I went to the senior prom with a guy I had been dating. Everybody was drinking some,but daddy you know I'm not much of a drinker.

Anyway, he kept filling my glass up and I guess I got pretty drunk. When the prom was over he took me out to the lake and had his way with me. I found out later that the drinks were laced with "Date Rape,"

I missed my next period, so I got one of those pregnancy test kits and it showed that sure enough I was pregnant.

When I told him he disappeared and I've never seen him again.

I really expected more for my first time, but he was like a damn jackrabbit ... wham, bam, thank you mam. I never even got off. Not an experience I want to repeat."

(I thought to myself, if I ever run across that punk I'm going to take my pocketknife and castrate his sorry ass.)

"I see. Well OK...uh, how far along are you?"

"As near as I can tell, about 6 weeks. I'm not even showing yet."

"OK sugar. We need to get you in to a doctor so that your progress can be monitored."

We drove into Frankston and I stopped at the Ford dealership there.

"Why are we stopping here dad."

"You'll see" I said

On their show floor there sat a new red Mustang convertible.

"Do you like convertibles?"

"Oh god yes. I've wanted one of these...like forever."

The Mustang had a V-6 in it with an automatic transmission with all the other bells and whistles on it.

The salesman came over and asked if we had found what we wanted.

I told him yes ... we'd take it.

"You're buying that for me?" Tammy asked

"Yep, all for you."


As I paid for the car, I told the salesman to put it in Tammy's name. "How long before we can get it?" I asked.

"You can have it now. It's ready. Let me get it off the show floor and fill it up with gas and it's all yours.

"Young lady, you be careful how you drive that thing. It'll run a hole in the wind and any tickets you get are on you. OK?"

Tammy eased up close to me and whispered "Dad; you just wrote a check for that car. What did you do ... win the lottery?"

I grinned at her and said "As a matter of fact, I did. I'll tell you about it later."

The look on Tammy's face was priceless. She threw her arms around my neck and said "Thank you daddy".

We got ready to leave and I said "Alright sexy daughter follow me." I turned north on hwy.155 to the F.M.rd. where I turned right to the drive the complex was on.

I stopped at the guard shack and told the guy at the gate I needed another sticker for the Mustang.

He put it on the windshield and Tammy thanked him.

We got to our new home and put the car and truck in the garage and had started in the house when a truck arrived with the boat trailer.

Tammy giggled and said "Where's the boat dad?"

"It's already on the lake sugar." I told her

The kid driving the truck couldn't keep his eyes off Tammy and her short short's. I couldn't really blame him.

I know I'm her dad, but my dick had been hard ever since I had picked Tammy up.

The other guy had put the boat in the slip and came up where I signed more papers saying I had received the boat. He handed me the keys and they left.

"Come on sexy daughter; let's go see if this new boat will run.

As we were walking to the boathouse I reached and squeezed a cheek on Tammy's bottom. She snuggled under my arm to say "I've wanted you to do that ever sense you picked me up daddy."

"Sugar, I've been WANTING to do that ever sense I picked you up."

My dick was still hard.

We settled in the boat and I idled away from the dock. I turned my cap around backwards and said "Sexy daughter, are you ready for this?"

I don't think Tammy realized what was going to happen, Because when I cracked the throttle the boat left like a shot.

I glanced at Tammy and she had quickly grabbed a handrail. Her eyes were big and she yelled "My god dad this thing really hooks em."

We played with the boat the rest of the afternoon. I went to the dam, all out.

We stopped at a camp that had a store and got us a cool drink.

I thought I was going to have to fight my way out of the place. Tammy's almost there shorts drew a crowd in a hurry.

We finally headed back to our place. I stopped at some stick-ups on the way back to check out the trolling motor. I was glad I had gotten the larger one.

It was nearly dark when we got back to our slip. I flipped a switch and raised the boat out of the water. There was a disconnect so that the boat couldn't be moved and I tripped it and locked it in the "off" position.

"I think I could use something to eat sugar. Are you hungry?"

"Yes I am."

"OK, how about some steaks with all the trimmings?"

"That sounds fine dad. If you don't mind I'm going to take a shower while you're doing the steaks."

"Since we haven't gotten your things out of the truck, why don't you help your self to one of my T-shirts after you shower?" I told her.

"OK, thanks dad."

She got out of the shower and came in the kitchen where I was grilling the steaks.

I noticed the T-shirt just barely covered her cute rump, then I realized that her titties were pushing the shirt up and making it shorter. My 18-yr. old daughter definitely had big tits and I could tell her nipples were hard because they were making a sharp dent in the T-shirt.

Suddenly my hard dick was making me uncomfortable.

"Watch the steaks sweetie. I'm going to take a shower myself." The cold shower calmed me down some and I slipped on a pair of boxers when I left the bathroom.

Tammy had everything ready when I got back and had set the table. We sat down to a really enjoyable meal.

The dishwasher had finished with the dishes so we started putting them up.

Tammy reached to put a bowl on a top shelf in the cabinet. As she stretched the T-shirt rode up and there were those cute little ass cheeks.I moved behind her and with both hands I squeezed them.

Tammy whirled and suddenly her arms were around my neck and she was kissing me. We broke our kiss and she said "I really like it when you squeeze my ass daddy. You can do that any time. God you make me so horny."

I had pulled her close to me, and her words had the effect that my cock was hard instantly. I thought it would just make a tent in my shorts, but oh no, it had to stick itself through the opening and be rubbing Tammy's pussy.

"Ohhh, somebody wants to play." She placed her hand on my hard cock and placed it between her legs. "Daddy, I want you to fuck my pussy. I've been waiting for this forever."

"You sexy little minx, I've been wanting to fuck your hot little pussy all day." I said

My daughter, it seemed, was as hot-blooded as her daddy was. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree I thought to myself. I already had my hands on her bottom, so I lifted her up and she placed her legs around my waist.

"If we're going to do this sexy daughter, we're going to do it right. We're going into my bedroom and take your T-shirt off and I'm going to suck on your titties, then I'm going to taste your pretty little pussy, then I'm going to put my hard cock in your cunt and fuck you until you tell me to stop. Oh ... I fully intend to cum in your pussy too."

"You're going to be fucking my pussy for a long time then daddy, because I don't plan on telling you to stop."

We had gotten to the bedroom by then and I let Tammy put her feet on the floor. She pulled the T-shirt over her head and stood before me totally naked. The sight before me was breathtaking. My beautiful naked daughter was exquisite. She was shaved clean and her pussy was a "camel toe."

I dropped my shorts and Tammy's eyes widened at the sight of my hard cock. I'm about 7" long and quite big around.

Tammy's comment was, "My god daddy, you're huge. I don't know if that will fit in my pussy."

I grinned and said, "It'll fit sugar, it'll fit just fine."

I laid Tammy on the bed, crawled on top of her and tried to stick my tongue down her throat.

Tammy just gurgled.

The next thing was to suck on her titties and try to inhale her hard nipples.

"Oh god dad, that feels sooo good."

I made sure both got equal time. I licked down her tummy and stuck my tongue in her navel.

"Ahhhh daddy."

I licked the length of her pussy, from her asshole to her clit, then thrust my tongue in her hole as far as I could.


Numerous times I thrust my tongue in her pussy hole. Her clit had come out from under its hood and needed some attention, so I started lashing it with my tongue and sucking on it.

Tammy started cumming and didn't stop and after numerous orgasms..."Oh god daddy you're going to have to stop. I can't take any more. I'm just too sensitive."

I eased up to where I could kiss Tammy and told her "Sugar you have a beautiful pussy that tastes fantastic." She was already wet so I lined up my cock and with a gentle thrust buried it balls deep in her delightful pussy.

"Oh daddy, I'm stuffed. Let me get used to having you in my pussy."

"Am I hurting you? Do you want me to pull out?"

"Don't you dare."

In a few minutes Tammy wiggled her ass and started thrusting at me. I knew then that she was ready.

"I want you to fuck my pussy daddy. I want you to make me cum."

I fully intended to do just that. I started with slow strokes and began fucking my daughter.

It wasn't long before Tammy was uttering gibberish, then she screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

I had speeded up with my thrusts and knew I wasn't going to last much longer, her hot little pussy was just too tight and felt too good.

"Baby girl... I'm going to cum in your pussy...NOW."

I started shooting a large amount of cum in her pussy and several spurts later, I finally stopped.

I knew the cum would be running out of Tammy's cunt, and into the crack of her ass. Since we hadn't put a towel down I rolled over where she was on top.

I was still hard in her pussy. I squeezed her ass and told her, "Tammy you have an amazing pussy."

"You think so daddy? Ohhhh you're still hard."

She raised up and began to fuck ME. Her hot little pussy felt soooo good.

It wasn't long before she said "Ohhh daddy I'm gonna cummmmm and she did.

I was right behind her. "I'm going to cum too sugar." This time it was a gentle flow filling her pussy. I knew I was done for a while. We rested for a short time, then I carried my daughter in the shower and we washed all the cum off.

We were drying each other off when Tammy said "Dad, in my wildest dreams I never knew it would be like that. Can we do that again?"

"Yes, but you're going to have to let your dad rest for a while. See the good Lord gave females the ability to have multiple orgasms, but He just gave males the ability to normally have one. This time I was lucky enough to have two.

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