Second Time Around

byJames Henry©

"OK I can live with that."

We lay down on the bed, where Tammy snuggled up to me and we drifted off to sleep. It must have been nearly two hours later when I woke up to Tammy sucking my cock. I lost no time sliding under her where I could engulf her pussy. I licked between her lips and thrust my tongue in her pussy hole as deep as I could.

My daughter didn't stop sucking my cock, but I heard a muffled "Umphhh." I let her know I was close to cumming in her mouth, but she only sucked harder.

My hard dick started spurting to fill her mouth. I don't think she ever lost a drop. She started filling my mouth full of girl cum and I almost couldn't swallow fast enough. We lay for a short while before she rolled off of me.

I crawled between her legs and kissing her mouth, I told her, "Sweetie, you have the sweetest tasting pussy I've ever had. I rubbed my cock over her pussy to get it wet and buried it in her pussy again.

"Ohhhh Yesss daddy, fuck... my... pussy."

I did,

The sun was just coming up when we quit and fell asleep.

It was shortly after noon when we woke up. Tammy made it known she had to go pee. I told her I did too. We headed to separate bathrooms to take care of our morning chores.

Back in the bedroom, Tammy informed me I had made her pussy sore last night.

I told her I could lick her pussy and make it feel better.

"Oh no you don't." she said.

"Well, if I can't have any pussy how bout we go fishin. Other than a good piece of pussy I think that's probably my second favorite thing to do."

"OK, but I want to wear the T-shirt you gave me. Maybe the breeze will cool my pussy off some."

I quickly made coffee and found some sweets I had gotten from the store and we headed for the boat. I tied some lures on that would run about 18 ft. deep and told Tammie we would go and troll for a while.

We spent the rest of the afternoon trolling for bass. We didn't catch many, but what we did catch were pretty big.

We returned to the dock and I told Tammy we would have one of the fish for supper and that I'd freeze the rest after I cleaned them. I had a special knife that made short work of cleaning those fish.

Tammy had gone to the house to start fixing the other things that went with fried fish. She met me as I was coming in the door and handed me my cell phone.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Your sister, she mouthed."

"Hey sis, what's going on?"

"Not a whole lot, by the way, who was that girl, that answered the phone? Have you got a new girlfriend little brother?"

"Well... no. That was Tammie."

"Tammy is living with you now? When did that happen? I thought she lived with her mother."

"She did until about two days ago. Her mother called and said I needed to come and get her that she was a whore and she didn't want her living there anymore."

"Tell her all of it dad" Tammy whispered.

I nodded. "There is more to it. Tammy's pregnant. That happened after the senior prom. So after her mother called I went and got her and brought her back here."

"Back here, where is "Here?"

"Palestine lake. It's not far from Tyler. See I was lucky enough to win the lottery, so I bought a place I had my eye on here."


"Danny, I need to ask you a big favor. I almost hesitate to do it."

"Now sis you know I'll help you any way I can. When we were kids we were always close as paint on the house. Are you and your husband having trouble?"

"Danny, I don't have a husband any more. He started gambling at the horse race track. He lost a lot of money. He even sold my truck to pay his debts. After that, I kicked him out and filed for divorce. It was final the other day, so I moved out of the house and sold it. Can I ask you to come and get me? I have a little money and that should last me until I get a job."

"Of course I'll come and get you. Where are you now?"

"I'm staying at a Ramada Inn. It's just off I-20 near Minden,"

"I know where it is. Tammy and I will be there in the morning to get you."

"Let me talk to Tammy again." I handed Tammy the phone and heard Carol say "Tammy it's been several years since I've seen you and you may not remember me..."

"Of course I remember you Aunt Carol. You always made me feel special."

"Well I want you to know, that I know how down you must feel about this pregnancy thing."

"I'm not down Aunt Carol. Daddy's been helping me with that little problem."

"What do you mean honey?"

"Well daddy made love to me all night long last night. I finally had to make him stop. My pussy was getting sore."

"Oh is that right...put my brother back on the phone."

"You incestuous little fucker. You mean you fucked your own daughter?"

"Well, the devil made me do it."

"Yeah right. Danny I'm jealous."

I decided that since I couldn't baffle my sister with bullshit I'd try and dazzle her with brilliance.

"Sis. Tammy's just as hot-blooded as you or I are. If you recall I was going to fuck YOUR pussy one day, but unfortunately the folks came back too soon. I had every intention of fucking you absolutely silly."

"Bro I intend to hold you to that. I'll be waiting for you to pick me up in the morning."

I hung up the phone and Tammy asked, "Daddy were you and Aunt Carol lovers when you were growing up?"

"No, but it wasn't for the lack of trying.

There was a day the folks had gone somewhere. Carol and I decided we were going to fuck each other stupid. We had our clothes off and I was just about to mount her when we heard the folks come back.

Carol escaped to the bathroom and I pulled my clothes back on. Somehow the folks suspected and they never left us by ourselves again."

"Several years went by and Carol married that piss-ant in Louisiana. I always thought it was a mistake, but it was Carol's mistake to make."

"Come on sexy little daughter. I want to fuck your hot little pussy at least once tonight and by the way. I want you naked in my bed every night."

"I can do that." Tammy said.

That night I did pound Tammy's pussy once, but we were just too beat for any more.

The next morning we were up early and headed for Minden La.

A few hours brought us to the Ramada Inn where Carol was waiting. I found her room and knocked on the door.

Carol opened the door and came rushing into my arms. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her to me.

My dick got hard in about two seconds.

Carol looked at me and grinned, saying "Bro. you've got a hard-on."

"Of course" I told her.

Sis broke away from me to hug Tammy. "My god Tammy, you're all grown up now." Then the hugging and kissing started. I knew then that these two were going to get along just fine, I also knew that I would be blessed with a tremendous amount of pussy. I could hardly wait.

We loaded what few things Carol had in the bed of the pick-up and headed back to the place on the lake.

As we were riding along Carol asked that I tell her a little more about the place I had bought.

"Well Carol it's brick, four bedrooms, has a big kitchen, a sunken den and lots of closet space. There is a big deck out back that overlooks the lake. I think you will like it sis.

Carol asked "Are you sure you want two oversexed females living with you?"

"That goes both ways Carol. I think we ought to make inside the house at least, a no clothes area. It'll make it so much nicer any time we get horny. That way I can get plugged in any time."

Carol looked at Tammy and said, "My brother has a pussy fixation. He always was a little strange.

Tammy was laughing when she said "Carol I can attest to the pussy fixation. I know first hand and I'll gladly share."

We drove in to the new home and when we got inside Carol couldn't believe it.

"Carol I want you to consider this your new home now," I said.

Suddenly my sister was smothering me with kisses. Again I was squeezing her sexy little bottom.

The girls decided they wanted showers, so they left chattering like a bunch of magpies.

I had gone out on the deck and was sitting in a lounge there when the girls came out. Tammy had gotten Carol one of my T-shirts as well. I stood up and gathered both girls under my arms, squeezing their cute bare bottoms.

I said "My life is complete now. I've got both my sexy daughter and my sexy sister living with me. Girls, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get any better than this.

I had a hard-on again; it was tenting the front of my shorts.

Carol shoved her hand down the front of my shorts and grabbed my hard dick to give it a squeeze. "I will definitely want this in my pussy...soon."

"That can be arranged" I told her.

"Let's show her the boat daddy."

"Boat! You've got a boat? That's one of the things I miss most. My ex sold that too, to help pay his gambling debts.

We walked down to the boathouse and I let the boat down in the water. We all got aboard and I idled away from the dock.

When I turned my cap around backward Tammy told Carol "You better hang on. This thing lights a shuck when dad stabs it.

I shoved the throttle forward and we were off. I noticed that T-shirts had blown up and that both pussies were shaved bare and were well displayed.

We played with the boat for a while and I found a brush pile I thought would have crappie around it. I checked it with one of the depth finders and it showed many crappie. I told the girls we needed to get some minnows and give the place a try.

We headed back to the dock where I put the boat up "Girls, let's go eat. I'm getting hungry.

When we got to the house both girls said they wanted showers...again.

Girls and their showers I thought to myself. Well, I guess I better have one too. When I was finished I just put on boxer shorts again.

I was fixing our meal when the girls came in. they had gotten their luggage and both were "almost" dressed in baby doll panties. Oh shit, sproing, my cock quickly made itself known thru the slit in my boxers.

"Do you like them daddy?"

"Like em. My god girls, what's not to like?"

Carol was grinning when she said "OF course he likes them. His hard dick says he does."

Both girls took great pleasure in flashing me with their bare bottoms and cute pussies. My cock never did go soft.

After supper both girls came to me to give me a hug. Carol said "Danny, my pussy is wet and I am soooo horny. Will you take me to bed and fuck me."

"Yeah dad, me too." Tammy echoed her.

They left me with a rather stunned look on my face. It sure didn't take me long to head for the bedroom myself.

When I got there, two very naked girls were waiting for me. I noticed that both bare pussies were "Camel Toe." It must be a genetic trait I thought.

Carol said "Danny it's been a very long time. I want you to fuck my pussy... NOW.

Her arms went around my neck and I tried to put my tongue down her throat. I laid her down on the bed and began giving her the same treatment I had given Tammy; I inhaled her tits, licked her pussy, buried my tongue in her hole and seriously lashed her clit.

"DANNY, OH MY GOD...DANNY, AGHHHHHHH." After she'd had several orgasms... "Oh please, that's enough. No more, please. You've made me too tender."

I mounted my sister then, to tell her how sweet her pussy tasted and to thrust a very hard cock deep in her hot pussy.

"Oh god Danny, I won't ever call you "little" brother again. Fuck my pussy. Make me cum."

Not only was I going to make my sister cum. I fully intended to flood her pussy with my cum.

Sis must have been pretty wound up, because the next thing I knew she was shouting..."AGHHHHH DANNY...I'M CUMMMMMING, I'M CUMMMMMING.

"I'm going to flood your hot little pussy sis. Here it comes...NOW. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt.

I knew the cum was running out and down her ass and again we hadn't put anything down to keep it off the sheets. (I must remember to put a towel down.) I turned over so sis was on top.

It was obvious she hadn't had enough because she began posting up and down on my still hard cock.

I reached for Tammy and she willingly placed her pussy over my mouth, where I began licking like a mad man.

I heard Carol when she said "Oh my god, it's gonna happen, ohhhhh I'm gonna, I'm gonna... aghhhhhh... yesssssss."

Tammy was right behind her, saying "Ohhhhh daddy. Yesss, oh yessss."

Carol rolled off, telling Tammy to take her place, that my dick was still hard.

Tammy quickly switched places and impaled herself on my hard cock. She didn't last long before she was cumming.

I told her "Tammy you're fixing to get a pussy full of cum." My dick erupted in Tammy's hot pussy.

My daughter was spent and she just lay down on my chest, where I was fondly squeezing the cheeks of her ass. "Daddy it just keeps getting better and better."

"Yes it does honey and just think, now I've got two prime pussies to fuck."

Both girls were giggling. Carol said "Danny I hope we can do that again. I really didn't want to stop.

"Let me tell you something sis. The problem won't be to get my hard dick IN your pussy... it'll be getting it OUT and getting me to STOP fuckin your pussy."

"Girls, never have I ever had pussies like you two have. You both have incredibly awesome pussies. I doubt I'll ever get enough."

The rest of the night was spent with my hard cock in one pussy or the other. I knew one thing... I hoped my dick didn't stop working.

We were sitting at the table the next morning to have our morning coffee.

Both girls had decided to stay naked all the time here in the house. Both were sitting on my lap and of course my cock was hard. Both my girls had a hand on my dick and were idly jacking it.

"Girls, I'm gonna cum I announced and I did.

"OHHH...BREAKFAST, Carol squealed and inhaled my hard cock.

She and my daughter took turns cleaning me off. They both climbed back in my lap to give me a kiss. I thought to myself, man it just doesn't get any better than this.


"Carol, didn't you tell me your truck had been sold?"

"Oh yes. My asshole of a husband sold it to pay some of his gambling debts."

"Hmmm, If you got a new truck, what would you want?"

"Well, I don't think I'd want a big truck, maybe something like a Toyota, or a Nissan, or maybe a Ford Ranger. I really like those Ford Ranger's. I think they're so neat."

I looked at Tammy and said "Tammy I think we need to make another trip to Frankston, don't you?"

Tammy was grinning when she said "We sure do dad."

"What's in Frankston?" Carol wanted to know.

"The local Ford dealership." I told her.

"Why are we going there...uh...Danny what are you going to do?"

"Buy you a new Ford truck."


"You heard me. I want to buy you a new Ford truck."

The look on my sister's face was priceless.

"What color would you like?"

"Blue, I want a blue one, OH MY GOD. Danny I didn't expect this. Did you Tammy?"

"I got mine day before yesterday. It's a red Mustang convertible." Tammy said.

The Frankston dealership didn't have a truck on their show floor, so we walked across the street where they had their stock of vehicles.

Sure enough they had a blue Ranger extended cab truck there. It too had a V-6 and everything else Ford had to offer but a place to piss.

"What do you think sis?"

"Danny, it's perfect. It's everything I wanted."

The same salesman had followed us to the lot, so I turned to him and said "We'll take it. Get it ready."

"OK. It should be ready by four o'clock. You can pick it up then.'

We walked back to the show floor where I paid him and told him to put it in Carol Thomas's name.

Carol whispered in my ear. "Danny my last name isn't Thomas."

We were walking to my truck, when I said "It will be.

We're going in to Tyler and get a marriage license. They won't ask if we're related, just to see our driver's licenses and there are different names on those.

Then we can get a judge to marry us; uh this is, with your approval of course. I guess I'd better ask if you WANT to marry your crazy brother first.

Carol didn't even have to think about it "You better hope to shout I want to marry my crazy brother."

Tammy was clapping her hands.

So we drove in to Tyler and got rings for Carol. Then to the courthouse, got a license and had a judge marry us. We left, with a girl on either side of me with their arms linked through mine.

Lunch seemed to be in order, so I took the girls to a nice restaurant where we celebrated being married. It was 3 o'clock when we left, so I headed back to Frankston to get Carol's new truck.

It was ready, and we took delivery. The girls wanted to ride together when we headed back to the lake.

It was almost 5 when we got back. None of us were terribly hungry, so we stripped our clothes off and decided to lounge it on the deck.

Of course with two naked girls lying on either side of me, my dick got hard.

Carol noticed and threw her leg over me, stuffed my hard cock in her pussy and she just lay down on my chest.

"Danny, you don't know how good this feels. I thought it would never happen."

I was rubbing her ass when I told her. "It's happening sugar, it's really happening."

I started seriously fucking my new wife. It wasn't long until I spurted a large amount of jizz in her tight little pussy and Carol started cumming too.

Carol rolled off and Tammy took her place and I was suddenly fucking my daughter. Seemed like it only took a minute until Tammy started cumming and I started shooting jizz in her pussy too.

It had gotten dark, so we went inside where the girls fixed a light supper. After that we all went to bed and just crashed. It had been quite a day and I think we were all pretty ragged out.

After I gave the girls an injection of cum the next morning, I decided to go fishing. I asked the girls if they wanted to go, but they both said no, that they were going to lie out on the deck in the sun.

I left and headed for the brush pile I had found the other day. The depth finder showed there were lots of crappie there. I had some "Flee-flies" and some small plastic grubs that had spinners on them. I rigged two light rods with them and started fishing. In no time I had a limit of good-sized crappie.

It was close to noon when I got back to the boathouse. I cleaned the fish with my special knife and headed for the house. My next door neighbor was out in his back yard and I waved to him as I was heading for the house.

He waved me over and said "Well, how are you guys all getting along?" I noticed he had a grin on his face as he asked. I wondered what was going on.

"Look Danny, my wife and I have seen the girls out sunbathing in the nude and we want you to know we're fine with it. My wife and I do the same thing ourselves.

Actually... my wife is my cousin.

We heard your girls talking and the older one made some comment about being your sister, so I'm guessing the other is your daughter. Am I right?"

I took a deep breath and said "Yeah Tony they are, uh; look we really don't want any trouble..."

"There won't be.

Let me fill you in about this place. Several years ago A guy bought this land and built a house on it. He had two sisters that lived with him. They stayed naked all the time and of course he was fuckin em both. He had bought several acres and over a period of time it turned in to the development you see today."

"As the lots were sold, the old man made the stipulation that the buyers had to be nudists and blood relations, like brother/sister, or cousins, or...well you get the drift."

"It was all kept pretty quiet so that word never got out that this place was an incest, nudist development. The law would have had a field day."

"After the lots were sold the first time though the owners could actually do what they wished. The new owner did not have to be a nudist or married to a family member, but they were strongly encouraged that it be that way."

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