tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSecond Wife Ch. 04

Second Wife Ch. 04


I couldn't have married Monica, I knew that in the first five minutes after meeting her at Bull's. But I sure as hell could fuck the shit out of her.

Bull's is a downtown sports bar with little to recommend it, except that it had a crowd of young single professionals who used it as a hook-up joint. I was probably seven years too old for the crowd, but I didn't mind. I was still wearing my usual work suit, which cost more than the combined drink tab of everyone in the room, so I was visibly out of place, too. I watched somebody else's team play on the screen while I sipped a rum and coke and ate peanuts and waited for my date. It was raining outside, and the white noise lulled me into a pleasant little stupor for a while. It kind of hit me that I was single again, and I felt both pleased and depressed by that. As I watched the casual flirtation and bad pick-up lines fly fast and furious, the growing chorus of the early-twenties mating call ("I am soooooo drunk!") I became more and more fearful by the idea of being back on the open market again.

Monica showed up a little late, but looking yummy. She had a lovely dark red sweater and knee-length black skirt, a wide black belt over the sweater. She wasn't a particularly striking woman, save for her long nose and piercing eyes, and she had a lovely shock of reddish-brown hair that had seen one too many budget stylists – but she was short. Petite, in the classic sense. The top of her head came to my shoulders. No doubt she had students who already towered over her. And she was lithely built, too. But that just made the two B-cup beauties she was hiding under her sweater pop out all the more.

"Bill?" she asked, checking me out like a piece of prime rib.

"Monica, a pleasure," I said, shaking her hand and smiling. "What will you have?"

"A Blowjob," she said, bluntly. I nodded, smiling despite myself. Novelty drinks – gotta love 'em.

"Let's get a Blowjob over here!" I called out to the bartender over the crowd. There was a weak cheer from the profane, and the requisite laughter from the rest of the crowd, but before I had helped Monica off with her coat a small long-stemmed glass arrived with its creamy concoction. "Gotta get the taste of adolescent smugness out of my mouth. I always like to start my weekend off with a Blowjob," she confided in me naughtily.

"Who doesn't?" I agreed. Then I got to enjoy the sight of her bending down, engulfing the top of the glass with her painted lips, getting a firm grip, then raising her head up quickly, allowing the drink to splash down her throat – with no hands.

When she set the drink down again, there was scattered applause and a hoot or two, and she bowed, then closed her eyes and shivered. "Damn, that was good!"

"Tough week at work?"

"Little bastards ran roughshod over me all week," she bitched. "They come back from Christmas break and it's like someone erased their tiny goddamn minds!"

"How else are they going to learn to become mindless drones for the corporate machine?" I shrugged. "In five years they'll all be in this bar, making our nation great. On behalf of American industry and commerce, I thank you for your efforts."

She slugged me playfully in the arm. "You're a funny guy," she decided. "I think I like you."

"I'm starting to take a shine to you, too," I agreed. "You hungry?"

"For dick or dinner?" she asked, bluntly.

"Lady's choice," I said, bowing deferentially.

She considered, her eyebrows making a cute little dance while she thought. "While I haven't been fucked in . . . way too long, I skipped lunch to grade papers, so now I'm famished."

"Dinner it is," I agreed, throwing a twenty on the bar and helping her put her coat back on. "Sushi okay?"

"Oh, hell yeah!" she said, her rural Southern accent popping out. As the night progressed and the drinks flowed, I would hear more and more of that accent using filthier and filthier language.

I held the door to the Jag open for her, and she naughtily flashed me some serious thigh when she got into the passenger side. I slid into the diver's seat and was about to turn on the car when she grabbed my head and kissed me. I could taste the sweetness of the liquor on her breath, mixed with cigarettes and lust. I stopped what I was doing and returned the kiss as well as I could – I was pretty aroused myself.

"Damn!" she said, after finally breaking it. "You kiss like a dream!"

"Thanks," I said, pleased. "You, too. I thought you wanted dinner?"

"I changed my mind," she murmured into my mouth. "I caught a whiff of you when you let me in the car and I damn near grabbed your cock right there!"

"Don't let me stop you," I said with a chuckle. Her hand immediately went to my thigh, where she squeezed it like a piece of fruit she was considering purchasing, then to my hard cock so cruelly imprisoned within. She took my measure with her nimble fingers, nodding all the while she kissed me.

"Oh, HELL yeah!" she sighed, breaking away again, her hand wrapped around it from the outside. "That's a beauty, there! Suzie was right about you!"

"More than you're used to?"

"It's been so long, I'm not used to anything but my vibrator," she giggled. "Pull it out – I want to see it!"


"Why not?"

"That's a pretty compelling argument," I agreed, slowly pulling down my zipper. I wasn't too worried – it was raining pretty hard, now, and I couldn't see the empty car next to us. No one would be able to see across the parking lot into my crotch. My dick gently made an entrance, and Monica's eyes lit up as she saw it like a kid eyeing presents under the tree at Christmas. Her hand measured it over and over again and she started gently jacking it.

"That's so pretty," she cooed. "So big and hard and soft all at once!"

"So when was the last time you got to touch a real dick?" I asked, trying to be casual as she was stroking my rampant boner.

She groaned softly. "Last June. My ex. Got drunk and did it standing up in a bathroom at a party. Didn't even cum," she complained.

"That's terrible!" I said, chuckling quietly. "So when you see a big juicy cock like this—"

"Oh, God, it makes me do this," she said, her head descending of its own volition.

She devoured me hungrily. You've probably heard the expression "cock-starved" – she actually did seem to be starving for the taste of dick, the way she went down on me.

This wasn't first-date-slut head, or even thanks-for-the-wonderful-time head, or even I'm-desperate-won't-you-please-cater-to-my-low-self-esteem head. This was "I-haven't-seen-a-cock-in-almost-a-year" head, and her sexual frustration unleashed itself with every insistent swab of her tongue.

"Oh, MAMA!" I moaned, clutching at her soft hair while I leaned back in the seat. "Damn, woman, you're inhaling me!"

"You complaining?" she asked, popping her head up and looking me in the eye for an instant.

"Oh, hell, no!" I said, mocking her accent as I pushed her head back where it belonged. Her greedy lips encircled me immediately, and she started jiggling her tongue across the head like a fiddler's elbow.

She moaned softly to herself while she explored my grateful dick with her mouth, taking him just to the back of her throat – about two thirds of the shaft – and then pulling back to let her tongue tickle the head again. I was oozing pre-cum pretty heavily, and every time she encountered another sweet drop she wiggled her mouth eagerly.

As much as I enjoyed the dalliance, I wasn't in the mood to mess around. I grabbed the back of her head and began directing her efforts, pushing my cock as far into her throat as possible. She didn't seem to mind. SO much so that I eventually abandoned the tactic and let her pump me with her plump schoolmarm lips.

"You keep that up, I'm gonna cum," I warned, politely, as I felt my sap start to rise. "And for the record, I prefer a swallower."

She chose that moment to break contact, which was maddening. "Then you lucked out," she agreed. "I've never let a load go to waste in my life!"

"Good girl," I moaned, and pushed her back to work.

Within five minutes I was shifting wildly in my seat and pumping spurt after spurt across her tongue. As promised, she swallowed every drop and worried my deflating penis with her mouth while I squirmed in my seat. She milked every bit of sperm from me and only reluctantly put away my cock. Then she sat up and gave a very satisfied sigh.

"That was nice," she breathed. "I love sucking cock."

"Hope you like getting fucked off your feet, too," I murmured. "Because after dinner, I'm going to lay you like a roll of linoleum!"

That cracked Monica up, and she laughed all the way to the sushi place.

She was funny, a crude, quasi-redneck sort of way. She delighted me with the tawdry gossip only an insular rural school can generate, including creative character assassinations of most of her older peers. I ordered a nice bottle of wine and a couple of rolls to get us started. I included the lobster roll, one of the most expensive, and a curiosity I hadn't sampled before, sushi with strips of ultra-rare prime rib layered over it. It was surprisingly good.

Monica thought so, too, and she made cum-noises all the way through dinner as one tasty morsel after another passed her talented lips. I could tell that she was used to a much baser establishment than Sushi Love, but I didn't mind. I admit it: a well-delivered blowjob clouds my judgment.

I can live with that.

"Wow," she said, when the waiter brought the big wooden boat. "You must really want to do me in the rear."

"It's crossed my mind," I agreed, picking up some wasabi and mixing it in to the soy sauce. "You like it there?"

"Yeah, that was my orifice-of-choice when I was young and stupid and thought I wanted to be a virgin when I got married. That lasted until the end of freshman year . . . but your sister-in-law made sure that everyone knew I liked anal for the rest of college."

"That's a lot of ass," I admitted. "Here, try the lobster."

She did, and her eyebrows shot up in pleasant surprise. "Oh, man," she moaned as the delicate flavors washed over her tongue. "This is definitely worth a buggering!"

I love it when my dates take the planning out of the rest of the evening.

When we had finally finished, I offered to drive her home. She was a little sleepy and lethargic, due to the wine, but she consented happily and I headed north up the highway while she toyed with my expanding cock again. We made it to her apartment – if anything, it was even more seedy than Susan's economy special. But it was clean, and quiet. She opened the door with a lurch and ushered me inside.

"Can I fix you a drink?" she asked, settling on the sofa beside me.

"I'm good," I said, reaching out and pulling her mouth to mine. I kissed her insistently, and let my hand wander around her boobs, enjoying the texture of them through her sweater.

"God, I'm soaked," she whispered when I finally broke it. "Care to check?"

"Love to," I grunted, pushing my hand up her skirt. I took the time to feel her legs and thighs thoroughly before I went further north, and that made her squirm. But when my hand found her bare, shaven twat hanging in the breeze, leaking fluids like a busted engine. I burrowed a finger between her lips and found her entrance.

Nothing compares to feeling a new pussy for the first time – I don't think that ever gets old, at least not for me. Monica was tight – very tight – but oh so very wet and hot, a tightly grasping vise of a twat. It took a little effort, but before long I had two fingers sawing in and out of her pussy, my thumb on her clit making firm, sharp little circles around it and causing her to writhe like a cat. She made noises like a feline, too, from purring to yowling, as my fingers made her squirm. Just before I pulled my hand totally away, I withdrew my finger and traced the outline of her asshole with her juices in a provocatively suggestive way. Her eyes shot open and a profoundly lustful look crossed her face.

Her hands were wandering all over my body, too, but seemed drawn back to my cock again and again. When I pulled my hand out from her skirt her head was in my lap in a shot, her fingers tearing down my fly and pulling my pecker back into her hot little mouth. I pushed her head down a few times suggestively, and she gave a splendid three-minute power sucking demonstration that had my dick throbbing. But she needed to be fucked, and she pulled her lips away with an urgency that had to be respected.

"GOD, I'm hot!" she moaned, shrugging off her sweater, revealing a lacy black bra that perfectly encased her boobs as she crawled into my lap. I could feel her bare labia press engagingly on my dick under her skirt, and so could Monica – she took the time to press the length of my cock against her pussy as if measuring it out. "Give me that goddamn big cock," she insisted lustfully, maneuvering around until she lined up the correct parts in the correct fashion. With one long groan she impaled her lithe little body on me, enveloping my sensitive, spit-slick prick with her molten pussy. Then she clasped her arms around me and whimpered as her tight twat got used to the intrusion. She hadn't quite calmed down when I began sliding her back and forth along the length of it, and then she went nuts.

I mean, I've fucked a few women in my time, and each was special in her own way, but the combination of her incredible lust and her diminutive stature made that first fuck with Monica an intensely primal experience. She had a child-like body (her lovely tits notwithstanding) but moved with the erotic fervor of a grown woman. She rode my cock effortlessly after a moment, and every plunge down the shaft lit up her eyes like lightning.

I wasn't passive, either. It was all too easy for me to sit there and let her do all the work, and ordinarily I might have been content with that. But her small, lightweight frame convinced me to try something I've always wanted to, but never had a partner who had made it convenient. I stood up, hoisting my date up on my cock, and for five glorious minutes I completely supported her, my big hands on her small, tight ass, while she fucked herself into oblivion. I even captured one of her nipples through her bra and chewed on it playfully, which helped her get to her third or fourth orgasm.

"Do me . . . doggie . . ." she breathed huskily as my ass finally plopped down on the couch. "I need it deep, really deep!"

"Bend over, Teach," I drawled. "I'll do you deep!"

She grinned and scrambled to lean over the arm of the sofa, presenting her trim ass, still framed by her black miniskirt, to my devouring eyes. Her delightful little pussy was winking at me sideways, swollen and red with excitement. She looked back over her shoulder (upon which I noted a hummingbird tattoo for the first time), her eyes partially obscured by a long shock of wildly flung hair. "Fuck me – hard!"

So I did. I lined up my sticky dick to the slick entrance of her candy-red twat and pushed in, and then started a ferocious pounding that threw Monica around like a rag doll. She loved it, tossing her hair wildly and screaming encouragement while I plundered her pussy with my tool. Having already came once, I made this one last a good, long time, even sitting down and bouncing her on my dick in the vaunted reverse cowgirl position. She loved that – apparently my cock was hitting her G-spot from just the perfect angle. She came at least twice that way. And that gave me the opportunity to thoroughly feel up her tits.

"You ready . . . for my ass?" she said after she shuddered to yet another climax. "If I wait too much longer, I'll lose my nerve," she explained.

"Never had one as big as me?"

She shook her head nervously. "You're the biggest," she confessed. "I can't believe Sarah was keeping you all to herself!"

"I'm like a doorknob, honey," I assured her as she pulled off my cock reluctantly and trotted off to find some lube. "Everyone gets a turn eventually."

"She said something about your ex . . . her sister . . . still living with you?"

"Yeah, it's temporary," I replied, lazily stripping off my pants. "She's pregnant. With another man's child."

"OUCH!" Monica said. "That's fucked up! And you didn't kick her out?"

"Long story," I sighed. "But a divorce is in the works."

"Then it sounds like you dearly need to buttfuck a woman," she said nastily, returning with a bottle of something. She poured a little on her palms and worked it on to my dick, engaging it anew.

"I try not to take out my feelings for my ex on my dates," I said as she backed her tight little asshole up to the head, then paused as she felt it touch her pucker.

"Don't sweat it," she sighed. "I love it in the ass. Fuck the gentle shit. If you're gonna get cornholed, damn it, get really cornholed!" And with that she sat her butt down on my dick burying half of it in her tight rectum with one push. A second found her completely seated on me, and I could catch a glimpse of her startled expression in the reflection in a nearby picture frame. Of her parents, I saw. Hi mom. Just fucking your daughter the schoolteacher up the butt. Nothin' to see here.

"Goddamnit, goddamnit, godDAMNit that's a big one!" she hissed. "I've never had that much cock in my ass all at once"

I was silent, waiting for her to set the pace, and in a few moments she did just that – slow and gingerly, at first, moving just a couple of centimeters on the shaft. But it didn't take long for her to relax a little and move with more alacrity. Soon she was taking almost the entire length up her butt while her hands took turns playing with her clit and steadying her between my knees.

"Holy . . . SHIT!" she bellowed and came as her movements sped up to a blur. "Oh, God, that hurts so good! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck my motherfucking ASS!" she chanted as she bounced. "Oh, shit I'm cumming AGAIN!"

It only took about ten minutes of this to send my sperm spurting deep into her bowels as I convulsed in orgasm. She felt ever droplet, too, and wiggled her ass fetchingly as she laid back on my chest. I idly toyed with her nipples, my cock deflating in her sphincter, until she finally stumbled to her feet and did the ubiquitous "walk of shame" to the bathroom.

"That . . . was nice," I sighed contentedly, laying back on the unfamiliar couch. The air suddenly felt cool on my skin, and I realized I was sweating profusely with the effort. "Remind me to buy you lobster again."

"In a month," she called out. "It's gonna take at least that long for my tiny little butt-hole to heal."

"Deal," I groaned.

"And that was goddamn HOT, you pulling me up into the air," she added as she flushed. "I mean, a lot of guys try it, but it takes a strong one to pull it off. Of course I was fucking nailed by that spike so I couldn't really get away . . ."

"You like the dick?"

"I love the dick," she agreed, washing her hands. "Love the dick a lot. Want to see dick again."

"I'm up for it," I agreed. "Hope you had a good time."

"Oh yeah," she said, snuggling up next to me. "You are excused from cuddling, if you so choose."

"Only if you want me to leave," I offered.

"Nah," she sighed. "Be nice to catch a nap with a big fuzzy man for a change. And that way we can do it again when we wake up."

And darn, she was pretty cuddly, too.


I dragged my ass home about four in the morning. The lights were all off, and I started to sneak in on reflex when I remembered that this was my fucking house. I came in casting aside all pretense aside, tossing my keys on the table and heading upstairs without concern about the noise. Let her wake up. That would actually be fun.

But she didn't, and Monica had so exhausted me that I stripped naked and rolled into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I didn't wake up until I heard Mary slip in and move my covers aside. I was expecting the usual morning hummer, but she paused. I recalled I hadn't cleaned up much last night. No doubt the sticky results of my fun-filled evening were evident. She paused for a while, as I pretended to be asleep, then got up and went to the bathroom. A moment later I startled when I felt a warm, wet washcloth cover my rising dick and Mary gently washed away another woman's juices.

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