tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSecond Wife Ch. 06

Second Wife Ch. 06


"Wake up!" I demanded, shaking Mary awake. She had two pillows under her knees to help her back -- the baby belly was putting more and more strain on it every day -- and I pulled them out from under her to encourage her to wake up.

"Wah--?" she said, eyes blurry. "Bill? What time is it?"

"Time for my little cocksucking wife to get on her knees and suck some cock," I said, matter-of-factly. Actually, it was about three a.m. I had set my alarm for the occasion.

"What? You want . . . Bill, it's still dark -- it's three in the morning!" she said, accusingly.

"So it is. Which means it's time for a blowjob," I said, smiling serenely. "C'mon, let's do this."

"I . . . can I pee first?"

"If you need to. I'm a reasonable man."

"Who wants a blowjob at three in the morning?"

"Seems pretty reasonable to me. I had a craving. Surely you can relate."

"I . . . let me just pee," she said, defeated. "I'll be right back."

I hauled my erect cock out of my boxers as she waddled to the bathroom. Then I followed her in.

"Jesus, Bill, I'm almost—mmmpf!" she said as I stuffed my cock into her open mouth.

"You know, you talk too much sometimes," I mused as she sputtered around my dick. I didn't let her pull away, but neither did I start madly pumping her throat. She glared up at me in tired confusion, but after a moment she let out a sigh (through her nostrils) and started to hesitantly suck me. That was fine -- the longer she took to get me off the better.

"This is the life," I crooned as her tongue began to bathe my shaft. "This is the life we should have had, before . . . well, you know," I said with a chuckle. She moaned the tiniest bit in protest around my cock. "Yes, it's a little inconvenient for you . . . I know you value your sleep . . . but honestly, do you have anything better to do?" I asked, pulling from her mouth with a pop and asking her directly.

She stared up at me, still half-asleep. "What? No, no, of course not." Sigh. "If you want a blow job, honey, I'm here for you."

Utterly unconvincing. But at least the words were coming out of her mouth. I shoved my dick back between her lips and leaned forward a bit, pushing more of it into her mouth than she was comfortable taking like that.

"Oh, that's so good to hear," I chuckled. "I know you don't mean a word of it, not with your heart, and you're only playing along right now, but it still does my heart good to hear that. Because of all the things you do, Mary, of all the talents you possess, dick sucking is probably on the top ten list. Probably at number one. Apart from your skills as a fellatrix, you really don't have much to offer a man. Or a woman. Anyone, really."

She moaned a little more as she sucked, not a happy noise at all. It was a cheap shot, but that was the point. I reached down and roughly pawed her sensitive breasts, seeking out the nipple through her flannel nightgown and tugging on it. It was already hard when I got there. That also elicited more moans, which always feels good when your dick is in the mouth that's moaning.

"A little more tongue, please. That's better. You really do have a good mouth, when you're using it properly." I pulled away again and kissed her -- I'm not as squeamish as some men, I guess. "And I do love blowjob-soft kisses. You're a decent kisser." While I was crouched, I pushed my hand under her overhanging belly and sought out her pussy -- freshly shaven, I noted. Her clit was engorged, both by her excitement and by her position. I frigged it ruthlessly and she hissed involuntarily into my ear. "This has you hot, doesn't it dear? Answer me!"

"Y-y-essssss," she sighed as I captured her button between two fingers and wiggled provocatively. Then I slid my fingertips into the opening over her bare pussy, where they were instantly bathed in her warm juices.

"Does it turn you on when I do this to you? Answer -- honestly."

"S-sometimes," she shuddered. "Most of the time."

"You like for me to use you like a slut? Like a live-in whore?"

"Yess! It turns me on. Most of the time."

"I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that," I said, straightening, plugging my throbbing dick back between her lips. "I mean, I like the fact that I'm turning you on, on the one hand, but on the other I really don't want you to enjoy this. I'm still plenty pissed at you, Mary. Plenty pissed. And part of the reason I'm pissed is that I should have known about your sexual dark side a long time ago, and you withheld it. Got angry at me for not being able to guess, and 'give you what you want'. So you had to go searching elsewhere, instead of giving me, your loving husband, the least fucking clue. No, no, I'm not looking for an argument, hon," I said as she started to reflexively pull away and defend herself or apologize. "I'm just soliloquizing. Venting. While my good little pregnant wifey sucks my cock in an unfinished bathroom at three a.m. Humor me."

She sighed in frustration around my cock, but kept sucking. I pumped my hips a little to encourage her while I continued berating her.

"And after talking with sweet little Susan, I now know about your sordid cheerleader past -- that would have been nice to know up-front. You were a hot little slut back then, by all accounts. Even dined at the Y a few times, rumor has it." That produced a startled squeak -- a very interesting sensation. "So I'm curious -- who was the first girl? The first pussy you ever touched? Licked?"

I let her pull away for this. "Is this really necessary, Bill?" she asked, hesitantly. "Humor me," I repeated, a little more sternly. "Confession is good for the soul -- and it's making me even hotter to think about it. So tell me who was the first pussy you ever ate?"

"C-Carla Dawes," she admitted, hesitantly. "My first year on the team. She was a total slut, for boys and girls, and she . . . she seduced me at our second 'away' game. Got me drunk on Goldschlager and we had sex at the hotel. She was a senior," she said, as if that somehow excused it.

"Back to work," I said with an amused sigh, pushing my dick back between her lips. "That's fascinating -- I'll have to look her up on Facebook, see what ol' Carla is doing these days. But that's something I would have liked to have heard about during our long and happy marriage."

I let her suck in silence for a while, continuing to maul her boobs. I could tell that sitting on the john for such an extended period was making her uncomfortable, but I kept going for at least five minutes while she suffered. I even grabbed her head and started face-fucking her lips, and she bore it stoically, merely groaning slightly every now and then.

Just when I felt on the edge of spewing my seed across her tongue, I backed off and pulled her unceremoniously to her feet. She chirped in surprise, and again when I whipped her nightgown over her head. "Get in the bedroom," I ordered. She complied, quickly, and turned around expectantly.

"Sit on the side of the bed," I said, pushing her shoulders gently down. She sat and immediately started sucking my dick again. I let her take it until I was close again, then pulled away and dropped to my knees, pushing her knees apart until I was face to face with her twat. She looked down at me with a mixture of surprise and pleasure on her face.

"My God," I said, in awed tones. "This thing is enormous, now!"

She winced as if I had slapped her. All women are self-conscious about their genitalia, and Mary was no exception. Even though I've always thought it as pretty as a porn star, she's always been touchy about how her pussy presents itself. Size, of course, is included in that. "I mean, it's about double in size from before! Damn!" I was exaggerating -- but the vasculature in the labia had definitely increased the blood flow, and it was far puffier than it had been six months ago. I made a point of visibly shrugging. "Not really a problem, just . . . damn!"

She blushed and tried very hard not to glare at me. I stopped her ire by suddenly blowing a steady breath across her twat, inspiring a shiver. Her hips squirmed accordingly.

"Wow, you must be really, really horny," I observed. "You're leaking lube, you're so wet!"

"Yes, Bill!" she whispered. "I'm very, very aroused!" To her credit she didn't ask me to do anything about it. "I'm very horny right now. I've been horny for days!"

"Have you masturbated?" I inquired, with all the warmth of a gynecologist during an exam. "Yes," she admitted. "A lot. But it isn't the same as your big thick cock!"

Flattery -- it was another step in the right direction. "I'm sure. I bet you could really take a hard, pounding fucking right now. The kind of claw-the-sheets ass slapping dicking that makes you stupid for three days."

"Oh, God, yes!" she said, nodding eagerly. "Yeah, that really sucks for you. Still . . . I bet you'd do anything for a good licking, too. Although you never seemed particularly impressed by my technique."

"What are you talking about?" she said, seriously. "You eat my pussy great!"

"Then why didn't you ask for me to do it more?" I asked, eyebrows raised. "If I was that good -- and as eager as you know I am -- then why didn't you ask me to?"

"That's not something . . . I mean, you're great at it, but I didn't feel right asking you if you didn't—"

"Never mind, never mind, not important any more, I suppose. You had your chance. I would have dove in head first every night, if you had let me. I bet you're really wishing you'd let me know," I said, making a point of breathing on her excited crotch. She writhed a bit more.

"Jesus, Bill, you're driving me crazy!" she moaned, leaning her head back.

"Yeah," I said, pleased with myself. "I wonder what you'd do for me for just one lick . . ."

"I'll suck your dick!" she promised.

"You do that anyway, remember?"

"I'll . . . I'll . . ."

"Yeah, you really don't have much else to offer," I observed, brushing the tip of my nose across her clit, my mouth so close to her tingling labia she could feel the vibration. "I mean, it's not like you can deny me that, right now. So what else you got?"

"You can fuck me!"

"Throw you in the Briar Patch? Why would I want to do that? I ain't Brer Fox, Miss Mary. Your pussy is not the pristine gift it once was. It's not even the fairest in the land any more. It's another middle-aged pussy with a few too many miles, and now it's got a passenger. Next?"

"I'll . . . I'll . . ."

"I'm waiting," I breathed, my face close enough so that she could feel its heat. I dragged my chin lightly across her labia, my midnight stubble making a little scratchy noise. Her spine buckled.

"Oh, Jesus, Bill! I'll dress up like a fucking nun and put a banana up my ass if you want me to, just . . . please . . . just . . ."

"And you still can't bring yourself to say it, can you?" I jeered. "So hot you're squirming and leaking, and you still can't ask me to do it? Although the nun with the banana thing is interesting -- we may have to revisit that." "Whatever you want, Bill!" she moaned, her hips thrashing around like a wild animal. "I'll give you whatever you want, just . . ."

"There you go, Mary," I said, snapping my fingers. "That's what you can do to earn a licking: I want something interesting. Original. And I want you to think it up. Think of it as a replacement for my cold, lonely birthday this year. You know how we grant each other one birthday wish? I think that's what I want from you: something interesting. After all, we did promise we'd always do that -- that's how you got that cute little car last year that my attorney so enjoys driving now, remember? Tomorrow night -- no, that doesn't give you enough time, I'll give you until Friday night, and we'll make a date of it. So Friday night I want you to actually have a fucking original thought about fucking and execute it. Not just trashy lingerie and some tingly lube, but something interesting. Something intriguing. Because as much as I loved you, Mary," I said, earning a whimper in response to the past tense, "the truth is that our sex-life was getting boring. Not boring enough for me to cheat with the first loser who showed me some attention, perhaps," I said, rolling my eyes, "but you had me so distracted by the utter lack of head in my life that I didn't realize how boring sex with you was getting. So give me something -- show me some spark of passion and creativity -- and I'll give you a few little licks. Can you do that, Mary?"

"God, yes, yes, I'll do it!" she assured me, her head rocking from side to side as my fingers danced lightly over her thighs.

"I'm not sure you can," I mused, patting her labia lightly. "As a matter of fact, I'm thinking you're going to be all boring and stupid and predictable, but I'd at least like to see what kind of pathetic attempt you can make of yourself. It'll be amusing, if nothing else. Given the opportunity, what passes in your tiny little mind for sexually innovative? That's gotta be a hoot."

"Just . . . just . . . I promise, okay?" she said, fervently. "I'll make you proud of me Bill, just give me the chance, that's all I've ever wanted was the chance—"

"I'll give it to you. Like I said," I chuckled, giving her labia a long, hard lick from bottom to top, "it'll be amusing to watch you fail!"

"GOD!" she moaned, forcing her pussy at my face. My hands clamped on to her thighs to hold her in place, and I dazzled her clit with thirty seconds of intense tongue play. She writhed so hard on the bed I had to exert myself to keep her there -- and it was odd, at that angle, with her pregnant belly looming overhead. "That was fun!" I giggled boyishly. "I do love eating pussy -- that's usually the first thing I do with my dates these days. I've eaten more pussy in the last few months than in the last few years of our marriage. Strange pussy, sweet pussy, juicy pussy, tart pussy, silky smooth and full and hairy. It's been refreshing. They all asked for more. Not one of them pulled the 'I don't feel fresh' bullshit, when it came down to it. I love eating pussy!" I said, giving her a solid two minutes of inspired clit-licking.

Mary thrashed as I did, moaning and screaming like she was being attacked. Her thighs were sticky with her juices, though, and it was as if every additional humiliation I heaped on her got her hotter. I broke away again, and she moaned in despair.

"OH, shit, I was so close!" she whined.

"Yeah, that sucks. Still, I'll tell you what: talk dirty for a few minutes and I'll continue -- until I get bored. And I'm easily bored these days," I added wryly. "And don't spare the self-deprecation, 'kay? I love hearing about what a total loser you are."

"Oh, God, oh, Bill, I . . . I'm such a slut, Bill, such a fucking whore. I'm horny all the time now," she began, and I slowly started licking her again. A total change in pace from the frenetic tonguing of a moment before. I wanted this -- and her -- to last. "I can't believe I'm such a slut that I slept with that idiot. I couldn't help it. I wanted you to eat me out and fuck me like you meant it, but I was a bad little whore and didn't ask. I wanted you to eat me out, Bill, darling, I wanted your big dick in my tight pussy, banging a-way-way, oh, shit, I wanted your finger up my ass but I didn't k-know h-how to as-ask for it-t!" she stuttered, as she neared her orgasm. I backed off, licking towards the bottom of her engorged slit, instead.

"I was such a whore in High School, Bill, I sucked so many cocks and l-licked some pussies . . . I was so ashamed about eating pussy, Bill, so ashamed, but it was so g-good that I . . . well, some of the girls were into that, so . . . Carla almost raped me, Bill, she pushed my drunk whore ass down and hiked my tiny skirt up and and and buried her face in my pussy and ate me, ate me, ate me . . . OH! God, she ate me so well, and then she sat on my f-face bef-fore I could move and she made me s-suck her clit, and I was such a lezzie whore and I wanted to be popular and she was so popular so I became her secret little slit-licker and then the other girls . . . oh, it was-s SHIT! It wasn't that we didn't-like boys but SHIT! But it was a kind of cheerleader thing-g—"

She stopped and came there, really really hard -- and my dick was hard as steel.

Sure, pulling her up and sinking my dick in her face would have been easy, and gratifying, but I had a face full of pussy juice now, and so I leaned forward and slid my cock suddenly into her pussy for the first time in a while. It surprised her, to say the least -- her eyes shot open with wonder as I hoisted her knees up on my elbows and really plowed her fertile valley like the thunderclouds were coming.

"Oh, Jesus, shit, Bill, Oh, thank you, thank you, I've needed a big dick in me, thank you, Bill, Darling, please, Jesus, thank you, thank you for fucking me, thank you for fucking my worthless cunt, Bill, thank you, oh, thank you thank you thankyou!" she begged as my hips slapped in and out of her pussy. She started cumming almost instantly, and I was surprised at just how spry she was in her condition. I reveled in the warmth and wetness of the pussy I knew so well, even as I bumped against a belly full of betrayal.

It briefly turned into a grudging powerfuck, and I slammed into her viciously. Then I realized just how much release she was getting from it, and as I pumped her towards another climax, I made a decision and pulled out.

"Flip over and put your big whore ass in the air!" I commanded, getting to my feet. "Do it!"

She scrambled slowly into position, eyes wide with the sudden change in play. But she obediently put her butt in the air and cradled her head between her arms and then glanced over her shoulder at me, a worried look on her face.

"Damn right you should be worried," I growled as I slapped her right cheek, hard enough to leave a brief print in her pink skin. "That wasn't for your fucking benefit, you cheating cunt."

"Fuck me, Bill!" she begged. "Keep fucking me, fuck me hard, fuck me like you mean it, just fuck me, Bill!"

"Play with yourself," I commanded, stroking my cock at the lewed sight of her fingers trying to maneuver around her belly before the started frigging her clit madly. "Tell me again what you are."

"I'm a whore, Bill, a slut and a whore! I want your dick in me so bad . . ."

"What do you aspire to be?"

"Your sweet little wife," she gasped as my fingers probed her pussy from behind, occasionally meeting hers. I dove my middle finger inside and sawed it across her G-spot. "I want to be your sweet little wife who loves you and takes care of you and sucks your cock every day . . ."

"You want me to have a whore for a wife?" I asked, incredulously. "Outrageous. But since you're a whore, no reason I shouldn't treat you like one," I said, pulling my finger out of her pussy and plunging it deeply in her winking ass hole. She leapt off the bed, but then came back into position and continued to stroke her own clit while I finger-fucked her ass.

"Please fuck me in the ass, Bill!" she said, unconvincingly.

"You're just saying that because you think that's what I want to hear," I chided. "I don't think you really mean it."

"Oh, I do, please fuck me in the ass," she said. She still wasn't selling it.

"I will -- but not because you say you want to. I will because I think you don't want to but are trying to appease me. Okay, I can take a little appeasement," I said, pulling my finger out of her butt. I fucked her pussy for a dozen strokes or so to get my cock properly wet, then pushed the head against her sphincter and shoved my dick unceremoniously into her ass.

"See, now that your pussy is blown," I whispered in her ear as I bent over her back, "your ass is about all you have left. And everyone has an asshole. So you'd better think up something pretty fucking creative for Friday night," I gasped, as her tight bottom spasmed around me, "or I'm just going to have to say to hell with it and spend all night long punishing your asshole, Mary. All night long, buried in your butt while you cry and beg and plead."

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