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Secondhand Slave Store


I never thought that there would be something like a second hand slave store, but there is. A Lady friend of mine, Mistress Babbs, a local Kansas City Domme, said she will take me to find me an honest to goodness slave. Mistress Babbs is this sexy Amazon Goddess that looks just like a fairy tale Amazon Warrior. She is 6 feet 5 inches tall. She is built like a brick house. But as she picked me up at my 1930's built house in the not nicest neighborhood. She is from the right side of town but we have been internet friends for six years, Babbs, has taking me to very under ground slave auctions just so that I can get a idea of what is going on. For three years now I have been saving up 60 bucks a month to go buy a slave girl. But every time I go to an auction. The prices of the younger slaves are way out of my reach. But Babbs told me about an Auction of older Slaves beyond their prime.

We arrive at midnight of course to a very nice looking pet store just outside of the city limits of Kansas. It is located right on the state line right in between Missouri and Kansas. It drives both states crazy because even though it has a reputation of selling exotic pets and neither state can do anything about it cause the store is actually built on the state line. There had to be at least thirty to forty cars and vans. And all the cars Just like Babbs windows they were all tinted. As we walked up to the door the there before us is a big black guy who looked like he could kill me in five point two seconds.

"Mistress Babbs and Master Robert Its good to see you. "I showed the guard my cash. He counted it. Hey you got a grand here. That's a enough to buy these two old bitches." I look at Babbs.

"What does he mean by old?" Babbs just laughed at my question and the guards joke at the same time.

"Honey they are between 30 and 55 years old. "I smile and so does she. Babbs understands that because of my disability that an older and more experienced slave would be better for me. Younger slaves wouldn't know how to handle a master in my situation. As we walk into the pet store it looks just like every other pet store that you would see in a shopping mall. The only real difference is that instead of dogs and cats, birds, and fish, the have human females naked in cages and on crosses. And in what looks like jail cells. It was kind of fun that I got to see a lot of the people I see from the local munch and sloshes. As Babbs and I walked around the store I couldn't help but get a very big erection. But I wasn't sure whether or not I should conceal it or just tryst to ignore it myself.

"Robbie dear, do you see anything you like?" Babbs grabs my hand as we stroll along the isle just like a married couple.

"Everything Looks so damned tasty, but I can only afford one. "Babbs laughs. "Well, I'm sure that you will find some thing you will like. "I nod my head in agreement. Looking at the slaves I noticed that there is an abundant of slaves from different cultures. Looking for signs to help me on how to interact with the slaves I look up just above the cashier And it reads: No whipping slaves until you get home J other than that anything goes.

"Oh My Goodness there is a Slave as is section beyond this curtain." Babbs announced to the room although everybody knows its there. She drags me by my hand and says,

"Lets go." I just let her drag me along. I learned a long time ago it's just safer to do that. I don't want her to get Domme on my Ass. We walk through the long white curtain, and it slams right into my face, like a spiders web does to you on a summer morning when your walking out into your yard. Babbs and I just laugh it off. When I finally got my baring straight, I am quite amazed to see the collection of Older Slaves. There is a man wearing a black hood and carrying a whip. And a stun gun, He had to be at least six feet 7 inches tall. He is scary looking, but I gather that is the point.

"Mistress Babbs and Master Robert. Is there any cunt that you would like to purchases?" His voice booms like thunder. Babbs in her grace and her own but sweet commanding voice said.

"Well, today I'm not buying a slave after all you know I only like walking dicks. "The masked man bellowed out a big laugh. "Well, then. I guess it's for Master Robert, the cunt that is. How much do you have to spend?"

"One thousand unfortunately. It took me three years to save up for one." There is definitely a big smile under his mask and he softens up a bit.

"Well, I think I can get you two cunts for that. I took me over just across the room to where a 45 year old woman who has a big gut and sagging tits Looking at the woman I can see the fear in her eyes. Looking at her handler, I ask. "Why is she scared? Is she a novice?" The handler says as if he is in a doctor's office.

"Well you see Master Robert older cunts like her and that red headed cunt next to her get bought for snuff films And or they get sold to a very dark group of people who are cannibals "That sent Shivers down my spine. I can see it affected Mistress Babbs too. I know though, she has to keep up her Domme Side.

"What if they don't get sold," I asked not knowing if I wanted to hear his response.

"Tell him cunt."

Master I would be put to death because I'm not worthy of any cocks or cunts." I can see the tears flowing down her face. Looking around I notice that these two were the only ones here the red head looked about 50.

"I'll take them both. "Miss Babbs smiles at me and she takes my hand as if I'm her boyfriend. The handler seems very pleased and the two slaves shake and cry in relief. "Shut up you two cunts you're not safe at his home yet." The handler said.

The handler says to me "Show Me the Money." I take out my bundler of ten hundred dollar bills. He becomes a money inspector. Looking at all of the numbers and the government seal of approval. He does this with each bill. I feel a bit Angry but then again. I can see why he's cautious.

"Yup one thousand bucks." Even under his heavy leather mask he says." Master Zech said you were a good guy. And he pats my back. Quickly he puts two leashes on the two slaves. Then he hands the leashes to me. As I take them the two women walk behind me with their heads down and their arms behind their backs. The Handler leads me to another room. There in the room was a medical table and also in the room were all sorts of tattoo tools and also sorts of branding irons and pricing tools. There sitting behind a desk is a Domme who is wearing bright Shinny Leather. I recognize her It was Mistress Sue. She smiled at me and hugged Babbs then kissed me on the lips.

"Master Robert, I see you got yourself two new cunts. "She smiled at me and gave them a hard glare." I'm sure you will be well pleased with them. They have been slaves since they were out of high school. "

"Mistress Sue the handler checked out all of my cash. "Mistress Sue seemed to smile.

"Its not that I don't trust you darling Man. I just want to make sure that I don't get any cops or the like." She just looked at her female slave slash assistant who took my money and counted each bill. "He has all the money here. "

"Good go ahead a put the money in the cash register." The slave Assistant does as she is told quickly and quietly. Returning back to her Mistresses side, all attention returns to the slaves who are now being put on to two tables. Their feet have been placed in stirrups and their legs have been spread very far apart. They each had shaved pussies. And their outer lips looked to be very huge. I started to get hard right away just looking at them as they are.

"What kind of Rings do you want for this first slut?" Asked the Mistress, I looked up at her and I walked up to the slut on the table and I began to think about it as I begin to stick my fingers in her dry cunt. . "Oh I think Gold loops. I want them on both lips and her clit. "The first slut didn't like hearing that. And with in a few minutes the Mistress brought out her piercing tools. I noticed that the cunt is starting to shake in fear. I knew that the Mistress wasn't going to stand for it and Neither would Babbs So I walked up to her head and I started to rub her nipples and I looked her right in her blue eyes. And I kissed her lips. As I did I could feel the tension slowly go away. Looking into her eyes, I can see her fear. I began to rub her nipples and I can feel the tight skin looking at her body closely I can see the scars of pain that she had suffered over the years. I kiss her nipples lightly. I let my tongue slowly circle her nipple. She jumps as she does I bite down on her tit. I can see her quiver. Her blue eyes seemed to be transfixed on me.

"Do you want the Clit Ring be the one that the leash goes through? "The mistress asks. I just nod keeping my eyes and my hands on the cunts tits.

"Have you had any kind Masters?" Mistress Sue looks up at me about to say something but she realizes what I am doing. So she decides not to bother me. All she does is to take the piercing needles and begin her work.

"Nooooo. I Haven't!" The slave says looking into my eyes as she feels the pain of the needles going through her older skin. . I continue to rub her shoulders as she starts to tear up.

"Well, now you have." I start to wipe away her tears from her face. Her face and upper chest is covered with sweat because of the combination of the cold air and the pain. I just stand behind her looking down into her eyes. The mistress of the shop finishes her job down below and she gives Babb's a look of pleasant surprise because she has never seen a master so calmly take control of a situation. Knowing that I had her under control The Mistress then begins to work on the nipple rings.

"How many inches here on her nipples?" Looking at Mistress Babbs for ideas she smiles and says. "Two inches of course, that is standard. She looks like she would look lovely in Gold. "I seem to like the color choices. Looking at the slave's nipple you can see that they are a bright pink in color. So gold will reflect pretty well. So the Mistress of the shop takes out two golden rings and starts to pierce the slave's tits.

Amazingly the Slave is calm still looking my eyes. I wasn't even aware that she was because I myself am still looking at the needles and the expertise that was being displayed. The swiftness of her needlework reminded me of a seamstress she went through the nipples as if she were mending a sweater. And I thought it was kind of funny when the Mistress when after the piercing is finished she took a swab of alcohol and she placed it on the freshly priced body parts and with a tiny laugh.

"There All finished. Let get to the next bitch on the other table." The rehearsed act begins again. The second slave was a bit faster, after we got the slaves to look like I wanted; I had Mistress Sue add a brand on their right butt cheeks with my name on each woman's right butt cheek. Before we took them back to my place. Mistress Babbs got on her cell phone quickly and she called her own slave Shelly, and had to go open up the beauty salon that she runs out of her basement and to also make sure that her drinks and her friends drinks were ready for them when they arrived. After she hangs up with Shelly she calls a Mistress friend of hers that runs an all night sex clothes shop and informs her that she and I will be coming along with her to get some suitable clothes for my new slaves and she informs her friend that she was going to pay for everything that will be needed. Mean while as I'm holding the two slaves leashes, I feel like I just came back from the pound and discovering the perfect puppy. I reach over to the older of the two slaves and take her hand and I do the same with the other slave. They look at me shocked but they soon relax and hold my hands.

"Well, Lets go clothes Shopping for your new pets." Mistress Babbs announces as if we are running to go off to battle. She loves shopping. She even takes me along shopping with her. I love going shopping not because I normally wind up with things, I think its because I just like being with her you know? I'm that who ever reads this will agree that everybody has that one person in their lives that's just fun to hang out with. We climbed back into her limo and when I sat next to her she noticed my hard on.

"You look strained, Robbie." She smiles and laughs at the same moment that I blush. Before I could say a single word the fat slave already had her hands on my free cock and had it in her mouth sucking. I gasp in pleasurable shock, if there is such a thing. I purposely didn't wank off for three days just so I can save up my cum for this moment. I explode into her mouth and I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of me. I know it only took a short time to get me off but when you are not sexually active and you don't really know how to control it. It happens when it happens. And even with I know this peace of knowledge I still felt bad because I came a little early. Instead of showing off my concern of coming early, I decided to play it as cool as possible and hoping Babbs doesn't give me any grief over it.

"Very nice. Very nice, indeed." I must have looked like I just swallowed the cannery. Mistress Babbs has been very quiet since we left the pet shop and now that we are getting closer to the clothing store I hear the unmistakable sounds of Babbs Cumming. And when she finished herself off her driver comes on the speaker and says.

"Mistress Babbs we are at Mistress Tami's clothing store." Obviously Babbs pushes a button on her left side.

"Thank you Steven." Was all she said? What shocked me at first was that we pulled into the back, of the building but I figured that It just wouldn't look right in the publics eye to have two naked middle aged slaves walking into a clothing store naked.

A beautiful looking Asian woman was waiting for us. She has a very beautiful smile. And she hugs and kisses the both of us. She seemed to know the two slaves behind me.

"It looks like you Cows have found a new home." They both Answer.

"Yes Mistress Tami." Mistress Babbs can tell I'm a little bit confused.

"Master Robert. Those slave you have were hers until tonight. Mistress Tami has all of their old clothes to wear when they are taken out in public. "I nod in understanding. Her younger Slave comes out with the clothes in boxes. Mistress Tami turns her attention to me.

"You'll find that those two will be very good slaves. They do not need too much instruction. They are self-motivated and they know their slot in life. Don't you?" She asks the slaves knowing very well what they will say. It seems by listening to the two Mistresses in my view that they put the fear of God into them a long time ago.

"Yes Mistress Tami." I just turn and look at them and smile. I grope their breast gently and kiss each one and pet them. This seems to make them feel better. As we enter the shop I notice that there is a mixture of everyday clothing with slight differences that signified a woman's places in the BDSM community. The Shop owner's helpers seem to know what to bring and where to go. I was very impressed with what was taking place.

"Okay Master Robert since your slaves are matronly old lady types. I think they would look good in public dressed like Barbara Bush, but we know they don't have any bush. "The Mistresses laugh and I figure I should to. But after the laughter died down we set about the task in finding their clothes. I found myself just wondering around the shop. I found the whip and flogger section. And I think that this intrigued the ladies. And the slaves. Especially them, I guess that they wanted to see what they would be punished with. I found this wonderful looking blue colored cowhide flogger. When I grabbed it. Something happened. I felt as if I was made for it. I think the other ladies saw it.

Can you please help me with it?

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Decent concept; very poor execution. Needs work with punctuation, capitalization (so many random things were capitalized that I couldn't help but snicker), and consistent tone. Keep practicing, and you'llmore...

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