This is a follow-up to my first story "First Creampie." It is about the exchanging of bodily fluids. If you are opposed to this sort of thing then please do us both a favor and skip to another story.

Thanks to Kumani for editing help.


Since the first time my wife had brought home my first creampie our sex life had dramatically improved. It was like we were newly weds again. We had sex every night, most mornings and a couple of times on the weekends. My thoughts of what she had done made me horny like I had never been before. I imagined every detail like it was happening in a movie I had watched. It had been a couple months and I was looking forward to the next time.

I told my wife that I had to work late on Friday because we were behind at the plant and had a large order to finish. "You poor thing," my wife said in mock concern. "Is there something I can do to make it better?"

"How about you make a special dessert for me Friday night?"

She smiled and responded, "I can do that for you, but won't you be too tired for that after working late?"

"Oh no, I want to have something to look forward to while I work and when I get home." I was already getting hard as I started to think about it. I knew she would do it.

She started to rub my cock through my pants. "I'll do it for you, but it doesn't seem fair that I get to have more fun than you." She knew how much just the thought turned me on, how much I enjoyed imagining and how much I enjoyed going down on her freshly filled pussy. She said what I was thinking, "Friday is going to a really l-o-n-g day for you isn't it?"

Thursday night I didn't sleep very well, tossing and turning, in anticipation of what my wife was going to do on Friday. About 3:30am I jerked off in an attempt to relieve some tension. Because of that I was sound asleep when my alarm clock went off at 6:00am. I could hear the fan and shower in our bathroom and realized my wife had gotten up before me. Shortly thereafter she emerged with her towel and a smile.

"Good morning sleepy head," she came over to me as I sat up, swinging my feet to the floor. She dropped her towel and stood before me in all her glory. "Feel how smooth my pussy is," spreading her feet apart, "I think somebody is going to have fun with it today."

I put my hand between her legs to feel her smoothly shaven pussy as she had instructed. I knew she had just gotten out of the shower but her pussy was soaked and my finger slid right in with no resistance. She said, "Oh yes, that feels good doesn't it? I think I will need two pair of panties today because my first pair will be soaked in no time." She pushed me down onto my back in the bed and crawled to sit on my lap. I still had my boxers on as she started to grind her pussy on my now hard cock that I wanted to release from the confines of my boxers so badly.

"You just lay there," she commanded as she rubbed herself against me. She was moving her hips and I could feel the heat from between her legs as she got herself off, bearing down and grinding against my boxer enclosed hard-on. I watched her face as she had her eyes closed tightly and her face began to redden since she was holding her breath. Her entire body first started to tremble and then started to shake. Sweat beads covered her forehead and her face got very red as she continued to shake. Then as her orgasm peaked she opened her eyes wide and her mouth as she let out a groan that sounded like Chewbakka. Next thing I knew she collapsed forward onto my chest, still trembling and gasping for breath. I wrapped my arms around her as she slowly cam down from her remarkable high.

After a couple of minutes she rolled off me onto her back. Having caught her breath she turned towards me and smiled, "You better hit the showers or you'll be late for work." She reached over and rubbed my still stiff dick through my boxers "And don't let this cum until I get home tonight. You don't have time and I want you to have a HARD time today." She teased. "Now get going while I get dressed."

I got up and went obediently to the shower. I was running behind now but I was in no danger of being late. I showered but stayed semi-hard the entire time. One part of me wanted to rub one out as I washed but then another part wanted to enjoy the anticipation. I decided to wait.

When I got out of the shower I dried myself completely before heading back into the bedroom to get dressed. On entering the room I found my wife slipping on one of her shiny black patent four-inch pumps. She was wearing a gray plaid skirt and jacket, white blouse and sheer stockings. As she got her shoes on she asked, "What do you think?" turning around modeling her outfit. The skirt was a short one that she had the hem taken up at my request. Not showing anything, but shorter than usual business attire, not quite passing the fingertip test. The suit jacket, which hung down even to the hem of her skirt, covered her sheer white blouse and was buttoned so that I couldn't tell if she had on a bra or not.

"Open the jacket" I told her as she stood watching me inspect her attire. Slowly, looking me in the eye she opened first the lower button and then the top one. Using both hands she pulled the front of the jacket wide allowing me to see what she had on beneath. The sheer blouse provided a translucent cover for what I could tell was a pink lacy bra.

"So, you are wearing a bra."

My previously semi-hard cock was now sticking straight out as she smiled letting go of the jacket and raising her skirt all the way, "Yes, because it matches these." As the skirt came up I was able to see she had on real stockings, held up with a pink garter belt, with the attachments coming from beneath pink boy shorts panties. "These are for later she told me as she took ahold of the panties and pulled them down, which allowed her skirt to come down as well. She let go of the panties just above her knees and they dropped on their own to settle around her ankles. She raised her skirt again revealing a sheer pink thong, which really showed her pussy off, hiding nothing.

With her skirt and jacket raised she turned around again, the only hint that the thong was there was the tiny triangle where the waistband attached to the hidden portion between her beautiful cheeks. I guess it technically wasn't a G-String, but it was pretty close. And it was a pretty sight to see as well.

Letting her skirt fall down and stepping out of the panties at her ankles she bent down to retrieve them, "Now, I need to finish my makeup and hair and you need to get dressed before that thing," looking down at my hard member, "goes off this morning." She buttoned her jacket back and looked like a very sexy secretary, not over the top, but definitely something to notice.

I hurried to dress and get to work without being late. The goodbye kiss I got was a hot one as I headed out the door. I took the opportunity to pull her skirt up and get a quick hand full of cheek before going out the door.

"Keep that thought," was what she told me as I headed to the driveway. I had a difficult time concentrating at work, being distracted by my anticipation. I tried to call her on my lunch break but only got her voice-mail. During my afternoon break I was going to call again but noticed I had a message. "Sorry, really busy here today. I'm trying to get out of here early but it looks like I may have to work late also. I won't be too late getting home tonight with your treat. Love you. I'll call you at home or at least leave you a message if you're not there yet."

Lucky for me we had some problems in the afternoon. That helped the time go by quicker. We got a break at what would have been our normal quitting time. I called my wife and this time she answered asking, "So how late will you be tonight?"

I didn't hear anything in the background as I told her that we would be working about three hours over. "How late will you be?' I asked back.

"I will be about ten so I have time to make your pie. Be naked on the bed waiting for me and I will have a story for you to go with your bedtime snack. Love you. Gotta go, everyone's waiting for me." The line went dead. What did she mean everyone? Was she going to pull a train? What were her plans for the evening? From two guys to maybe a gangbang? Would she let things get out of hand? That made the rest of my workday drag on forever. Finally we were finished a little later than expected, but still giving me a couple of hours before she said she would be home.

I stopped at a fast food drive through to get a giant cheeseburger to take care of my physical hunger. Then I headed home to wait. About nine thirty I turned off all the lights inside the house except our bedroom. I stripped and sat on the couch looking out the picture window for my wife to get home from the darkened living room. It was close to eleven when I saw her car come down our street and turn into our driveway. I waited until I saw her get out of her car before I dashed to the bedroom to wait for her. I could hear the front door open and close as she came in. When she came into our bedroom she had her heels in her hand which is why I didn't hear her cross the kitchen on her way in.

She came into the bedroom as I lay in the middle of the bed on my side stroking my again hard cock in anticipation. This time there was no mistaking what she had been up to. Her blouse was missing from beneath her jacket as were the stockings she had been wearing this morning. She reached behind her back and undid her short skirt letting it fall to the floor. Unbuttoning her jacket I saw what appeared to be a pair of white cotton panties that were obviously wet in the crotch area and nothing else. With a shrug of her shoulders the jacket hit the floor as well, leaving her in only her panties.

"Loose the pillows," she commanded as she came over to the bed. "You can have these later, " as she pulled the panties down, "On your back if you want your pie before it all gets away."

I wanted it all right. I laid back and she climbed on the bed, standing facing the headboard above my head. I could see the gleam of dried juices along the inside of her legs and the unmistakable sight of cum starting to drip out of her. She took both hands and grabbed the headboard to squat on my face. I was struck by the smell of sex, her natural aroma and that slightly bleach odor of cum. It was dripping on me before she buried my face in it. I lapped away, trying to get it all. The texture, taste and smell all combined to be as wonderful as the first time. Salty and musky, it was exactly what I had wanted. I gobbled what I could but my face was covered. As soon as she had squatted over my face it just seemed to pour out of her.

It seemed that it ended all too soon as she stood up and took a step back. Slowly she lowered herself using her hand to guide my cock into her still very slick pussy. In one motion as soon as she moved her hand I was completely inside her. As she started to move up and down I could feel almost no resistance. The sounds were so different, so wet. It was squishy slapping sounds as she rode me. The ache in my balls made it almost painful as I thrust upwards to meet her each time she came down. It didn't take long before I came, mixing my cum with what was still inside her. The ache in my balls continued even after I had emptied myself. Now the bed had a wet spot right in the middle.

"Lets get in the shower and I'll tell you all about it," she said as she rolled off and headed into the bathroom. By the time I made it in there the water was running and she was flushing the toilet. In the shower she started right with the soap on my cock and balls. The warm water on my back felt refreshing as my wife concentrated on getting me hard one more time.

"I kinda' made a mistake today" she started, 'and Deb found out what was going on. She caught me in the ladies room at lunch playing with myself. I guess I made more noise than I thought. Anyway she was looking right at me when I came out of the stall with my pink thong in my hand. It was so wet I couldn't put it back on. She made me show her what I had in my hand and then took it from me putting it in her pocket."

"Then she made me tell her everything. At first she was shocked, but then I guess she started to get turned on by the idea. I knew she had a wild side, and I've been thinking that they might have been into swinging but I didn't know for sure. Deb told me her husband would never go down on her unless she had just gotten out of the shower and what we were doing sounded so kinky and fun. She told me that after work we could go by her house so she could change and that we would both go out and get some tonight."

It was my turn to be shocked and then excited. Deb was my wife's best friend and Bill was her construction worker husband. We had known them for a few years. I knew Deb liked to flirt a little but had never imagined anything more. I never considered them anything more than a typical couple who had the occasional party during the summer, most of which we had attended. But I had never suspected that they might be swingers.

My wife continued her story, "What I didn't know was that when she got back to her desk she must have called Bill and set me up. Set things up actually. After work I followed her to her house. We went in and she made me a drink and told me to wait in their den while she went to change. After about ten minutes I hear her call from upstairs for me to come up. I went up and looked in their bedroom but Deb was nowhere to be seen. As I went in Deb comes out of the bathroom completely naked. She says 'I couldn't decide what to wear so I decided we would just stay here,' as Bill came out behind her completely naked as well."

"I was surprised and just stood there as Deb and Bill stripped me. My clothes were thrown aside and hands were all over me. My stockings were around my ankles before I could get my shoes off. I was naked on their king-sized bed next to Deb before anything started to register. Bill was on top of me and pushed himself right into me. I had been so horny all day that it felt so good having a cock in me that I didn't care that it was Bill, I just wanted it."

"Deb was playing with my nipples and encouraging Bill on. It felt so good. We did it three times with Deb sucking him in between to get him hard again. Then we all went down to the kitchen and Deb made pizza. They stayed naked and I put my panties back on to keep your pie as much as I could."

By this time I was ready to go again and my wife knew it. She turned towards the back of the shower, put both hands on the wall and pushed her behind against me, moving it up and down with my hard cock in the crack of her ass. I spread here cheeks and the head of my dick found her rosebud. She pushed back and I thrust forward. I stopped about halfway in, letting her set the pace. She moved back and forth slightly, slowly increasing both depth and speed. It didn't take long util she stopped moving and said, "Give it to me." Then it didn't take long until I finished.

After we finished in the shower and went to bed my wife told me that she had to borrow panties from Deb to wear home. "After we ate Deb wanted us to go back upstairs. My panties were already a mess so Bill pulled them off me right there in the kitchen. Bill bent me over the island and started to do me from behind right there. Deb sat on one of the stools playing with her self as she sniffed and sucked on my panties. It was so hot! It took a while before Bill came in me again. After he finished Deb went up and brought my clothes down. She had a fresh pair of white panties for me and my pink ones were nowhere to be seen. She said she would wear them over tomorrow when they come here for dinner. I invited them over for steaks tomorrow night. She said that you could take them off her while Bill watches. I think she wants Bill to fill her up before they come over, then let him watch as you have her pie for dessert." Tomorrow was going to be another long day.

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