Secret Ch. 01


Secret 1 -- One Ringy Dingy (Gary gets an erotic phone call from the girls.)

"If you call him I'll slit my wrists!"

"I'm not going to tell him who we are, silly."

The dark-haired and lively Lisa finished dialing the number as her younger friend Camille nervously paced the full limits of the living room.


Lisa lowered her voice as a disguise, "Hello, are you Gary?"

Camille could not contain her nervousness, "You crazy..." Lisa hurriedly pointed to her throat and Camille understood. She lowered her voice, "You crazy bitch!"

"Yeah, this is Gary. Who are you?"

Lisa hunched over the phone, barely able to hold back her laughter. In her lowest and sexiest voice she continued, "Well Gary, my friend and I are not going to tell you who we are. We just want to mess with your mind a little bit."

Lisa fell back on the couch in snorts of laughter as Camille quit pacing and began to show interest in the phone conversation. Camille was in her senior year of high school and Lisa was a year older, working as a receptionist. They knew Gary from seeing him work as a waiter in a local restaurant. Gary was older than both of them. He was very personable and entertaining and knew the girls by name whenever they came to the restaurant. He was a member of the Army Reserve and looked great in his uniform.

"Gary, my friend and I are having a private little party and we're a little drunk."

Gary was cautious but he was immediately curious. "Is this a party I should come visit?"

More giggles from Lisa, "Oh you'd probably like that big boy. But we have boyfriends..."

At that point Camille leaned toward the phone with a nervous smile, "I have a big mean boyfriend!"

Lisa ignored her friend, "...and we know you have a girlfriend who's out of town. So tonight, let's just talk about what could have been."

There was a pause as Gary considered where this conversation was headed. "This sounds like a practical joke. Did one of my buddies put you up to this?"

As Lisa spoke on the phone she had an expression of pure delight. Her dark bangs and short haircut were unruly like her loose clothing. She had an attractive soft body with plenty of bosom, and she was quite secure about her appearance.

Lisa's eyes were wide with excitement and her beaming smile was infectious. The result was that Camille was drawn close and trying to listen in without laughing.

"No one asked us to call. We're just alone in the house drinking and watching R-rated movies when your name came up. It turns out that you are the only person we know that we could agree was hot. Here I'll let my friend tell you."

Camille was suddenly serious but managed to keep the disguise in her voice, "I'm not talking to him!"

"Oh yes you are. We're doing this together. He's not going to figure out who we are."

Camille carefully pulled the phone to her ear, "Hello?"

"So who are you?"

"I'm not telling you who I am." Camille paused as a smile formed and she looked at Lisa. "But I will tell you that she's telling the truth. In fact, she's lucky you're not here or she probably wouldn't be able to control herself. She's really hot and ready for you. She's even on the pill."

With that, Camille threw the phone on the couch and joined Lisa to jump around squealing and laughing. Lisa retrieved the phone.

"My friend here is on the pill too!"

Camille was instantly serious and whispered loudly, "How did you know that?"

"I looked through your purse."

Camille fumed as Lisa turned her attention back to Gary, "Do you believe me now?"

"I believe you." There was a long pause as neither of them spoke.

Lisa smiled devilishly and looked at Camille as she spoke into the phone, "Now I'll tell you how your name came up." Camille frowned and vigorously shook her head but Lisa continued, "We noticed that each of us took an extra long shower this evening. Of course we were getting off, but what should interest you is both of us fantasized over the same person, you!"

"OK, that is hot!" Then Gary decided to play along. "What are you wearing?"

Lisa turned excitedly to Camille, "He wants to know what I'm wearing!" Camille was still frowning at Lisa but grudgingly pressed her cheek next to Lisa's so they could both listen. Lisa spoke into the receiver, "I'm wearing grey sweat pants and a pink cotton T-shirt. And I'm not wearing anything else." Both girls bent over with laughter.

Gary laughed along with them. All three were enjoying themselves with this innocent fun. "Well don't stop there, give me some details about what you look like when you move around."

"I have nice boobies if that's what you're asking."

"That's a good start."

Lisa broke free from Camille and started moving around. "I can feel my butt cheeks wiggle as I walk, and my titties definitely bounce. I have a trim waist too. I'm sure you'd like to watch. In fact I've caught you looking at me before."

"Oooh! That sounds pretty good."

"Are you starting to get, aroused?"

"Yes I am. How about you?"

"I don't think I'll let you know the answer to that question."

"In that case, tell me about your girlfriend."

Lisa breathlessly held the phone out to Camille, "He wants to know about you."

Camille slowly accepted the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello again. What are you two drinking?"


"I sure would like to join you."

"That's not going to happen."

"OK then, as well as you can, describe what you're wearing and what you look like."

Camille decided not to tell him about her moderately long straight brown hair that was lightened to a nice blond. With that information he might be able to figure out who she was. She stood close to Lisa so they could both listen.

"I'm taller and skinnier than my friend and I'm a little younger."

There was a pause then Gary realized he had to ask questions to get this one talking. "That doesn't tell me much. Are you in a T-shirt?"

"No, I'm already wearing my nightgown. It's white with little yellow flowers on it, and made of cotton." She tried to think of something sensual to say, "It kind of hugs up against my figure."

"OK, tell me about that. Is it snug across your butt?"

Camille smiled as she started to get used to this game. "Yeah it does show off my butt. In fact I'm clinching my butt cheeks just for the thrill of it right now."

Lisa howled with laughter as Gary smiled to himself and continued, "Good girl! Now tell me about your tits."

Camille flinched slightly at the crude reference to her body. "Well I don't fill out my nightgown but at least I have something there."

Lisa playfully grabbed the phone, "She's wearing a bra and panties under her gown."

Camille responded defensively, "I wait until just before bed to take those off."

Lisa smiled mischievously as she continued talking into the receiver, "What you'll really like about her is that she's still packing her cherry!"

It took Camille a second to realize that Lisa had just told this guy about Camille's virginity. "I can't believe you said that!" Camille snatched the phone from Lisa and she could hear Gary roaring with laughter. She slammed the phone onto the holder, hanging up on him.

After a short moment of realizing no harm was done, Camille joined Lisa with squeals of amusement and excited talk about what had happened. Lisa exclaimed, "I think we really got to him!"

Eventually the girls settled in to an evening of margaritas, movies, and an occasional call to or from a friend. They were careful to avoid telling anyone about their erotic phone call. The girls were snuggled on the couch watching "The Lover" when Camille became even quieter than usual.

"Lisa, how did your last friend call here? We're house-sitting and she didn't have the number."

"I had called her earlier and she just looked on the Caller-ID."

Camille's face visibly fell with shock, "I thought this phone was listed as a private number that wouldn't show up on Caller-ID. That means Gary could have this phone number."

"Oh so what. It just gives the phone number without listing the address."

Camille stood up and faced Lisa, "I hope Gary is as dumb as you are. With the internet he can use the phone number to get this address!"

As the two girls faced each other with looks of shock and slight amusement, the sound of a motorcycle seemed to stop right outside the front door. Camille asked, "Does Gary have a motorcycle?"

After about three seconds of stunned silence the girls ran to the front window. Lisa pulled the curtains to the side and they could see Gary walking toward the front door. Of course it was easy for him to spot them in the window and he smiled to them as he approached with a bag of groceries.

"OH MY GOD!" they said in unison. The difference was that Lisa was smiling and Camille looked genuinely afraid.

Camille whispered hysterically, "Don't answer that door!" As if on cue Gary knocked.

Lisa started trotting to the door, yelling back over her shoulder to Camille, "Don't be silly. He isn't going to kill us!" In a panic, Camille sprinted into the nearest bedroom and locked the door.

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