Secret Ch. 02


[Dear reader, this is the second of five chapters.]

Secret 2 -- I Know Where You Are (Gary shows up at the girls' house.)

Lisa opened the front door to a beaming Gary holding a bottle of tequila in one hand and in the other hand a grocery bag with pizza boxes sticking out the top. Lisa leaned against the open doorway with a blushing embarrassed smile to go with her ruffled hair and clothing. The skin around her eyes was naturally a shade darker, which gave her a sexy bedroom look. They grinned at each other in silence until Lisa broke down first.

"Oh OK. Come on in."

In hearing Lisa's voice Gary was surprised that he had not recognized it on the phone. Her voice had a slightly raspy sound that was very distinctive.

Lisa led the way and it occurred to Gary that she had been telling the truth about her butt wiggling. And her sweatpants were somehow very sexy. They had the letters "PINK" prominently printed across the seat. Gary thought to himself that it seemed only girls with superb butts wore that. He watched the "PI" and then the "NK" move up and down as Lisa stepped with small quick paces.

She spoke over her shoulder, "Internet address search on our Caller-ID number?"


Gary and Lisa laughed good-naturedly as they walked to the kitchen. Gary unloaded the groceries on the counter and asked, "Where did Camille go?"

"She's hiding from you."

A muffled and disguised voice came from behind the closed bedroom door, "What makes you think I'm Camille?"

Lisa and Gary sniggered and Gary raised his voice to answer, "Because I saw you and Lisa in the picture window as I walked to the front door."

Lisa and Gary looked at each other and tried to hold back laughing in case Camille might be insulted.

"I'm still not coming out. And Lisa, I can't believe you let him in here with us."

Gary walked over to the bedroom door and leaned his forehead against it to talk while resting his weight on one hip. Lisa thought he looked mighty good in that pose while he tried to be gentle. In his most soothing voice he spoke, "It's OK Camille. Believe me I understand you two were joking around. It was just a fun game that I enjoyed playing too. I don't want to run you away. I promise I won't tell anyone and I won't be rude with you. I brought some food and tequila for us to just relax and laugh a little bit."

Gary straightened and turned smiling to Lisa. No wonder she thought he was hot. It was mostly his cool self-assured manner that made him attractive.

The sound of the unlocking door caused Gary to back away. Camille stepped slowly out with her eyes cast downward and her face a dark shade of red. Gary noticed that her nightgown was modest but she looked very good.

Gary turned to look at Lisa with a broad and genuine smile. "You two relax. I'll make some snacks and special margaritas from scratch." He turned toward Camille to say, "And I won't make them too strong."

Camille was eager to say something, "Gary, you know that story about our playing with ourselves while we were in the shower?" Gary nodded. "Well it wasn't true. We were just kidding about that."

Camille walked away with Gary simply standing there. Then Lisa passed close by and whispered to him, "It's true." She flashed a knowing smile over her shoulder and followed Camille.

The girls stepped into the living room with Lisa giggling and Camille somber. Gary slowly shook his head and spent a moment to compare the walks of the two girls. Lisa took smaller and quicker steps, moving mostly up and down with only a slight sideways wiggle of her bubble butt. Camille's walk seemed to go with her taller frame. She had a definite "swish" of her whole body from side to side as she moved. He realized he could watch those two walk for hours and never get bored.

Gary turned and started preparing food and drinks. He knew what he was doing because he had spent time in the kitchen when he first worked at the restaurant. Gary was close enough to the girls that they could watch him but far enough away that he couldn't understand their whispers.

Camille finally could see the humor in the situation. "Lisa, you're pitiful at this crank call business. I'd think a receptionist like you would understand all the variations of Caller-ID."

Lisa giggled a response, "We have a phone system without many features. But I think this is working out great. We have our dream guy cooking and waiting on us. Just look at him."

Gary had his back to the girls. He had fairly short dark brown hair and he was a little taller than average. His hands were moving swiftly and he was obviously enjoying himself as he softly whistled. He was shifting his weight from one foot to the other which showed off his tight butt under light khaki trousers. And his back muscles were clearly moving in time to his activities under his snug Henley long sleeve shirt.

Gary spun around with a margarita glass in each hand. His sleeves were rolled up revealing veins in his forearms and hands. The girls broke their trance with soft giggles and he boomed out, "Here you go. One third each of lemon, tequila, and triplesec. Except I watered down the tequila a little bit so it won't be as strong as it is in the restaurant. I know you two have already had something to drink and I don't think you want to get sloshed."

Camille said thanks and Lisa said, "It wouldn't be so bad to get sloshed."

Gary smiled and watched them take first sips from the salted glass rims. Both girls gave him an enthusiastic thumbs-up. He was animated as he added, "I've put pizza in the oven so I have time to just come around and join you with my full-strength drink. I can tell I have a little catching up to do."

As Gary rounded the end of the kitchen bar Lisa stood up with her drink. With her other hand she affectionately passed her palm across Gary's back.

"Whoa, aren't you frisky tonight!" He returned the gesture by placing his arm across Lisa's shoulders and they walked toward the living room in a loose embrace.

Camille must have felt a little jealous because she said something uncharacteristic for her, "Hey Lisa, make sure you show off those bouncy body parts."

All three of them giggled and Lisa made sure to include a bounce in her last few steps before sitting on the couch next to Gary. Gary didn't miss any of Lisa's show.

Camille sat across from them in a recliner and kept up the dialog, "Well Gary, was that enough bounce for you?"

"It sure was. Lisa has a perfect bounce, which of course I've noticed before. In fact, I can't tell you how glad I was to find out you two girls were the ones that made today's call. You're both beautiful and it was flattering."

Both girls cooed at the compliment. Lisa said, "Oh isn't that sweet." then snuggled her head onto his shoulder and kissed him on the ear. He could feel her short hair tickle the side of his face and he could especially feel her braless tit pressed against his bicep.

Gary called out, "Wow! Are these good margaritas or what?" He thought about his girlfriend and felt a surge of guilt. With an embarrassed smile he draped his arm across Lisa's shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze, "Watch out Lisa. I think you get extra friendly when you drink." At least he intended to try to be good.

Lisa was just having fun, but Camille was a keen observer of Lisa's behavior. Camille thought to herself that this was going to be fun watching the performance tonight. She knew how persistent Lisa could be when she was in the mood, and Lisa sure looked like she was in the mood. It made Camille less anxious, knowing that she could loosen up and simply observe Lisa and Gary.

A buzzing sound from the kitchen interrupted them. "That's the timer for the chicken wings." Gary carefully unwrapped himself from Lisa and hustled into the kitchen. He called back to them, "The pizza will take another 15 minutes."

Lisa followed him to the kitchen with her margarita glass in hand, "I'd like another one please. And I'd like the full strength version this time."

Camille immediately set her glass on the counter, "Me too."

Gary raised his brows and proceeded to fill the order. The girls moved back to the living room, content to have Gary wait on them. Lisa turned on some music.

Gary returned with snacks and drinks to see the two girls dancing. He could immediately see that their movements were a source of real beauty. He set the refreshments on the coffee table and stood transfixed as the girls seemed lost in their performance. They were not trying to be sexual but of course they couldn't help but to be erotic. The music was not fast or loud and the girls were not performing dance moves Gary had ever seen before. It looked like they were dancing spontaneously and naturally, executing flowing circles and pirouettes.

Lisa's movements looked impulsive and exaggerated which seemed natural for her. She was coordinated and almost athletic. Gary took the occasion to admire her barefoot figure. She had a small waist and unconstrained curves that were thinly covered with the t-shirt and sweatpants. The t-shirt fit loose and had on oversized neck opening so that Gary often glimpsed extra cleavage as she moved.

But it was Lisa's full smile that was the natural focal point of the room. Gary's mind drifted to wonder about the old wive's tale notion that a large mouth indicated a large pussy. If that was true then Lisa would have a luscious ample pussy, and Camille would have a small tight one. Gary pulled his mind up from the gutter to admire the girls' dancing again.

Camille was beautiful and graceful in a different way. She was clearly enjoying herself but she only had a slight smile. Her blond hair combined with a tall and erect stature drew his eyes to her. Although the cotton gown was clearly thin it did not reveal much about what lay beneath, which made the occasional arch or bend more intriguing. Her gown stopped at the knees and the elbows. In a dreamy way it billowed slightly with each turn of her body.

The sound of a cell phone ringing interrupted the moment and Gary realized it was his. He turned toward the kitchen bar as he answered the flip phone.

Lisa and Camille traded the dancing for food and drink as they observed Gary act awkward on the phone. They drank a little quickly as they waited for Gary to rejoin them. Camille stole quick glances at Gary as the drink started making her a little woozy. The overhead light emphasized his muscular build and it occurred to her that her boyfriend could kick Gary's ass if necessary. Somehow that thought gave her some comfort and a feeling that she was maintaining her loyalty to her boyfriend. She looked at Gary again and thought his mannerisms were endearing even when he was clearly on the phone with his girlfriend in the presence of two good-looking young women.

Lisa was at least one drink beyond feeling woozy. Instead of glances at Gary she openly adored him as she drank and ate. She had a much more impulsive attitude about loyalty and relationships. She believed that if she really liked her boyfriend she would automatically be loyal to him. Lisa had not seen her boyfriend in several weeks and she had been thinking about him a lot recently, in a sexual way. Right now she wasn't thinking about him at all.

The girls continued to admire Gary as he stood smiling in the kitchen light. Then at about the same time both girls became somewhat resentful that Gary was taking time away from them to talk on the phone to his girlfriend in their presence.

With a devilish grin Lisa turned to Camille, "It's his girlfriend!...Let's make him regret he took that call!"

Camille's thought was that the show had already started. Gary was in for a roller coaster ride tonight and Camille was glad that she was just a spectator.

Gary didn't notice as the girls approached where he was standing. "How's your family?"..."Oh, I'm just having pizza and drinks with friends from the restaurant."..."Yeah, it's a mixed crowd."

Without talking Lisa stood close to Gary, turned around and provocatively swayed her bottom at him. Camille followed Lisa's lead. They smiled over their shoulders at him as they moved and he began to stutter.

Gary was nervous but having fun. So far Lisa and Camille were keeping their voices down so that his girlfriend would not be alerted. He felt guilty about deceiving his girlfriend but at the same time he reminded himself that he had not done anything wrong. Unless it was wrong to openly gape at the way Lisa's t-shirt billowed out so that he could see her bare tummy and the bottom swell of her tits. Or the way Camille's teardrop-shaped butt moved in that thin cotton gown.

Lisa and Camille straightened around to face him again, continuing their erotic swaying, and then Lisa bent down to grip the hem of Camille's nightgown. As Camille continued to rotate her hips she got further into the act by running her hands along her torso and onto her breasts. Lisa giggled softly without alerting Gary's girlfriend on the phone.

Lisa very gradually began to lift the hem of Camille's gown. Gary's eyes widened but he began to show some irritation at them for causing him trouble. Camille continued to go along with Lisa's scheme by pretending to resist Lisa's hem lift. Camille used her hands to first pretend to hold her hem down and then to place her palms on her face in mock horror. Meanwhile Camille continued to dance and show off her long legs with Lisa's assistance.

As the hem got to mid thigh Lisa slowed down the progress. Then when Camille's hands were up Lisa surprised Camille by snatching the gown up for Gary to get a good view of the panties underneath.

What Gary saw was plain cotton panties. What aroused him was the sight of Camille's hourglass waist, and the very small slit where panties were up against her vagina.

Camille grabbed her gown back and growled a loud whisper to Lisa, "Are you crazy? If you want to show him some underwear show him yours."

Gary had lost focus on his phone conversation. His mind was torn between competing desires. His face was flushed with panic that he might be discovered, and as much as he liked the show he also resented that Lisa was teasing him while he spoke with his girlfriend.

Lisa responded to Camille's challenge, "Alright then." Lisa pulled her shirt up to her ribcage and turned around seductively. She bent over slightly with her back arched, waving her ass at Gary again. With her lower torso exposed she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her cute sweatpants. Slowly she wiggled them down to the top of her hips, and then jerked them down to the backs of her thighs.

Lisa wasn't wearing underwear! Until she realized her mistake she continued to wiggle her completely naked ass at Gary and smiled over her shoulder. She then hurriedly pulled the sweats up as she ran forward giggling. Camille stumbled back in shock and surprise.

Gary's cell phone slipped from his hand to the counter where it spun around and finally fell with a clatter to the kitchen floor. Burned forever into his memory was the sight of Lisa's round milk-white ass wiggling from side to side, with her rosy pussy lips barely visible between slightly spread thighs.

With a broad grin and a red face Lisa turned around to Gary and Camille, saying in a hushed tone, "I forgot that I wasn't wearing panties!"

Camille composed herself and sarcastically commented with a laugh, "Yeah, right!" The girls collapsed on the couch in suppressed snorts of amusement.

Gary scrambled into the kitchen to retrieve his phone. "Hey are you still there?...Sorry about that....I'm having trouble making conversation here; do you want me to call you back later?...OK then, I'll see you tomorrow night when you get back."

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