Secret Ch. 03


[Dear reader, this is the third of five chapters.]

Secret 3 -- Mating Ritual (Lisa, Camille, and Gary dance.)

As soon as Gary hung up the phone he turned on the girls, "You two better hope you don't get a call from either of your boyfriends!" Lisa and Camille turned silent and sat erect, looking at Gary. Then Lisa looked like she would explode and burst out laughing as Camille and Gary joined in. Gary went over to the girls and they high-fived each other as they began to calm down.

Gary got a little defensive, "Just because I'm laughing doesn't mean I'm wrong. My girlfriend and I are going through a bumpy time right now. Her family doesn't think I'm worthy of her because I don't have the right education. And it seems like she's beginning to believe them. So even though you two and I are friends, I don't want to risk her knowing about my visit here."

Lisa coughed out a laugh, "You think my boyfriend would be happy about your seeing my bare ass?"

With a sparkle in his eye Gary pretended to clear his throat, "Uh, Lisa, I don't know how to tell you this but I saw more than just your butt."

The girls looked at him wide-eyed until Lisa understood, "You could see my hot little juicy pussy too! Shit, my boyfriend would never understand that."

"And my boyfriend would be angry that I was in the room with you two," chimed in Camille.

Lisa's hair spun out from her head as she whipped around to confront Camille, "Give me a break! A little peep at your underwear is nothing! We'll have to work on that!"

Gary's peacekeeper personality came to the rescue, "OK, we all want to keep our little party a secret. Lisa just has a little better reason than the rest of us. But let's not spoil a good time. Come on Lisa, dance with me."

"That's a good idea," Lisa said as she turned the stereo back on with one hand and finished off her drink with the other. Lisa and Gary fell into a similar style of dancing as the girls had done before. They only lightly touched hands and moved in circles with occasional pirouettes.

Lisa raked her fingertips across Gary's torso on a turn as she directed a question to Camille, "What could your boyfriend be angry about?"

Camille was sitting on the couch eating chicken wings with her drink. "Well we've gotten a little more serious lately and he's started pushing for more. I'm just about ready for that but I'm nervous since he's in a college fraternity and he got me to agree that he could date other girls." Camille seemed to come back to the present. "Whatever, I'm sure he wouldn't like it that Gary's here, especially if he knew it started with an obscene phone call."

Lisa looked thoughtful as she continued dancing with Gary, "I think all three of us are at a kind of "crossroads" in our relationships. Gary's girlfriend could pass on him because she and her family are snobs. Camille's boyfriend might just be looking for her cherry before he moves on to hot "la-de-da" college girls. And I'm going to drop my boyfriend the next time he slaps me on my ass."

Gary reaction was to quit dancing and Camille wore a shocked expression. Lisa explained, "I know I should have dropped him already. I seem to like a bad boy."

Lisa backed up to Gary and grabbed his hands, placing them on her hips. Without speaking she went through the simulated motions of a ballerina leaping and Gary understood what she wanted. He lifted her as she "flew" through the air in time to the music. When she landed her back grazed along his front with her butt giving his dick a nice little jostle.

"Whew, that's fun! Let's do it again!" With the high ceiling allowing them plenty of room, Lisa leaped and Gary lifted several more times. By the last jump Lisa posed in the air with one arm and one leg extended away from the rest of her body. Each time she came to the ground Gary enjoyed her warm supple form brushing against him.

"Camille you'll have to try this! But Gary, first would you please, please get us more food and drinks."

Gary hustled to the kitchen. He enjoyed "fetching and toting" for the girls and they enjoyed the special treatment that went with his winning personality. He hurried to retrieve the pizza and the whole pitcher of margarita mixture. But what was foremost on his mind was looking forward to placing his hands on Camille's waist.

All three took a few gulps and Camille spoke up, "My turn."

Gary and Camille continued the unorthodox but natural dancing. Gary led the way on the sensual touching by almost constantly keeping a light touch on her waist. Camille did not seem to object. She asked Lisa, "You asked me what I meant by a serious relationship. What do you consider serious?"

From the couch Lisa flung her partially eaten chicken wing into the kitchen toward the garbage can without hitting it. She ignored Camille's discarded chicken bones stacked neatly right in front of her on a paper towel.

"Well let's see. Kissing and necking is not serious. Feeling each other through clothes is not serious." Gary and Camille began to chuckle at Lisa's analytical definition as she continued, "I guess it's starting to get serious when the guy's bare hand makes it to the gal's naked boob, without wrestling or trickery. But also both people have to agree not to go out with anyone else."

Lisa appreciated the amused audience response from Gary and Camille. Lisa raised her glass adding, "Of course I consider it serious when the guy says he loves me as he's grinding his hot fat dick into my pussy from behind!"

"WOW! I'm really getting to know you two girls!" Gary was shocked as he and Camille laughed heartily. Camille knew Lisa well enough that she wasn't shocked. In fact it kind of turned Camille on to picture Lisa bent over writhing on the end of some guy's dick.

They had never stopped dancing when Camille backed up to Gary ready to become airborne. He tightened his grip on Camille's waist in order to lift her and enjoyed the feel of her trim middle against the flare of her hips. She didn't really jump, which caused Gary to groan and barely get her off the ground.

"If you jump I can lift you more easily."

Camille was clearly hesitant about jumping and being lifted. Lisa guzzled her drink as she watched Camille bend down without jumping. "Come on chicken, it's fun!"

Camille gritted her teeth, "I'm not a chicken!" She protruded her ass backward in preparation for a good jump. Gary thought that having her butt nestled up against him was not such a bad thing even if she never got around to actually jumping. She made a weak attempt and Gary struggled again.

Lisa cackled, "Oh silly! Camille I dare you to jump as hard as you can. Gary won't let you get hurt."

Camille had almost gotten serious, "OK but you have to do something that scares you too."


Camille tensed up against Gary and jumped hard. She came very close to butting him under the chin but he reared his face back in time. Gary hurriedly lifted to continue her momentum upward until he had her perched high in the air with her arms and legs sprawled in frantic positions and her soft butt mashed against his mouth. He lowered her back to the ground stumbling slightly with her uncoordinated landing.

Camille took a hasty step forward gasping, "Damn that was exciting!" She quickly got back into position with her back to Gary and her hands gripping his wrists. "Again!"

After a few attempts Camille's confidence grew so that she even attempted a posed jump like Lisa's. Gary had gotten tired and was only vaguely aware of the sensual closeness between them.

Camille called over to Lisa with satisfaction, "Now it's your turn to do something that scares you."

Lisa approached Gary with her engaging grin, giving him a few directions. Gary and Lisa did a few more of the ballerina-style leaps. Then Lisa jumped to a horizontal position so that Gary caught her in his arms. At her direction he tossed her up and her body twisted around in the air until she faced Camille again, still horizontal in Gary's arms. Gary was careful not to touch Lisa's tits even though his fingers were close.

Camille objected, "That doesn't count! It looked good but you weren't scared." Camille studied the position of Gary holding the beaming Lisa in his arms. An impish smile formed on her face. "Gary, just grab her boob and I'll call it even."

Now it was Camille's turn to openly grin. Lisa did not stiffen in his arms but she did not move either. Gary slowly extended the fingers of his hand that was supporting her torso. He gently cupped her soft warm breast and gave it a squeeze, twice.

Lisa jumped to the floor in mock anger at Camille, "Hey, that wasn't the deal! Now you owe me again." All three were smiling with expressions of heightened sensual exhilaration. "Gary, go grab Camille's boob."

Camille objected, "That wouldn't be fair. You're more experienced than I am and it isn't that big a deal for you, while it is for me."

Lisa seemed to accept that twisted reasoning. They stood together in the middle of the living room as Lisa thoughtfully came up with an idea for the two girls to even up their challenges. "How about if there's no touching? You just have to show us something."

Camille seemed willing to cooperate, "That might work, but I don't want Gary to see anything my boyfriend hasn't seen. And my boyfriend hasn't seen anything. I've always had my clothes on."

Lisa must have already anticipated this. "OK Camille, lift up your gown." Camille stood with a shocked look on her face as Lisa continued, "We've already seen your underwear, but this time you have to give us a good look, especially Gary."

"And we'll be even?"


Camille put on a pouting expression but it was clear from her grin and the glassy wide-eyed look that she was enjoying the sensual experience. She seized handfuls of her gown at thigh level and slowly raised the hem.

Gary was careful not to say anything that might change the mood in the room. Lisa slid down to her knees in front of Camille in order to get a good view, and Gary did the same. Lisa and Gary were shoulder to shoulder as Camille's gown finally revealed the full extent of her long tanned legs. Then came the sharp contrast of her bright white panties in a v-shape at her vagina. Camille stopped raising her gown as the hem cleared her shapely hips.

Lisa seemed to study Camille almost as closely as Gary. Camille seemed to become a little self-conscious with her two friends kneeling close in front of her.

Without turning her head Lisa said, "Hey Gary, describe what you see."

All three were still as Gary responded, "The first thing I notice is a beautiful little pussy. With her legs together like this her panties form the tiniest slit around the lips of her vagina."

Gary turned to Lisa and they smiled, saying in unison, "Virgin."

"Oh God!" Camille groaned. She moved her feet apart in embarrassment.

Gary continued, "Ooh, that's even better. With Camille's feet apart the material stretches some and I can see the shadow of her opening." Camille giggled nervously at that, but managed to stay perfectly still. "I see a few small brown hairs at the leg openings, and that's pretty exciting too."

Gary's eyes finally moved away from Camille's vagina to the shape of her midsection. "She has a very nice waist that spreads out into great curvy hips."

Camille spoke in a soft ashamed voice, "That's because I've gotten fat."

Gary looked up at Camille and he could tell she was serious. He decided to correct her. "Camille, I know that all of you women think you're fat. But anyone that thinks that about you is just wrong. I consider myself an expert and I can promise you that there is something magically attractive about a small waist combined with larger shapely hips. And girl, you've got it!"

Clearly she had been insecure about her shape and Gary had boosted her confidence. Camille absolutely beamed at the complement and shook her hips from side to side just for show. With an appreciative smile she continued to raise her gown up to expose her trim middle and even her bra-covered breasts.

Gary raised his hands as if to touch her hips.

"No touching!" both girls said at the same time. They giggled as Gary flinched back.

Gary continued his narration, "Camille's legs have nice curves to them and her stomach is trim enough to see the outline of some muscles. And oh what a cute little belly button! From what I can see of her breasts they look delicious. I love the way they move up and down as she breathes. Camille has great hair, especially when looking down at me as I view up past her pussy and boobs."

Gary slowly leaned as far forward as he could without tipping forward. He spread his hands out from his sides to show Camille that he was not going to touch, just get close. Camille and Gary continued to smile at each other as he erotically brought his face extremely close to her panty-covered vagina. Camille not only did not object she teasingly protruded her hips forward which accentuated her hip bones and pubic bone. Gary could detect the slight natural perfume of Camille's vagina. And she could feel his warm breath on her tender thighs. They were both flushed and had shallow breathing.

Camille and Gary had lost awareness of Lisa. Camille felt a small hand grasp her ankle. She tore her eyes away from Gary to see an impish Lisa firmly holding her ankle and grinning at her. Then with the other hand Lisa quickly grabbed the back of Gary's head and shoved his face into Camille's crotch.

"OH SHIT!" Camille squealed as she tried to back away but since she couldn't move her foot she stumbled and fell on her fanny. Gary tried to catch himself but got tangled in Camille's thrashing legs. He fell face-first into Camille's groin.

Gary and Camille scrambled up immediately, showing irritation with a jubilant Lisa. Gary apologized to Camille but she focused her fury toward Lisa, "Lisa I've never even let my boyfriend touch me that way! Now I really have betrayed his trust without meaning to."

"Oh give me a break. It wasn't your fault so you still haven't really done anything wrong. But you and I know you were having fun being sexy for Gary."

"I wasn't having fun! We were just evening up a challenge. Right Gary?"

Gary sheepishly looked between Lisa and Camille, "Uh, to tell the truth I was having fun."

Camille looked accusingly at Gary then turned to Lisa, "You need to do something embarrassing to make up for this."

Lisa handed them drinks. "OK. But Gary, I think you've been getting off easy."

Camille sat down and sipped pensively, "Yeah! How did that happen? We're the ones that made the obscene phone call, and he came over uninvited. He should be doing stuff for us."

Lisa joined her on the couch, "He got to see my bare ass and a rear-view peak at my pussy. He got a real good look at you in undies, and I know he enjoyed burying his face in your panties." Gary was standing in front of the girls looking worried. The girls sipped their drinks as they sat on the couch thinking. Finally Lisa said, "I think he should strip."

Gary put up an objection, "Damn! That would be embarrassing! I don't know if I can agree to just stand here and strip."

Camille chimed in, "Yeah Lisa, that's pretty drastic."

Lisa turned to her friend, "Have you ever seen a man's dick before?"

Camille colored, "Well pictures. OK, I know that doesn't really count. But at least I could sort of feel my boyfriend's penis through his jeans when we hugged."

Lisa simply responded, "I want to see Gary naked. He owes us."

Gary realized he wasn't a part of the conversation. He didn't really mind exposing himself especially since the girls seemed interested. But he was concerned about where this was all headed.

Camille's expression brightened, "How about if he does a strip tease kind of dance? He doesn't have to get totally naked."

Lisa liked that, "Yeah. If we have to explain ourselves we can always claim we went to a club and it won't be as much of a lie. Gary, you could even say you participated in amateur night." Lisa thought for a couple of seconds and added, "But Gary, I still want you to get naked."

The girls were sitting erect on the couch looking for his reaction. Gary smiled, "Well OK. But let's promise to keep our mouths shut about this."

Lisa clapped her hands, "Deal!"

Camille was less enthusiastic, "I'll agree to this, but I think it may be going too far."

Lisa hurried over to the music system to get it started before anyone changed their mind. Then she joined Camille on the couch where they sat on the edge of their seats for the show. Camille may have thought it was a bad idea, but she plainly intended to watch.

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