Secret Cove


The Hotel Valencia was a perfect beach resort. Nestled on a private cove less than an hour south of Puerta Vallarta, it had all the amenities and fine dining of the most luxurious resorts in Europe. When you added the clear turquoise ocean water that was spread out below our ocean view suite, it was paradise.

The flight from the Dallas had only taken a few hours and being in the same time zone meant that there was no travel lag waking up that first morning. I headed down to the restaurant around 8:00 and let my wife Tracy sleep in.

I could see wisps of steam rising off the cup of dark-roasted coffee as I sat on the dining patio that overlooked the ocean. I savored the spiced eggs and tortillas I ordered for breakfast. This was something of a second honeymoon to celebrate our twelfth anniversary and I promised myself that I wasn't going to try and manage every minute of the vacation like I did when we traveled with the kids. With the kids now in school and Tracy's parents staying with them for the week, we took the time to get away for a week and even though it was only March, it was like taking a brief detour into Summer after the cold of Dallas in Winter.

I finished breakfast and drank coffee as I watched the colors of the Pacific change while the sun rose higher above the hills behind me. I had just begun to worry if I should check on my wife when she came through the restaurant wearing a thin wrap over her bikini, a large sun hat and an oversized pair of black sunglasses.

"Figured I find you out here," she said as she sat down beside me. "Wow", she paused to take in the view and feel the cool morning salt air wash over her. "This is gorgeous."

"The food is just as good as it was last night at dinner," I said. The waiter and the busboy stepped over as soon as she was settled.

"Buenas Dias Senora." The courtly middle aged waiter almost bowed as he greeted my wife."What can I offer you to drink this morning?" The busboy slid in beside her and filled her water glass from a bottle on the table.

"Is it too early to have a mimosa?" she asked him. He smiled and shrugged. "I'd also like coffee with cream and another order of what my husband had for breakfast."

"Of course, Senora." He smiled broadly and whisked away with the busboy in tow.

"The staff here is so nice, don't you think?" She asked as she adjusted her chair to take in the rest of the view to the South. "I got lost on the way over and the boys who rent the beach equipment were so sweet walking me over. Did you know they rent jet skis?"

"Jet skis?" I looked over at her. "We haven't done that since our honeymoon."

"Exactly!" Tracy exclaimed. "When are we ever going to do it again?!" Her drink arrived and the waiter served her coffee along with a selection of sugars and a small serving of cream. As she stirred her coffee, Tracy explained," The boy was telling me there are a whole series of coves and private beaches to the south and they are way more beautiful than the ones in town or even here at the hotel. There's no way to reach them except by boat or jet ski. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"It actually does," I admitted. "I was figured I would just be snorkeling around here in front of the hotel today as you stayed under the umbrella or one of those palm frond huts they have down at the beach.

Even with my sandy blond hair, I was still a golden olive color but my wife was very fair. She had worked up a slight tan using the tanning booths at the club over the past few weeks but her natural complexion and blonde hair didn't lend itself to the clear tropical sun. She had a dusting of freckles over her shoulders and couldn't spend more than a few minutes at a time outdoors without heavy sunscreen.

She sipped her mimosa and explained, "The guy was saying that there are all these coves where the palms grow right over the beach and have pretty good shade until noon. We wouldn't even need an umbrella." Her food arrived and she began to eat.

I checked my watch. It was already a little before ten. "Well let me run upstairs and change while you eat. I'll meet you back here in ten minutes." I stood up and kissed her upraised lips as I left the table. I hummed in the elevator on the ride up to our room, thinking about exploring an isolated cove with my beautiful wife instead of the hustle and bustle of the hotel beach.

We found the rental booth on the way to the beach and the attendants almost cheered when they saw my wife arrive. They all greeted her like a celebrity and then turned to me in a friendly greeting.

"Si Senor, so did you want to explore the coast a little today?" One of the attendants asked. His name tag said "Ramon". "Do you prefer to hire a boat with a driver or do you feel comfortable to pilot yourself on a jet-ski?"

"Sure, what does it run to rent a jet ski?" I asked.

"It's $50.00 for the first hour, Senor"

"How much after that?" I asked.

"I don't know," he laughed and shrugged to his co-workers. "Who keeps track? Just bring it back when you're done. We just charge you an hour. The amigo price, eh?"

"In that case do you rent snorkel gear and fins too?"

"On the house, my friend" He beamed. This guy knew how to guarantee a tip.

After he took me through the instructions to run the jet ski and gave me tips about beaching and launching the large 3-seater craft from the sand, Ramon asked me. "You like the snorkeling senor? I give you my secret. The best cove on the coast. It's just about twenty minutes down the beach. You know you see it when you see a rock on the point. It looks like a hat for the witch." He pantomimed a halloween witch hat over his head. "Right around that point look for the entrance to the cove . It doesn't look big enough to go through, but it's deeper than it looks. There's a waterfall inside the cove and a very nice beach, but my favorite is the variety of tropical fish that will come in that cove. It's like swimming in your own private aquarium. So amazing. You love it!"

We grabbed some towels, the snorkeling gear and a few bottles or water to stow under the seat before Ramon and two others helped us to push the jet ski to the water line. They counted out the timing of the swells once I had fired up the engine. We launched between waves when they signaled and quickly powered out over the surf line into the deeper blue water.

With a quick look back I turned South to go around the point that framed the large cove in front of the hotel and opened the throttle all the way up as we went charging off over the glassy morning swells. The white foam sprayed away in a fan around us and the warm salty air flowed past as we reveled in the joy of traveling at speed over water.

We passed a series of beaches and coves. The coast was lined with cliffs and covered in lush vegetation. With each bend in the coast it looked increasingly remote as the number of boaters and jet skis dwindled behind us. We saw fewer houses along the cliffs but each we did see was magnificent. It didn't look like there were any high-rise resorts further south than our hotel.

I was beginning to think we had gone too far when I rounded a point and in the distance saw the witches hat framed beside the next point on the horizon. I crossed the bay and slowed down as came around the point and looked carefully as the cliff face marched back toward a line of palm trees. Looking south, a white sand beach stretching for some distance and you'd think we were the only people on the coast. Half way along the cliff to the beach, I was surprised how quickly the mouth of the cove appeared. I actually missed the chance to turn in and had to loop back out to make a new approach from the other side. If I didn't know it was there, I would have been just as surprised to see it coming the other way. It was perfectly hidden unless you were looking straight at it.

Even so, it was a narrow opening along rough rock faces and I could see the rock face continued down into the clear water on both sides. The passage curved to the right as you entered and looked barely wide enough for the jet ski to clear the cliff face on either side. I could feel Tracy clench a little tighter as I slowly powered in.

"What's this?" She asked in my ear as the sound of the wind and motor died down.

"A surprise," I replied with a smile, silently praying I'd be able to navigate as confidently as Ramon must to avoid wrecking the jet-ski on the rocks. But just as we made our way around the bend, it immediately opened up into a magnificent turquoise cove. I could see with a small white crescent beach overhung with tall palms. As we came completely into the cove, I could see an exquisite little waterfall cascading down the cliff face next to the beach. I ran the jet-ski gently aground on the small beach, but inside the shelter of the cove, the water lapped the sand like a small lake rather than the ocean.

We both climbed off and just stood in awe of the beauty of this hidden geological gem. I looked around and there wasn't a sign that anyone else had ever been here. I killed the engine and noted there wasn't a single footprint in the sand or any noise except the lush roar of the open ocean being funneled through the narrow gap entrance in the cliffs.

I pulled out the water bottles and handed one to Tracy as she kicked off her sandals on the sand and began walking through the lapping waterline toward the waterfall end of the beach. I followed a few steps behind while looking around the cliffs and peering into the deep green and yellow foliage beyond the sand. As we walked, I heard the slow resumption of bird calls and song begin to fill the air. I realized that the noise of the jet ski must have been pretty startling to the wildlife in such an isolated spot. It would probably have spooked the fish too. I'd give things time to settle down before I went snorkeling.

Just as Tracy reached the end of the sand, she stopped and turned to hand me her hat, glasses and water. I set them in the shade with my sandals and shirt as she slipped off her wrap.

"Why stop there?" I asked as she handed me her wrap. She gave me a crooked disapproving smile but there was a hint of a blush and her eyes flickered a brief hint of reaction that she was flattered that I still wanted a peek after how long we had been married. The truth was she was still a very beautiful woman, now into her mid-30's. She had a very conservative dressing style that suited her position in the community, but she still turned heads wherever she went.

She stepped gingerly into the sandy bowl at the base of the waterfall and after briefly testing the water with her outstretched hand, carefully slid under the thin sheet of water that spilled over the rock ledge above her. I watched the water slide down her body and enjoyed how good she still looked in a bikini. She was curvier than when we had met and her boobs were definitely bigger after having two kids, but she was still beautifully toned and her fair skin looked so striking against the wet stones around her in the shade under the waterfall.

I couldn't help wonder what some of my friends would think seeing her this way. I could tell they all found her attractive and some had even admitted it after a few too many drinks. She was too modest to be seen in a swimsuit in mixed company since the kids were born, but there was no way to hide her tall, lovely figure completely.

I slid in beside her and took her in my arms, the water pouring over our head and shoulders. I tilted to one side to get our faces clear of the falling water and kissed her. She kissed me back, tentatively at first, but something about the magic of that spot took over and the kiss quickly grew more intense. I couldn't hide my hard cock swelling up against her flat stomach and it was obvious she could feel it too as she pressed in closely against me. I automatically slid my hand up to her breast and squeezed a nice handful of her firm tit. I could feel her hard nipple through the wet fabric of her bikini, but she pulled back smiling and looked just a little too shocked.

"Jim! it's broad daylight and we are outside if you hadn't noticed!" But as she said it her eyes sparkled, she accentuated her Texas drawl and I couldn't help notice her eyes dart down to the bulge straining against the front of my swimsuit.

"We're also totally alone if you hadn't noticed. We could be Adam and Eve out here!" I smiled.

"Yeah, but who else knows about this place?" He asked skeptically.

"Looks like nobody from what I see. Plus if anyone was coming, we'd hear them driving a jet ski through the cliffs. It's too small to fit a boat." I reach out and squeezed her left tit, pulling at the fabric of her bikini top as she twisted her body to free her breast from my hand.

"Jim!" She pleaded. "You. Are. So. Bad!" but her twinkling eyes and her blushing cheeks told me she was a more than a little turned on.

"C'mon, just for a second, honey. Let me just see your tits for a second. It would be such a turn on out here to see you like that."

"Jimmmm..." she whined. "I can't're gonna make me do this!" But she pursed her lips for a moment and giving me a wry smile, she reached around to start untying her bikini top. I could feel my already hard cock begin twitching knowing I was about to see her topless outside for the first time in our marriage. I almost moaned as I saw her top pull away and her milky white tits and pale nipples were exposed to the open air. She looked so naked like that as her tan lines exposed how completely she had kept her beautiful boobs hidden from the sun her entire life. Here in the shadows beneath the palms, the skin on her tits looked almost blue around the warm peach color of her aching hard nipples. I didn't think I had ever seen them so covered in goosebumps or her nipples ever so hard.

"I can't believe you still get turned on seeing me after all these years," she said in mock exasperation.

I stepped in to kiss her again and this time took both hands to grope her bare tits and pinch her hard nipples. It was her turn to gasp and let out a low moan into my mouth as me hands engulfed her swollen tits and my tongue filled her mouth. She sucked my tongue with increasing gusto as I continued to grope her slippery wet tits beneath the waterfall.

I don't know what came over me after how reluctant she was to show me her tits a few moments ago, but I reached down and untied the drawstring of my swim trunks and pulled the Velcro aside to release my throbbing dick. I thought she would back up and demand we stop, but I was shocked to feel her reach down and grasp my thick cock with both hands as I pushed my tongue deeper in her mouth. It felt as though her knees had weakened slightly and I had to lean forward to keep kissing her.

As the kiss broke off she was still acting slightly dazed and limp so I guided her to her knees and reached down to direct my aching cock to her warm, soft mouth. As if she was drunk, she seamlessly allowed my dick to replace the tongue she had just been sucking a few moments before. I couldn't believe it! Here was my wife, topless on her knees on a secluded beach, sucking my thick hard dick as if it was the most delicious thing she'd ever had in her mouth.

I watched in fascination as she obediently bobbed up and down and my slick wet dick slid in and out of her pretty mouth. She had always been sweet about giving the occasional blowjob since we'd been together, but she didn't always look enthusiastic about it and usually only did it in the dark of our bedroom. Most of the time oral sex was just an obligatory few minutes before sex, but in this setting she seemed almost drunk with cock meat as she sucked up and down on my long thick dick. I couldn't believe I was getting to see her like this in the clear tropical light.

She brought her hand up and began stroking the length of my cock as she sucked. Jacking me off with her hand and mouth, I could look down and see her round firm boobs jiggling, the white skin highlighting her hard nipples as they danced and bobbled from the sucking motion as my dick had her total attention.

I couldn't help thinking that it would have been the memory of a lifetime just to see her topless out here, but getting to admire the motion of her bare tits as I looked down at her giving the best blowjob of our marriage was almost too good to imagine. I took the back of her head in my hands and began feeding her my dick by thrusting my hips. She actually let out a small moan through her mouthful of dick and I felt it vibrate through my pulsing cock as she sucked.

I began sliding my cock more deeply into her warm mouth, now thrusting in a steady rhythm and it felt so amazing. I couldn't believe I was fucking her mouth here in broad daylight as she kneeled like a cock-sucking whore at my feet! Thinking how shocked our friends would be if they could see her like that I couldn't help myself, I gripped the back of her head more tightly and thrust my dick as deep into her mouth as she could take it. I was afraid she'd pull back but she actually gripped my leg more tightly with her free hand and sucked more urgently as she could feel my excitement rising. Knowing she could tell how close I was, I humped her mouth even more roughly and looked down at her closed eyes, jiggling tits and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth with each thrust.

Within a few more strokes I stiffened and started shooting thick streams of cum into her mouth. It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had and I couldn't help thrusting more deeply as wave after wave of cum gushed out of my throbbing cock. It was only when she started to push away from my legs that I noticed her coughing and looked down to see my thick white cum dribbling out of her mouth as my dick came sliding out. She gave another cough and spit to clear the gobs of thick white cum from her mouth.

"Aagh, I think I swallowed some!" She exclaimed as she wiped her chin and looked up at me with a slight look of disgust. "I couldn't help it, there was so much and you kept shoving your dick in!" She leaned over to cup some water from the waterfall in her hand and used it to rinse her mouth.

Tracy had been a good sport about letting me cum in her mouth a few times before, but she had never swallowed my cum before and had told me she found the idea disgusting. As she looked up from rinsing her mouth, her eyes hesitated to meet mine and I could tell she was a little humiliated to know that she had finally swallowed my cum after resisting for so long.

I quickly wrapped her up in a hug and kissed her neck under the waterfall. Oh baby, that was so amazing. Sorry if I got a little carried away, but I will remember that for the rest of my life. You're amazing!"

I pulled back and she was still reluctant to look at me, but dared a quick peek and an embarrassed smile when she saw that I was beaming with joy in the afterglow. "I guess we both got a little carried away," she said sheepishly. "Oh my god, where is my top!?!" She began looking around her feet.

I looked around and could see it had drifted a short way into the ocean forgotten in the current from the waterfall. I stepped after it and after reaching down to grab it was turned on again to see my wife topless and trying to cover her boobs in the open air until I brought over her top.

"Good thing you caught it!" She held out her hand. "It would have been pretty embarrassing to have to go back to the hotel topless!"

I could feel my cock spring back to life imagining how she would have looked walking up the beach with only the thin transparent wrap covering her tits in front of the admiring staff of the beach rental hut and the other guests from the hotel. "Oh baby, how I would love to see that!" I blurted out and jokingly pulled the bikini top back just as I was about to hand it to her.

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