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Welcome to my Valentine's Day Contest submission. Please be kind with your vote. Thanks! A note for any of my regular readers: this story includes all straight, heterosexual sex taking place in the same room.


"Health inspection tomorrow morning and first food delivery tomorrow afternoon," Brad from Madison reported before joining the group watching the snow dotting the sidewalk with big flakes beginning to stick.

"Have you checked the latest forecast?" Wendy from Toledo asked.

"It's snow," Brad said. "They have plows."

"Not for this much snow," Wendy said.

The six out-of-town trainers shared a large condo several miles away from the new restaurant. Brad the bartender, Ian the chef and four wait staff leads. Each a veteran from other openings and most had worked together before the Kansas City opening. Four bedrooms in the condo meant two of the guys and two of the women had to double up. They all shared the two rental cars the company had provided. Combined with the locally based managers who had trained out-of-town, they were ready for the Valentine's Day opening.

"I've been getting text messages since two asking about training tomorrow," Darren from St. Louis reported.

"Me too," Claire from Springfield added.

"Guess we'll find out in the morning," Ian from Little Rock said. "Who's riding with me?" They headed back to the condo and spent the evening laughing, joking and making predictions about the managers, the locally hired staff and whether they would make the opening or not.

Liz from Wichita has the foresight to check the local TV channels before heading to bed and pointed out the list of school closings scrolling across the bottom as the local channel's weatherman gave a forecast at the beginning of the news, was interviewed again as the top story and made his final predictions right before sports. "Expect a slippery drive to work in the morning. By noon, we'll see the first of three bands of heavy snow hitting us. Folks, if you can get off early tomorrow, do so. By evening rush hour, I don't expect anyone to be out except snowplows, tow trucks and emergency vehicles."

The GM called the condo at eight the next morning saying the health inspection and food delivery had been cancelled, along with all training. Wendy from Toledo and Brad from Madison, WI, convinced everyone else it was time to make a provisions run to the local grocery store. "We may be stuck with each other for a couple days." It was the Thursday before Valentine's Day 2014 and they were stuck.

Snow kept them trapped in their condo on Friday, too. "Being out-of-town on Valentine's Day was bad enough," Claire from Springfield complained that afternoon while Ian again demonstrated his cooking skills in the kitchen. "But at least we were supposed to be working."

"Doesn't matter to me," Darren shrugged as he set the table. The rest of the team sat around the table waiting for lunch. "I was going to be alone anyway."

"Valentine's Day is over-rated," Liz from Wichita grumbled. "Anyone ever have a good Valentine's Day?"

"That's because you've never spent it with me," Brad suggested to her. "I give great Valentine's Day."

"What's the most romantic thing you've done?" Wendy from Toledo asked.

"Let me guess," Liz interrupted. "Shaved your pubes into a heart-shape, right?"

"Hey, I've done that!" Wendy said before catching herself. She blushed, but smiled through the catcalls, too.

"Did you dye them, too?" Brad asked.

"No need," she said and shook her red hair.

"Who thinks the carpet really matches the drapes?" Ian asked from the kitchen.

"No drapes," Liz volunteered.

"I think you mean 'no carpet,' Darren corrected. "Drapes mean the hair on your head." There were more howls of laughter and good-natured ribbing aimed at Liz and her faux pas before Darren and Brad looked Claire from Springfield.

"What?" she asked as Liz joined the stare down.

"Wendy shaves a heart, Liz shaves it bare, what about you?" Brad asked the cute little blonde, Claire.

"Landing strip," Ian announced from the kitchen. "And order up!"

"And the carpet does NOT match the drapes," Darren added.

"Wait, are you guys guessing or do you know?" Liz asked.

"They're guessing," Claire said as she helped Ian carry food to the table.

"Bullshit," Ian cried. He sat at the end of the table, looked at Darren and asked, "When did you tap her?"

"During Brad's opening," Darren grinned. "I think you missed that one."

"Shut-up," Claire protested with a red, embarrassed face.

"Was she any good?" Liz asked with a big grin.

"I'd say the two of you were tied," Darren said. Once again, Wendy was the slowest catching with the reason why Darren would know Liz and Claire while everyone else laughed.

Wendy caught up to the game. "Brad's bigger," she said.

"Than Ian?" Liz asked, looking genuinely curious.

Wendy shrugged. "Than Darren," she reported with a big smile. "Don't know about Ian."

"You front of the house people get to have all the fun," Ian said as they began eating.

"What about me? I work the front house and I've only done Darren," Liz said and it was difficult telling if she was defending her honor or complaining.

"Yeah, and I only did Wendy," Brad pointed out.

"That's because you're always tapping the help," Liz shot back and her eyes went wide as everyone picked up on what that meant and started laughing. "So maybe I heard he had a big one, okay?"

"Geez, thanks," Darren said.

"Baby, just because he's bigger doesn't make him better," Wendy said with a playful twinkle in her eye.

Out-of-town hook-ups between trainers were common. It was an unwritten code that what happened on the road stayed on the road. Wanting to avoid handicapping a restaurant, the company never sent two people from the same restaurant out-of-town. No one ever talked about boyfriends or girlfriends left behind.

"What are you doing for Valentine's Day?" Darren asked, joking. They were stuck in the condo.

"I guess Ian," Wendy said. "I mean, he's the only one left, right?"

"Oh, sorry," Ian said with a big grin on his face. "I was planning on doing Liz tonight."

"Maybe I wanted to take Brad for a ride," Liz from Wichita retorted with an equally big smile that lit up her face. Her dark eyeliner and jet-black hair often fooled people into thinking she was overly serious. Truth was that Liz was fastest with a friendly smile.

"Wow, I'm striking out all the way around," Darren groaned with a theatrical eye roll. "Just you and me tonight," he told his hand.

"We should do a secret Cupid or something," Claire suggested.

"I was actually planning on making a chocolate cake for dinner tonight," Ian volunteered.

"And I really was going to shave my pubes into a heart," Brad joked.

"Wait, how would a secret Cupid even work?" Wendy asked. "No one can go shopping." She drew blank stares. "You know, at Christmas, people do a secret Santa gift exchange? Only we could, you know, draw names and . . ."

"We fuck each other?" Darren asked.

"Think of it more as a bedroom date," Claire amended. "I know I brought some really cute panties I was planning on wearing on tonight, you know, just in case."

"What if each girl wrote down something sexual we'd be willing to do," Liz suggested. "One hat gets a guy's name and the other hat gets actions?"

"But what if you don't want to do that in front of everyone else?" Wendy asked.

"Who said we have to do it in front of everyone else?" Liz asked.

"Shut-up," Brad and Ian told her before everyone started laughing

"But the person receiving the gift isn't supposed to know who's giving it to them," Wendy said.

"Then we'll blindfold the guy before it happens," Darren from St. Louis said, solving the problem. "And I think the guys should be allowed to add an activity, too." There was a discussion about his suggest that broke apart in a three-three tie, guys versus girls, before Ian broke the tie.

"No suggestions from the guys, no chocolate cake from me," he flatly stated and chocolate won the day.

Brad and Darren volunteered to do dishes while the three girls sat around the table thinking of things to put into the hat as activities. "Now remember, just because you wrote it down doesn't mean you'll be doing it," Ian pointed out to them. "It might mean someone else has to do it."

"I've been thinking," Liz said as she wrote down a suggestion and folded it so no one would see it. "I think we should blindfold all three guys at the same time so they won't know who's getting what."

"Ooo, I like that idea!" Claire squealed. Though none of the guys liked the idea as much as the girls, they gave in.

They used a bowl in place of a genuine hat. They drew names first and then activities. Each girl played it up. They squealed, squirmed and joked about how they had pulled the one they wrote, a guy must have written this one or theirs was their favorite thing to do. The teasing went on all afternoon. The girls teased the guys with things that could be on their slip of paper. After playing in the snow, everyone took time to shower, shave, groom and dress for the evening. The eager anticipation was sharp as the static electricity in the dry air. Brad mixed drinks for dinner and more drinks after dinner before the group moved to the living room. Darren had volunteered a clean t-shirt to Wendy. She fashioned three blindfolds from the white shirt and had decorated them with red hearts drawn with a Sharpie marker. The three guys were positioned side-by-side on the couch as blindfolds were put in place.

"No cheating," Liz insisted as she shared a gleeful giggle with her co-conspirators. It had been her idea to ignore the slips they had pulled. "Let's just get them naked and jerk them off," she had suggested Wendy when no one else was around.

Wendy's eyes had gone wide before she started laughing. "You're evil," she had giggled. Wendy had explained their plan to Claire. "Why should we get naked, too? They'll be blindfolded, so they won't know they are getting the same thing."

Once the men were blinded, the women ignored the name slips they had pulled, too. Once redhead Wendy from Toledo had chosen Ian because she had already known Brad and Darren, the rest worked itself out. Wendy put her dibs on Ian. Smoky-eyed Liz from Wichita had already shared her shaved pussy with Darren, she moved in front of big dicked Brad. That left cute little Claire from Springfield to repeat with Darren. Claire didn't mind. Brad's prick had been too big and she liked Darren.

Holding back giggles, the trio of women approached the three men. They knelt and began stroking the thighs of the man in front of them. Each woman glanced at the other, waiting for someone to touch more than thighs. Claire broke the ice when her hands moved between Darren's legs and she began rubbing his crotch. Liz and Wendy followed her lead. "Oh yeah," Ian moaned as soon as Wendy touched his most important parts. He was already hard and Wendy had to bite back a comment. Instead, she began working the button of jeans and easing down the zipper. She glanced at the other two women and saw they were doing the same thing.

Brad helped Liz with his jeans. Once Liz had his jeans open, Brad scooted his jeans from his hips. He wasn't wearing underwear. His long, fat cock extended down his leg, too big to rest against stomach. After pulling his jeans off his legs, Liz looked up and saw he was true to his word. Brad had carefully shaved his pubic hair into a heart-shape. She struggled holding back a gleeful squeal. Instead, she pointed and gestures for Wendy and Claire to notice. The other two women flashed big smiles.

Claire worked off Darren's jeans and exposed his respectable, yet still reasonable sized prick. She remembered how Darren's cock bent to the right. She remembered how that bend had felt inside of her. It took a moment before she realized Darren had performed some intimate grooming, too. His pubic hair was heart-shaped, too. Kneeling next to her were Wendy and Ian sporting his own version of a heart-shaped pubic haircut. Claire caught Liz's eyes and they shared a big grin.

Liz was impressed with Brad's girth and length. She experimented wrapped her hands around his long shaft and found his fat cock was longer than both of her closed fists. She also discovered how her fingers couldn't touch her thumbs. Fuck, he was big! How would that feel inside her? A delighted shiver surged through her and Liz pushed away the thought. They were supposed to get the guys naked and hard. Hand-jobs only had been the plan.

Wendy stared at Ian's pretty cock as she stroked it. She liked Ian and had hoped they might hook-up during a road trip. Seeing him naked and excited made her want him more. Ian's cock was the smoothest, most evenly shaped prick she had ever seen. Unlike the other men she had known (and there had only been a handful of them), Ian's manhood lacked the overly pronounced veins other men sported. His cock extended from his crotch with pride, smooth, even and so tempting. She bent her head and licked it once. That earned her a nudge from Claire. "What?" Wendy mouthed at the blonde.

Claire shook her head "No!" and mimed a blow-job. Wendy smiled at her, flipped her off and licked Ian again. Claire stared with wide-eyes and Wendy didn't care. She liked Claire except for Claire's propensity to always follow the rules. Wendy opened her mouth and sucked on Ian's head. Fuck Claire.

Liz was busy marveling at the majesty of Brad's big dick. She was experimenting with different stroking techniques and squirming as she wished she could do more. It took a moment before she noticed the wet, smacking sounds and glanced over. She saw Wendy sucking on Ian. Claire caught Liz's eyes. Claire pointed at Wendy while wearing an expression of "Look what's she doing!" Liz's response? She smiled, pulled Brad's big dick upward and did the same thing. His fat cock filled her mouth and she was unable to swab more than his big cockhead with her tongue, but it was apparently enough for Brad. He gave an appreciative groan the moment she began doing it.

Claire watched Liz and strawberry haired Wendy sucking the guys in front of them with shock and surprise. That was against the rules! She stroked Darren and watched Liz doing her best with Brad's huge cock while Wendy looked as if she was thoroughly enjoying Ian's normal sized dick. Fine, Claire reasoned. If they were going to change the rules, she was going to do it, too. She leaned over, wrapped her full lips around Darren and began sucking him. Her first reaction was feeling guilty. Now she was a rule breaker, too. So what? she thought and worked Darren harder. Keeping his cock inside her mouth, she glanced at the other two women sucking cock, too. Claire squirmed. Fuck, this was hot!

Wendy pulled away from Ian's cock when she saw Claire had started sucking on Darren. She gave Claire a big smile and pushed on the back of the petite little blonde's head. Claire flipped her off but the twinkle in her eyes said she meant it in a playful way. Wendy spent a moment rubbing Ian and watching Liz doing her best at working over big Brad. Wendy could appreciate Liz's struggles. She remembered how full she felt when she had climbed on top of Brad's big cock and how she had screamed with her orgasm. Now Liz was sucking that big cock. Sure, it had been months ago that Wendy had ridden Brad, but did it matter? The idea that Liz was sucking a cock she had fucked thrilled Wendy. As she turned back to Ian's smooth and perfectly shaped cock, she realized she was sucking the cock Claire had once ridden. Mm, she liked the idea.

Liz felt her jaw threatening with locking up as she struggled with Brad's cock. Wouldn't it be easier to fuck him? Maybe not. He was as big as people had said. She left his big dick as wet as she could and stroked him. That gave her a chance to watch Wendy and Claire. Wendy sucking cock looked good but not as good to Liz as seeing sweet, innocent Claire bobbing up and down on Darren. How had Claire and Wendy had tapped two out of three of the guys and Liz hadn't? That didn't seem fair to her. She liked to fuck as much as anyone, maybe more. Liz turned her attention back to matters at hand when Brad released another needy groan. Was he that close already?

Brad had no idea who was between his legs. He didn't care though he guessed it wasn't Wendy. She had been too intimidated by his big prick to try sucking it. Had Wendy gotten over her doubt that she could fit it inside her mouth? From the feel of the lips, Brad guessed it was Claire because she had such full and luscious lips. But maybe it was Liz? Not knowing thrilled him. He briefly wondered what was going on with Ian and Darren before realizing he didn't care about them as much as he did the other women. Were the girls watching each other? Were the girls getting wet and excited seeing one of them sucking his big dick? Were they naked and fucking? He could make out smacking noises around him. The mystery of it thrilled him and he released a mournful groan as he battled against the arrival of his orgasm. Not yet, he pleaded with his body.

Ian had the biggest nose of the group and his generous nose had left the tiniest of gaps between his blindfold and his cheeks. It wasn't much except he could make out the unmistakable flash of red hair and knew it was Wendy. Had she noticed the heart he had given to his pubic hair? He was sure she did and he couldn't wait to see if his pubic hair heart would match up with her pubic hair heart. He struggled against touching. It had been strictly forbidden for the guys to touch the women in anyway. That was too bad, he so wanted to lose his fingers in a tangle of her curly red hair.

Darren's blowjob felt vaguely familiar and he wondered if he could ever tell one blowjob from another. Didn't they all feel basically the same? Sure, he had been with a few women who weren't good at it. Some girls had done a poor job at protecting their teeth. Other girls didn't suck dick, though that wasn't the case with these three. If he had to hope for one of them, he had his sights set on Claire. She was so sweet, tiny and innocent looking. He knew she wasn't. She had been fun in bed, though it had taken a long time getting her there. He had hoped for a repeat that hadn't happened. He preferred the mousey girls because sometimes they really let loose in the bedroom. He felt the girl between his legs engulfing his hard cock farther down than most girls could manage and he decided there was nothing stopping him from imagining it was Claire bobbing her blonde head up and down his shaft. He moaned, relaxed and decided against holding back. If she was nice enough to suck him, he would be nice enough to give her a cumshot, too.

Wendy caught herself and wondered how long she had been doing it. She was rubbing her tits. She glanced at the other girls and wondered if they had noticed. She couldn't help it. Wendy loved sucking dick and Ian's pretty cock was getting to her. She grabbed his balls, gently fondling them as a way to keep her hand from touching her breasts. Was this supposed to get her excited? While looking at Liz, the dark haired girl with the smoky eyes smiled and mouthed two words, "He's close." Wendy wondered if Ian was close, too. She bent over and decided to make him that way. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Liz watching her and Wendy went back to clutching at her breasts. Dammit, she was too excited. She needed something!

"Oh yeah, don't stop!" Darren moaned. Once deciding he wasn't going to fight against his orgasm, everything the woman between his legs was doing began feeling better. He squirmed and warned his unseeable date what was about to happen. She was a mouth, warm and wet. She was a pair of tiny hands tugging and pulling on him. Maybe she was Claire, Wendy or Liz and he didn't care. He was still guessing Claire as he began rocking his hips for the last few strokes he needed.

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