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Marie had always been a bit of a night owl. Ever since she could remember, she had always kept late hours. It didn't really seem that odd to her parents at first, considering most babies rarely slept. But, Marie hardly ever slept, as a baby, and now as an adult. That's not exactly true, she slept the majority of her day, but the instant the sun set and nightfall came, Marie was on the prowl. She rarely ever step foot outside during the day, for she preferred the night. And she even had the perfect job for her odd hours, an internet magazine columnist, she simply checked her emails three times a week and emailed her responses back. Her love life seemed to suffer though from her odd hours. Most men she met seemed to only want to take long walks on sunny beaches, when she preferred to sit in her hammock, swinging in the midst of a thunderstorm in the darkest of nights.

"Hmm...let's see what the world of depressed and sexually repressed have for me today." Marie said, signing on her PC. She quickly scanned through the myriad of emails, trying to pick out the best and most promising to respond to. Then a particular email seemed to jump right out her.

"The Temple Night Club invites You to celebrate the Grand Opening. Exclusive party, invitation only...RSVP and reserve Your table!"

"Hmm, exclusive party...sounds fun." she giggled as she sent her RSVP. A few moments later, the familiar "You've got mail" chimed, letting her know that her RSVP was confirmed. Marie continued working, contemplating what her outfit would be for the party. Her thoughts were interrupted by the incessant ring of her telephone. Glancing at the caller id box, she decided against answering the phone, clicking on her answering machine.

"If you recognize the voice, then you know the routine. 'BEEP'"

"Hello dear. This is your mother. I really wish you would change that message, not very ladylike. Anyway, your father and I are having dinner with the Clarks and wanted to know if you would like to join us. Their son, Alexander, is coming with them. He's a pre-med student, very handsome, not to mention very single. Call me. Smooches."

Marie wrinkled her nose, listening to her socialite mother trying once again to set her up with one of her rich friends' dull ass sons. Sighing to herself, she hit the speed dial on her phone, turning on the speakerphone.

"Hello Mother."

"Marie, darling, what a wonderful surprise. I just called you."

"I know, I heard the message."

"You did? Why didn't you pick up the phone?"

"I'm working Mother, can't you hear me typing?" She punched the keys harder to emphasize her point.

'Ah, yes, the little magazine column. When are you going to get a real job, darling? Better yet, why don't you come back home and get rid of that flat you call an apartment." Marie tuned out her mother's condescending voice, realizing yet again why she rarely spoke to her family.

"Marie are you there? Stop ignoring me." her mother's shrill voice jolting her back to reality.

"Yeah Ma, I'm still here." she said, deliberately speaking in that "ghetto" voice her mother hates.

"Marie, I really wish you wouldn't speak that way. You are a Cushmore, we simply do not speak that way." she said right on cue.

"Whatever Mother. I was just calling to decline your dinner invite. I have plans."

"Plans? Why what could you possibly have planned that is more important than dinner with the Clarks?"

"Mother I have a life. Please respect that."

"I will respect that when you decide to grow up and assume your proper role in society. Dinner is at eight sharp. I suggest you try to make an appearance, if not for me or yourself, then do it for your father. He misses you." She knew her father was her Achilles' heel. But, for some reason, she wouldn't cave in.

"Mother, I have plans."

"Marie Devon Cushmore..." her mother whined.

"Mother I have a deadline, we can talk later. Bye." she lied, quickly hanging up on her mother.

The rest of the week went by in blur. Marie couldn't believe that it was Friday already. She stood in front of her closet, fingering through her clothing, trying to decide on what to wear. She deliberately chose this midnight black crushed velvet gown, with form fitting sleeves that belled out at the wrists. The bodice was form fitting as well and laced across the breasts. Selecting a pair of velvet platform boots and a matching crystal studded choker, she laid her clothes out the bed, before strolling nude into the bathroom. The sounds of Nina Simone filled her studio apartment. Marie couldn't resists dancing in the shower as Nina's soulful voice crooned on. Opting on the natural, wild look, she let her hair air dry, curling into its natural state, brushing against the nape of her neck, bouncing as she danced into her underclothes. A wicked thought crossed her mind.

"Mother wants me to make an appearance, didn't she?" she laughed, pulling off her thongs, tossing them aside. She slipped into the gown, sighing as the soft velvet molded against her lush body. Lacing up her boots and putting her choker on, she headed back into the bathroom. Carefully applying dark black eyeliner, emphasizing her almond shaped charcoal eyes. Hers was a natural beauty, not needing much make-up, just eyeliner and shiny lip gloss was enough for her. Painting her short manicured nail black with thin silver stripes, she headed for her home.

"Hiya James, wonderful to see you again." she said, greeting the stoic doorman.

"Hello Miss Marie, you are looking rather different today." he said, looking over his former charge. He always loved her independence, secretly loving ever moment she embarrassed her uptight parents, especially her mother. He opened the door, suddenly aware that this was no longer a child he watched, but a beautiful woman in all her dark glory.

"Hello Mother." Marie savored the look on her mother's face when she choked on her Chardonnay.

"Ma-Marie?" her mother stammered, her coffee complected face flushed with embarrassment.

"Daddy!" she squealed, ignoring her mother. Her father on the other hand adored his daughter.

"Here's my princess!" he said, standing from the dinner table, enveloping her in a bearhug.

"Will you be staying for dinner, princess?"

"Can't daddy, kinda made plans before Mother called. I'm sorry." she said, genuinely contrite. Marie loved her father, the one person who never judged her and always supported her.

"Don't be, sweetheart. Enjoy yourself, I'm just glad to see you."

"Okay daddy and on that note, I am out of here." she laughed, hugging her father once more. She turned to make her escape before her mother's commanding voice called her.

"Young lady, your father is not the only person sitting here. Alexander this is Marie."

"Hiya Alexander. Bubye Alexander. Satisfied Mother?" Her father chuckled at his spirited daughter, only to be on the receiving end of his wife's notorious icy stares.

"Must you be so rude and offend people, Marie?"

"Oh Mrs. Cushmore, I'm not offended in the least bit. Let me walk you to the door Marie." Alexander said, getting up.

"Suit yourself. You all have a nice evening." Marie said as she mockingly bowed. Her father burst out into laughter, her mother sputtering a fresh streams of "Why I never's".

"I admire your style Marie." Alexander whispered.

"Good for you, prep, but I don't really care what you admire." she hissed.

"Why such sarcasm?"

"You boys are all alike. You like to keep your noses firmly pressed against rich folks asses in the hopes of marrying their daughters or better yet, making that all important social climb."

"What makes you say such awful things, Marie? You don't even know me." he said, sounding a bit hurt.

"I don't need to know you, prep, I know your type. Later love, I've got a club to go to, you on the other hand, has some fresh asses to brown nose." she said, playfully smacking his cheek. Leaving him staring at her car's tailights disappear in the darkness. A smile curling on his lips.

Marie made it to the club in record time. Pulling up to the red carpeted path, amidst the unfortunates who weren't invited. Walking up to the burly bouncer, she pointed her black fingernail to her name on the VIP list. Pagent waving to the people she stepped into the club. From techno to hip-hop, the club seemed to have a pulse all its own. Marie had been in there for almost two hours, never once had she sat down. Her velvet gown clung to her perspired dampened skin. Finally she was able to make her way back to her table, only to be dismayed to see someone sitting there.

"'Scuse me hon, but this is my table..." she trailed off. Even in her slightly drunken haze, she could faintly make out the face of the person. It was Alexander!

"Alexander, right? What in the world are you doing here?" she said, sitting down.

"I came here to get something." he said, lightly drumming his fingers on the table.

"Oh yeah, what would that be, love?" she asked absently, making eye contact with a fine male specimen across the dance floor.

"I came here for you Marie."

"Yeah right and I go to the gynecologist because I like the speculum. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to see a man who looks like he's hung like a horse!" she laughed, getting up from the table. Like lightening, Alexander's hand shot out, grabbing her wrist.

"What the fuck is your problem prep?"

"Marie, look at me." She looked down at him, locking eyes with him. Next thing she knew she was standing in Alexander's bedroom, unsure how she got there.

"What the hell..." she whispered, rubbing her eyes, "I have really got to lay off the kamikazes."

"Marie." She turned around and saw Alexander sitting with his legs crossed in a throne-like chair.

"Ah yes, prep boy. I remember, vaquely. Why did you bring me here? Better yet, where is here and how did I get here?"

"Details are unimportant now." And within the blink of an eye, he was standing in front of her.

"How'd you do that?"

"Do not worry yourself over details." he said, waving his hand across her face, her body instantly collapsed in his arms.

Next time Marie regained consciencousness, she was lying in the middle of Alexander's poster bed, amidst deep crimson silky satin sheets. And then she realized as she moved on the bed, something was terribly wrong--she was completly nude, save her velvet boots and choker. Her hands flew to vainly shield her body.

"Your attempts to shield yourself from me are futile Marie."

She quickly looked around the room, not seeing Alexander. Suddenly, he appeared next to the bed, leaning against the oak post of the corner.

"Alexander, I don't what kind of games you're playing or what you spiked my drink with, but I warn you, when my father gets wind of this, he's gonna have your balls in a sling!" she spat, cowering in the opposite corner of the bed.

"Do you see fear in my eyes, dear Marie?" he whispered. Marie jumped, because now he was sitting beside her, his breath on her earlobe, making the tiny hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end.

"What do you want from me?" she whispered, feeling the first twinge of fear. Alexander deeply inhaled the sweet scent of fear exuding from this delicate creature. The faint smell intoxicating him.

"I told you already. I want you Marie." he said, slipping his hand beneath her trembling fingers cupping her full breast. Her body shuddered deliciously, making Alexander smile, as he thumbed her chocolate nipple until it hardened. He gently turned her body until she was facing him. Cupping the other breast, he gently kneaded the soft mounds, before capturing her full lips, passionately kissing her. Marie wanted to run, she wanted to cry, but she couldn't. She couldn't resist this man, for some reason unbeknownest to her. With timid lips, she slowly returned his kiss, moaning softly. Feeling her body relax as his ears devoured her sweet moans, he gently pushed her back onto the bed. Her whimpers of protest were powerful aphrodisacs to him. Positioning himself over her body, he gave her breasts a firm squeeze before allowing his hands the pleasure of her body. At snails' pace, Alexander's hands caressed her body. From the valley of her lush breasts,the smoothness of her stomach to the soft pelt between her supple thighs. He couldn't resist touching the soft curls, teasingly tugging on the dark springy locks. His eyes never leaving her body, smiling to himself as he watched her arch her body to his touch, despite the look of torment on her face. The battle her mind and body were waging, her mind telling her to fight, her body ready to succumb. He watched, gleaning every thought from her mind. Slowly, he slipped a finger into her dripping slit, her muscles contracting against his finger as if to draw it deeper inside. Deciding to oblige her hungry nether mouth, he slipped another finger inside and when her muscles squeezed harder, he slipped in yet another finger. By now, Marie's hips were bucking against his hands, her mind giving up, letting her body assume control.

"Please..oh please..." she begged.

"Please what Marie? Tell me what you want." he whispered, pushing his fingers deeper inside her quivering snatch. She bit on her bottom lip, shaking her head back and forth, refusing to give in.

"Tell me Marie." he said, pushing in another finger, rubbing her clit with his thumb. This was more that she could bear. The pleasure was becoming to intense and she desperately needed to be filled by more than his fingers.

"Please Alexander..." she trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"I know it's hard, sweet Marie. Let me help you. Do you want me to satisfy this craving between your legs?" he asked smoothly, thrusting his fingers harder. She quickly nodded her head. Grinning like a chesire cat, he snaked his tongue out, licking her pussy from the bottom of her clit to the crack of her ass. Marie would have lept from the bed if her legs weren't jelly. Pushing her legs up on the bed, bending them at the knees, he buried his face into her soaking pussy. His tongue swirling around her clit, teasing the hardened nub, stabbing inside her swollen lips. Marie felt the climax builing in her toes and shooting up through her body. She grabbed a handful of Alexander's curly locks, pulling him closer to her pussy, wrapping her legs around his neck. Instead of letting her orgasm, he disentangled himself from her grasp, as he quickly shed his clothing. Marie's cries of protests quickly turned into cooes of delight as her eyes devoured Alexander's body. His nipples reminded her of hershey kisses, his body wasn't overly muscular, but his body was nicely chiseled. His sweet chocolate complexion set her sweet tooth aching.

"Alexander...please...I'm right there...don't stop" she pleaded.

"I know, love, do not worry, I will bring you through the threshold." he assured her, sliding his throbbing memeber inside of her. Marie gasped as he filled her. In one fluid motion, he filled her pussy like no other man ever had before. His penis was longer and thicker than any other penis she had inside her before. She felt herself stretch to accomodate his huge member. He reigned himself for a moment, allowing her to get used to his size, savoring the sensation of being filled. When she wrapped her legs around his waist, that was all the incentive he needed. He began to thrust in her, slow and hard strokes, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. Soon the climax that was once building inside of her seemed insignificant to the one building now. Her nails dug into his back, leaving red streaks tinged with her black fingernail polish. Alexander welcomed the pain, relishing the feeling, making him increase his efforts. He knew she was getting ready to come and he was ready to come as well. Soon the telltale convulsions deep inside her pussy began to contract on his dick, making him moan.

"Marie, you are mine, do you understand? Now, tomorrow, and forever." he whispered in her ear. She never felt the pricks from his fangs as they sank into her jugular. But then again, she didn't even care. She cared even less when he held his bleeding wrist to her mouth, filling her body with his blood, as his exploding dick filled her womb with his vampire seed. The blinding orgasm combined with white hot flashes of her death and rebirth, left Marie limp in his arms. Her lips curled in a contented smiles as she slept, her fangs and lips still damp with Alexander's blood. Alexander looked down at his sleeping love, gently stroking her flat stomach, a knowing smiling formed on his lips.

"My love" he whispered, gently shaking her, rousing her from her sleep.

"Yes?" she asked her eyes fluttering, her voice thick with sleep.

"You do know what you've become, don't you?"

"Yes Alex, I'm yours. Now, tomorrow, and forever. Can we please get some sleep, I don't do days well." she said, turning over. He didn't have the heart to argue with her, so he simply spooned his body with hers, his arms wrapping around her waist, his palm caressing her stomach.

"Oh yeah, Alex, I hope it's a boy."

Look for a possible sequel...*smiles*

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