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Secret Fuck


Scott and I had the last pool party of the season on Labor Day as usual, with friends and family attending. Naturally my sisters and brother-in-laws attended with several friends and a few cousins. Scott was on the back patio preparing for the cookout when our guests began arriving. He and I had composed ourselves from our pre-party sex-fest, and were insuring everything was ready for company. We had a bar setup on the deck as well as inside, plenty of beer, booze and mix. All the food for grilling (including the special kielbasa) was stored in a cooler next to the grill just waiting for people to begin ordering. Two by two the guests arrived, kisses, hugs and handshakes were free-flowing, as was the alcohol. Our guest of honor (Doug) arrived with his wife, whom I greeted with hugs and kisses, and a little extra contact with Doug outside the view of his wife.

As I escorted them to the bar, I pressed my tit against Doug's arm, for which never broke contact; an encouraging sign. I glanced down to see if my hardened nipples were visible through my top, only vaguely. "Damn." I thought, wishing they did show, at least for the moment. Due to the warm weather, most guests gathered on the patio or in the pool. The women were dressed in sundresses or shorts, with halters and low cut tops, or displaying little bikinis. In this crowd, my bra-less dress was not going to raise eyebrows, unless I decided to walk so my tits bounced and swayed. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle Doug, but I knew there would not be many private opportunities, and I would have to make the most of any that came along.

My first chance came, surprisingly, in one of the bathrooms. Most of the crowd took advantage of the warm weather to stay on the patio, with an occasional straggler coming inside for a bathroom break or to freshen up, which was what I was doing when the door opened.

"Sorry!" Doug said, as he started to enter the bathroom. "The door was unlocked. I didn't know anyone was in here."

Looking at Doug in the mirror, "I'm just finishing up my makeup routine, come on in." I said.

"I have to take a leak, so I'll just wait till you come out." He said as he turned and started to leave.

I turned and put my hand on his arm and said, "That's not necessary, I'll be done in a minute and then you can have your privacy."

He paused a moment in the doorway, looked over his shoulder (probably to see if anyone was watching) and stepped back in the bathroom. "I don't have to go so bad I can't wait another minute or two."

This bathroom was not your typical half-bath, it was a full bath with a wide two-sink marble counter with plenty of space, garden tub and adjoining room with a commode.

"The commode is in there" I said pointing to the door "if you want to go now."

I could see Doug looking me over as he stood there. I continued applying my makeup and stalling for time.

"I prefer to stand here and watch you."

"You never get to see Janell put on makeup?" I said as I finished the last of the lipstick and dropped it in my bag. I turned to face Doug and leaned back against the counter with my legs slightly spread. With both hands behind me as support, the front of my dress separated, exposing a lot of cleavage "Well, what do you think? Did my effort pay off?"

Looking down at a noticeable bulge in his crotch, "What do you think." he said.

"Why Doug," I said with a smile, "Was it something I did?"

He reached for the doorknob and with a press of the button, locked it. He walked over until he was standing between my legs and then said, "Yes, it was something you did, and I think you need to fix it."

With that he pulled me to him and gave me a passionate kiss. Almost immediately his tongue was probing my mouth, and I reciprocated in kind. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as we kissed. As the passion increased, he put his hand on my waist and lifted me, so I was sitting on the counter top. I spread my legs, and as I did, my skirt rode up to my mid thigh, and Doug was against the counter. As we kissed, he untied the top of my halter behind my neck, allowing the halter to drop exposing my tits and erect pink nipples that are soooo sensitive.

Doug leaned back to get a better look. "God, what great tits you have!"

With that, he bent down and began to kiss and suck them, alternating when I would twist my shoulders indicating I wanted the other tit given attention. As he worked his magic on my tits, he had pushed my skirt up and began rubbing my pussy. I responded to his efforts with moans of pleasure and words of encouragement. I was so into the moment, I can't remember when or how it happened, but suddenly Doug had his cock out, (he had obviously dropped his pants), and, pulling me to the edge of the counter, began rubbing his cock against my pussy lips. One or two swipes and my pussy was wet with my fluids and his pre-cum. I reached down and found his cock, and replaced his hand with mine. I rubbed the head of it up and down the opening of my pussy, each time hitting my clit, sending shivers through me.

"I love the feel of your cock. It's so big and hard."

I continued to rub his cock against my pussy, as he squeezed and fondled my tits.

"Lean back." He said.

We were at the end of the counter, so I turned to the side and leaned back on the counter lengthwise, resting on my elbows. Doug came around the side and got between my legs again. With my ass on the edge of the counter, he took my legs and raised them till they were resting on his shoulders.

"I've wanted to fuck you for a long time!" Doug said, as he took his cock in hand and guided it to my waiting pussy.

"I've wanted you to fuck me for a long time!"

As soon as the head of his cock was inside, he slowly pushed as he entered deeper and deeper.

"Doug, your cock is so big, it is filling my pussy." I whispered.

Soon he had all nine inches of his cock buried in my pussy, and his balls against my ass. I held my breath as he entered, inch by inch, wondering when it would stop, or if I could take more. Once in, he stopped. Then he began to slowly withdraw. As his cock withdrew, there was a void that needed to be filled. "Don't take it out" I thought to myself, just before I said, "Oh God Doug, don't take it out."

He didn't. Just as the head of his cock reached the opening of my pussy, he pushed it back in again. I gasped, as he filled my pussy once more.

"You like my big cock do you?"

"Oh yes, ohhhh yessss." I said as I inhaled deep, while his cock again probed the depths of my cervix. I found myself inhaling as he filled me with his cock, and exhaling as he withdrew. Four or five more times he put his cock in and withdrew it slowly. Each time I feared he might take it out. Every time he put it in, I wanted it more. I soon realized I was twisting and moving my hips, trying to end the torture of being almost fucked. My gyrations were motivating Doug, as he began to stroke in and out faster.

"You like this?"

"Yes. Oh yes I like it......Fuck me Doug. Fuck my pussy."

Doug put his arms around my legs, and with each stroke pulled me into his cock, forcing it as deep as it would go.

"Fuck me harder.... fuck me faster..... That's it, cram your cock in my pussy.....faster.... don't stop......"

As Doug fucked me faster and faster, I grabbed my tits in my hands and began squeezing and pinching my nipples. My tits were shifting up and down with each stroke, making it hard to keep contact with my nipples. As I got closer and closer to an orgasm, things began to blur, and all I was aware of was our panting, the sounds of his cock pounding my wet and juicy pussy, and the slapping sound as our sweaty bodies collided.

"I'm cumming!" He cried, as he made his deepest and forceful thrusts.

That did it for me. I began my orgasm with spasms, causing me to raise my hips as far as I could. With my legs on Doug's shoulders, my stiffening almost caused me to dislodge his cock.

"Ohhhh Doug, fuck me.... Fuck meeee!"

I felt the first warm eruption of Doug's cum. Then a second, and another. Despite my huge orgasms, I could still feel it every time Doug unloaded another shot of cum in me.

"Doug, keep cumming.....I love the feel of your cum in me...."

Soon we had both exhausted ourselves and stopped. Doug stood there, head down, sweat dripping from his forehead, and me prostrated on the sink top panting for air. Doug raised his head, looking down at me, tits exposed, dress up to my waist, arms crossed over my head covering my eyes as I tried to gain my composure and get my breath back.

"Damn Donna, we should have done this long ago!"

I parted my arms, looking at him through the opening and said with a smile, "I hope we don't have to wait this long for it to happen again!"

Doug stepped back as I sat up, my halter and skirt around my waist. I looked down and saw his semi-erect cock, glistening with our combined cum, and a drip of cum on the tip.

"You can't put that in your pants in that condition!" I said, as I slid off the counter and on my knees in front of Doug.

Without touching his cock, I began to lick it. The combination of our cum was delicious. As soon as I had licked his shaft and balls clean, (including the little bit of cum that kept escaping from the tip of his cock) I took his cock in my hand and guided it into my mouth. I ran my tongue around and over the smooth head of his cock. Then I began to push my head down on his cock, forcing more and more of it in my mouth. I knew I could not get all nine inches in my mouth, but he was probably not more than six inches in his present condition, and I easily took that in. He gasped, as I took his entire cock in my mouth and sucked. His cock was so big around there was not much room for my tongue to explore the shaft, as I sucked him.

I did the same thing to him he had done to me, I withdrew my mouth from his cock until it was almost out of my mouth, then slowly lowered my head taking it all in again, and sucking as I went up and down on his cock. After six or seven times sucking slow, he took my head in his hand and held it still, as he began to fuck my mouth. He withdrew and inserted his cock in my mouth, with pelvic thrusts as he fucked me. I could feel his cock start to harden again. As it hardened it grew in length. As he continued to fuck me this way, I reached up and took his balls in my hand and began to fondle them.

"Oh Jesus Donna. I thought fucking you was good, but this is great."

He released my head, and I began to suck him as I wanted. I knew his cock had begun to harden, and must be longer than when I started, but I found I was still able to take it all in my mouth, till I reached the base.

"Suck my cock Donna. Oh yes, suck it......"

I soon found myself sucking his cock as deep as I could, and as fast as I could. With one hand on his balls, I reached around and grabbed his ass, and each time I took his cock deep I pulled him to me.

"Jesus Christ......I'm gonna cum again......." He cried.

I wanted him to cum. All I could do was to moan out loud, as I sucked his massive cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh baby, here it comes...... Are you ready?"

"Uh Huh....Uh huh.....uh huh...." Was all I could say each time he asked me if I was ready.

"Aaaahhhhhaaaaaaaa......" he cried, as he erupted with a gush of hot cum. His cock was so far down my throat I was not sure I could even swallow, but I continued sucking and Doug continued cumming. I didn't lose a drop. As his orgasms slowed, I slowed until he stopped cumming, and I stopped sucking, but I did not release his cock from my mouth immediately. Finally Doug pulled back, taking his cock with him.

"Man, I have never had a blow job like that! You are amazing Donna."

I raised up, put my arms around his shoulders and said, "I know." We separated, and began dressing. Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Just a minute!" I yelled.

A male voice replied, "Hurry up, I have to piss."

"There's another bathroom just off the hallway, try it, I may be a while longer."

"Fucking women!" The voice said as his footsteps drifted away.

"Yeah. Fucking women." Doug said with a smile, as we opened the door and left, each going different directions.

I changed and was now parading around the pool in my thong bikini and not hiding much. Cousin Tammie was showing off her recently acquired 36D's, which she bragged to everyone about traveling all the way to San Diego to have an expensive plastic surgeon perform the implants. One of the husbands brought up the topic of who had the better tits, Tammie or Donna. A vote from the men folk was taken and they concurred that while Tammie's were very full and nice, I had a 'natural pair' with a normal bounce. The party continued an eventually Tammie got a little wasted and flirty. We girls were standing near the pool and Tammie lost her balance and started to fall.

As she fell towards the water, she grabbed at my top and pulled. This threw us both into the pool, and as I emerged on my feet, my bikini top had slipped down, exposing my 36DD's to all. Some of the guests and family have seen me nude or topless before; however, everyone attending the party now got a good look at my breasts and nipples. I think Tammie did it on purpose, as she has never seen me nude and I felt she was trying to compare my tits to her implanted ones.

Her husband, Shane, exclaimed, "Honey, I think Donna won!"

I climbed out of the pool, took a topless bow for all, and then grabbed a towel to dry off and went inside the house. I changed into a halter top with matching short tennis skirt, sans underwear for the remainder of the evening! Upon returning to the patio, I found Tammie leaning against my husband and flirting, and all the patio chairs were occupied. Two could play at her game, so I found Shane and sat directly on his lap, smoothing my short skirt around his shorts. The sun had gone down and it was getting dark, except for the tiki-torches and landscape lights. Suddenly I realized that there was a lump now pushing against my ass. I couldn't believe that it was what I thought it was, but it kept growing and then I was sure. I was getting hot just thinking about it and my pussy was getting wet.

I felt a hand on my upper thigh, caressing me. I moaned just a bit and he realized I wasn't going to push him away. The hand moved up under my skirt. I spread my legs as much as I could and the hand slid through from the back and began massaging my clit. I was terrified that someone else on the patio would see what was going on, but I was so horny now that I couldn't say a word to stop him. My skirt was pushed up just a bit more and I felt a hot stiff cock slide between my legs. He slid back and forth on the patio stool, playing with my clit the whole time. I had to bring on of my hands up by my face and cover my mouth to keep from groaning out loud. Now I was soaking wet! Without warning, he suddenly jammed him cock into my pussy. My knees almost gave way, he was so big and it was so unexpected, but my pussy wanted it so badly so I just pressed back against him to get him in as deep as I could.

I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he panted. Waves of pleasure were running up and down me and I knew my nipples must be poking through my halter. I used my hand to cover one breast and squeezed my own nipple between the lower parts of my fingers and started to massage it. That did it, and I started cumming! I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs as my pussy squeezed around his cock. He moaned and put his mouth against my neck for a moment and I felt his hot cum squirt into my pussy. My knees were so weak I would have fallen if I hadn't been gripping his pole so hard. We didn't move for a moment. His cock slid out of my pussy, and his hand smoothed my skirt back down around me. His juices mixed with mine and ran down the insides of my legs.

I stepped away from the stool and looked around, but no one was looking back at me. Tammie had no idea he husband had fucked me! The payback was mine. When I got back into the house to cleanup, I realized my hand hurt and looked at it. There was a bit red bite mark on the back. I must have done that when I came and didn't even know it! On somewhat shaky legs I stumbled back outside and whispered into Scott's ear what had just occurred.


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An amazing story! I gave it a 5 (☆☆☆☆☆).

Women like Donna can make 3 men happy in one day.
Scott must be in a state of bliss oevery day & every night. Lucky bastard.
As to Doug, she made his day & promissed him some more at a later date.

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