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Secret Hauntings


They told me it was haunted, but I didn’t listen. What can ghosts do to someone who doesn’t believe they exist? It was a small house, once rumoured to have been owned by a young lady who killed herself one night after her lover left her. I didn’t care, the price was right and the house suited my needs so I snatched it up quickly.

The realtor said she was glad to be rid of it. It had been sitting up for sale for more than a year. Such a tiny house, only one bedroom, and not much of a bathroom either. A living room and a cellar completed the picture of a comfy little bachelor pad.

The old woman that lived next door crossed herself as I walked down the sidewalk for my first glimpse inside. As I passed through the door I felt something against my cheek. I turned but didn’t see anything. I thought nothing of it, merely passing it off as a spider web. The house was what could euphemistically be called “cozy.” But it was mine so I was happy.

Once again I felt something brush by me, but nothing else was in the house.

I frowned and continued on my tour, the bedroom was last. I half expected to find some naked girl ghost laying there telling me she wants me. But nothing happened, just an empty room, with yellowing paint on the walls and a carpet from the 60’s. Even the closet was empty except for a black spider that had made its home in one corner.

There was nothing left for me to do, other than haul my stuff in. After three hours of pulling pushing, dragging and carrying stuff in it was done. Everything was still packed and my bad was in 6 pieces but other than that it was all there.

Two hours later the essentials were unpacked and the bed was put together, so I crashed on the bed and was sleeping almost before my head hit the pillow.


I felt arms caressing me, not large but undeniably strong. Hands stroking every part of me. I felt my cock stiffen as the hands went down my stomach. As soon as they touched my hardness though I woke up, and before I could do anything I had an orgasm, shooting my cum all over my sheets. As I sat looking at my little mess, I wondered what had happened. Sleep masturbation? But I could almost swear that I hadn’t touched myself the whole time, was it just a dream?

As I lay back down I felt another caress, the touch of a finger across my cheek. Not some stray webbing but a finger. So soft it almost tickled, i looked around, but even with the lights off I could see the room clearly, there was no one else with me. It came again, this time under my chin, along with a giggle.

“Who’s there?” I asked to the empty room, my only reply was another giggle, this time coming from right by my ear. I would swear that I even felt hot breath against my neck. A moan came form somewhere to my left and then a lingering touch passed over my shoulder, the one down my back, then another on my cheek.

I fell off of the bed as I tried to get away from the touching, but even as I lay there wincing at the pain the giggling continued and the touches became more daring. Then a kiss, it’s the only thing that it could be, two warm lips against mine, for only a second but undeniably true nonetheless. I blinked in astonishment and then felt more kisses. On my neck, my shoulder, my arms, my chest. Then the hands became more insistent as the giggles got louder, at first it was a quick touch, then it stroked me, teasing my stiffening cock.

Another moan and then the lips touched my penis. I inhaled quickly, but couldn’t deny the pleasure. The lips touched mine again, and I felt a tongue trailing across my lips. I opened my mouth and the kiss got deeper. The hands wrapping around my back. Breasts pressed against my chest. I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing against her lips as she wiggled on my lap.

Then I thought I saw her, in hoary white, more beautiful than any woman I’d seen before. I could only stare with wide eyes as she smiled back at me and then giggled. Closing her eyes as she lowered herself onto my cock.

Inside she was so warm and tight. I could see through her but without a doubt she was there. I moaned as she took me in deeper. Watching her smile and occasionally giggle and moan as I slid into her. , once I was in all the way she closed her eyes and moaned.

Then she looked at me and smiled as she began riding my shaft. I closed my eyes and kissed her, then as our lips parted I opened my eyes and saw her breathe out a cloud, like you do when it’s cold out.

She started humping me faster her ethereal body writhing on top of mine. I tried to touch her breasts but my hand passed through her. She moaned as I pulled my hand back, and then kissed me again. Grinding herself over my penis I couldn’t even put my arms around her waist. I felt her breasts against my chest, her nipples stiff against my skin. But I couldn’t touch them. I clenched my fists in frustration and felt a bit of anger build as she giggled at my frustration.

She leaned down so her lips were close to my ear, “what’s the matter big boy? Sexual troubles?” and then she giggled again and kept humping.

I gritted my teeth and didn’t reply, she only giggled again, “mmmmmm do you want to hear about the other guys I’ve fucked since I was with you?”

I didn’t know what she was talking about but I felt the anger build more. I glared back at her but all she did was laugh and lean back, moving her body in waves. I couldn’t help but admire her body, nothing too big, nothing too small, every part of her was perfect. I realized she was looking at me again.

“Mmm you like my body big boy?” she sat up pressing herself down so I was all the way inside of her, “do you want to know what the other guys did to me? How much better they were?”

She ground herself against me, wiggling her hips, “do you want to hear how they fucked me and came inside of me?” she started humping again, each move had a harder edge to it. Her nails were now digging into my chest, I could see blood swelling up from each finger tip. She looked at me now and there was no love of joy in her face, “you sent them to me you fucker.” Her pussy suddenly felt cold around my cock, “you told them I was sleeping in that room, you son of a bitch,” it was like ice around my cock, but I was still hard and she kept humping, each thrust felt like a tear.

“You told your best friends that the love of your life was available for a gang rape,” I felt her hand clamp over my throat, “now you can feel what I did that night and more.” Her eyes were hollow then and it wasn’t a beautiful woman making love to me, it was a corpse alive out of the frozen ground. I screamed as she kept humping, feeling my skin tear in her frozen pussy and then my blood spreading the chill throughout me. I felt myself losing consciousness before she even started choking me. My penis being torn to pieces by her. “you’re not leaving yet big boy,” and she slapped me, opening my eyes, “you can go to sleep now, it’s only beginning to get fun. Then in one sudden rush she moved her hips back, tearing off my penis in one final blow.

She looked at me then, “now you can lay here, don’t worry, you’ll live, in the morning the mailman will see you and call the paramedics, until then you can sit and suffer, and remember that is what you did to me first. “ she was crying and she hung her head and walked out. I saw her sobbing, I saw everything, the pain was overwhelming but I couldn’t close my eyes, and knew that I wouldn’t pass out even if it got worse. Somehow though her tears hurt far more than the rest.


He was found the next day, castrated and half dead he was rushed to the E.R. they could do nothing for his penis, it was never found, but he did live and when he got out of the hospital he looked into who had owned the house before. His searches turned up an article written in the 20’s. It said that the house was once owned by a young couple. After the party, the wife was rushed to the hospital for severe injuries induced by a rape from at least three guys. Her husband swore he knew nothing about it. She never made it out of the hospital, she killed herself by injecting air into her veins with a hypodermic needle. She was his great aunt.

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