tagErotic HorrorSecret Hauntings Ch. 02

Secret Hauntings Ch. 02


They come to me in the night, men, women, some that I can never tell what they are. But every night they do come, it starts as a slow touch, lingering on my breasts, lightly stroking my hair, a touch that travels down my body so lightly that I don't even notice it at times, until it presses against my nipple and then slides down cupping my breast.

At first it scared me, I sat up in fright, frantically reaching for the lights, but the hands calmed me down, they soothed my frayed nerves, they kneaded my sore muscles, they made me sleep like I haven't slept for many a year.

When I woke up I thought it was just a dream that would only happen once, then it happened again. The very next night they were not so shy this time, I felt the touch caressing my inner thighs first, gently prying them apart, and then stroking my labia, teasing my clit with tender touches. My orgasm came soon, and I felt my body relax afterwards, as my eyes closed I saw a shadow leaving the room, but dreams came soon after so I never thought of it.

Each day went by slowly and the nights went by too fast. I began staying up later and later, letting the hands do to me what they will. Each night they orgasms got more and more intense. Shaking my entire body in almost violent fits of lust filled convulsions. One night I couldn't breathe for a minute or two but I got that under control.

Every night they got longer and the hands got lustier with me. A week after they started I felt a penis enter me, it wasn't the largest one ever but it felt so good, filling me, thrusting in and out so deep, then a mouth on my breasts and even someone's hair brushing over my chest.

I realized it was a woman on my breasts as a man thrust between my legs. Her lips sought out mine and I kissed a ghost at midnight. Her lips were warm and her hands caressed my breasts as she kissed me. Our tongues came together. My first kiss with a woman, and she wasn't alive.

They came again the next night, each night becoming less ethereal. Others would come to, some were so slight that I could not tell what sex they were, but they all came to pleasure me. Perhaps it was the women among them, I could tell a woman’s lips from a man’s, and the soft touch of her breasts, her smaller more delicate hands, the touch of them even when no hands can be seen.

One by one they would come to me. some at my breasts, some at my mouth, some between my legs, all pleasing me, making my body do things I had forgotten it could do. The sensations were amazing, none of my lovers before had ever been so good and none of them ever made me cry out like these specters, never before had I felt so alive and fulfilled.

But I was also beginning to feel the side effects of it. Each day I grew more and more tired, my time away from my bed grew less and less. And then they didn't even wait for the night anymore, as soon as I was on the bed they'd begin again. Those phantom hands clutching at my body, tearing at my clothes, incorporeal beings ravaging my body for longer than I could stand.

They wouldn't stop as long as I was on the bed. Finally one night I slept on the couch, it kept them away and I got some rest, but by the next night they found me again. It got worse and worse, each night becoming a rape. Before long they lasted all day and all night. I could feel my body dying but they did not stop. It wasn't long after then that I to died. My body could not handle that anymore and my heart just stopped. Then before all of my blood stopped moving and my nerves stopped firing I had a moment of peace and then I died, my soul left my body, but I did not get far.

I stayed by the bed with the others. I saw my body taken away, and new people move into the house that was mine. They put a new bed in my room, but it was in the exact same place. And when the man who now slept in that room lay down...

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