tagLesbian SexSecret Hunger Ch. 03

Secret Hunger Ch. 03


Part Three – Fascination

The reader is encouraged to read 'Secret Hunger' and 'Secret Hunger II' by Evie Zasse. And, as always, the author welcomes your comments.

Clare and Emily have captured each other's hearts. They have professed their love for one another. Are they are ready to reveal their secret?

Emily's mother Caroline saw Emily and Clare together one stormy night. She cannot get the image of the two girls out of her mind. She asked her mother for help with the stirrings she is feeling. Will she get what she wants or something else entirely?

Caroline and Jeanne

Wednesday afternoon Jeanne knocked on the back door of her daughter's house.

When Caroline opened the door, Jeanne asked, "Are you alone?"

"Yes, Emily isn't home from school yet, what's up?" Caroline asked in return.

"Good, I need to talk to you, about the problem you asked me about." Jeanne said.

"Yeah, look mom, I thought about it and maybe I should just leave it alone." Caroline said looking up at her mother.

"Are you sure? You seemed pretty flustered the other day." Jeanne said.

After a pause Caroline said, " Yes, I mean no, I mean. Oh hell I don't know what I mean."

"Caroline, dear, if you want me to help, I will. But you have to understand that when I say I will help, I mean that 'I' will help. If you want to pursue these feeling that you are having, you need to really be sure because 'I' will be the one guiding you along. You will be experiencing those desires and craving with ME." Jeanne said at length.

"You mean touching, and the rest with you, my own mother?" Caroline asked.

"Would you rather learn from a complete stranger?" Jeanne asked in return.

"No, It'd be better with you. Oh lord what am I saying. You're asking me to be intimate with my own mother. Caroline almost cried.

"I'm not asking you anything. It's not like we're going to be lovers. I'm telling you, I can help you explore your feelings." Jeanne stated.

"But, we will be like lovers. Isn't that what being a lesbian is?" Caroline asked.

"Caroline, relax. I am lesbian, true. But I'm not a fanatic about it. I enjoy a man once in a while too. It's more accurate to say I am a bisexual." Jeanne said smiling. "And yes, if you want my help, we will be intimate with each other. But I'm not trying to seduce you."

"I think I understand." Caroline said, still sounding puzzled.

"Caroline, it's your decision, think about it." Jeanne said, and added "Call me in the next day or so when you make up your mind. I have this weekend free if you decide to start."

Emily and Clare

Wednesday evening, Clare was waiting in the college parking lot for Emily to get out of class. When Emily say her standing by her car, she ran the last few steps and stood as close as she could get to her friend.

"How did it go?" Emily whispered in Clare's ear.

"They'll be ready Saturday after lunch." Clare whispered back.

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" Emily asked, knowing the answer before Clare could respond.

"I'm positive. I had a talk with my mom and dad last night. They think you're terrific and they were actually kind of supportive." Clare said softly, stepping back a few inches so she could see Emily's face.

Emily raised her hand and brushed a loose strand of Clare's hair back behind her ear. Clare threw her arms around Emily and they kissed tenderly. Several other students were walking through the parking lot, but the girls were past caring what others thought.


Very early Thursday morning, about two a.m., Caroline picked up her cel phone and dialed.

"Hi mom." Caroline said when her mother answered.

"Are you alright dear? What's wrong?" Jeanne asked.

"Nothing's wrong. I just couldn't sleep." Caroline said.

"So, there must be a reason you woke me up so early." Jeanne prompted.

In a small, soft voice Caroline asked. "Mom, do you think we could start this weekend, maybe Friday evening?"

"Caroline, I'm happy that you've made your decision. This might be a turning point in your life. I'll be over about eight, after dinner." Jeanne told her daughter.

Caroline had a difficult time getting back to sleep. In her mind she kept seeing Emily and Clare, and herself in the same scenario with her mother. The images were disturbing, and curiously compelling, almost erotic.

Eventually she drifted off, thinking about the coming weekend.

The hand moving on her belly felt warm. She roused, not daring to move. She kept her eyes shut and tried to breathe evenly. The hand moved lower, covering the short, downy pubic hair on her mound, Caroline's heart beat faster. She felt the hand rubbing over she slit and a single finger tracing that delicate opening. When the finger push between her pussy lips, she gasped and sat up. Caroline lifted her hand away from her body. She hadn't touched herself like that in some time.


Friday afternoon, Jeanne took a long leisurely bubble bath. She carefully shaved her legs and all the little places that ladies keep smooth including her slightly rounded pussy mound. She didn't think that her and Caroline would get anywhere near intimacy that evening, but she believed in leaving nothing to chance.

As she lounged in the warm soapy water, she wondered how her daughter would react. What they were going to do had a name. A somewhat derogatory name called incest. That alone made an otherwise ordinary girl to girl encounter so much more tantalizing and exciting. Jeanne was going to make love to her own daughter soon. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became, until she surrendered to urges and slipped a finger between the puffy lips of her pussy and found her large clit. She flicked the sensitive bud with her fingernail and rubbed it with her finger until she was caught up in the orgasm that flooded through her body. She lay there for several minutes, letting the warm bath water relax her. She stepped out of the tub and into the shower to wash her hair and rinse the suds from her body. As she was toweling herself dry, she glanced into the large mirror above her dresser. She saw a handsome middle aged woman with largish, heavy breasts. She saw a pleasantly rounded ass, sturdy hips and two shapely legs. Not too bad for a sixty-two year old, she thought.


Friday afternoon, Caroline paced back and forth in her living room. She had showered twice and was thinking about a third time. She sat on the sofa and stood up again all in one motion. Caroline was frightened and anxious. As the hours crept by, her thought became more and more focused on what it would be like being in bed with her mother. Talking about things that she hadn't even discussed with her late husband. How could she go through with this, it was crazy. Why was she having these visions, so sexual and graphic? She tried to be logical. Her mother was a lesbian. Her daughter was becoming a lesbian. Why couldn't she enjoy the touch of another woman too? Maybe it was in her genes or DNA or whatever they called it. She couldn't go ahead, it was wrong, especially with her mother. Why oh why was time dragging. She wanted to get started. She wanted to feel alive again. And she knew deep down inside, that her mother would show her the way.

Clare and Emily

Friday afternoon the girls met in the campus library. They sat at the same corner table they were at when they agreed to that first sleepover. With textbooks and note pads in front of them, they went through the motions of studying. Sitting close together no one could see them touching each other under the heavy table. And no one could hear the softly whispered voices.

"What are we doing tonight." Emily asked.

"I thought we might relax in your room, maybe watch a movie and order a pizza." Clare answered.

"And what else?" Emily kidded, smiling mischievously

"Well, now that you ask, I was thinking we could both use a shower." Clare said, winking at her friend.

"We'd have to dry each other off." Emily responded.

"I certainly wouldn't want to go to sleep with wet hair." Clare said, grinning broadly.

As if on cue, both girls looked around, and seeing no one near, they turned to each other and shared a quick kiss. I kiss that hinted at things to come later in the evening.


Friday evening, Jeanne, dressed in a dark calf length summer dress and beige silk blouse, drove the few miles to her daughter's house. She thought about what Caroline might ask her and how she wanted to explain her own lifestyle. She had no doubts, calling on her own experiences, that she could calm Caroline's fears. But would her daughter willingly agree to be intimate with her. Caroline had more reservations about sex in general than she did; much less a taboo and sin like incest. The thought of being able to make love to Caroline brought a smile to Jeanne's face.


Clare drove the few block to Emily's house and parked in front. She looped the handle of her totebag over her shoulder, picked up a large pizza box, and walked up the walkway to the front porch. Emil was sitting on the front steps waiting for her. When she entered the house, Caroline greeted her with a warm hug and took the pizza into the kitchen.

"Do you mind if we take our plates upstairs?" Clare asked. "I want to have Emily proofread an essay I have to hand in on Monday and then we can relax and put on a video."

"Of course not." Caroline answered. "Go have fun. Emily's grandmother will be here soon and we'll chat for a while anyway.


Caroline returned to the living room and tried to watch the television. She had calmed down, at least outwardly. She thought again about changing clothes and just as quickly decided her jeans and polo shirt were fine. She was startled when she heard the doorbell and almost tripped getting up to answer it.

Jeanne and Caroline

When Jeanne came in, she hugged her daughter and dropped her overnight bag near the door. She followed Caroline into the living room and watched she sat on the sofa. She asked about Emily, and after hearing that the girls were already upstairs, she sat down next to Caroline.

"So. How do you feel?" Jeanne asked.

"Fine I guess. I just don't know if I have it in me to, well, you know, this whole lesbian thing." Caroline said.

"Let's start right there." Jeanne said taking her daughter's hand. "I want to be clear about this. I am not a lesbian and I don't think Clare and Emily are either."

"But." Caroline started to say as Jeanne cut her off by holding up her hand.

"I am bisexual. I prefer other women, but I most definitely enjoy being with a man occasionally." Jeanne said.

"Real lesbians, if there really is such a thing, want nothing whatever to do with men. Most of the stories that you read, the pictures you see or the movies that you watch, are products of Hollywood. From what I have learned, probably one woman in four, at some time in their lives had an encounter with another woman. Some as teens, practicing how to kiss, some as college students, away from home for the first time and living with another girl. The point is, it's not that unusual." Jeanne said, waiting for Caroline's reaction.

"So, I'm not going crazy thinking about this?" Caroline asked.

"Not at all. If you have feelings for another woman, just find a way to talk to her about it. She may feel the same way about you. But you'll never know unless you try." Jeanne said.

"Well how about those mental pictures I have of Clare and Emily when I substitute you and me," Caroline asked, the words catching in her throat.

"That's just your mind playing games. But if those feeling are real, that's a totally different thing." Jeanne said.

"I know, it's dirty to even think about." Caroline said softly, "But." And her voice trailed off.

"Caroline, when you think about that, how does it make you feel. I mean are you scared that you wouldn't like it, or scared that you would?" Jeanne asked.

"I don't know. How would you feel?" Caroline threw the question back at her mother.

"Caroline. It's a mother's instinct to nurture and protect her children, especially girls. You know that from having Emily. You hold them to your breasts to give them life. You cuddle them, keep them warm and talk softly to them. If that is all you and I did, would it be dirty?" Jeanne asked.

"No, I suppose not." Caroline answered.

" So what do you think would make it dirty, to use your words?" Jeanne asked, looking straight at her daughter.

"You, know, sex." Caroline said.

"You mean kissing?" That doesn't sound too bad. Or do you mean touching each other's bodies. I'm touching you right now and it doesn't seem to bother you." Jeanne said, squeezing Caroline's hand.

"Mom, you know exactly what I mean. Getting each other aroused sexually." Caroline said.

"Well, it seems to me that you need to look deep inside of yourself and see if that is something that you want to do. I won't say that it's wrong or right. You're an adult. But whatever you decide, I will always be here for you." Jeanne said, and she mentally crossed her fingers.

Clare and Emily

Clare did give Emily an essay to proofread. While she was reading, Clare carefully got undressed, folding her clothes neatly and setting them on the desk chair. She then walked quietly over to the bed where Emily was reading, and sat down next to her. It took less than a minute for the essay to fall on the floor. Emily stood up and got undressed as she watched Clare move to the center of the bed. Emily crawled across the bed, her soft, ample breasts hanging down as she moved. Emily positioned herself so that her breasts were directly above Clare's face. She bent down slightly, letting her breasts rub across Clare's lips, teasingly. Clare opened her mouth and found one of Emily's nipples. She sucked greedily causing Emily to moan in pleasure.

After a tantalizing few minutes, Emily moved further down Clare's body. She wound up lying next to her, but in the opposite direction. Clare put her hands around Emily's ass, and inched forward to lick her moist pussy. Emily in turn moved closer to Clare's pussy and started to suck on her bald mound. It didn't take long for both girls to start moving their hips as their orgasms built up and peaked.

All at once, Emily got up and went to the door. She listened for a moment and went back to the bed where she took Clare by the hand. Together, naked, they quickly walked the few steps down the hall to the bathroom. With the door locked, both girls got into the shower. The cascading warm water felt great. The soapy hands washing each other's bodies felt even better. Slippery, sudsy finger traced soapy outlines on aureoles and nipples. They found there way between pussy lips and butt cracks. But finally the girls rinsed off, toweled each other dry, and made their way back to Emily's bedroom.

Jeanne and Caroline

"Caroline. If you don't mind, let me try a little experiment." Jeanne said. "I want you to close your eyes. I'm going to kiss you lightly on the lips and I want you to tell me how it made you feel."

"Ok, I can do that." Caroline said.

Jeanne leaned forward and kissed her daughter, letting her lips linger for just a second.

"So. What did you feel?" Jeanne asked.

"Just the kiss." Caroline said.

"No, inside. How did it make your body feel?" Jeanne asked. "Was in unpleasant?"

"I don't know." Caroline said.

"Well tell me this. Was it unpleasant enough that you don't want to do it again?" Jeanne asked.

"Honestly, no. It wasn't that bad." Caroline admitted.

"Ok, one more thing and we'll call it a night. We're both tired. Ok?" Jeanne said.

"Close your eyes again." Jeanne said.

Jeanne kissed her daughter again, just like the first time. But she also lifted her hand and gently touched one of Caroline's breasts through her clothes. When she leaned back, she left her hand in place, She watched Caroline open her eyes and felt one of her hands cover hers, holding it on her breast.

To Be Continued

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