tagSci-Fi & FantasySecret in the Secret Ch. 04

Secret in the Secret Ch. 04


She must have been quite a sight as she sprinted across the prison; she heard shouts of exclamation as she moved past inmates at breakneck speed. She saw the entrance to the cafeteria in front of her and sped up. She was moving too fast to stop herself when she saw a large black boot stuck out in front of her. Her legs caught on the boot and she did a face plant on the hard cement floor. “Ow!” She had scrapped her knees and elbows and her cheek got a taste of the floor as well. There was a chuckle amongst the crowd of women surrounding her. “This ain’t high school, little girl.” She heard one of the inmates taunt. Oh please, she wasn’t that young.

“There’s no running in the detention block.” She heard Stevens’ voice announce coldly. She saw the boot rest threateningly on her fingers and she let out a yelp of fear. The boot moved away and inwardly she let out a sigh of relief. “ Final warning. You’re lucky we need your hands. You’re late by the way.” Stevens turned on her heel, adjusted her hat and walked away. I wouldn’t have been late if you weren’t such a bitch and tripped me, Emily thought to herself. Trying to quell feelings of rage, she pushed open the doors and stepped inside.

Well there goes that idea of trying to not draw attention to myself, Emily thought as ten inmates sitting at a table turned to look at her as she entered. “ Pay attention!” The guard snapped. She looked to be about a six foot woman with blonde locks and emerald green eyes. Her eyes were flashing angrily; Emily was both drawn to her beauty and repelled at the same time by the pure ferocity of the woman. “Are you Palmers?” The woman snapped. Emily nodded quickly, not wanting to provoke the woman further. “You’re late so now you’re staying an extra hour. Now sit down.” That proved more difficult than suspected as every open seat that she found was quickly taken by someone moving so that there wasn’t any space for her to sit down. “Palmers! Sit. Down.” The woman said, slamming a boot down between two women, creating an instant space as the two inmates move aside quickly.

“Now then,” The guard continued after Emily had sat down, “ You’ve all been assigned your tasks. Take note of our policies here.” She pointed to a sign. “ When you do kitchen duty, you’re under my command, you’ll do as I say. You will take no breaks until I tell you to. You may chat with one another as long as you keep working.” She said the last sentence with disgust, as if conversation with a fellow human being was beneath her. It probably is, Emily thought, she probably spends most of her time setting villages on fire and eating babies or something. As the inmates started to get up and head for the kitchen, Emily realized that she hadn’t been assigned a task. “Um-“ The guard turned her head sharply at Emily’s attempt at speaking. Her eyes flashed sadistically. “Palmers, since you’re late, I have a special task for you.”

It turned out that the special task was carrying all sorts of boxes of vegetables and other foods from the loading dock into the kitchen, a gruelling and difficult task as the boxes were extremely heavy. The rest of the inmates ignored her, chatting amongst themselves as they prepared a stew (with pre-cut ingredients, it was still a prison after all), salads, a meat and meatless lasagne and a brownie dessert. Emily stomach growled as she worked, it had been at least seven hours since she had arrived on the plane, and she didn’t even know how long it had been since she had eaten before that. It seemed like kitchen duty lasted forever, Emily briefly contemplated on aggravating the guard enough so that she would pummel her to death. At least then she could rest. “Alright you heathens, you’re done for the day, so get the fuck out of here. Except you Palmers, you got another hour.” The guard said.

She had been sitting down on a cushioned chair the entire time, reading some sort of magazine. Once while passing by behind her, Emily had snuck a peak at the pages and had seen nude pictures of models, their legs spread enticingly at the viewer, baring everything. Emily had the muscles beneath her stomach clench, despite the cruel nature of some of the guards they were still incredibly beautiful, and she had been in an slightly elevated aroused state since she got off the plane. Her unintentional peek at the provocative photos had not helped. She was thinking about taking care of her urges by hand after lights out and when she would be sure her roommate would be asleep when she was interrupted by the guard’s hand on her forearm. She tensed, but the guard only held up an apple. “You dropped this.” In her daze, she hadn’t even noticed the fruit falling out of the box. “Thank you.” She said, putting the box down on the counter behind her and reaching for the apple, but the guard pulled back so it was just out of Emily’s reach.

“My name is Angel, by the way.” Emily paused and nodded,
“Thank you, Angel.”
The smallest hint of a smile appeared on Angel’s lips, but the sadistic glint in her eyes remained, doing little to assure Emily. Angel placed the apple into the box behind Emily, Emily moved back but the counter behind her stopped her and their bodies touched, Angel’s ample breasts pressing against Emily’s smaller ones. Emily could feel the blood pumping to the lower regions of her body and swallowed nervously. “You know,” Angel began in the calmest of voices, “You’re new, and I know you haven’t been properly initiated.” Emily tried to move politely to the right but was immediately stopped by Angel casually placing her hand down on the counter, effectively trapping her. Emily’s eyes widened as she realized what Angel had in mind. Angel’s hand tenderly caressed Emily’s thigh, traveling upwards until it reached where her legs met, and she let out a gasp as Angel touched her through the fabric of her jumpsuit. Emily was soon breathing hard, she managed to say in a small voice, “ Please….”

“ Please….Stop? Or please don’t stop?” Came the silky reply, the movement of Angel’s hand never ceasing. “Which is it?” It was getting harder to think with the expert teasing of Angel’s hand and the strong scent of her perfume, the thick floral smell of what smelt like jasmine and something Emily couldn’t identify. She doubted at this point she could even remember her own name, all she could think about were the feelings that were shooting from the nerve endings between her legs to all areas of her body, causing heat to build up in her and making her pant for air. A part of her told her she didn’t want this, but an overwhelming part of her did.

“I’m actually doing you a favour,” Angel said in a husky voice, her lips tantalizingly close to Emily’s ear, whispering as if to a lover. “The others are not so kind, but I’m gentle. I’ll make this a moment you won’t ever forget.” Emily let out a small whimper as a reply, which Angel chuckled to. Angel ran her tongue across Emily’s earlobe, tasting her. Emily closed her eyes. She was so close to the edge, she could taste it, a few more seconds and she would be lost in orgasmic bliss.

The door to the kitchen flew open, and Angel’s head snapped over to look at the intruder. Emily let out a small cry as Angel’s hand stopped its ministrations, brought back into the moment. She looked over to see Amanda looking at Angel. “I’m here to take Emily back to her cell.” The brunette spoke calmly, but there was anger in her words. “We’ll be finished her in a few minutes.” Angel said, not even disguising the annoyance in her tone.

“Now, Angel.” This time the uttering of her name caused the blonde to hiss, and Emily could have sworn she bared her teeth for almost a split second. “She’s not going anywhere.” A hand clamped down on Emily’s arm. The two guards glared at each other for one tense moment. To Emily’s surprise it was the tall, blonde woman who finally receded, letting go of Emily’s hand reluctantly. “Come with me, Emily.” Amanda said softly, holding out her hand for hers. Emily gave it to her willingly, eager to escape the presence of the blonde woman. “Good bye, Angel.” Amanda said to the other guard once she and Emily had exited the kitchen, before shutting the door in the other woman’s face.

Emily couldn’t help but feel the comforting warmth of Amanda’s hand as she led Emily away from the cafeteria.

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