tagSci-Fi & FantasySecret in the Secret Ch. 05-06

Secret in the Secret Ch. 05-06


"Are you alright?" Amanda asked the new inmate, Emily, as they walked out of the kitchen and back towards Emily's cell. She could still feel the lingering effects of anger and took a deep breath, willing herself to calm down.

"Yes, I'm fine now." Came the reply from the slightly shaken girl. She wasn't fine, and she probably wouldn't be for a while. Amanda didn't want to break the news to Emily, but it would be cruel to not tell her.

"Angel won't be the first to try and claim you, you're new, and you happen to be the youngest." She tried to convince herself that by helping Emily escape from Angel that the trouble was over for the young woman, but in truth, Angel was probably one of the mildest of the guards. Some would take what they wanted by force. In fact, saving Emily seemed like a worse idea every second. Emily squeezed her hand tightly upon hearing the news.

" The other inmates?"

Amanda shook her head, her long chocolate colored locks tossing as her head moved.

" You don't have to worry about the prisoners, we have them under control. It's the other guards that you have to worry about." She heard a small whimper from beside her, and then Emily's voice so soft,

"Please...help me." Amanda didn't know if she could.

"My advice to you is find a guard to claim you and fast. I'll lock you in your cell until dinner time, that's in an hour and a half, I'll come pick you up then." Only she and Stevens had the keys to unlock cells in this cell block. She opened the cell and Emily stepped in, still looking very scared.

"Be back in a while." She said, trying to reassure her. She watched as Emily sat down on the bottom bunk bed with a sigh. Shutting the door, she pressed her key disk to the device on the door, locking it. Now there was one more guard to take care of.

She caught Stevens just as the woman was exiting the guard's lounge, the taller woman was out of uniform and dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a white tank top. "Where are you going, Stevens? It's your break time." The taller woman looked over and mumbled something about needing to "check on the prisoners".

"You've been walking all day, you should take a load off, relax. Let the others take care of it." Somehow she knew where Stevens was headed, and she was not going to let the other woman leave the staff room. Stevens wasn't looking at her, her attention directed past Amanda. She didn't have to guess to know where Stevens was looking. Well, desperate times called for desperate measures.

"Come on, let's play some cards." She said, running her hand lightly along Stevens' bare forearm and smiling at the other officer. Stevens fancied her, had always fancied her, so now she used that to her advantage. Stevens looked down at Amanda's hand trailing along her arm for a second and when she looked up at Amanda's face there was a flicker of lust in those emerald green eyes. Stevens grinned. "Okay." She said, walking back into the staff room with Amanda following.

Emily lay down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket, closing her eyes and trying to shut out the world. The incident earlier had left her shaken, and what Amanda had told her had frightened her even more. She didn't know how many other guards there were, but one particular person came to mind. Stevens. The woman had made it very clear that she hated her, but would she want to claim her anyways? The thought was too frightening . She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, waiting for dinnertime to come. She drifted in and out of consciousness, she didn't know if she had dreamt it or if it had actually happened, the sound of a baton dragging along the door, hitting the plastic ridges on the door, the hiss of her name


"Emily. Wake up." It was Amanda's voice that roused her from her slumber, she sat up as Amanda pressed her key against the door and the device blinked from red to green. "You have a good sleep?"


Amanda nodded somberly, holding her arms out. Emily hesitated for a moment before walking between them, accepting the gentle hug.

"Don't worry Emily, I have a plan."


She had never felt like this before, the feeling of knowing that so many people were watching, anticipating what was going to happen. As Emily sat down at an empty table with her tray of food, she saw a group of inmates look at her, then quickly look away to continue chatting and eating. She didn't have much of an appetite, and the food just reminded her of her encounter with Angel anyway. After Amanda had discussed her plan with Emily, they had agreed that they would do it after dinner, but now Emily wished that they could do it now.

She was so nervous she felt sick to her stomach, and she was certain that if she panicked any more, she would throw up. She took deep breaths and looked around the cafeteria.

Guards patrolled all over the cafeteria, some walked silently while others talked with some of the inmates. Above the cafeteria were walkways where guards patrolled. She noticed that none of them carried guns, though most of them had a baton or a tazer at their belts. Amanda did mention that Emily wouldn't have to worry about the inmates, so maybe the guards just really had everything under control.

Her eyes inadvertently sought out Stevens, it wasn't hard to find her, she stood out easily with her height and her build. There she was, in the far corner, arms crossed as she listened to Angel talk to her. From the way Angel was standing -very close to the other woman, it looked like Angel was flirting with Stevens. Emily couldn't see Stevens' expression, but the woman was turned away from Angel. Interesting. Maybe her charms only work on people with souls. Just then Stevens turned to look in Emily's direction and she quickly looked away, pretending to eat. Jesus, can that woman read minds or something?


Emily looked up to see a tall mocha-skinned woman looking down at her. "May I sit with you?" Thrown by this politeness, Emily took a moment to reply, during which the woman started to look uncertain. "Oh ya for sure, sit." Emily finally was able to blurt out.

"Thanks." The woman sat down and started scarfing down her food hungrily. Emily watched her for a moment, grateful to have a distraction. Her eyes glanced down at the other woman's jumpsuit "Oh!" Emily exclaimed. "You're my cellmate." Her bunkmate looked up, fork halfway to her mouth. "Ah, I was wondering about that, I haven't seen you all day. I'm Jenni. You just got here, right?"

"I'm Emily, and yeah, only been here a few hours." Emily said, and the roommate started eating again.

"You gonna eat that?" She asked, her mouth full. Emily shook her head and pushed her tray towards the other woman, who accepted it happily.

"Er, how long have you been here?" Emily asked the woman.

"Hmm about a year?" The woman said, slowing down with her eating to answer the question.

"Do you think this place is a little...weird?" Emily said. Immediately the question sounded stupid as it came out of her mouth.

Jenni didn't laugh though, she just shrugged and answered.

"Nope, though it is a hell of a lot better than the previous women's correctional facility I was in, there were gangs splitting everyone up, you had to be in one or risk getting shanked. Here they seem to have their shit together. And there is so much eye candy here, I don't know where these guards came from, but they looked like they just stepped out of a swim suit shoot or something."

"Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that." Emily said with a laugh.

Dinner time was almost over, and since Amanda had checked Emily's schedule earlier, she knew the younger woman wasn't scheduled for any chores until the next day. She scanned the crowd and quickly spotted the girl talking to a black woman, they seemed to be having an engaging conversation, both women were quite giggly. She felt a tinge of jealousy, which was strange. Emily was making a friend, that was good. She had mentioned to the girl before that the guards didn't have trouble with the inmates, but that didn't mean that the inmates sometimes didn't get into fights with each other. This was rare, but it still happened occasionally. If Emily was in a group, it would be less likely that she would get harassed. So that was a good thing. She walked over towards the two, greeting them when she was at the table.

"Hello ladies."

"Oh hi Mandy!" Jenni greeted her back enthusiastically. Emily just looked a little startled, her grin slipped away when Amanda had greeted them. Most likely she remembered what they had to do. "This is Mandy...oh well, I guess you two have already met when you first got here, huh?" Jenni said with a laugh, then her smile faltered too when she registered that the sudden mood change at the table.

"Excuse me, Jenni. I'm going to have to borrow Emily for a couple of minutes." Amanda said to Jenni, who looked confused. "Oh um...ok. I'll talk to you later then Emily." She said. Emily seemed unable to speak, she didn't even say goodbye as she followed Amanda out of the cafeteria.

Amanda looked so good as always in her black guard uniform, but her coming over to the table just reminded of everything that was about to happen. Emily wished she could talk to Amanda like they did before, like at the gym. Sure it was only for about five seconds but now that seemed like ages ago.

"It'll be alright." The female guard said gently, offering her hand to Emily which she gratefully accepted. Amanda led her down a hallway of doors, stopping at the last one. She knocked twice. "Come in." Came a soft woman's voice, and Amanda opened the door, ushering Emily inside. She closed the door, shutting them inside.

It was dark inside and the only light came from a dim orange light in the corner. There was a table, and there sat a small woman. Like the others she had perfect skin and was extremely beautiful, but unlike the others she looked young, maybe about Emily's age. She was wearing a dress with a floral design it, the spaghetti straps showing off her porcelain-like skin. "Mandy." The woman purred Amanda's name, her voice like a gentle caress. "Next time, not so early..." What was the girl talking about? It was six pm....

"Sorry Francesca, but it's an emergency." Francesca's eyes locked onto Emily's, the light seemed to disappear into the dark circles that were her irises. Emily's mouth felt so dry, she could barely swallow. "Come here." She didn't want to leave Amanda's side.

"Go on, Emily." Amanda instructed. Surely she didn't mean go over there, no, she would much rather stay by the door, thank you very much. She could hear the girl chuckle.

"It's ok Emily." She felt Amanda's hands on her shoulders, and finally she decided to walk over to the girl. This is some crazy fucking voodoo shit or something, Emily thought, I can't believe this is happening. Once they reached the girl, the girl reached out, gently pulling Emily's face towards hers. She smelt smokey, like burnt wood from a campfire. Emily barely had time to register what was going on when Francesca pressed her lips against hers, kissing her eagerly. She tasted so good, like a peach. Emily's senses were filled with the woman's taste, her scent, Amanda's arms on her shoulders. For a second she forgot where she was and eagerly kissed Francesca. To her dismay the woman pulled away after a short while. "Okay." The girl said with a smile. "I've claimed you."

"So I'm safe now?"

"Yes." Francesca said, leaning back in the chair.

Emily let out a sigh of relief, feeling like she had just run a marathon. Her mind barely registered Amanda's hands rubbing her shoulders.

"I think I'd like to go to sleep now." She mumbled.

"Ok, I'll take you."

The adrenaline from all the panic was wearing off now, and Emily could barely make her feet move. Everything seemed to be a grey blur but apparently Amanda had led her out of the room, down the hallway and then to her bunk on the second floor because now she was sitting on the bottom bunk, her legs pulled to her chest. She felt so cold. She heard Amanda say things to her as the brunette covered her with her blanket, but she wasn't really listening. Strong arms wrapped around her, and she clung to the other woman tightly, burying her face in the other woman's shoulder. She was so tired...she closed her eyes.

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