tagRomanceSecret in the Secret Ch. 08-09

Secret in the Secret Ch. 08-09


They met the others back in the clearing, all toting their various kills. "Hello Stevens." Angel said in a sing-song voice, clearly still enjoying her high from their romp in the forest. Stevens looked from Angel to Amanda, a scowl appearing on her face.

"You got hurt." Amanda stated, noticing the yellow-tinged bruise on Stevens' waist. "She charged me when I was going for the male."

Stevens nodded at the large moose she and her partner had killed. Amanda strode over, running her hands over the taller woman's bruise, palpating it to check for any broken bones. It was almost done healing already. Stevens let out a groan of discomfort.

"Sorry." She took her hand away.

"It's not that." Stevens said, shifting uneasily. Amanda looked down and saw how Steven's body had reacted to her ministrations. Oh.

"Did you get the kill?" She asked Stevens in a voice low enough so that the others couldn't hear. Stevens shook her head.

"Take care of it and meet us back at base." Stevens looked up at her, raw need in her dark eyes. "Amanda, if you..."

"No." Amanda said shortly, turning on her heel. She put her hand into the air and made the gesture for the group to move out. As they walked, she heard Stevens call Angel's name.

"Rabbit stew? Oh I am not eating this." Jenni said in disgust, pushing the bowl over to Emily. Emily shrugged and accepted it, offering Jenni her own cornbread in exchange, which the woman gratefully took.

"It really is quite good you know." Emily said, enjoying the succulent meat. The game tasted so fresh, she wondered if it was freshly killed. Maybe they had a pen full of rabbits somewhere? Or maybe they caught them. She wondered if Amanda had caught any. She didn't see the woman at all yesterday, and she would be lying if she didn't admit that it bothered her.

She was just a compassionate guard, that's all. She told herself. Immediately she felt a sudden mood change, the quick type of depression that came and went. The kind that she knew was associated when she had a crush on someone. Damn, I have a crush on my prison guard. Admitting it to herself it helped a little, but still...she resolved to avoid contact with Amanda until she was sure the crush had passed.

"Hello." Well shit.

"Oh hi Mandy." Jenni said cheerfully.

"Didn't like the stew huh?" Amanda said with a chuckle, leaning on the table to talk to Jenni, giving Emily a great view of her backside. Emily looked away.

"Nah I don't eat anything that doesn't have feathers." Jenni said meekly. Amanda laughed.

"Mm right, I remember now."

They continued chatting and Emily busied herself with her food as they talked about sports. Apparently they were both a big fan of football and they discussed the latest game while Emily ate. Having never watched a game in her life, well except the one time Sam had won tickets and they went to a game to watch the first half, Emily wisely chose to stay out of the conversation.

Anyways, she was supposed to be getting over her crush.

"Well I gotta go, I'll talk to you ladies later." Amanda straighted up. "Pleasure talking to you Jenni." Amanda looked over at Emily. Emily busied herself by stacking all her plates together.

"Bye Emily."

Emily muttered a goodbye.

"Wow what is wrong with you?" Jenni without malice as they went to put their tray and plates away at the disposal,

"Could you be more awkward?"

Emily rolled her eyes at the question. "I'm just in a bad mood, that's all. I didn't sleep well yesterday." She lied. Jenni seemed to believe this and gave a shrug. "Well Amanda's one of the nicest guards here, you could be a little more friendly you know." See, she was just being nice to you, that's all a small voice told her. "I'm going to go look around before my task at 11." She said to Jenni, who waved goodbye to her as Emily headed for the courtyard.

"Hey." Amanda had caught up to her before she could make it outside.

"I didn't get a chance to see you yesterday, are you doing ok?" She asked softly. She had her hand on Emily's shoulder, and her eyes showed concern as she looked Emily over.

"Mm well I'm fine now, thanks." Emily muttered, inwardly slightly amazed that her plan to ignore the guard was foiled over and over again.

"Oh...alright...." Amanda said, looking a little surprised as Emily brushed past her. "Well I hope to see you at the gym again sometime." She heard Amanda say behind her as she walked away.

Emily found a shaded spot underneath a large tree in the courtyard. There she sat, reclining against the old tree. She had her library book with her and she read, enjoying the light breeze of the cool summer air across her face. It was the perfect way to spend a lazy morning.

"That's a good book." Said a now familiar voice from behind her. Emily nodded briefly, barely looking up from the novel, hoping that Amanda would take the hint and go away. Instead the female guard walked over to the tree, leaning against one shoulder as she gazed down at the other woman, smiling. Maybe I should make it my personal goal to not make a million dollars, the way things are going it feels like I never get what I want.

"How do you like the sequel compared to the first?" Amanda inquired, motioning towards the novel. "I haven't read it, it was already checked out of the library." Emily confessed, setting down Beyond Exile, finding the conversation too engaging to multi-task any longer. Or maybe just too distracting, Amanda had taken off her cap and was fixing her hair, tying it back into a neat ponytail. God, she just wanted to run her fingers through those silky strands.

"Um what?" She didn't even realize that the other woman had started talking again. Not realize that Emily had been daydreaming, Amanda gave an embarrassed smile and cleared her throat.

"I said, the library only had one copy, I got so impatient waiting for it that I just bought it the last time I went home. Also splurged on a few other zombie books as well." She paused, thinking. "I could lend you Day by day Armageddon if you wanted." She said good-naturedly.

"Oh okay, thanks." Emily said eagerly.

"Oh, now you mean." She said as the guard straightened up.

"You have anything better to do?" Amanda teased once they started heading back inside.

"Very funny." Emily rolled her eyes, but honestly she was starting to enjoy their one on one conversation and wanted it to continue. She wasn't sure if once they got back inside that they would be able to chat more, it seemed like Amanda was very popular among the residents of the prison.

"The first book is better." Amanda stated enthusiastically, touching Emily to emphasize her point. Inside, Emily gasped. The skin contact sent electric tingles down her arm and she took pleasure in the sensations before replying. "That's good to know, the second one is good so far but I'm getting a little confused with all the military acronyms."

"Which ones? I know a little bit, I could help you out." Amanda said, looking over the page as Emily held it up.

It turned out that Emily's worries that their conversation would end prematurely were unwarranted. It turned out that Amanda was a zombie fan and not only had she read several books on the sub-genre, but was familiar with several of the recent movies as well.

"Ok, wait for me here." Amanda stopped as they approached a security door. She scanned her passed and the door flashed from red to green, she went in and the door shut with a heavy click, the scanner turning red again. Emily looked around the non-descript hallway, then up at the ceiling.

A small camera in the corner stared back at her. Creepy. She turned around as the door opened, expecting Amanda but instead found herself in the way of the imposing figure of Stevens. Stevens sneered at her before shoving her forcefully out of the way. Emily hit the wall with a thud, wincing as pain shot up her elbow. She glared at Stevens' back as the woman walked away.

Fuck, if she was only about a hundred pounds heavier and not in jail and probably a well-trained martial artist, she would totally kick Stevens' ass. Maybe. The woman was such a bitch. The door opened again and Emily stepped back warily.

"I'm back." Amanda said cheerfully, shutting the door behind her, the promise novel in her hand. "Why are you holding your arm like that?" Amanda asked curiously. For some reason Emily didn't want to tell Amanda about Stevens', it seemed like a weakness she didn't want to admit. She decided she would lie.

"I slipped and banged it by accident." She said lamely. Amanda had the decency to look sympathetic. "Well I better not leave you alone for too long, you might give yourself a concussion by accident." She said with a chuckle, handing over the book. Emily took the book and playfully swung it at Amanda, who dodged it gracefully, laughing.

"Well my arm's fine now."

"Seriously though," Amanda said as they left the hallway and back into the main area of the prison. "I've been thinking that for movie night tomorrow we could have a zombie marathon, what do you think?" Emily was strongly in favour of the idea and they discussed possible titles to show, finally agreeing that given the audience, they would show more recently released movies like Dawn of the dead and 28 days later and its sequel, 28 weeks later.

"Mm well I better get going." Emily said reluctantly. "I got laundry duty." She had been enjoying her conversation with Amanda immensely and didn't want it to end. It was so easy to talk to the other woman, she felt like she could tell her anything and she wouldn't be judged for it.

"I heard that's not too bad actually. Going to the gym later?" At Emily's nod Amanda continued, "Why don't you tell me how it goes? I'll be there." They arranged a time to meet up and Emily left in higher spirits knowing she would see her again soon.

Laundry duty went fairly well, then again anything had to be better than kitchen duty with Angel and all the chaos that came after. Along with some other inmates of cell block D, Emily spent the next two hours dumping all the jumpsuits into the industrial washing machine, then waiting around for the machine to wash and dry them before folding the clothes and putting them on shelves for the inmates to retrieve later.

Francesca was the supervising guard and left them to their own devices, choosing to chat with some of the inmates occasionally. Emily could almost taste her on her lips again, the feeling was surreal and a little disorientating. A few of the other inmates came up to Emily and struck up brief conversations with her. All in all, as far as chores went it wasn't too bad, Francesca was definitely one of the nicer guards to work with.

"How is everyone treating you?" The fair skinned guard asked her as everyone was starting to leave.

"Um, ok so far, Stevens seems to be the only one that has a problem with me." Emily confessed. Francesca smiled knowingly.

"Ah....she has a problem with everyone I'm afraid."

Ah, so I was right, she's just a bitch. Still, Stevens seemed to hold an intense hatred for her, her eyes always seemed to be on her, glaring at her in the cafeteria, in the hallways when Emily was unfortunate enough to be within visible distance from the aggressive woman.

It was only until after dinner that Amanda had time to meet up with her, and Emily spent the rest of the day reading Day by Day Armageddon in her cell, pleased with the time she got to herself. When the time finally came to meet up with Amanda, she headed to the gym, her steps just a little quicker than usual.

"Hope you're ready for this." Amanda said with a gleam in her eye. Having agreed to a workout designed by Amanda, Emily was now having second thoughts. One look at the mischievous grin on the other's face and she knew this workout wasn't going to be easy...

"Come on, one more circuit to go and we're done." Panted Amanda as they completed another set of squats. Emily's legs were burning, and she could feel the soreness sinking in, draining her enegery. " Have I mentioned I hate you?" She gasped.

"Once or twice." The pounding of blood as it rushed to her head made it hard to thinking of anything else but how much she wanted to stop doing this. But she wasn't going to show weakness in front of Amanda, she thought stubbornly. "Yeah, but you don't seem

to....understand...how....much." She grunted.

"Save your breath for the pushups." Emily's legs felt like jelly, she looked over at Amanda's legs, seeing her muscles bunch like coiled springs, the striations of her muscles like piano strings playing a silent melody. She looked even more beautiful as sweat dripped down her face, her movements never faltering, always confident. In Amanda, Emily found her own reserve of strength and she gritted her teeth, continuing with the workout silently.

"Oh my god, I'm going to have to sleep for a week after that." Emily groaned, flopping down onto the mat, spent both physically and mentally. "Same time tomorrow?" Amanda asked cheerfully. "How about next month?" Emily closed her eyes. "I have no legs anymore."

"Really? Then what are these?" She felt a warm hand squeeze her thigh gently and despite how sore her leg was, the touch from the gorgeous woman was greatly appreciated. She could feel the sensation all through her leg and into other areas. Her clit throbbed insistently. She was at a loss of words, her mind completely absorbed in the moment.

"It's getting late, if you want to take a shower you better get going, I'll wait for you and walk you back to your cell." She opened her eyes reluctantly, sitting up.

"Hmm you have about twenty minutes to shower." Amanda said, checking the large digital clock on the wall. That's plenty of time for what I plan to do, Emily thought to herself as she headed for the locker room.

The warm water was bliss against her heated skin, she leaned into the stream of water and let the water wash away the day's dirt and grime. As much as she enjoyed basking in the warmth, she had other plans.

She was so lucky that the showers had their own individual stalls, even though there was no one else working out at this hour she appreciated the extra privacy. She rubbed soap onto her body, creating a thick lather. Her hands reached up to squeeze her own breasts, rubbing her nipples until they were stiff, her body getting more and more excited with every touch. She shut her eyes and imagined that Amanda was the one touching her, and what she had seen at the gym had given her plenty to work with.

She just knew that Amanda would know exactly what to do, and the thought of the brunette with her rock hard abs and muscular thighs and oh god that ridiculously good looking face was causing her clit to throb relentlessly, wanting stimulation. She slipped her hand in the crevice between her thighs, rubbing the tiny mound of nerves.

She wanted to come so badly, but she wanted to enjoy the act, not knowing when she would have the next opportunity to do so. She slipped a digit inside, curling it so that it touched her g-spot, almost letting out a moan as she did so. She imagined Amanda's fingers instead of her own, maybe she would push her up against the wall, pinning her there with those strong arms, her fingers thrusting inside her, kissing her everywhere.

She added another digit, feeling her muscles clench around her fingers, so close to release she could taste it. Finally she started rubbing her clit again, faster and faster until her orgasm rose like a wave, losing herself in the orgasmic bliss, her muscles squeezing her fingers so tight it hurt before releasing. She leaned against the wall of the shower, gasping for air, exhausted but completely satisfied. Oh Amanda....

"Emily?" She felt a sudden stab of panic at hearing her name, straightening up and pretending to wash her already clean hair. Even though Amanda couldn't see her through the translucent glass of the shower door she still felt self-conscious, almost as if Amanda knew that she had been having dirty thoughts of her.

"Yeah?" She croaked, her voice husky from the orgasm she just had.

"You forgot to bring a towel with you, I'll just leave it on the bench ok?"

"Yeah, thanks." She resisted the very brash and stupid thought that she could invite Amanda to take a shower with her. No....that would be very dumb. Very very dumb...Her stomach gave a happy clench at the thought though and she shook her head. Turning off the shower she stepped out, walking over to the bench where the towel lay.

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