tagNonHumanSecret in the Secret Ch. 14-15

Secret in the Secret Ch. 14-15


After she finished her meal there was only a few minutes before the zombie marathon would start. She hurried to the rec room. When she got to the rec room she was pleased to see that there were already a group of thirty or so women already gathered there, lounging on couches or chairs, chatting happily.

It was easy to spot the guards because they were the only ones that weren't wearing orange jumpsuits, Emily immediately recognized Amanda and Francesca, and then two other guards she hadn't met before. Francesca and Amanda were out of uniform, both wearing black sweatpants, Francesca wearing a baggy green t-shirt and Amanda wearing a pink cami top. Even in the casual attire Amanda looked so good.

"You came." Amanda had spotted her and was striding over, all smiles.

"Yeah." Emily said shyly, still remembering their moment less than an hour ago.

"Well I'm glad you changed your mind, I'm gonna go get this zombie marathon started." Amanda said, squeezing her arm gently before heading over to stand in front of the tv.

"Alright, everyone, thanks for coming to the zombie marathon, we got three movies we want to watch let's decide on the order right now, who wants to see 28 days later first? Ok who wants to see Dawn of the dead first? Ok Dawn of the dead it is." Amanda said to cheers from the ones that voted for Dawn of the Dead. Seeing that if she didn't quickly find a spot she would end up sitting in someone's lap or on the floor, Emily quickly hurried to grab a spot on one of the couches.

"I'm glad they picked Dawn of the Dead, it's one of my favorites." Amanda said, taking the spot on the right beside Emily. "Make room, ladies." Said one of the prisoner's, Wanda, a plump woman who sat down on Emily's left, effectively pushing the two women together. "Wanda, your fat ass is in the way." Another woman complained to laughter.

"Oh sorry, you girls ok if I sit here?" Wanda asked, looking sheepishly at Amanda and Emily. "Um, I'm ok." Emily said, though she was practically in Amanda's lap now. "Er...Amanda you ok?"

The brunette nodded. "Yeah I'm comfortable." Well Emily wasn't going to object, Amanda was nice and warm and she enjoyed the closeness to the other woman, even though it hadn't been intentional. Someone turned the lights off and now the only light came from the large television. The scent of Amanda's perfume or shampoo or whatever it was smelled pleasant, and she leaned back comfortably, breathing in the aroma as she watched the word "Universal" circle the cgi earth planet. "Maybe we could watch the original next time." She said quietly to Amanda. "Maybe, I'll ask everyone later. Oops sorry." Amanda said, accidentally touching Emily's knee after she had scratched her nose. "That's ok."

Even though she had seen the movie several times before, Emily enjoyed watching it with the group of women, they gasped and urged the heroine on at the right times, crying out at the jump scenes. After a while Amanda had seemed to given up on trying to avoid brushing up on Emily and her hand had been resting on Emily's knee for quite a while now. Emily turned her head to look over to see if Amanda was enjoying the reactions of the audience and was surprised to see the other woman's eyes were closed, her head resting back on the couch, sound asleep. She looked so peaceful sleeping there, Emily felt a surge of feeling towards her new friend. She turned back to watch the movie, a small smile on her face.

It was about halfway through the movie when she felt Amanda shift her weight as she tried to get into a more comfortable position. Emily looked over at her, who still looked a little dazed. She rubbed Amanda's hand affectionately before returning to watch the movie. After the end of Dawn of the Dead, there was a brief intermission where everyone could get up and stretch their legs for ten minutes or take a quick washroom break. Emily walked over to the window, looking out into the courtyard. It definitely was summertime, the days were long and even now the sun's rays still cast onto the courtyard, making long shadows of anything that was out there. She could see the forest from here, tantalizing freedom that seemed so close. This was the first time she had been in jail, and already she missed the outdoors, fresh air. There was no privacy anywhere here. "Ready for the next one?" Amanda's presence was a welcome distraction from Emily's thoughts. "Yeah." She said, following Amanda back to the couch.

"I can't believe so many women showed up for that." Amanda said happily, elated from the success of the zombie marathon. She and the other guards now were escorting the women back to their cells for night lock up. When the guards split up to make the job go faster, naturally Emily ended up with Amanda. Amanda had purposely taken the others back to their cells first so she and Emily could have some time alone. "Thank you, I don't think I would've ever planned that if you hadn't been so strongly in favour of the idea."

"No problem, who doesn't love a good zombie movie."

She was reluctant to take Emily back to her cell upstairs so soon, so she started walking slower until they finally just stopped in a hallway where she couldn't hear the sounds of the sleeping inmates, but even they stood close together, speaking in soft voices. Emily was leaning against the wall now, smiling up at her.

"I'm so glad I met you." Amanda ducked her head and chuckled, feeling a rush of warmth from Emily's words. Then a sudden thought. That's why I acted that way when I found out she was with Steven. I want her for myself, Amanda realized. She was so close to Emily now she could see her reflection in Emily's blue eyes. Then she kissed her, a gentle kiss, but when she felt Emily kiss her back she deepened the kiss, loving the feel of Emily's soft lips, the taste of her strawberry chapstick, Emily's hands in her hair, wanting more. But when she heard one of the other guards calling her name she snapped back to reality, pulling away from Emily, hearing a soft whimper from Emily as they broke apart.

"I'm sorry." She apologized, avoiding eye contact with Emily. Even now she was cursing herself for acting on her emotions, what was she thinking? Emily was an inmate for god sake. And a human. "I'll take you back to your cell now." She said, leading the way.

Ch. 15

Amanda was silent as she led the way, bringing Emily back to her cell. Emily's heart was still pounding from the unexpected kiss, the kiss that she hadn't wanted to end. But Amanda had pulled away, had...apologized? She had looked over at Amanda while they were walking, wanting to ask why Amanda had pulled away, but Amanda's stony face deterred her. When Emily entered her cell Amanda muttered a quiet good night before locking the door behind her. Emily lay on the bed, once again finding it hard to sleep with all the thoughts in her head. Who apologizes after a kiss anyways, Emily thought grumpily, punching her pillow before closing her eyes.

The prison felt stifling to Amanda, she had to get out, had to be outdoors, away. And alone. A flick of her pass and she was in the courtyard, jogging towards the exit. It was quiet in the courtyard, her footsteps the only noises. It was a whole different story once she swiped her pass and got outside the complex. Here it was alive. She filled her lungs with the smell of the forest, stripping herself of her clothes, folding them neatly before tucking them away underneath a bush. Here, with no risk of being spotted by an inmate, she could be herself.

She stretched, enjoying the chilly night air against her naked body, and broke into a run, her night vision allowing her to easily leap over fallen logs and rocks. She ran faster and faster until she reached a speed no human could even dream of. She ran until her lungs burned and she finally had to slow down. She spotted an ancient tree, likely a hundred years old or more and started to climb it, her clawed hands and feet easily grasping the rough bark and she propelled herself upward, higher and higher until she reached the top and was able to look out over the dark forest. It was so wrong. Even now she could almost imagine Emily's lips against hers, the mere thought of it now still brought her pleasure. But Emily had kissed her thinking she was human, like her.

There were so many women on their mothership that Amanda could have fallen for, but she had to fall for a human. Like most of the human population on earth, Emily had been living her life blissfully unaware that there were other sentient life forms in the universe. And it would have to stay that way. Amanda would have to keep the secret. She watched the forest scenery until the beginnings of daybreak changed the black and gray forest into a sea of vibrant green, and then she headed back to the prison.

She walked through the hallways of the prison and thought she was the only one awake at this early hour until she heard a familiar sultry voice. "Good morning, lieutenant."

Amanda turned to see Angel in a freshly pressed uniform start to walk towards her. She wondered how she looked in her crumpled uniform that had spent a good couple hours in a bush outside. But Angel didn't seem to notice, instead once the blonde reached Amanda the first thing she did was put her hands on Amanda's arm seductively. "May I interest you in some breakfast?"

Amanda paused before giving her answer, she hadn't slept yet and the thought of going to bed seemed like a very good idea. "If you're going to bed now the kitchen will be closed by the time you get up." Angel said, sensing her hesitation. That was true. "Lieutenant..." Angel's voice fondly caressed Amanda's title. "Let me serve you..."

"So, the usual?"


Angel flittered around the kitchen, clearly in her element as she quickly made Amanda a five egg white omelette with bell peppers, mushrooms and onions. Amanda sat on a bar stool, watching the woman but deeply immersed in her own thoughts. "For you, Amanda." Angel said, presenting the omelette to Amanda after a few minutes. One bite of the delicious dish and Amanda suddenly realized how hungry she was and immediately started to dig in. She could see Angel watching her out of the corner of her eye, a hungry expression on her face.

"So..." Angel's arms wrapped around her waist, the blonde leaning forward and taking the empty plate from Amanda's hand, putting it away from them onto the counter. "I asked around, and you haven't been with anyone this week." Angel's voice was husky as she leaned against Amanda, their breasts were pressing together, Angel's large ones against Amanda's smaller ones. "God, I just want to taste you." Angel purred, licking her lips lasciviously as she spoke, as she could still vividly remember their last time together.

"I thought Stevens kept you satisfied." Amanda said, trying to focus on the conversation with Angel pressed up against her. It was true, she hadn't been with anyone this week, and now her body was hungry, craving the bodily pleasure. "Please, let me taste you." Angel begged now, her eyes dilated now. Amanda could feel Angel's hands on her belt buckle. She should've been happy, as the highest ranking officer in the prison second only to the warden herself, all the other females would willingly submit to her, would beg to be taken by her, to drink of her essence, most would kill to be in the position she was in. She should have been happy. She wasn't.

"Not today, Angel." She said gruffly, pushing the other woman away unceremoniously. She headed for the door before pausing. "Thank you for breakfast." Then, not for the first time, she left the tall blonde alone and unsatisfied.

Emily had been waiting to get a moment alone with Amanda after breakfast, had been dying to know what the kiss last night had meant to the other woman. But Amanda hadn't been at breakfast. She hadn't been there at lunch either. It was only after dinner in the courtyard that Emily spotted Amanda in casual attire, chatting with Stevens.

She waited impatiently until Amanda started to walk back into the prison, then jogged over. "Hey." Brown eyes looked over, slightly surprised. "Oh. Hey." Amanda's grin was warm, but Emily couldn't help but feel like Amanda was suppressing her emotions, there was an oddly blank look on her face and she wasn't her usual cheerful self.

"I want to talk about last night." Emily said cautiously, but Amanda interrupted her.

"I'm sorry, that was a mistake on my part, it was very unprofessional of me." Now Amanda looked tired as she rubbed the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes.

"I like you Emily, and I hope that didn't affect our friendship." She should've known this was coming, and yet her heart still wasn't prepared for those words.

"I didn't mind." She said softly, almost to herself, feeling a blush come to her cheeks. She looked away; missing the look of longing that Amanda gave her. "I have to go now." Amanda said to her. Emily could only nod. She avoided eye contact with the other woman, looking away until she could no longer hear Amanda's footsteps as she walked away.

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