tagNonHumanSecret in the Secret Ch. 16-17

Secret in the Secret Ch. 16-17


But despite knowing that her friendship with Emily could never be more than platonic, Amanda could not stay away from the smaller woman. The next day she found herself greeting the mentioned woman warmly, and after the initial surprise showing on Emily's face, they were able to have a short conversation about meeting at the gym later before Amanda had to leave.

I guess a friendship is better than nothing, Emily thought gloomily to herself, trying to force herself to forget the heated kiss the two had shared in a secluded hallway two days ago. She absent -mindly brushed her hands across her lips, savouring the first and last kiss that she had with the beautiful brunette. Stupid jail, she thought before realizing that she wouldn't have met Amanda anyways if she wasn't here in the first place. Well sitting and moping around wasn't going to help her get over Amanda, so she decided to head to the rec room to relax.

I guess the pool players sleep in, Emily thought to herself as she noted the empty pool tables with disappointment. And someone was already playing on the PS3! Frowning, Emily looked closer at the girl with a pixie haircut. She wasn't wearing an orange jumpsuit so she had to be a guard, but she must've been off duty because the girl, well, she thought girl but the guard was obviously a woman, but the delicate face and the way she was enthusiastically playing GTA IV made Emily think the girl was younger than the others.

"Shit!" The girl swore loudly as her character was killed by a passing helicopter. Having spent countless hours with Sam playing this game Emily watched with interest as the girl restarted the mission and failed again.

"You wanna play?" The girl asked, passing Emily the controller.

"Oh!" Emily was surprised but took it, passing the mission with ease.

"Damn, you're good at this!" The girl commented.

"What's your name?"

"Emily, and yours?"

"It's Aella."

"Nice to meet you." Emily said, passing the controller back to Aella. Over the next hour they chatted about video games while passing the controller back and forth, it was definitely one of the better mornings Emily had while staying at this prison.

She was wondering why a sudden hush had come across the increasingly raucous rec room when a tall figure in the black prison uniform sudden stepped in front of the tv, blocking their view. She looked up, expecting the worst and she wasn't disappointed.

"Palmers, bathroom 2B needs attention." Stevens' voice was as annoying to Emily as ever. Apparently nothing had changed between them, Stevens was still an ass.

"I'll come with you." Aella said, saving the game and leaping up.

"Aella, a word please." Stevens said almost lazily. Emily watched as they left the rec room and headed left down a hallway. Bathroom 2B was on the right. Oh fuck it. Emily paused until they were a few steps away before following the two women down the hallway.

Aella's mouth suddenly felt very dry as she followed the taller woman down a hallway into a storage room.

"Sit." Stevens said emotionlessly. Aella looked around and sat down on a box.

"So you were talking to Emily." Stevens said.

"Yes." Aella said politely, not knowing where this was going. She had never really talked to Stevens, mostly the second lieutenant ignored her. Now that she was alone with Stevens she could feel the power emanating off the other woman, and she could feel herself getting wet from being slow close to Stevens.

"She's mine, you're not to socialize with her, understand?" Stevens said sternly to her. Aella looked down at her hands, nodding.

"Yes, lieutenant." She felt a hand on her chin, forcing her to look up at the tall woman.

"Keep your head up, Aella. You're still a warrior." Stevens said firmly. "Even if your training was interrupted when we crashed landed on this planet."

"Yes, lieutenant." Aella said, looking up at Stevens' flawless face, her proud shoulders, the part of her muscular chest that showed through the top of her collared shirt. She had always admired the lieutenant and the confidence she always seemed to have.

"Good." The lieutenant said, stroking Aella's chin with her thumb. The little gesture was enough make Aella's head spin. The lieutenant just exuded raw sexual energy and it was making her weak in the knees.

She moved forward just a fraction and the lieutenant was kissing her, Aella opened her mouth to allow Stevens' tongue entrance. Excitement made her heart pound like a jackhammer, she fumbled the buttons on the liuetenant's shirt before she was flipped around, her shirt pulled up and over her head. With one hand the lieutenant unsnapped her bra, exposing Aella's pink nippled breasts to the air.

"Oh...lieutenant." She moaned as Stevens' hands reached from behind her to cup her breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples between her fingers. She was soaking wet now and grinded her ass into the lieutenant's crotch, feeling the bulge growing there. "Your breasts are so soft." Muttered Stevens in a low growl, the timbre of her voice causing Aella's clit to throb and swell.

She arched her back as Stevens slid one hand into Aella's pants, rubbing her clit.

"Oh please." She begged, the edges of her vision blurred and she closed her eyes at the onslaught of pleasure that started from between her legs and spread to the tips of her fingers and toes. She heard a low chuckle from behind her before the words. "Take off your pants." With shaking fingers she unbuttoned her jeans, dropping them to her feet and kicking them away. She felt the lieutenant's hands on the straps of her g-string now and she couldn't help but let out a shudder of longing.

Her g-string was pulled off her excruciatingly slowly. She heard the sound of a zipper being opened and then felt the warmth of Stevens' cock between her legs, sliding against her wetness, against her pussy lips. She bit her lip and reached down, rubbing the dark colored tip. She felt something else between her legs, lower. She looked down in surprise to see another dark colored tip peeking out at her between her legs. She gasped, using her hand to stroke the second phallus.

She had known about the second lieutenant's dual phalluses, but had never seen them with her own eyes. She hadn't thought Stevens would be the kind to tease, but the woman certainly was doing that now, she was putting the tip of her first penis just inside of Aella's pussy, only enough to drive her crazy with need.

"Please," She begged the lieutenant, after trying to guide Stevens deeper inside of her and being denied yet again.

"I want you...deep inside me." She let out a moan as Stevens pinched her nipples hard, but it was nothing compared to the moan as Stevens entered her immediately, stretching her pussy with her large cock. Now her moans were continuous as Stevens pumped her, every stroke brought her closer and closer to orgasm. All of a sudden, Stevens stopped. Aella turned her head, disappointed. Was the lieutenant finished already?

She felt the lieutenant's lips on hers first before she felt the second cock press against her anus, and she gasped against Stevens' mouth as she was entered from behind.

"Ooooh!" The lieutenant's second cock was just large and she could feel her spincter muscles stretch to accommodate the member, her pussy contracting against the penis. The initial moment of brief pain was quickly forgotten as Stevens picked Aella effortlessly and started to thrust into both her holes, the process made easier by the lubrication that her cocks seemed to make on their own. Aella's mouth hung open in an O as she was held in the air, feeling the exquisite pleasure of being double penetrated.

When Stevens started thrusting into her faster and faster, her cocks going all the way inside she felt like she couldn't breathe but it didn't matter, she would die feeling the best orgasm she ever had. Stevens' dual cocks swelled inside of her and she climaxed, seeing stars behind her closed eyelids as Stevens filled her with the essence. Power surged through her, for a moment she and the lieutenant were of one body and one mind, she orgasmed over and over until her body was exhausted and she slumped against the lieutenant's chest, spent.

She could feel fingers rubbing against her swollen clit and she groaned, wanting to push the hand away, the intense sensations from her overstimulated clit were verging on almost pain now but Stevens did not cease until Aella came one last time, her pussy and ass clenching and taking Stevens' essence inside herself.

The surge of power did not leave her when the lieutenant lowered her back to the ground and pulled out of her with a wet sucking noise. When she turned around to look at the lieutenant the woman was already immaculately dressed again. Stevens gave her a curt nod before leaving the storage room, closing the door firmly behind her.

Aella put on her clothes hastily before exiting the storage room as well, running down the hall. Neither of them saw Emily hiding behind a corner, her eyes wide with shock.

CH.Seventeen (17)

"That weight seems heavier than usual."

Emily muttered to half to herself, half to Amanda after she had shakily completed the last rep of her deadlifts.

"Hmm were you planning on completing an extra rep?" Amanda said with one eyebrow raised. Emily faked slapping her forehead, "Damn, I'm just so out of it today."

"Something on your mind?" Amanda asked casually as she helped Emily take the weights of the bar.

"Oh I just..." Emily paused, debating whether or not to tell Amanda about what she had seen in the storage room between Aella and Stevens. That had been a few hours ago and now she could barely believe it had even happened. But her eyes could not have lied to her, she had been fully alert at that time.

Stevens had sex with Aella in the storage room. And Stevens had two dicks. She looked over at Amanda who was now leaning against a squat rack, studying Emily's expression.

"It's just..." She couldn't help it, she had to tell someone, it was she needed someone to tell her how crazy it sounded.

"I saw Stevens and Aella together and they were...being intimate." She said, finally deciding on the euphemism. At Amanda's look of surprise she laughed shakily.

"That wasn't the weirdest thing I saw...for some reason it looked like Stevens had like..." She looked around the gym to see if anyone could hear their conversation, after seeing that the gym was almost completely empty she continued.

"...like she had two dicks." This time she laughed so Amanda wouldn't think she was crazy. "Weird, right?"

She expected Amanda to laugh with her, maybe to make a joke about someone spiking the orange juice or something to that extent, instead the taller brunette frowned and looked unhappy about something.

"But it was just a trick of the light probably." Emily said, beamused.


"Hmm?" Amanda looked up, "Oh...yes that is weird. You should sleep more if you're seeing things like that." Amanda turned her attention to the gym area. "It's getting late, you've got time for a quick shower before I have to take you back to your cell."

Stupid, stupid Stevens, her second lieutenant always had sex on the brain and had been careless enough to be spotted by Emily. This time Stevens was going to pay for her negligence. But this was more than the anger that she should be directing at Stevens, Amanda realized. She was angry at the protocol, having to hide their true selves from the humans. Maybe she wanted Emily to see her, Amanda, in her true form. She shook away this thought impatiently to think about what she was going to write in her report.

Emily stripped out of her dirty clothes and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash away the day's dirt and grime. The shower also gave her time to think about Amanda's reaction. Why did Amanda take her comment so seriously? Maybe Stevens really was a genetic anomaly. That could explain the whole bitchiness factor. She debated this idea for a moment before disregarding it, that would actually make sense, and she wanted to hate Stevens in peace.

Still, it was hard not to think about the two together, the look on Aella's face when Stevens was pumping her, those two cocks, so thick and powerful. The more she thought about it the more turned on she was, she could almost imagine the two cocks inside of her, filling her up. Except she would never fantasize about Stevens, instead in her mind it was Amanda who had the cocks, Amanda who was lifting her up and thrusting into her.

She could imagine the scene so vividly in her head, except with Amanda they would be face to face and they would be kissing. That part was easiest to imagine, she hadn't forgotten Amanda's searing kisses. Her hands moved between her legs, rubbing her clit as she played out the fantasy in her head. She was close to orgasming when everything suddenly went dark.

Amanda had been writing down notes in her black notebook when the lights suddenly went out. This was not good. With her perfect night vision she crossed the gym to the communication booth. Good, it still had power, which meant the backup generators were working and all the cells were locked down.

"Richerds checking in." She listened to the voice on the other end.

"All prisoners except prisoner 1059, 1023, 1230 are secured."

"Roger that, prison 1059 is with me." Amanda said,

"What are the orders from the warden?"

"Secure the prisoners and wait for the tech crew to sort it out."

"Copy that." Amanda glanced at the door and saw the red glow that signified that it was locked. She flashed her keypass at it but it remained red. She cursed out loud, she and Emily were locked in.

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