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Fernanda and I had always joked about being lesbians on the bus. Secretly, I would masturbate and think about her doing me. She was tall, good sized, nice tits and had nice plump lips. I dreamed of her and I hooking up together somehow, but never really expected it.

One day, she and I were sitting on the bus together. We were in the middle of the bus, so no one was really paying attention to us. She and I joked about our sex life. I was touching her leg, telling her how wet and horny I was. I was wearing a skirt that day, and was trying to keep my legs closed. I was really getting wet and I knew I needed to go home and masturbate. Fernanda joked back and slowly slid her hand up my leg. She moved my bag on top of my lap to cover her hand. She ran her fingers over my throbbing clit. I looked up at her and nodded. She put her hand inside my panties and ran her hand through my long, damp bush. She rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes and let her rub me for a while. It felt so good and the though of her doing it made me get even wetter.

“You’re so wet. Come to my house this afternoon. It’s vacation so we don’t have any homework.” She said, still rubbing me. She drew her and out of my panties and from under my skirt. She licked my juices off her hand. I rubbed her mount outside of her jeans. I could see her nipples get hard through her shirt. We waited for the bus to stop at her house. We got off and immediately went to her room. Her parents were at work so we could do whatever we wanted.

“I’m so horny Christine. All those times we joke on the bus, I run home and rub my clit…” She said, taking off her clothes. She kept her under wear on, and nothing else. Her nipples were rock hard and red. I got my clothes off and sat on her bed, up against the head board. She reached under her bed and got our various things; dildo and 2 vibrators. She began to rub her clit, moaning softly. I began to rub mine, reaching down into my panties. One hand began to knead and tweak my hard nipples as I rubbed. Fernanda came and lay between my opened legs. She sucked my tit into her mouth, her rough tongue stimulating me. I began to rub faster until I reached and grabbed the vibrator. I set it onto my clit and let it buzz off. Fernanda sucked my nipples loudly, rolling them around in her mouth. She continued to rub and finger her own wet, hot pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh, Christine. Watch me finger my hot cunny as I suck your titties…watch me fuck myself good,” Fernanda moaned, taking my nipple back into her mouth. She closed her eyes and rubbed furiously at her cunny.

“Oh yeah, suck my titties. I’m so horny for you, Fernanda. My clit is throbbing and I’m getting so wet just looking at you finger yourself…yeah baby…fuck yourself while you suck my big nipples. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my titties. Suck them good for me. Suck them.”

Fernanda moaned as she got closer to cumming. She stopped fucking herself and took off her underwear. She reached for a dildo that sat on the bed. She shoved it into my mouth so I could get it nice and ready for her. I worked the dildo for a while before she took it away. She rubbed her pussy with it before shoving inside her hot snatch. She went back and sucked my tits. The vibe was making me closer to cumming. It felt so good as it buzzed and as I rubbed my tits. She stopped sucking and fully worked on her own cunt. I closed my eyes and imagined her bucking up and down on the dildo, screaming. That sent me over the edge. I screamed as the cum poured out of me. Fernanda stopped fucking and took of my panties. She put her head down and licked the cum from my slit. I was still cumming. Her tongue was velvety and smooth, rough against my throbbing clit. She sucked and licked all the cum from my pussy and swallowed it all.

“Christine, let’s fuck on the dildo….let me put it inside of you,” she said, moving with her legs spread eagle wide to meet up against my cunny. She rubbed the head of the dildo against my cunt. It felt so good, nice and cold. I guided the rod into my snatch and waited. Fernanda propped herself up on her elbows and began to push the dildo into our pussies. I propped myself up on my elbows and began to push as well. Fernanda threw her head back.

“Ohhh, push harder baby. Push that hard cock into my cunny!! Push….oh my god, yes…” she moaned aloud. I spread my legs even wider and pushed. I felt the dildo go farther up my cunt and deeper into Fernanda. Fernanda moaned and began to pump up and down on the dildo.

“Mmmmmmmm, it’s so good, Christine. Oh, pump your cunt on the dildo. Make your pussy grind with mine, baby. Come on, swallow that rod into your cunny,” she moaned.

I pushed the rod into my cunny as far as I could until my clit touched her. She sat up and knelt in to suck my tits again. I reached down and rubbed her moist, throbbing clitty.........


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