tagIncest/TabooSecret Lives Ch. 03

Secret Lives Ch. 03


Stacy sat on the deck of the cottage and gazed aimlessly at the distant woods. Earlier in the week she had seduced her father in those woods. A couple days later she discovered her Mom having a lesbian affair in a nearby cottage. She ultimately bribed her Mom into letting her join in, just to keep the secret between them.

Now, with only a few days left in the vacation, Stacy was attempting to put it all together in her mind. There HAD to be a logical conclusion to this whole thing. And it HAD to involve all three of them, but the details were hazy in her eighteen year old brain.

Working in her favor was the fact neither parent knew what the other was doing. Stacy had both of them completely afraid of what she might say or do. It was an intoxicating power to possess.

But, Stacy wasn't after material things. At least, nothing more material than her Dad's thick, hard cock and her Mom's sweet pussy. The dilemma arose in trying to answer the question: 'Can I have both...at the same time?'

It made her wet thinking about it.

Somehow, Stacy managed to combine her two favorite things—shopping and sex—into a single answer to her question. The first phase involved the easy task of convincing her Mom, Nancy, to go shopping. They agreed to head into the nearest town after lunch and track down some stores.

Nancy was in her early forties and was lucky enough to have maintained the looks of a much younger woman. Both she and Stacy were blonde, with ample curves in the appropriate places. They both had playful streaks in them when it came to clothes; in fact, they were closet exhibitionists.

So it was easy for Stacy to trap her Mom into a 'game' of one-upmanship in picking out new outfits. Also, the excitement of discovering the sexual nature of their relationship was still fresh on their minds. They each wanted to please the other. If they turned each other on in the process, all the better.

Stacy had longer range goals in mind when she and Nancy walked behind the curtain and into the short hallway of dressing stalls to try the stuff on. But when her Mom took her by the arm and practically dragged her into a single stall and closed the door, Stacy began to feel that familiar feeling deep inside her pussy.

Nancy immediately wrapped her arms around Stacy's neck and kissed her. Their tongues fought for space as the kiss became more passionate. Their hands clutched at whatever body parts were closest.

"Mom! There might be cameras," Stacy managed to say quietly.

"Good. Let's give them a show," Nancy replied.

Nancy grabbed the bottom of Stacy's shirt and pulled it off. As was her habit during the entire vacation, Stacy was braless. It only took Nancy a second to lean down and take a breast into her mouth.

Despite her concerns about surveillance cameras, Stacy put her hand on the back of her Mom's head and pulled it closer. Nancy's tongue worked on the sensitive nipple before using her teeth. Stacy stifled a moan, but Nancy sucked on the tit harder and finally heard a gasp from her daughter.

Stacy took off Nancy's shirt and hurriedly removed the bra underneath. She spent a minute or two enjoying the large breasts before Nancy could no longer resist the desire to get her daughter naked. Nancy yanked off Stacy's shorts and panties.

Stacy did the same to her Mom and when they were both undressed, they hugged and kissed some more. This time hands could probe the areas craving it the most. Fingers disappeared inside cunts and only the fact they were kissing prevented their moans from being heard outside the dressing room.

Simultaneously, their hands found each others clit. Stacy pushed Nancy against the wall off the stall. They spread their legs to give easier access and it became obvious where it was all heading.

But Nancy unexpectedly said, "Let me eat you, Stacy. Please."

Stacy could only nod. Nancy fell to her knees and moved her mouth under the lovely young girl. Stacy leaned against the wall and felt Nancy's tongue slide up the entire length of her pussy. When it swiped across her clit, Stacy's entire body stiffened. Then she felt her mother's lips on it. Soon, it was inside her mouth and Nancy was sucking on it.

Nancy's hands were wrapped around Stacy's ass, pulling down on the firm cheeks. She moved until her tongue could access Stacy's cunt, and she pushed it inside the sweet hole. Stacy gasped again, feeling her legs begin to wobble.

She only had to stand that way for another minute or so because an orgasm was quickly building. Nancy fucked her with her tongue and then moved back up to the clit. That's when Stacy lost control.

She leaned her head against the wall and felt her body explode. Nancy licked at the pussy frenetically while Stacy came. Long groans substituted for the screams Stacy would have preferred, but the sound of footsteps reminded her of the setting. Eventually, she was done and Nancy moved away.

"God, Mom. You're the best," Stacy said as they held each other. Stacy could taste herself on her mother's lips.

"Get dressed. I think we're done," Nancy said with a smile.


Stacy worried about the jealousy factor when it was time for Nancy to find out that Todd, Stacy's father, was fucking her. 'Did either one have to find out about the other?' Stacy asked herself. Yes. It would be impossible, Stacy thought, for the relationships to continue back home without it all coming to the surface.

Besides, from a purely selfish perspective, the idea of a family threesome excited Stacy. A lot.

So, how was she to make it all come together without Mom freaking out? Half the job was completed. They had the sexy clothes. What Nancy never suspected was: Stacy had Nancy buy the clothes to entice Todd, not Stacy.

After dinner, Stacy convinced her Mom that they should model their new outfits for Todd. They disappeared into their bedrooms and appeared a few minutes later in their most revealing tops. Just for good measure, Stacy included her new denim miniskirt.

Todd sat totally unsuspicious on the couch as the women entered the living room. But as they strode between him and the TV, they quickly had his full attention.

"So, that's where my money went today?" he asked.

Stacy nodded.

"I approve. Turn around."

Both women smiled as they rotated completed around for him. Todd, of course, spent the majority of the time looking at Stacy's firm ass go past, barely covered by the skirt.

"Money well spent, I'd have to say," Todd admitted.

"It was all Stacy's idea," Nancy said.

Stacy moved behind her mother. She put her hands on Nancy's hips and slowly slid them up her side.

"I didn't hear you complain about shopping," Stacy said, her hands stopping at the sides of Nancy's breasts.

"No. I'd never complain about that. But, you did kind of force me into buying this top."

"What do you think, Dad?" Stacy said as she pushed up on her Mom's tits. Much farther and they would fall out.

"It is a little sexier than she normally buys," he said, watching Stacy cup the breasts in her palms. "I don't care who should get the credit."

Stacy pressed her body against Nancy's back. One hand slid over top of the breasts and underneath one side of the V-neck opening. Todd watched with much surprise as Stacy felt more of the breast—and Nancy allowed her. Soon, the outline of Stacy's fingers could clearly be seen over Nancy's nipple.

"Stacy, I don't think...," Nancy began to say.

"Shhhh," Stacy replied. "We'll let Dad decide when we should stop."

Todd watched his daughter move her hand so that she could squeeze Nancy's nipple. The top was pushed far enough to the side that the nipple was about the only part of the breast Todd could not see.

After a few seconds of twirling the nipple between two fingers, Stacy removed her hand. The nipple pushed against the light material of the shirt, giving no doubt as to its whereabouts. Stacy used both hands to take the top of the shirt and pull it over Nancy's shoulders.

Only the erect nipples kept the top from falling down the front of Nancy's body. Todd's cock began to stiffen when he thought, just possibly, Stacy was going to take the top off his wife. Although they had not had sex in over a year, Todd still craved Nancy's body.

An instant later, Stacy did the unthinkable. She pushed the top down and let it settle around Nancy's waist. Nancy had a look of alarm on her face. Yet, she was composed. Todd was shocked and very stimulated. Stacy was very pleased at how it was going.

"Aren't they the best tits you've ever seen, Dad?" Stacy said as she began to play with them.

He would never say in front of Nancy that, no, Stacy's tits were the best he'd ever seen. But he knew one thing for sure: the sexiest thing he'd ever seen was his eighteen year old daughter fondling his wife's tits.

The pleasure Stacy was giving her did not allow Nancy to protest the way her mind said she needed to. On top of it all, Stacy was giving the orders.

"Pull your shirt over your head," Stacy whispered into her ear.

Nancy obeyed and tossed the shirt onto a chair.

"Now go let Dad suck on them," Stacy murmured.

Todd could only hear the voice, not the words. So he was not prepared for his wife walking over to him and straddling his legs with her own. Nancy was too aroused by the proceedings to permit the fractured relationship with her husband to stop her from doing what Stacy said.

Nancy sat in his lap, leaned forward, and offered her breasts to him. Todd eagerly put his hands around them and started licking the nipples. It didn't take long for the licks to become lustful sucks of as much of the breasts as he could get in his mouth.

Stacy let her parents enjoy each other for a short while, and then walked up behind her Mom. She put her hand on Nancy's waist and said, "Stand up, please."

Todd allowed her to get off his lap and stand between his legs. Stacy reached around to the front of Nancy's jeans, unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. Seconds later, Nancy stood in just her panties.

Stacy was still directly behind her. She put a hand at the top of Nancy's panties and slid her fingers down over her pussy, on the outside of the underwear.

"Stacy!" Nancy yelped

"It's OK, Mom. I think it's time he knew," Stacy said.

"Knew what?" Todd said.

Stacy's hand was rubbing her Mom's clit and forcing the panties inside her wet crack.

"That we've had sex. That Mom loves it when I eat her pussy and suck on her tits just like you did."

The look on Todd's face was priceless. He was shocked at what he was hearing, but at the same time he couldn't help but think that it took some of the pressure off him for having fucked Stacy in the woods earlier in the week.

"You two...you've...had sex? With each other?"

Stacy smiled as her hand slipped inside the panties and onto Nancy's cunt.

"Actually, there were three of us at one point," Stacy added.

"Three women?"

Stacy laughed. "Are you hard, yet?"

Anybody who looked at Todd's crotch knew he was hard. The outline of his cock was very obvious. Before Todd could answer, Stacy pulled down Nancy's panties and took them off.

"Now, I think it's safe to say everybody in the room is horny," Stacy said. "We all want to have sex with somebody. The only logical way to fix this is to make it a group effort."

"Stacy, no," Nancy said emphatically. "I'm not going to let you and your Dad...."

"Mom. It's too late."

Stacy's meaning was clear and Nancy stood stunned by the knowledge.

"So you can stop worrying about OUR little secret," Stacy said, gripping Nancy's tits tightly. "And Dad can quit worrying about OURS. "Why don't we get started by getting Dad naked?"

Stacy pushed down on Nancy's shoulders until she was on her knees. Without further instructions, Nancy opened Todd's shorts. Stacy stepped back and watched as her father was stripped. His cock was huge by the time Nancy was done.

"Very good," Stacy said with glee. "I want both of you to undress me. Please."

Todd and Nancy's joint shock was wearing off a little; just enough to let them stand next to their daughter and mutually grope her. Stacy's new top was just as sexy as Nancy's and gave easy access to her tits. The awkwardness with which Todd and Nancy fondled Stacy gave way to excitement.

The teenager's shirt was practically ripped off by her parents. While Nancy worked on removing the miniskirt, Stacy wrapped her fingers around Todd's cock and they kissed. He missed out on Nancy pulling off Stacy's thong, but what he waited for was much better.

Now the family was all naked. That was the easy part. Letting go of taboos, reservations, and protectiveness might be more difficult. Stacy had already thought about that and decided to relieve the process by taking control. It's what she did best.

Todd had already gotten a hint of what it was like to watch Stacy and Nancy together. It was time for Nancy to see how her husband and daughter did it.

Stacy kissed her father harder and rubbed her bare pussy against his throbbing cock. Todd pulled her closer by covering her ass with his hands. She squeezed her hand between them and stroked him, moaning as the kiss continued.

Eventually, she pulled away and kneeled down. Stacy looked up at Nancy and asked, "Care to join me?"

Prior to this, Nancy would have declined. But things had changed. A new world was presenting itself to her—thanks to Stacy—and she decided to take advantage of it. Nancy got on her knees.

Both women started to lick Todd's fully erect cock. Since they were already used to kissing, the proximity of their lips to each other only added to the enjoyment. Their tongues fought for space. Their lips found whatever room they could.

Stacy won the battle of who could suck on the shaft first. She engulfed the cock and took it all into the back of her throat. Nancy had to watch with unexpected curiosity while her daughter gave a skillful blowjob to her husband. Lust, in due course, forced Nancy to move over and suck on Stacy's breasts. Stacy used a free hand to fondle her Mom.

Todd began to more forcefully thrust his cock into Stacy's mouth. Any inhibitions he had earlier disappeared about the time two women were licking his cock. He looked down and saw Nancy pulling on Stacy's nipple with her lips. His already throbbing cock wanted to explode.

"I need you to fuck me, Dad," Stacy finally said with a little desperation.

Nancy backed away from her chest and looked at Todd. She nodded, much to Stacy's delight.

"Get on the floor, Mom. On your back," Stacy commanded.

Nancy did as she was told, not sure what was coming. Stacy moved between her legs and got into position. She spread her own legs wide and looked back at Todd.

"OK. We're ready," she smiled.

He stared down at Stacy as she lowered her head to Nancy's pussy. Stacy's ass pointed up to him with her gaping cunt seeming to invite his cock to enter her. Todd moved behind her and ran his fingers over the silky smooth skin. His cock stretched out between her legs, rubbing against one thigh and then the other. Todd moved up and let it slide back and forth along her pussy.

Meanwhile, Stacy's mouth was working furiously on her mother's dripping wet pussy. She could taste the sweet juices even before she jammed her tongue deep inside the cunt and probed the walls. Stacy's concentration was only interrupted one time when she felt her Dad's stiff cock plunge inside her own cunt.

The women moaned in unison. They were experiencing completely different forms of sex, but the effects were the same. Much needed relief was being provided to pussies that craved it.

Todd's pounding of his daughter's cunt forced Stacy's face to press harder against Nancy's pussy. Everything was working just right. Even when Todd grabbed Stacy by the waist and pulled her back towards him, she was able to keep in contact with her Mom's clit. Nancy had her eyes closed and didn't see that Todd was intently watching her tits sway on her chest as the threesome progressed.

"Lick me, Stacy. Yes! Right there," Nancy was moaning as if in a trance.

The sound of his wife begging for more oral sex the way she did made Todd crazy. His cock ached despite the incredible feeling of sliding in and out of Stacy's tight cunt. He wanted to tell Nancy to keep going, but he didn't have to.

"Oh God! Harder, honey. Suck on my clit!" Nancy cried.

Stacy had the clit in her mouth, swiping at it frantically with her tongue. She felt it grow, knowing that each time her tongue hit it, waves of pleasure flowed through her Mom. Just as each time Todd thrust his cock into her, Stacy felt the need to cum.

The teenager should have been the first to cum, not having to conquer shock and disbelief to get there. And that's the way it worked out.

The moment she touched her clit with her hand, she felt the orgasm begin. It took several seconds for the climax to be released, but when it did, everybody in the room knew it.

"Ahhhhhhhh fuck!" Stacy squealed. "Yes! Yesss! Yessssssss!"

She could only rest her head on Nancy's leg while she came. The intensity of the orgasm didn't allow her to continue eating her Mom, and Todd's constant hammering kept taking her focus back to her pussy. When Stacy felt the orgasm subsiding, she just rubbed her clit for a second and another one started. This went on for over a minute.

Being the good father that he was, Todd waited for his daughter to finish. Once her mouth was firmly back on Nancy's clit, he let himself think about cumming. Nancy was screeching out her own forewarning of an orgasm when Todd felt his balls send cum up into his cock.

Just in time, he pulled out and watched the first of several long streams of white cum land on Stacy's lower back and ass. He grunted as more and more cum flowed out. Stacy's ass was covered, but she didn't care. Nancy was cumming, too.

Stacy's tongue worked its magic on Nancy's clit and her Mom's body shook with delight. Stacy reached up and squeezed a nipple. Nancy begged for more and Stacy delivered.

Soon, Stacy and her parents were on the floor, side-by-side, recovering.


"What do you suppose got into her?" Nancy said softly.

She and Todd were lying in bed in the dark. Neither could sleep very well after the excitement of the evening and a few drinks afterward.

"Who knows? Don't expect me to understand an eighteen year old brain," Todd replied.

After a brief silence, Nancy said, "She thinks she is in total control. Maybe we need to, you know, put her back into her place."

"And risk losing her?" Todd asked.

Nancy knew he was right. Stacy could be obstinate, and neither one was ready to stop having sex with her.

Nancy rolled onto her side and said with increased animation, "But if we let her know who's boss AND keep her sexually involved, wouldn't that be a win-win?"

Todd winced. "You know I hate that phrase. What do you mean?"

Nancy laid out a plan. Todd listened. He added his own twist to it. By the time they were done, he was hard again.

The next morning began the last day of the vacation. From her seduction of Todd in the woods to finding out about Nancy's lesbian affair to the family threesome, it had been a good week for Stacy. She had no clue what awaited her.

But Todd knew what would get her attention.

"I think we're going to have some time alone this afternoon," Todd said when he came into the kitchen to eat. "Want to meet me at our spot in the woods?"

Stacy smiled. "Of course. What should I wear?"

"As little as possible."

"I can do that," she said between mouthfuls of fruit.

"If I don't get to talk to you before then, let's make it one o'clock. Mom's going shopping."

Stacy wondered if her Dad was still dumb enough to think Nancy was actually shopping. Most of Nancy's trips were to 'shop' for her girlfriend Judi a few cottages down the street. Regardless, Stacy didn't turn down the opportunity for a little voyeuristic public sex with her father.

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