tagRomanceSecret Love Pact Ch. 03

Secret Love Pact Ch. 03


Feedback more than welcomed. Should I continue this?


"Chantel you up?" I asked just above a whisper. I was lying on my back and she had her head on my chest, while I caressed her back. I couldn't sleep, I was so lost in my thoughts. What had we done? Had we gone too far? What happens next? Where do we go from here? Will this fuck everything up? So many questions.

"No I am just laying here basking in the moment. Just taking it all in."

"Hmph." See this is where I would normal insert a dirty ass joke, but I'm not sure how this would go over now.

"Why you hmph me like that? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong."

"Nigga now you know that I know you too damn well for you to try me like that." Tel had valid point, I mean no one knew me better.

"I mean you right, but I'm just thinking that's all."

"So I'm listening."

"I mean we turned a big ass corner tonight. I just have a million and one questions going thru my head right now. Like did we do the right thing? Will this change everything? Like hell, I want to know how you really feel about me shit? It's so much to take in.

"I feel you, but enjoy this blissful moment. Don't over think it. Let's just live life, everything happens for a reason and to honest Mally shit has never felt more right for me than it has tonight." She grabbed me tight and dug her head deeper into my chest.

A tear dropped from the bridge of nose onto my left pect, right to where my heart pumps life into my body. I held her tight as I fought back my own tears. My best friend had my heart in her hands and I could say I had hers equally. Our bond was special beyond comprehension how we got here was crazy but really boggled my mind is how we kept these feelings from each other for so long.

I kissed her on the forehead. "No more tears baby girl, I'm here for you as I've always been."

Chantel sat up on the bed, so I did the same with my against the head board. "Jamal" she started. "Jamal, you're everything to me. I never told you this because I was scared that I didn't mean half as much as you mean to me. I dreamed of a day we could possibly be more to each other. I just didn't want to be alone if I took that leap. Every guy I ever dated fell short because he wasn't you."

"Damn." Was all that came out of my mouth.

"What, why damn?"

"I mean I never knew you saw me in that kind of light. I thought I was a lifer in the friend zone. I too felt the same way about you. Chantel I've loved you since the 6th grade, manly punching ass and all. I tried since freshman year of high school to find a girl who possessed half of the qualities and traits that you do. The one that was anywhere near you, she broke my heart, and I never mended it. I've helped you mend yours time after time, but I finally would like to hand you the pieces of my heart to mend."

She grabbed my hand and leaned into me on the cheek. "I would love nothing more to mend your heart and nurture you back to health with my love."

"Chantel, I love you woman." I kissed her deeply leaning her back until she was lying on back with her head at the foot of the bed. Lips still locked my hands began to roam the smooth terrain of her body as hers mirrored mine upon my rigid structure. I nestled my lips in her neck and planted soft kisses there. I could her breathing deepen. I could feel her body quiver as the slow strokes of my tongue hit there mark. I moved downward upon her canvas like body as I continued to use my tongue and lips as my paint brush. I felt her nipple grow erect as the corner of my mouth brushed up against it. A small moan managed to escape her lips as I enveloped my mouth around it and put my tongue to work.

I continued working my way down her body, exploring her like I never had before. As I made it down between her thighs I decided wasn't going to go directly for the prize. I was going to make her damn near beg for me to go there. I kissed and nibbled lightly on her left inner thigh. I could feel her back arch as I moved in closer to her pussy and her anticipation rise. I let my full lips brush over her lips and clit lightly as I crossed over to her right thigh. The moisture from just the brief connection was tantalizing, I wanted to bury my face in her but I stayed the course. I could feel her movements become more deliberate she was ready for her pussy to be caressed.

"Fuck this shit!!" she pelted as I was crossing my lips back over hers. She pulled head to her saturated pussy lips and be grinding my face like a Hitachi. It wasn't ten seconds before she began to shutter in her first orgasm. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, OOOOOOOO SHHHHHIIIITTTT!!"

I didn't stop my assault, one because I was loving her reaction, but two because her shit tasted exquisite. Not to mention her encouraging words. "Eat this pussy", "devour this pussy" that shit turned me all kinds of on. I had never heard this tone from Vita V.

I lifted my head after her second climax with a devilish smirk on my face. "You good best friend?" I asked facetiously. She didn't budge just shot me the middle finger. "Oh yeah you doing that now, sooooo what you saying" I said laughingly. She just shot another lack luster bird at me.

I laid down up by here so we were face to face, her chest was still rising and falling pretty heavy as she was still descending from her climax. Tel was beautiful to me always had been even back in her bully days. What Cole said on Power Trip, "If I ever get to hit its gon' be the longest bust ever." That's just how this was. While my niggas was having wet dreams to Gabrielle Union and Megan Good; Staying up late to watch Tip Drill and Pussy Poppin'. I was dreaming about my best friend, and no one ever knew.

"Vita V you straight mama?" I questioned once more.

(Deep breath) "Yeah I'm good punk."

"Why I gotta be all that."

"Cause you cocky as fuck, looking at me like that and shit."

"Why can't I be confident knowing I won?"

"Oh you won aye..." Chantel said with a chuckle.

"Oh yeah I won, you don't agree?"

"Hand Vita V the mic nigga let me spit... Payback is a bitch... and I'm that bitch."

It was in this moment that I knew we had made the right decision.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/13/19

I love this!

I hope you do continue this story, it is a beautiful connection they share.

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by jaythelazyreader05/02/18

I know I'm pretty late...

Love black romance and even though it felt a little short-lived I enjoyed reading this series and hope you can return to it at some point!

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