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Secret Lover


I’m 45 years old and divorced computer programmer. My wife and I split up due to sexual problems. She didn’t want any and I couldn’t get enough. We went our separate ways and it was probably for the best. I didn’t move from the city but just went across town. It was a Friday night and I was supposed to meet some buddies at a bar that catered mostly to 18 to 25 year olds. My buddies and I just liked to have some young eye candy to look at while we swapped old war stories. Well I was early and my friends were really late so I got a seat at the bar and asked for a cold one. The place definitely catered to the younger crowd and it was hopping. I love the new clothes the girls wear today. From the tight jeans that ride low on their hips to the colorful thongs they purposely wear high. From the low cut blouses to the high heels and chokers. I love it all.

I’m still in reasonable good shape and have all my hair but I felt a little awkward sitting in a bar with so many youngsters. I was cursing my buddies for being late and even contemplated waiting for them in the parking lot when two petite and sweet smelling hands clasped over my eyes from behind. I was stymied as the soft little voice

Said, ‘guess who?’ The voice didn’t ring a bell and I thought it was just a frisky waitress trying to play up to the old guy at the bar.

“I have no idea but your hands smell terrific’ I said, playing it cool.

I heard a disappointed “ah” as I turned towards the owner of the hands and my jaw just dropped. Standing before me was my ex’s niece, Kelly. Kelly was a stone fox blonde who had turned my head many times at family gatherings and made my thoughts run wild as she budded into a beautiful young woman. She graduated last year from high school and was supposed to be in college somewhere in the East. She was dressed to the nines and I was embarrassed as she noticed me giving her the quick once over.

“Kelly, how the hell are you?” I stammered, as my eyes fixed on her 5’4, 100 pounds, lean and tanned body. She was wearing the kind of jeans I love, low cut, hugging the hips. She had on a leopard thong, the kind with the ties on the hips for easy and quick removal. She was wearing a powder blue halter-top that presented her B-cups to their fullest proportion. She had a pair of five inch heels on that made her seem so much taller than the little sweetheart I had watched grow up. I love heels because they accent the curves of woman’s body causing her ass to jut out a little more in back. Kelly has the tightest little ass, I have ever seen, so it made a wonderful picture. Kelly looked new to the heels so she teetered in them.

She giggled and cast a knowing smile over her shoulder to two of her friends to her right. I could see she still had her braces, as they glittered in the lights of the bar. Braces drive me crazy as they make women have crooked, shy smiles. Kelly’s braces made her smile brighter and had her constantly licking her lips. Her friends were laughing too and giving me the once over. They seemed to be sharing a joke at my expense and I cursed my buddies as I wondered how stupid they thought I was for being there.

“Yeah, I know, I’m a little old for a place like this,” I started and Kelly cut me off.

“We weren’t laughing at you,” she assured me, “I just told them that older, good looking guy at the bar was my uncle and they didn’t believe me, that’s all, I bet them I knew you.”

She introduced me to her friends who were both very stunning. Rachel was a skinny and tall brunette with beautiful jade eyes, while Lauren had an hourglass figure with the perkiest titties I had seen in a long time. We small talked and then when conversation fell off they moved to a table to drink and pick up guys. I went back to my beer and periodically looked over at them to see how they were doing. They waved from time to time and I watched them turn down an occasional guy then accept a dance from another guy.

I lost sight of them and my buddies showed up and we drank for a couple of hours and then they were ready to leave. As I got up to go, Kelly came back over and said she hoped it wouldn’t be any bother but she needed a ride home. I looked around for her friends but didn’t see them. Kelly giggled and said they had got lucky and met someone and had left her. I said goodbye to my buddies and told her sure.

As we made it out to my car, I noticed Kelly was a little tipsy. I asked her how much she had to drink and she giggled and said a lot. I didn’t notice her drinking that much but she looked loaded. I helped her into the passenger side of my truck and she stumbled in after brushing up hard against me. It could have been deliberate but I had no real way of telling. Her body felt so warm and she smelled sweet. I went around to my side of the truck and got in. Kelly had slid across the seat and was sitting in the middle of the bench seat. I didn’t say a word and got in next to her.

She let out a giggle and then smiled at me and said she was glad she hadn’t met anyone because he probably would have taken advantage of her. I didn’t answer back but just nodded. I asked her if she was still living at home and is that where she wanted me to take her. She said she still lived at home but then got serious. She said things at home were bad and that if she went home drunk she’d probably get in all kinds of trouble. Knowing my sister and brother-in-law, I knew this was true. I asked if she had a friend’s house I could take her to and she laughed.

“They just left with guys, I don’t think they want me bothering them now,” she explained. She then smiled sweetly, almost devilishly and asked, “Could I sleep over your place?” She didn’t wait for my answer and added, “I’ll be gone first thing in the morning!” She play acted ‘pleading and grabbed my right arm.

Against my better judgment, I said, “ I guess so” and we drove to my place. I was living in an upstairs apartment. The landlord, a divorcee of 48, lived downstairs. She was cute for her age and had made repeated overtones whenever I paid the rent. I had held her off but saying I was recently divorced and not ready to date for a while. When we got to the apartment, I knew she was going to peeping out her window to see who it was. What I didn’t figure was that she was going to see Kelly and think I had brought home a young lady. So when I made my way with Kelly in tow up the stairs to my apartment, I was surprised to see her disapproving glance.

The steps up to my place are step and narrow and in Kelly’s condition, I didn’t need her falling down them. I stopped at the bottom of them and told her to go first and watch her step. She smiled and thanked me for my concern. As she walked up in front of me, I couldn’t help but notice how petite and tight her ass was. She was a soccer player in high school and was in terrific shape. About half way up she glanced around and caught me looking at her ass and giggled. My embarrassment was quickly doubled as she stumbled and fell back into me. Scrambling to catch her, my hands cupped and caught her ass cheeks in both hands.

Kelly moaned and ooh’ed and then giggled. She apologized for her clumsiness, “Sorry about that.”

She righted herself but in the process seemed to wiggle her ass back against me. My right hand slipped off her ass and down between her legs. I goosed her good by accident and then pushed her back up on her feet and we proceeded up to the steps to

my door. I got out the key and began opening the door and Kelly leaned into me and I looked over and could tell she was almost asleep. The alcohol had made her drowsy and now she was about to fall over. Opening the door and I caught her and lifted her up. She felt light in my arms and her perfume was intoxicating. I carried her to my couch and laid her there. She was out like a light so I went to my cabinets and got some sheets and a blanket. Moving her ever so carefully, I got the sheets on the couch under her and laid her in a comfortable position. She was still clothed but I didn’t want to wake her so I just covered her up with a blanket and let her to sleep it off. I went to my bed and got one of my extra pillows and brought it back to put under her head. She was still asleep on her back but when I put the pillow under her head she rolled on her belly.

Out from under the sheets, Kelly’s high-heeled feet came and I thought she would be so much more comfortable with them off. Unleashing the straps I removed them one at a time pausing to check out her soft and petite feet. For such an athletic girl she had maintained very feminine feet.

I left her there and went to my room and went to bed. I usually watch the sports’ highlights of the day before I go to bed but wasn’t really interested. Still I turned on the tv and turned down the sound. I didn’t want to wake my young guest. I stripped off all my clothes, as I prefer to sleep in my underwear. Tonight I had a pair of loose fitting boxers on. All though she is my niece, I got instantly hard as I thought of her in the next room. She was such a hot looking girl I wasn’t stopped by the familial bounds. I thought of rubbing one out but didn’t want to get caught or have Kelly over hear me so I decided to drift off to sleep and save my thoughts and masturbation for after Kelly left.

I had to been asleep for about an hour when I was awoken from a nasty dream. I thought I was dreaming but the hands on my cock felt so wonderful that they broke me from my sleep. Opening my eyes ever so slightly, I spotted the little cock burglar. Kelly had crawled into my bed and had lied down beside me. Ever so quietly she had stuck her hands under the covers and had fished them inside my boxers and she was gently rubbing and tugging at my semi-erect cock. With one hand on my cock fisting me up and down, her other hand was playing with my balls.

I couldn’t believe it so I lay there for a moment and enjoyed the gentle ministrations of the little nymph in my bed. Kelly was lying beside me and was gently biting her lip as she played with my cock. Knowing it wasn’t right and thinking that she was drunk and might have forgotten she had come home with me and not a guy or her boyfriend, I broke the silence by clearing my throat. Looking over at her, she smiled back with a devilish smile that let me know she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Ahem, Kelly, what are you doing?” I asked.

She laughed and answered back, “What does it look like, ah better yet what does it feel like?” she said mischievously.

My head sunk back into my pillow and I laughed, “It feels like you are touching me somewhere you shouldn’t.” I knew it was wrong but it felt so good that instead of pulling away from her, I stayed there and continued to talk.

Mischievously she stroked me harder and giggled. “You mean I shouldn’t be doing this?” she asked with a pout.

“No, you shouldn’t be doing this,” I answered. Her hands were soft and feminine and caressed my cock like no woman had before.

Very cattily she asked, “Do you want me to stop?” She smiled after her question and searched my eyes for my answer.

“I think you should,” I answered and began to turn on my side to face her.

My answer made her laugh, “You didn’t say you wanted me to stop, you just said I should stop,” she pointed out. “Do YOU want me to stop?” she pressed me.

“Kelly, this isn’t right, I’m your uncle,” I explained my cock rock hard in her hands between the two of us aching for release. I tried to sound convincing but the sight of one of the hottest girls I have ever seen lying beside me in bed made it truly difficult.

“Aw, you are such an old fuddy duddy,” she pouted, “its’ just sex, beside I’m the one playing with your cock, it isn’t like you seduced me.” She playfully pulled her hands off my cock and brought them out from under the covers.

“Aren’t you afraid, I would use and abuse you?” I asked.

Coyly, she smiled and said, “I’ll have to take my chances.”

I smiled down at her and leaned forward. Taking her head in my hands I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips. The little nymph was hot for it and her mouth opened wide to my mouth and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I couldn’t believe she was here and that she was so willing. The little niece who had grown into a hot little teenager was now mine for the taking.

Her hands moved back under the covers and I felt her seeking out my cock. She grabbed it and went right back to her stroking. I let up from our kiss and her eyes stared right back into mine as she realized I wasn’t going to stop her anymore.

It was my turn to be coy and I smiled at her, “I’ll try not to abuse you.” She smiled back at me and watched as I lifted the sheets and swung them off me. Reaching over to her I took her mouth and pinched her lips and kissed them hard. Releasing her mouth, I cupped the back of her head and pushed it down towards my lap. Without hesitation, Kelly slid down and put my cock in her mouth. She had obviously done this before and she began sucking for all she was worth. With her hand on my cock, she stroked me as she sucked.

I turned my body to her and pushed her head so she was right in front of my hips. Her sucking sounds and the feeling of my cock in her mouth was incredible. She was pretty good at it and I planned right there to teach her how to be an A-1 cock sucker.

“That’s it, Suck it good,” I urged her. She sucked harder and her little hand pumped my cock quicker. “That’s it suck my cock, you little slut,” I said and I could tell she liked ‘dirty talk’ as she moaned on my cock and kept up her work. She wasn’t afraid to choke or gag on my cock. When it felt like she might choke she slowed her pace and pulled back a little.

Reaching below me, I took her hands away from my dick and told her, “Just use your mouth.” She obediently pulled her hands away and just sucked. “Yeah,” I exclaimed as my cock slipped back and forth, deeper into her mouth. Using my hips, I began to saw my cock in and out of her mouth. Kelly was drooling and her saliva allowed my cock slide back and forth easier and the sheets wet beneath us.

“That’s it, suck it,” I told her and put my hands on her head. Her lovely blonde locks were everywhere so I pulled her hair together into one great bunch. Using my hand wrapped around her hair, I pushed her face down on my cock. She moaned in front of me and she nervously giggled around my cock.

“That’s it, keep your mouth wide open and let me fuck your mouth,” I instructed.

She must have been used to using her hands because they keep coming up to touch my cock and thighs. “Keep your hands down, just let me use your mouth,” I told her and she pulled them back again.

The feeling was exquisite and I couldn’t believe my luck. My little niece was a cock hound and an obedient one at that. I looked down at her petite figure as it lay next to me and thought of all the wonderful times we were going to have. She only had on the halter-top and her leopard thong from earlier in the evening.

Taking my right leg, I slipped between her legs and with a little coaxing I forced them apart and put my lower thigh up against her mound. She got the hint and started rubbing herself against my leg. This caused her moan on my cock and suck harder.

The thought of her now working to give her self an orgasm was too much for me. I felt my cock lurch in her mouth and familiar feeling of an explosion welling up in my loins. I didn’t know if Kelly had ever swallowed a man’s cum before but I was going to make sure she swallowed mine.

“Now, I don’t want a mess, so you are going to swallow my cum,” I told her, ignoring the wet mess already on the sheets beneath us. She moaned on my cock again and brought her hands up to my hips,

“Put your hands down,” I ordered and she pulled them away. That was all it took. My little submissive, nympho niece pushed me over the edge and I nutted hard in her throat. I felt myself spurt than I felt my cock being milked by her talented throat. She seemed to drool some but kept sucking.

Once spent, I pulled her head off my cock and separated from her. She was panting and her face sought mine. Her eyes were moist from choking but she had a delirious, fuck me look on her face. She watched for my reaction and I smiled down at her. She liked my smile because she beamed and took her left hand and wiped her mouth.

I roughly pulled her up by the hair so her face was even with mine. Her mouth sought mine but I kissed her on the forehead and told her to open her legs. She did, pushing her knees out and her hips up. My hand went between her legs and I grabbed hold of her warm mound. Her thong was soaking wet and I squeezed it and her pussy lips in my fist. Kelly purred like a kitten and reflexively tried to close her legs.

“Keep them open,” I ordered and she obeyed. Her arms moved to hug me but I told her to put her arms by sides and to take the back of her knees in her hands. She giggled and did it, thrusting her hips into my hand.

“That’s it, my little slut,” I told her and playfully slapped her pussy through her panties. It was almost more than she could bear as she groaned hard and bit her lips and tried to roll over away from me. I grabbed her pussy lips in my hands and held her there.

Pulling her thong aside, I got a delicious waft of her pussy. She was soaking wet beneath her thong and my hand and fingers sought her moist hole. She was beside herself as my fingers split her lips and spread her opening. She loved my manipulations as she pushed her pelvis up into my hand.

I didn’t finger her just yet as she moaned close to my ear and I could tell that is what she wanted. Instead I spread her warm wetness around and massaged her clit. My spent cock was back at full staff now.

“Oh god, of god,” Kelly moaned and her hips moved back and forth, pushing up against my hand and then falling away. She was enjoying my firm hand on her pussy but would pull away as the feelings got more intense.

I slid up on my knees beside her so I could watch her lovely face as she writhed. “Come on, move your hips,” I urged her.

She stared into my eyes and bit her lower lip. Her eyes were still glassy and wet from sucking my cock.

“Here, taste yourself,” I told her and pulled my wet fingers from her snatch up to her mouth. She moaned in disappointment as she didn’t want my hand to leave the front of her cunt. In fact, I think she was ready to explode and she really wanted me inside her.

I stuck my hand in front her face and Kelly leaned forward and eagerly licked at my hand. She didn’t open her mouth but instead tried to lick at my fingers, sliding her tongue between to suck up her moisture.

The sight of the little nympho licking at my hand was almost too much for me to take. I thought about reaching down and stroking my cock but I didn’t want to explode just yet. Pushing my hand against her face, I smeared her juices on her lips and forced her mouth open. Her mouth opened and I stuck my fingers inside. At first, she held her mouth tightly closed but opened it a little more as my fingers continued to push in.

“Come On, suck‘em clean,” I told her and pushed all four fingers into her mouth up to my hand. Kelly had her eyes closed now as she savored her taste but I could tell she wanted her release. Her hips were still rolling and she fidgeted from side to side.

Taking my left hand, I cupped the back of her head and leaned it up so she could see me playing with her. Taking my right hand out of her mouth, I returned it to her steaming hot pussy. She nearly came on glued as I grabbed her puffy, engorged pussy lips and held them tight.

Her hips pushed against me and urged me to continue. With a moan, she cried out as I rubbed my palm against her cunt. Taking my fingers, I pulled her thong aside and slipped my middle thing inside.

“Oh god, yes,” Kelly cried out and her breathing accelerated. Slowly, I worked my finger in and out, up to the second knuckle, all the time keeping firm pressure on her little clit. Her little snatch was dripping and she was beside herself. Her hips rolled with my finger, trying to capture and hold it when it sunk in. She was very tight and I figured she was probably still a virgin but had done oral and heavy petting to hold off her boyfriends.

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