tagMind ControlSecret Sins Ch. 03

Secret Sins Ch. 03



I must have jumped a foot, suddenly jarred from my wits by Donna's high pitched scream at the unexpected surprise of seeing me there in the doorway. Hands having flown to the side of her face in some instinctual effort to protect her head, she accidently painted her right cheek and temple as she screamed again. Stumbling, I caught myself by grabbing the doorway with my left hand, clamping my right over my chest in an effort to calm my suddenly thrashing heart as she stared in alarm.

A few seconds later, after quickly bending to turn the stereo off, she straightened to exclaim, "Holy fuck, Tara!"

Her foul language didn't even register as I closed my eyes, trying to collect my poor, shattered wits from the floor.

"I-I'm sorry," I managed. "I'd just come in and... Geez, you have a loud scream!"

Trying to catch her own breath, she covered her forehead with her free hand, looking down as she recovered, but without noticing that the top of one areola had escaped from its lacy quarter cup. She didn't even realize that she'd painted the side of her face as I finally managed to step into the room, still in recovery.

"You okay?" I eventually asked, starting to smile at the humour of the moment while trying not to stare at her beautiful chest and, in particular, the sexy, partial appearance of her dark areola.

"I will be! My God, Tara, what were you doing just standing...? Oh." As though only then remembering that she'd been working without her top, she smiled sheepishly at me as she explained, "Uh, it was so freaking hot in here, I just figured... well, why not? I mean, it was only me here and didn't think you'd be back so early. I'm really sorry."

"It's okay, Donna, I understand."

It was inappropriate as all get out, but she was right about the heat and I certainly did understand her taking off her top because of it, and it wasn't as if she wasn't wearing a bra. Admittedly, it was my hormonal inferno that saw no reason for why she should apologise, or replace her top on my account. It had been somewhat dampened by her vocal alarm and the sensory shock it had inflicted, but I was still quite aroused. While I had no idea what I wanted in regards to that at the moment, I did know that, aside from the heat, I enjoyed seeing her that way.

"No, I really shouldn't have done that," she insisted, turning away and walking to the kitchen. "This is our place of work. It was inappropriate and I should have known better, especially with you being Salvation Army and all. I'm really sorry, Lieutenant, I never wanted to offend you, and I promise this won't happen again. I hope you haven't lost respect for me on account of this, because I really respect you," she said from the kitchen, taking her T-shirt from where it hung over the back of one of the chairs. "In fact, I really like you a lot, and working with you is..."

By the time she'd returned to the front room, almost ready to pull her ratty old T-shirt over her head, I'd removed my jacket and unbuttoned my blouse most of the way. She'd stopped up, staring much as I'd stared at her as I finished with the last button, pulling it open and out of my skirt. Moments later, it was draped over the top of the stepladder where I'd put my jacket, and I stood before her in my bra.

I know I shouldn't have done it. I mean, for an Officer to expose herself like that to an underling is, in its own curious way, worse than what happened in Hurdle's office less than an hour before, but those events had me worked up. I sped from Osler Street to The Mission with them, straight to troublingly beautiful Donna with the sinfully perfect body that I was inconveniently attracted to.

I stood with an understanding smile for her, my nipples again hard and on display to the extent that the dusty rose, translucent sheer would allow. I can only imagine how I looked with my bowler still on my head, its red shield prominently displayed on the front as she gazed.

"It's okay," I repeated. "I know it's hot, and I don't blame you. Relax. Okay?"

As cool as I sounded, my entire body vibrated with excited sexual energy as perspiration ran down my chest like it was hers, tickling my cleavage as it dribbled down between my boobs. And then, in a moment that was heated even beyond the surrounding atmosphere, we stared at one another's chest, checking each other out. I could tell she was impressed and it turned me on even more.

"Um... okay..." she finally answered, the flicker of a sincere smile telling me that, while she was a little cautious about the situation, she really was okay with it.

Needless to say, I was cautious about the situation too, but very much enjoying it, though not in the same way I'd enjoyed the situation in Hurdle's office. Helplessly, I wondered what he'd started.


"Hm?" she responded, eyes practically startled out of my cleavage as I approached, my heels the only sound in the otherwise silent house.

I came to a stop right in front of her, less than a foot away. She looked slightly up at me as I touched the side of her face with the tip of my index finger, then holding it in front of her beautiful eyes to see.

"You painted yourself."

It was obviously the last thing she expected, the weighted pause between my news and her sudden, quiet laughter telling me in no uncertain terms that this woman was as attracted to me as I was to her. In that moment, as I laughed with her, both of us looking into one another's eyes, my excited senses swam in the heat and I wondered why I hadn't seen it earlier.

The bigger question was what I'd do about it. As hungry as I was for some kind of contact just then, the fact that it would be with a woman still gave me a little pause. Also, I didn't like the idea of using Donna and her attraction to me to satisfy myself. Because I didn't consider myself bisexual, it wouldn't have been fair to her and I really didn't want to ruin the friendship I'd found with her, the same one that Hurdle had warned me about, by making a (may God forgive me) lover out of her, another whole kettle of immoral, non-ethical, non-scriptural and no salvational fish. But, when our soft laughter trickled away like the slow trickle of moisture running from my inner thighs, I still hadn't decided where this was going to go.

So, after another silent pause between us, still standing so close, she took the carpet by asking in a quiet voice, "So, um... did you pick up something cold to drink?"

"Oops. Sorry, Donna. I was kinda distracted."

"That's okay. How'd the meeting go?"

" ... It was hot. I think the air conditioner in his office was on the fritz."

"Oh," she replied, redirecting her gaze at my chest for another lingering look.

The air was thick with apprehension on both our parts, this not lost on either of us as I struggled to come up with something that would either break the sexual ice, or allow us to skate apart from each other on it.

"Maybe we should get that paint off your face before it totally dries," I suggested.

She nodded and we both moved to the kitchen sink where we'd been cleaning the tray, rollers and brushes. There was a fairly clean rag there and I took it upon myself to wet it and start gingerly dabbing away at the paint. The trouble was, this didn't accomplish anything in respect to what would or would not be happening between us. She only looked into my eyes, smiling now with anticipation as I intermittently met hers while I worked.

They were so pretty with flecks of gold and green, a sea of glittery stars against a backdrop of subtle darkness. And it was as though they were inviting me in, offering to hug me tight, securely and lovingly while I stayed. My senses swam again while a small stream of moisture began making its way down the inside of my right thigh, and I tried to steady my shaky hands. It was exciting, like those moments in porn videos before the full on sex happened, the ones loaded with heavy expectation and uncontainable desire that demanded fingers inside my panties. But now it was real. And that only struck me just then, just as our bras lightly rubbed together, both of us flinching at the glancing contact, but neither of us backing down or going forward.

"You've got some in your hair too," I commented in that quiet voice that we were using.

"Oh... will you be able to get it out?"

"I hope so. You have such beautiful hair, it'd be a shame to have to cut it out."

"Take your time. I don't mind."

"Me neither."



"Will you be painting with me this afternoon?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, maybe... you don't want to get paint all over your skirt."

"No," I agreed, needlessly adding, "It's part of my uniform."

When I felt her hand at the zipper in the back of my skirt, mine slowed at its efforts to remove the paint from her face, but didn't stop as she lowered it all the way, then slowly pushed her hands inside the back of my skirt, caressing around to the outsides of my hips to work it down until it slipped past my thighs and pooled at my ankles.

My breath caught as our eyes locked again. My senses reeled in the dark depths behind the golden fires of colour, and her hands, still on my hips, ever so slowly moved down the outsides of my thighs.

"I hope that's okay," she breathed just above a whisper.

Lower lip trembling, I gave her a short, jerky nod. I'd gotten most of the paint off her face, but was no longer interested in getting any more off, at least not for the time being. I dropped the rag into the sink without breaking eye contact, lost there as I shivered despite the heat to the feel of her hands making their way around to the backs of my thighs. Hesitantly exploring, taking my garter straps in her fingers, she gently, almost playfully tugged at them as I lay my hands on the sides of her waist.

"I think it's too hot for that skirt anyway," I reasoned as my hands fell to the waistband of her Capris.

"Way too hot," she agreed as one of my index finger found its way inside the waistband.

I couldn't feel the waistband of her panties underneath them and, as the crotch of my index and middle finger caught the top of her capris, stretching them down, I still failed to find it. We'd broken that incredible eye contact and were both looking down, her hands slowly rising to the bottoms of my tushie cheeks as I exposed one of her hips. Her black pubic bush, shaved in a classic runway strip, was also unveiled and I couldn't hide the tremble in my tone.

"Oh, Donna... You're not wearing panties."

Her only answer was a breathy gasp as the other side of her Capris' waistband, until then hung up at the top of her hip, suddenly fell to her thigh. With excited curiosity, I hooked a finger in the front of them and tugged down a little, just enough that we could both see her bare vagina, it's full, dark lips wet and shiny in anticipation.

"You don't mind if I...?"

I finished my question by lowering them almost to her knees as she shook her head. I couldn't believe this was happening, softly moaning as her fingers found the waistband of my panties, playing in them as my senses blazed. This was the first time anybody had ever touched me like this, the first time I'd ever touched anyone else like this, and it was as purely, exceptionally beyond my ability to control as it was beyond words to describe. The super-heated anticipation of what her hands would do next, where they'd go and what mine would do in return was unlike any masturbation session I'd ever had and I was being swept away on the wave I'd set into motion.

"I don't think you should be wearing panties either," she toned.

"No..." I mumbled, watching as she slowly pulled them down to my upper thighs. Now both our pussies were exposed, our hands caressing each other's' thighs and hips, slowly inching closer to a point of no return until her finger tips carefully combed through my golden blonde bush. I gasped with delight as she looked up at me.

"I just love your body, Lieutenant..."

There was something about the way she used my title just then that turned me on all the more, and when her fingers started rubbing my soaked lips, I bucked and groaned, squeezing her hips but not stopping her.

"Uhh-h!" she gasped, jerking when I covered her sex with my hand, pressing just a little, but soon massaging. "Oh, yes... rub my pussy, Lieutenant. Rub m- my... Oooh!"

When her finger found its way up inside me, I bucked again, expelling a soft grunt. Following her example, I inserted my middle finger up inside her seeping canal and we both began slowly, delightfully finger fucking one another as we stood at the counter, eyes wide in forbidden ecstasy as we jerked and moaned.

It hit me again that I'd somehow walked into a scene that I'd normally be watching on my laptop, masturbating to. In fact, if this were a video, it would definitely be saved as one of my personal, all-time favourites. In a sense, I had a hard time believing it was really even happening, reveling in the sinfully naughty delight of being the participant instead of the voyeur. I was, at that point, totally swept up in the current of the rushing experience of Donna's hot body, eager hands and her wonderfully squirming finger. And it went on and on, driving me closer and closer as our eyes danced until I was overwhelmed.

"Oh, Donna...! Oh-hh, Donna...! D-Donna!? Ooooh, god, I-I'm gonna cum!"

"Ohhh, yeah!" she answered, panting and bucking to my finger. "Cum for me, baby! Cum all o-! Uuh-uuhhh!"

"Gonna cum!" I squealed more urgently. Donna!? DONNA!? DAAAWW-! UUUH-NAAA!!"

My orgasm was nothing short of life changing, and I'm not just using this as a descriptive, it really was. I had no idea that an orgasm given by someone else's touch could be so good, and the moment was every bit as powerful as that one in Kayla's room when she showed me internet porn for the first time. When it was over, I found myself in her arms, her soft lips gently kissing my face. One of her hands supported the back of my head, the other on my tushie while my panties were still in a tangled, wet roll at the top of my thighs. Holding on to her lower back, I shuddered, coming to some semblance of awareness, automatically holding her tighter. We stood like that for a minute until I realized she was squirming, subtly grinding her body against mine. Donna hadn't cum yet. Pulling slightly away, we were both silent as we regarded each other, the enormity of what had just happened beginning to sink in.

"There's just something about you," I said, as much to myself as to her.

"Oh. How romantic," she replied. "I think we should go upstairs to your room and... explore... each other."

I didn't need to answer her. My expression had done that before she'd even voiced the suggestion. Leaving my skirt and the other clothes we'd already shed downstairs, we hurried out of the kitchen, up the stairs and down the short hall to my bedroom door. By the time we got there, we were both smiling wickedly, hopping on the bed while casting our greedy eyes all about each other's body. I went to take my bowler hat off, but she moved quickly, stopping me before I could.

"No, leave it on. I thought you were pretty hot the first time I saw you but, when I saw you in that uniform... Wow!"

I giggled, but left it on, a sliver of spiritual guilt and regret making its way through my marching hormonal might. Yes, I'd had an orgasm, but this, sex with another person, was something totally new and it would take more before I was satisfied enough for my customary shame and self-recrimination to overwhelm my awareness.

"Sooo... I'm guessing your bisexual?" I asked, helping her the rest of the way out of her Capris.

"I don't know," she replied with a shrug. "I'd say that I'm primarily heterosexual but, when it comes down to it, I'll take on a woman too. If she looks good and if I'm horny enough, I mean. And you... you make me really horny. And it's not just that you look so good, it's who you are. You're so proper on the outside with such heat on the inside, this subtle way you have that oozes sexuality."

"Really?" I asked, surprised to hear this.

"Oh, yeah," she confirmed, tossing her Capris overboard and then feasting her eyes on my bust. "What about you? You certainly seem to know what you want."

"I... Well, it's complicated."

"Take your panties off."

I complied with an excited grin, loving how she watched me do this with lust in her eyes.

"Why should it be complicated?" she asked. "You've been with a woman before, right?"

Tossing my panties overboard to join her Capris on the floor, I shook my head in reply.

"Okay, I'm confused," she said, repositioning herself to reach behind her back for the clasp of her bra. "You said that you've never had a boyfriend, so I'd assumed you've never been with a male. So, the way you came on downstairs, plus the fact that you're not a virgin made me naturally assume that you're into women and that, at some point, you were broken in with a finger or, possibly, a dildo."

"I... well, it's-"

"-complicated," she finished with a smile, tossing her bra.

As she knelt on my bed, I let my eyes roam over her naked, sweaty body, her knees almost two feet apart with her wet pussy inviting me. As I knew she would, Donna looked great out of her clothes. Her body was somehow equal parts model and porn queen, and every inch and ounce of her was perfect, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She was gorgeous and naughty, with everything a woman would want and in all the right places. As for me, I was horny beyond description and more than willing to please.

"Donna, you're... perfect."

"Flatterer," she teased, throat thick with anticipation. Reaching forward with both hands. She took the tops of my bra cups and tugged down on them, shaking my boobs out of them as she licked her lips. "Lie on your back, Lieutenant. I wanna watch you lick my pussy until I cum all over your pretty young face."

"Oh, Donna," I mewled, loving the way she told me what to do, what she wanted and so horny that I was up for anything.

But I was unprepared for the psychological aspect of eating pussy when she straddled my face, bringing the exciting knowledge that most of my senses were surrounded by her shapely inner thighs, trapped and helpless as she rubbed her slit across my face. She shivered, her wet, sticky essence now all over my mouth and chin as I moaned and she grabbed my nipples. I kissed her lips, kissed them again and was soon making out with them as she humped my face, twisting and kneading my nipples like I normally do. To my surprise, I loved the taste and my tongue darted out of my mouth, eagerly exploring her fold, finding her hardened clitoris and making her cry out with unrestrained passion as I lost myself in this tasty, morally forbidden experience.

While she played with my nipples, sending delightful surges and tingles down between my legs, I caressed her thighs and tummy, tweaking her nipples as well, squeezing and massaging her perfect breasts, rubbing her wonderful body all over as my back arched and I moaned in horny delight. It was so good, so electrifyingly sensual that, before long, my thighs parted to allow one of my hands at my own clitoris, rubbing and tweaking as I went wild on hers.

As promised, she came all over my pretty face, a thick torrent of ejaculate that gushed faster than I could catch with my eager mouth. She wailed and gyrated, so pleasingly uninhibited on my ravenous tongue until she had to get off me.

Afterward, we lay together in each other's arms, sweaty, panting and, speaking for myself, at least somewhat relieved, softly caressing each other with satisfied smiles in companionable silence while I waited for my shame to find me.

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