tagMind ControlSecret Sins Ch. 14

Secret Sins Ch. 14


Ch. 14


The rest of Tuesday passed mostly uneventfully. Darren and Haley had come down from upstairs and, with a few kind words from Donna, went back home so we could be alone.

I know you're probably wondering where all my high and mighty morals about how innocent people were getting used had gone. As I've said, in Donna's presence, the only thing that mattered was she and I. At least they really weren't being hurt. Exploited, but not hurt. And there was no question that they were enjoying the exploitation part, but how real was it? All those who Donna had exploited had very much enjoyed it and, wrong or right, so did I.

You may also be wondering if her comparison of humans to dogs had escaped me, especially considering her feelings towards dogs. It didn't but, whether or not the comparison was accurate, the things she'd said had all been true. I'd wanted to do what I saw as God's work in a world where the last thing that anybody cared about was God. Even most Christians could be described the way that she'd described people. Even I could have been described in that way- as I've noted, I certainly wasn't innocent of ambition. A lot of the things my parents tried to tell me about the Army had gone in one ear and straight out the other. Once in private, I would even grin, rolling my eyes at some of their claims and accusations. I didn't want to believe them, I only wanted to make Major before I was thirty. I'd refused to really listen because that personal status goal was more important than truth, more important than my desire to do the Lord's work. I'd been a perfect example of all that was wrong with the Salvation Army and, ironically, it had nothing to do with the fact that I was a slut.

By the time Wednesday rolled around, I realized that I no longer had any real interest in the Mission. I put up the promotional pictures, more for something to do than for any other reason, but I had no more concern for fixing the place up, certainly no interest in painting the exterior. That seemed like a hell of a lot of work for nothing. After all, the only thing the Mission had been used for was, as Candace Caraway had put it, 'a den of iniquity'.

By noon, Donna and I were both sitting outside in the backyard, under one of the shade trees where we'd placed the white plastic patio furniture that Margie had 'donated'. She was wearing a very short pair of black cotton and Lycra shorts with a lightweight, deep red halter top. The fact that she wasn't wearing a bra was quite obvious, and I was fine with that. In fact, I was wearing my non-regulation uniform as I thought about my life.

What was I doing there at the Mission anyway?

How much longer would I even be in uniform?

"Something on your mind?" Seraphine asked.

" ... You once told me that none of this meant anything and that the Mission is only here for appearances. Did the Major himself tell you that? I mean, did you influence him and...?"

"He alluded to it, but he didn't have to. The Salvation Army has been all about appearances for a long time."

"And... they really don't care about me? Because of my parents?"

"Sweetie pie... I don't want to influence your thinking here, if you'll excuse the expression. These are things that you should best figure out for yourself because that's how people start thinking for themselves. Me telling you the way things are only makes it my reality, not yours."

"How am I supposed to do that?" I asked. "It's not like he'll offer up the information for my asking nicely."

"Have some faith in yourself," she suggested. "Instead of waiting around for your believed version of God to move in your life, have some faith in your own instincts and abilities, and make your own moves. You'd be surprised how far you'll get, how things start to improve and how much happier you'll be when you realize that you're to be credited for the outcome, rather than having waited around for God to show you the way. People who do that only wait for enough outside influence to convince themselves of what they want to do, or think they ought to do. They credit God for the successes, but blame themselves for the failures. Pretty good deal for God, huh?"

I shrugged, passing a thin smile.

"I know it's hard to make transitions in life," Donna said.

Taking a sip from my screwdriver, I only nodded in reply.

"I also know you're a little depressed right now because of it, but you'll be okay. I promise you. In the meantime... maybe you just need a little diversion."

"A diversion?"

"Yes. Something to take your mind off things. Would you like me to give you one?" she asked with her devilish grin and darting flecks of green in her eyes. "Liven things up a bit?"

"You're asking this time, huh?" I teased.

"Yes. I want you to agree. In fact, I want you to ask me to liven things up for you." she teased back.

"Sounds more like a dare."

"If you prefer."

" ... Alright," I dared. "Liven things up for me."

"That's not asking."

"Donna, will you please liven things up for me?"

She fixed me with a naughty grin, paused in thought for about five seconds, then said, "Go down to Fifth Avenue and sell yourself."

That had to sink in for a moment.

"You mean...?"

"That's exactly what I mean. And do it in your uniform."

"Donna!" I exclaimed, but with a growing smile as the idea began to somehow appeal to me just a little bit.

"You'll have fun," she told me.

"Prostitute myself?!"



"It would be so hot if you did, though."

"You're insane!," I laughed, the vodka getting to me a little.

"Make yourself a few bucks the good old fashioned way," she leered.

"Oh sure, what if I caught something?"

"Have you ever so much as caught a cold in your life?"

"No, actually."

"You won't catch anything."

"That's not the point!" I defended, vaguely wondering at the reference to my good health and what connection it had to her.

"I guarantee you'll love it," she laughed, "and I'm pretty sure you know you will too."

"That's prepost-!"

"And I'll reward you if you do," she offered.

"Geez, I keep telling you I need to stop doing this stuff! ... What kind of reward?"

"A big reward."

"What?" I practically whined, wondering if this was blowback for all my insistent questions.

"It'll be a surprise."

" ... You want me to prostitute myself for a mystery surprise reward?"

"A big mystery surprise reward," she corrected.

"Well, maybe I can have some kinda hint?"

"Trust me."

"Oh my god. Donna..."

"You're gonna do it."

"I am not gonna do it."

"Just think of it, knowing you'll have to perform while letting some strange guy do whatever he wants with your body..."

" ... Oh my God!" I giggled, getting aroused at the idea.

"You're going to do it," she assumed, her grin getting wider.

"Donna! Gimme a break! I mean, how much would I even charge for... me!?"

"No more than five Dollars. Sell yourself cheap."

"Oh my God!" I laughed again.

"It's not about the money. And do make sure you wear that hat."

"I told you, I am not going to prostitute myself for what could turn out to be a free supper at Spices of Punjab!"

"It's a surprise that'll answer all of your questions..." she dangled.

" ... All of my questions?"

She nodded with an expectant smile.

Standing on the corner of Rae and Fifth, I couldn't believe myself, scared crapless, desperately smiling and waving at men passing by in cars as I'd seen Leanne doing. Part of me, the part that was watching my career fly away in favour of other less godly things, such as Donna, felt exhilarated and defiant. The vodka probably helped there. The fact that I was prostituting myself at all was completely unthinkable. Doing it in my uniform was true madness and only the fact that it also turned me on so much kept me from having a nervous breakdown there and then.

It wasn't long before a large, slightly beat up looking, tan coloured sedan stopped. Its driver was an unattractive older guy, probably in his fifties, and a little overweight in a black T-shirt, blue jeans and a Riders cap.

"How ya doin today, darlin?" he asked, leaning down and closer to the open passenger side window as I approached.

"I'm doing fine," I told him, bending so that we could see each other better and so that he could see down my blouse before adding, "Little bored. Little lonely, I guess."

"Uh huh," he said, looking down my blouse. "So, you're with the Salvation Army, huh?"

"Sure am."

"Out collecting donations?"

"Something like that."

"How much?"

"Five bucks."

"Okay... well, why not hop in? I'll keep you company and, uh, give you something to do. Donate a little cash, eh?"


He reached across, opening the door for me, and I hopped in. We drove to the end of the block,and after a series of turns we ended up behind one of those do-it-yourself carwash garages with the coin operated pressure washers. Classy.

"Wow," I said, looking in his lap.

It looked like a big one and my excitement level rose as he turned the car off and removed his seatbelt.

"Ya like that, honey?"

"It looks like a biggie."

He chuckled and asked, "How old are you?"


"Okay... well, look, I have a request."


"Well, I... I want you to call me 'Daddy'."

"Daddy!" I practically squealed in a little girl voice, before I even knew I'd do it. "You're naughty!"

His face lit up and I couldn't help a giggle. God help me, I was having fun with this.

"Oh, Daddy, your thingy is getting all big!"

I reached over and grabbed it, squeezing and stroking it's wonderful, thick length through his pants. As I'd figured, it was already half hard, and I couldn't wait to get it the rest of the way.

Casually, he reached across the short distance between us to unfasten a button on my blouse, then another before slipping his hand inside it, tweaking one of my nipples and making me flinch.

"Oh... ohh-h," I commented when he tweaked the other.

"Like that, baby?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy."

"You wanna suck Daddy's cock now, sugar?"

"Yeah!" I enthusiastically replied, turning in my seat and getting closer so I could begin the work of unfastening his pants as he fondled my boobs.

He had to squirm around a little, but I got it out, his fully erected, fine example of manhood looking so big in my clutching little hand. By that time, he'd opened my blouse up and was getting a good look at what he was buying.

"Daddy... I think this is the point where I should ask to see some money," I said with a grin, slowly stroking his prick.

"Uh-h, yeah..." he agreed, breathing heavily and staring at my chest. "How much for a suck n fuck?"

"I told you, five bucks. You can cum in my face for free," I added out of the blue.

"Well, that sounds like a deal," he quickly agreed, digging into his back pocket.

He came up with a wallet, took a five Dollar bill from it and, as soon as he laid it on the dash, I went down on him.

"Uhh, fuck..." he gasped as I sucked on his knob, swirling my tongue around it and getting pre-cum for my efforts right away. "Oh my fuck, you enjoy this."

I sure did. There was just something about it, dirty, forbidden and so ultimately whorish, and I soon began gluttonously trying to shove as much of his meat into my mouth as I could get.

"Mmmm... mm-mmpph..." I moaned.

"Ohhh my god... Ohhhh, fuuuuck..." he groaned.

It didn't take long before he was about to cum, and he had to pull me off him by my hair. He was panting, looking at me as though I were a dream cum true, an expression that I just loved.

"Fuck me, Daddy!"

"Yeah, honey, I... Daddy's gonna fuck you!"

He got repositioned as I leaned back against the passenger door, putting one knee up on the seatback and parting my thighs to give him a wonderful view up my short skirt. It was a view that he practically salivated over as his hand stroked my inner thigh, then covered the crotch of my little white, lace panties.

"Oooh, Daddy, that feels so good," I moaned, stretching and spreading my thighs even wider with my boobs thrusting from my open blouse.

This was the point where some last vestige of the girl I'd been a few weeks before asked me what in hell I was doing. Actually prostituting myself now? But the guy had a nice touch, his hand grinding my clitoris into my hood in such a way as I very quickly became too excited to care.

"Daddy, please!"

"Ohh, yes, baby girl... Daddy's gonna give you what you need..."

He used his other hand, reaching under my skirt to grab the waistband of my panties, and I closed my legs long enough for their hasty removal. Then he grabbed me by the hips, his big, strong hands and arms hauling me towards him and his waiting, wonderfully hard cock. With the back of my head resting on the seat now, I looked up at him as he crawled over top of me, using my little girl voice to beg for it until he gave it to me.

"Uhh! Oh, Daddy, it's so big! Daddyyyyy!"

And it felt so good driving up inside me, soon spasmodically pumping my pussy like one would expect from such a hurried, desperate, five Dollar dance. There was no slow grind, no mind blowing experience, only a dirty jerky, hard fuck to drive himself to the breaking point. It was great.

The springs on the old car groaned and creaked as it rocked from side to side on its suspension. I moaned and squealed, somehow naturally using my little girl voice as I clutched at his shoulders. He was looking down at me, at my boobs shaking and jiggling with his graceless thrusts. When I noticed my panties draped over the edge of the dash beside the five, I felt myself approach orgasm.

"Oh, Daddy! Oh, fuck Daddy, yes!"

"Hu-uuuughhh!" he replied before suddenly pulling out of me.

Knowing what was cumming, I got my fingers on my clitoris as he hurriedly jockeyed himself further up my body, a difficult maneuver in a car for a man of his size.

"Yes, Daddy! Give it to me! Cum right in my fuckin' face, Daddy!"

I was so close, and so was he. He was huffing and moaning, jerking himself the rest of the way while I quickly caught up, the sight of his big cock and cum loaded balls right in my face helping me along until I finally felt myself tipping, my legs jerking and wanting to close with my first orgasmic spasm.

"Ooooh, Daddy, I'm cumming!"

"Uhhhggg! Ahhhh!" he moaned in that special way men seem to have when they cum.

There's nothing like a simultaneous orgasm, especially when a man's cumming all over my face as I'm wailing in orgasmic ecstasy, and I revelled to the feel of his hot, sticky strings blasting my mouth, nose and cheeks as I begged for more.

And there was no question that he enjoyed it. In fact, I was a little worried the guy might have a heart attack or something.

He finished spurting his seed in my face and, with some effort, managed to back himself to the driver's side of the car, looking at me with wonder as I sat up with a big smile, reaching for my panties.

"Damn," he said. "All that for just five bucks."

"Can I have another five?"

"No," he said with a grin. "You agreed."

I only laughed at this, not having been serious in the first place. The money was only for psychological kick to begin with and, actually, it would have been better if it had been two Dollars instead of five.

He gave me a napkin from the glovebox to clean myself up with before dropping me back on the corner where he'd found me which, I thought, was very nice of him. So, with my five bucks, I simply walked back to the Mission with a wide, satisfied grin.

"Daddy?" Donna asked with a laugh.

"Seriously, that's what he wanted," I told her, washing up in the upstairs bathroom.

"And did you?"

"Of course. And you were right, it was fun. I might do it again. In fact...it'd be fun if we both prostituted ourselves together."

"Yes, it would, but I think I'd like to personally sell you first. Watch you get used."

"Oh my God... Donna, what is wrong with me that I think being a slut is so much fun?"

"We're going to have lots and lots of fun together. I guarantee."

"So, when do I get this reward you promised?"


"It had better not be your strapon!"

"It could be."


Not unexpectedly, the Liskis had a basement, but it was nicely finished and not much of a freak trip for me. In fact, had it not been for the basement incident at Rae Street, I probably wouldn't even have given it a second thought as I stood at the foot of the stairs in a brightly lit alcove with four doors and a short, wide passageway that led to what looked like a rec-room. But the sound of my Donna's voice calmed any small apprehensions I'd had.

"In here, sweetie pie."

The door directly ahead of me was open a crack and, wearing a pair of the real Donna's white yoga pants with a short, gray tank-top, I pushed it open further, peeking around the edge of it and into a room that looked like a mini-spa. There was a lot of brown marble with low lighting, plants, a wooden wall with a door that I guessed to be a sauna, and a hot-tub with the first person I'd ever had sex with sitting in it.

Donna wore a moderately revealing pink bikini top, the bottoms of her boobs barely sitting in the frothing water as she smiled at me, a wineglass in her hand, hair up, and her beautiful eyes alight with her inhuman love for me.

Also in the room was Roman, wearing his usual casual wear and sporting a fair sized hardon in his pants as he stood by the door to the sauna, apparently waiting for instruction should Donna have any for him. He looked at me with a sort of helpless lust.

"You look better in some of her clothes than she does," Donna noted. "Possibly because they're all just a teensy bit small for you."

I smiled at the lusty comment, replying, "They look perfect on you."

"That's one of the reasons I chose her. Come on in, the water's heavenly."

"Not because she's a shallow abortionist?" I asked as I approached the steps to the tub.

"No, that's the reason I sometimes abuse them."

"Some would say that taking over a person's life is a form of abuse in its own right," I countered with a neutral smile.

"Touché," she snickered, adding, "I guess I'll have to forget about that Nobel Peace Prize."

Normally, this kind of thing would bother me about her, and often did when I wasn't in her company but, when I was, her casual use and abuse of others wasn't an important consideration.

"I said come on in, sweetie pie."

"I'm not wearing my swimsuit."

"So, what?"

Without removing my clothes, I stepped over the edge of the tub, carefully feeling out the top step beneath the warm water.

"You're so fucking hot," she said, watching me descend with a leering grin. "You have this way about you... You look younger than you are, but so often seem older with a kind of... elegant poise that your height and sometimes irritating sense of responsibility accentuates."

"Well, thanks," I said with a crooked grin. "I think."

"It's one of the first things I noticed about you," she went on as my foot found the bottom, the level of the water just below my crotch as I turned to face her, fingertips trailing back and forth through the water's surface at my sides. "That uniform you look so hot in accentuates it too. I think that's why it's so hot when you're acting like a total slut while you're wearing it."

"You're horny," I chuckled.

"Guilty as charged," she said with the same leering grin as she stared between my legs. "But I'm always horny to some degree or another. Like you. I love sex. It's so... honestly human. It's the one of the few things they do that can be trusted to be what it is and nothing more. Or less."

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