tagBDSMSecret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 25

Secret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 25


Chapter 27*

"Why are you calling me this early in the damn morning?" Lena's sleepy voice came across as muffled and exhausted.

"I have more Christmas shopping to do!" Alex groaned as she struggled with the Keurig. Nothing was cooperating this morning. She had so much to do, and no time to do it! The last thing she needed was a ten minute argument with a coffee maker!

"Jesus!" Lena gasped. "Now who for? Not Gavin, because he gave you specific instructions, if I remember correctly."

"No, as much as I would like to buy him something else, that is a fight I will not have right now," Alex smiled. "Especially after he agreed to go to Pennsylvania with me!"

"You're fucking with me now, right?" Lena moaned. "You woke me up to rub in the fact that he is so perfect, he is willing to go into hell with you?"

"No, I woke you up to go shopping with me again, I have nieces and nephews to buy for!" Alex laughed. "I wasn't expecting to see them until later so I didn't buy them anything. Now that we're going I need to get them something! The rubbing it in is just a bonus!"

"You know, you can be such a bitch sometimes!" Lena teased.

"Besides, we didn't find the perfect shoes for your date tonight," Alex told her, ignoring her insult.

"I have shoes," Lena groaned.

"No, you have shoes, then there are shoes," Alex reminded with a laugh.

"Yeah, can't afford those!" Lena scoffed as she got out of bed and began to gather clothes. She knew by the sound of her friend's voice it wasn't a matter of if she could go, or even if she wanted to go, but when Alex was picking her up.

Alex was putting on her coat when Gavin stopped her with his arms around her.

"I have a favor to ask," he whispered while nipping at her ear.

"She can wait!" Alex laughed huskily, insinuating her eagerness to have sex and make Lena wait on her.

"No, not that," Gavin chuckled. He turned her around, and held out his credit card to her. She stared at it for a second then lifted her eyes with an anger flashing in them.

"You are buying for your family, yes?" Gavin said firmly recognizing the anger easily.

"I am," she said looking at him trying to keep the anger in check. To her, she was doing a masterful job, to the outside world, not so much. Her face was tight with it. Her jaw grinding her teeth making her muscles in her face strain.

"Take the damn card," he growled finally when she hadn't made an attempt to do so. "This is not up for discussion, no debates and no temper tantrums. I don't want to arrive empty handed, so either you use my card to help buy some of the gifts or I'll buy gifts, and I assure you it will be extravagant and very expensive!"

Alex closed her eyes, know your role, she reminded herself as she gently took the card from him. He took her back into his arms.

"Look, Little One, I don't know them like you do, this way we can say it's from the both of us," he explained. "Whatever the total is, I will let you pay me half back."

"You will?" she asked him dubiously, squinting her eyes as she studied his response.

"I will," he smiled, but it was the way he smiled that made her furrow her eyebrows at him.

"You promise? I want your word," she said to him firmly.

He looked at her with an appreciative grin.

"Fine," he agreed reluctantly. "You have it, I promise to let you pay me back, half."


"Big step," Lena pointed out as she held up a pair of high heels for Alex's approval. Alex shook her head at the shoes.

"What is?" Alex asked as she opened a box then closed it quickly with a shake of her head, gasping at the hideousness of the shoes trapped within.

"Meeting the family," Lena explained.

"He's already met the parents," Alex smiled.

"Parents is one thing, your family is another," Lena defended. "With your parents they kind of cancel each other out, one Puritan and one normal man. Now your mother will have her Stepford Daughters and their Stepford Children, and I'm sure they will be ready to pounce on his perfect ass."

Lena shivered as she remembered the one and only Christmas she spent with Alex in Pennsylvania. It was the most excruciating experience of her life. When she saw her own family again she hugged and thanked them for being normal!

Alex's family was horrible to Alex, chiding her at every opportunity. Rubbing in the fact she was always asking for money, always asking for help, and was always alone. Lena could do nothing but sit there slack jawed as they attacked their family member, regardless that she had brought a guest. It was like a show from Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

"Remember when they thought we were lesbians?" Lena laughed.

The family asked if that was the case, at the dinner table no less, as Alex never had a boyfriend to bring home.

"I still think you should have let me tell them yes!" Alex growled at the bad memory. "That would have shut them the fuck up!"

"I doubt it!" Lena disagreed with a shake of her head and a frown. "It would have got your mother to drag us down to the church to save our souls! Remember what she said? Queers and fags are going to hell first!"

"Agreed," Alex frowned as she couldn't find what she was looking for. She didn't want to relive the bad memories from her past, if she thought of one, a hundred would flood her mind and she just didn't have time to deal with that today.

"I don't need new shoes!" Lena told her again as they looked over the aisle of shoes, none of which made Alex happy.

"C'mon, it's time we get serious with the shoes," Alex frowned as she led Lena from the store.

Walking into the boutique Gavin had taken her that first time she looked about.

"Alexandria!" the owner called out when she saw her.

"Mistress," Alex smiled with a slight bow of her head respectfully.

This caused Lena to look at Alex, then to the owner who was making her way over. It was obvious by Alex's demeanor change that this woman was in the life Alex was a part of, one that Lena didn't understand completely. How could a person demand this type of response only by calling out her name? Something Alex would have to explain. Later.

"What are we looking for?" the owner asked.

"Shoes," Alex told her with a wicked smile. "Not just shoes, but shoes." Alex stressed.

"For you?" The owner asked with a surprised tic of an eyebrow.

"No," Alex smiled knowing where she was going with her question. Gavin bought all of Alex's clothes, and this woman knew that. "For my friend here, she has a hot date."

"Right this way," the woman smiled as she nodded.

Watching Lena fall in love with the shoes made Alex smile. She walked in them and then turned and came back.

"Ok," Lena laughed. "You're right, there are shoes, then there are shoes!"

"Told you," Alex smiled as she had a convert.

She was getting used to high end clothing now, not buying them, but wearing them. She was still uncomfortable with buying them, which is why Gavin always brought her here. None of the clothes or shoes in this store had prices on them. You had to ask, and if you had to ask, you couldn't afford it, so you were in the wrong store.

She remembered seeing the total of one of her shopping trips, it was just under five digits, not including change. She about threw up there on the counter. Gavin was quick to push it where she couldn't see it but he was too late, she had seen it.

She hoped she could keep the cost of the shoes from her friend with more success.

"Ok," Lena smiled looking down at them. "How much?" she asked the sales woman.

"Don't worry about it," Alex smiled stopping the clerk from divulging the cost. "Merry Christmas!"

"Bullshit!" Lena barked. "These are going to be expensive!"

"We'll take them," Alex told the clerk disregarding her friend's anger. "Box them up for us?"

"Of course Miss Alexandria," the clerk smiled.

Lena took the shoes off and handed them to the clerk.

"As long as they are not too expensive," Lena said to Alex as they made their way to the counter.

"Relax, would you?" Alex smiled. They waited at the counter for the clerk to bring the shoes up. As soon as the clerk set the box down Lena began shaking her head vehemently.

"Absolutely not!" Lena gasped after the clerk set the silver box on the counter, the Jimmy Choo logo proudly displayed.

Alex handed the cashier the card that Gavin gave her. Even she couldn't afford Jimmy Choo, but she hoped Gavin would let her pay him back as he promised he would do.

"Jimmy Choo's are a like six hundred dollars!" Lena gasped taking Alex by the arm and spinning her around. "No!"

"Yes," Alex said back calmly. "I want to, I owe you so much, from all the bills I didn't pay, to just being there for me through everything! Please, let me do this!"

"Baby," Lena said softly shaking her head as she looked at the box. "It's too much!"

"No, it isn't even close to what I owe you," Alex smiled taking her into a hug.


Walking back into the condo with arms full Alex felt accomplished. She spent more than she intended to and that was not including the shoes for Lena. But she found gifts she knew the kids would love, especially her favorite little niece, Nora. The little blonde that everybody said was the spitting image of Alex when she was that age. Attitude and all!

She set everything down in the middle of the floor and pulled the wrapping paper from the closet, along with the one gift she had gotten early, but only because Gavin had to help her with the finishing touches.

Gavin came in from a call shortly after she got started and looked at her as she sat on the floor and began to wrap the first gift. He set his bag down and moved to the floor with her and began to help her, picking up another box and roll of paper.

"I can do it," she smiled looking at him. "Why don't you go relax for a change? You are always go, go, go!"

"Nah," he smiled back. "I can help. Did you get everything you wanted?"

"I did," she smiled. "And then some."

Gavin nodded as he wrapped the gift. She watched him, even in his gift wrapping he was so meticulous. Carefully measuring out the wrapping paper, then making sure the creases were perfect. Each step showing is attention to detail. Not moving to the next step until the step he was on was perfect.

"There is one thing," Alex told him as she finished her first gift and set it aside. She compared it to his handiwork and frowned. She never was very good at wrapping, she didn't have the patience for it.


"I bought Lena a pair of shoes today," Alex smiled.

"Ok," Gavin said as he readjusted the paper to get it just right, never taking his eyes off the task at hand. She loved that concentration, it had her mesmerized as she watched him. It stopped her voice from working for a moment as she stared.

"Yeah, I put it on your card," Alex told him when she shook her head to shake herself back to reality.

"No problem," Gavin smiled with a shrug.

"So I will pay you back the full price for that," Alex said as she began to wrap another gift.

"Hmm," he smiled as he set his aside after it was perfect. "We agreed you would only pay back half."

"No," Alex began firming up. "That was for the gifts for my family, not the Jimmy Choos!"

"Hmm," Gavin said looking at her. "Don't remember making that distinction, I remember us agreeing to you paying half whatever you put on my card."

"Gavin," Alex began to fire up.

"Alexandria," Gavin said in a tone to remind her of where she was.

"Fuck," Alex growled. "That is totally not fair!"

Gavin said nothing as he continued to wrap the gifts with his mischievous grin. She stewed there next to him as they worked. She wanted to argue, but her vow made that impossible, not if she was going to be a true submissive.

"So are we taking your car, or mine?" Gavin asked changing the subject. Alex blushed a bit.

"Yours then?" Gavin could tell with a grin and a soft shake of his head.

"Yeah," she smiled sheepishly. "Kinda want to be childish and rub it in!"

"As you wish," he smiled with a knowing nod. "Now, next question. Do we want to exchange our gifts to one another here, before we leave, or do we want to wait until Christmas morning?"

Alex looked to him in thought. She knew he was going to go ballistic when he saw the box. She also knew he would know exactly how much she spent on it and then he would Vesuvius all over the place. Perhaps if they were in front of her family it would be kept to a minimum. If nothing else, the punishment wouldn't come immediately. Granted it was only prolonging the inevitable, but the longer she put it off, the longer she could keep the dream that he wouldn't be angry.

"Christmas Day, at my mom and dad's," Alex said thinking of the chance to give it to him without a huge fight. Gavin stared at her for a few seconds, taking the time to read her body language.

"It concerns me that you think that being at your parents will keep me from punishing you for the gift if I deem it too extravagant," Gavin said watching her shrink a little.

"It's that expensive?" He growled when he saw her shrink.

"No," she shrugged trying to keep him from erupting now. "Not in the grand scheme of things!" she explained weakly. She didn't look at him even though she could feel him staring at her.

"Alexandria," Gavin began.

"I'm not taking it back," she whispered. "End of story." Gavin tilted his head at her, part surprise, part anger.

"It's worth taking a consequence for?" he asked her, his own temper rising.

"Some things are," she nodded with a whisper. "Yes, I'll take the consequence, as long as you promise not to return it."

"This is direct disobedience," Gavin reminded. "Thirty strokes."

"I understand," Alex whispered. Her face frowned. She tried to keep it from happening but it happened anyway.

"How much did you spend?" Gavin asked her point blank.

"How much did you spend?" Alex fired back.

She was trying to behave, but he was making it difficult. She hoped he remembered that keeping her tongue in check was new to her! It most definitely wouldn't happen overnight!

"Shall we start with the Mercedes? Lease or not, it's still more than I spent. Then the bracelet, and I can't imagine what the clothes cost. That still leaves the Christmas gift itself, which I know isn't going to be inexpensive!"

She looked to him and saw his smile.

"What?" she barked, louder than she intended to.

"Gifts," Gavin chuckled.

"Plural?" Alex growled. He nodded as he chuckled at her fiery response.

"See, you could have been an English teacher too!" he teased, knowing full well she would explode.

Alex was having none of his teasing as she tackled him on the floor, he easily overpowered her and held her hands above her head trapping them there. He trapped her body beneath his, locking her arms to the floor as he hovered just above her face with his. His nose rubbing on hers.

"I love to watch you fire up," he smiled staring at her eyes. "It turns me on." She relaxed a little as she saw the look in his eyes.

"You have a gift of getting me fired up," she whispered as he began to nibble at her neck, then moving down. "And just because you are seducing me, doesn't mean this argument is over."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Gavin laughed as he began to lift her dress up. His hands pulling at her panties.

Her hands fell to his head as he pulled her breast out and began to lick the nipples, they were still ultra-sensitive from the clamps and they instantly sprang to full attention. The blood rushing to them in a pleasurable millisecond. He lifted his head as soon as she touched his hair. She looked down at him when he stopped suckling. She pulled her hands back from him and shrugged innocently at him.

"Sorta sorry?" she tried as she put her hands back to where they were above her head.

He pulled his tie off and straddled her chest. Taking her hands in one of his, he tied her hands together then lifted her arms straight above her head. She tilted to look to see what he was doing. He was tying the other end to the leg of the couch. She giggled.

"I love the fact you have bondage equipment on you at all times," she whispered.

"I have to with you," he grinned. "You make me want to tie you up all the time, just so I can to lascivious things to you!"

Once he had her tied to the couch he moved off her and stroked the side of her face, before grinning.

"I don't think I'm going to like that smile," she pointed out.

"Probably not," he agreed as his fingers tweaked her nipples. "I want you to tell me what you spent on me."

She looked at him blankly, waiting for the rest of his demand. Surely he didn't think she would just tell him. When he didn't continue, she tilted her head. If she held her ground, it would go directly against what she promised the night before last.

"No," she said softly, her stomach summersaulting in anguish.

It actually pained her to say it. That was new, she never had any problem saying 'no' before to any boyfriend.

"I can't, please don't ask me to violate my oath, please!" she pleaded in a last ditch hope that he would help her keep her hopes of being a true submissive.

"I won't," he smiled. She sighed a breath of relief. "No, I won't punish you for disobeying my command, however..." He slid down on her and moved between her legs.

He began to work on her, his tongue gently probing her lips causing her to close her eyes and lose herself in the soft, warm feel of his tongue. She also lost her thoughts on what he was saying. He managed to suckle and nuzzle her into thinking only of her pleasure.

He worked his tongue on the outside of her lips at first, just running around them gently with his tongue. He brought his hands into play and her mind skipped like a record player when you dropped something near it. Her body started grinding up into his face.

His fingers gently pulled her apart, opening up her soft folds for his tongue to explore. His tongue, one of the many parts of his body that made her legs dance without music. She smiled at the way her toes would curl involuntarily when he would hit the most sensitive of spots.

He used his thumb to rub her clit, while his tongue dove into her depths giving her multiple sensations to deal with, she could do nothing with either of them but moan in approval.

"Oh my God, Sir," she whispered as her body lifted off the floor, an attempt to drive him faster as she felt herself inching up the roller coaster of her orgasm. The clicking in her mind sounding like the build up from her childhood trips to Cedar Point, in Ohio. The roller coasters there that would have her leaning back in the seats as they climbed the tall hills of steel.

This was very similar, it was a buildup that had her heart racing, knowing she was going to call out very soon as the orgasm washed from her. Her legs began to shake as she pressed off the floor with her feet, her orgasm causing her to rock back on her head to use it as a pivot point and lifting herself off the floor.

Her teeth dug into her lip as she prepared for her satisfying orgasm, God he was so good at making her body do this. Like a concert pianist, playing her expertly to get the most beautiful music from her.

Suddenly it was on her and her body shook as she held firm. She waited, holding her breath as her orgasm screamed from the belly ready to rush down the tracks to his face.

Just as suddenly, his lips were gone. Her coaster car coming to a crashing halt as her body collapsed to the floor with a thud.

"Sir?" she pleaded, her voice breaking with the strain of her near orgasm. "Are you going to edge me?"

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